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    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @ichabod — well said. Although I’d have said innovatory rather than gimmicky. Who survives by trying things out — regeneration, Earth exile, etc. This is just the latest.

    But @scaryb is right. This really has very little to do with companions past or present. We’ve had a long and varied 13th Doctor discussion and there doesn’t seem much to add to it until September.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    The place to discuss women priests, women soldiers or woman Doctors 😉 – or any aspect of women taking on previously male roles – is the Pub.

    Missy @missy


    I merely asked a question I’d been considering for a while, and asked for opinions. I did not expect such a harsh response.  Not very ‘kind’ was it.

    2018 isn’t that far off and you will get your wish. Aren’t you a lucky vegemite!

    The last break lasted 28 years, I wouldn’t have expected that, a bit excessive.

    Having a new team isn’t having a break, it’s simply changing Doctors as the series has always done. Not the same at all.

    This was the wrong thread, for which I apologise – but not for asking the question.


    ScaryB @scaryb


    There was absolutely no harshness intended, and if it read that way, I apologise.

    Just that for me, a 15 month break, with 9 months (a good gestation period, no?) from the Xmas special, plus a new showrunner (and associate team of writers, directors, camera crew, music director etc) plus a different kind of Doctor, and new companions, does seem like a definite break – long enough to slow down even a mammoth ship like Dr Who, and change direction. “Chibbers” has said he wants to shake it up. The new series will have longer episodes, and a more “filmic” quality (he’s aready ordered new cameras apparently).

    2 years is a long time in TV-land, enough to lose a chunk of your core audience when they’re under 12s, and possibly your BBC slot; it took 16 years to get it back the last time.

    Anyway, enough of this here, let’s adjourn to the pub if you want to continue the discussion, or not. Let me get you a drink of your choice, and salute the coming new year in a spirit of reconciliation. 🙂

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    Apologies if I’ve sounded too harsh, or too tetchy. Of course you can state your opinions, even if everyone else disagrees. Heck, I keep stating my opinion that the Moffat-Capaldi period was an experiment that failed, and people disagree with me all the time. 🙂

    But I really do think that – while we have exactly two scenes and one line from Jodie Whittaker – any questions, comments or ‘frank and robust discussions’ about a woman playing the Doctor ought to be in The Maldovarium forum. And if you want to respond to new posters (and tell them that they’re not alone), you should direct them to The Maldovarium.

    Currently, we can only have a general discussion about women playing male roles, or whether a woman playing this particular role is either a form of political correctness or a valid experiment. And the pub seems the best place for that sort of discussion.

    Because we’ve seen very little of our female Doctor as yet – and most of the forums are about the programme as seen.

    Missy @missy

    @bluesqueakpip said:

    Apologies if I’ve sounded too harsh, or too tetchy. Of course you can state your opinions, even if everyone else disagrees. Heck, I keep stating my opinion that the Moffat-Capaldi period was an experiment that failed, and people disagree with me all the time. 🙂

    I think it as much me as you, so please accept my apologies for taking umbrage.

    What with a female Doctor, and real life becoming a pain in the neck, I haven’t had the heart ot come back on the forum – but it wasn’t you or scaryB, whom I shall find shortly and apologise to – who put me off.

    Pity I cannot read all the posts far too many, I’m too behind, but shall from now on.




    Missy @missy

    @scaryb said:

    There was absolutely no harshness intended, and if it read that way, I apologise.

    Just that for me, a 15 month break, with 9 months (a good gestation period, no?) from the Xmas special, plus a new showrunner (and associate team of writers, directors, camera crew, music director etc) plus a different kind of Doctor, and new companions, does seem like a definite break – long enough to slow down even a mammoth ship like Dr Who, and change direction. “Chibbers” has said he wants to shake it up. The new series will have longer episodes, and a more “filmic” quality (he’s aready ordered new cameras apparently).

    2 years is a long time in TV-land, enough to lose a chunk of your core audience when they’re under 12s, and possibly your BBC slot; it took 16 years to get it back the last time.

    Anyway, enough of this here, let’s adjourn to the pub if you want to continue the discussion, or not. Let me get you a drink of your choice, and salute the coming new year in a spirit of reconciliation. 🙂

    Hello there, I have just apologised to bluesqueak, and now I must offer you the same.

    What with hating the new Doctor and the complete change, plus real life stuffing things up, I haven’t had the heart to visit the forum and read all posts – it wasn’t because of either of you.

    You weren’t harsh, it was me being sensitive.

    Good idea that drink offer, G and T methinks would go down a treat. We don’t have to agree to get on.




    Brune Bonassi @brunebonassi

    I’ve a doubt that’s problably discussed somewhere but I couldn’t find it: the master dies twice in the same regeneration, whata hell is that? There’s some theory to background it? Because he sure dies in the episode of the toclafane and, while burns, regenerates to the sassy lady. And he also dies in moondance, by the sassy lady that is him.

    And also, the thing about 12 regenerations that they speak a lot in the classic serie is forgoten, right? Because the autor give a sense of end in the 12º doctor, but the show goes on, so…

    Thanks, kisses, and forgot my brasilian missleading with english.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @brunebonaassi Hi. I think you are knew here so welcome.

    The issue with the regeneration limit was dealt with in Time of the Doctor. The time lords give him what appears to be unlimited regeneration energy, bending the laws of the universe a little. (Mostly because the BBC did not want a limit to one of their most popular and profitable shows.)


    Missy @missy


    Spotonski! They might be a bit mean with the budget, but they aren’t stupid as well.


    Anonymous @

    I wasn’t convinced about a female Doctor either, just because I see the character as male, and I’m a woman, but now after seeing the Series 11 trailer I’m expectant and excited to see how it all will go. Doctor Who is my favorite show and I don’t understand those people who want it cancelled. If you don’t like one Doctor you just can wait to the next one. I’ve only been a fan for 6 years, so Capaldi was the first time I saw a new Doctor being cast since being a fan (I binge watched the series from Rose onwards), I loved him since the first moment and couldn’t understand those people hating him for being “old”. Now it’s the turn of people hating on women in general. I understand people who don’t like the gender change or the actress, but I have read some very nasty comments out there againts women that are frankly hurtful.

    Missy @missy


    As for hateful comments about JD I agree with you, not necessary. I don’t want a female Doctor, and JD certainly isn’t

    that talented – what I’ve seen of her and that’s a lot. However, making nasty comments is quite, quite wrong.


    Anonymous @

    @missy  Right? I find distateful a lot of comments I have seen, not only about Jodie but against women in general, and feminist agendas, and bringing up Ghostbusters, and Last Jedi and Ocean’s 8 as a way of “how women are ruining everything”. I haven’t seen any of those movies but the general feeling seems to be that it’s women’s fault that people don’t like them

    I have watched some of Jodie’s stuff and while I don’t connect with her as an actress the same as I connect with Peter as an actor, I won’t judge until I watch series 11. DW is my favorite show and I’m willing to enjoy it no matter what, I’m very stubborn that way LOL


    janetteB @janetteb

    @Tempusfugit An actor is the role they play, (or should be) so hopefully Jodie W will be “the Doctor” when she steps out of the Tardis. I am more concerned about the change in showrunner but like you I am quite determined to love Dr Who no matter what. (with the exception of that horrible 90s movie which failed utterly to capture the essence of the series)

    Unfortunately the last Star Wars film was fairly awful, no fault of any of the actors more to do with the way the franchise is being “milked” for profit. Some fans have chosen to pin the film’s failings to their anti feminist agenda  and voice their views on line which then taints all those to criticise the film. Sad times we live in. I don’t recall there being any complaints that casting a woman as the main character in Alien or Aliens ruined those films. Sometimes I feel as though we are going backwards not forwards especially in the entertainment industry which is still so male dominated. Having studied film it is a “beef” of mine. The male point of view was absolute in film criticism.



    Anonymous @

    @janetteb yes, I have hope in Jodie portraying well the Doctor. There isn’t a Doctor in show’s history that I dislike, I like some more than others, and with Jodie I suppose it will be the same: I will enjoy her depending on how she portrays the Doctor. I don’t think any other actor will topple Twelve as my favorite but there are a lot who I enjoy without being my favorite</span>

    About Star Wars, I find fine if people criticize those movies on their own faults, what gets me is blaming on “feminist agendas”

    Missy @missy


    Everyone knows my views of a female doctor, so I shan’t chunter on. As for loving the series anyway, I have my doubts.

    A female doctor, no Steven Moffat, no Murray Gold, no Missy, Michael Pickwoed  and Chris Chibnall as head writer?

    This doesn’t bode well for my attachment to the programme.


    Anonymous @

    @missy well, maybe I’m too naive, but I don’t want to give up on my favorite show. I will also miss Murray Gold



    Look in the bright side Missy. At least its not a “brown person”.


    I remember hardcore fans saying they could never imagine David Tennant being replaced. Then Matt Smith ate fish fingers and custard…

    Anonymous @

    @pedant Well I will miss Peter Capaldi a lot because he’s my Doctor. But I’m curious about what direction the show will take

    janetteB @janetteb

    @tempusfugit I worry about Chibnell’s ability as show runner but like you the series would have to be very bad indeed for me to give up on it and I am looking forward to seeing Jodie W’ in the role because I really don’t know what to expect. Likewise I liked Murray Gold’s music but look forward to the new composer’s approach.

    I have already made plans with friends for a Dr Who party (involving Jammy Dodgers, fish fingers with custard and jelly babies) when it starts. Will be on the Wednesday night however so the question is whether to wait till then or watch first and pretend on Wednesday that I have not already seen it.




    Missy @missy


    No you aren’t naive, I wish I were more like you.


    Now that’s what I call real attachment to the programme. *Grins*




    New to this site

    You might want to try reading the site for a bit to get a sense of the company you are in.

    That, or get used to people pointing at you and laughing.

    ScubaGeek @scubageek

    My favorite companion has always been Sarah Jane. I started watching the show in the early 80’s, when PBS in the US was running the first three years of Tom Baker’s run. I remember being heartbroken the first time I saw Sarah Jane’s last scene at the end of Hand Of Fear. I tear up when just about any of the companions leave, but that was first time really gutted me.

    And I was so happy when she came back for School Reunion, though I’ll always been upset with the BBC (for announcing it ahead of time) and the Sci-Fi Channel (for being a year behind on running those first few seasons of the revived show, before it switched it over to BBC America). I always thought it would have been great to tune in, not knowing that they were bringing Sarah Jane back, and to be just blown away to see her. But everyone went out of their way to make a great big, unavoidable spoiler on that one. So bollocks to the BBC for that one!



    ScubaGeek @scubageek

    re: regenerations, those familiar with the Tom Baker era may remember the scene in Brain Of Morbius, where The Doctor and Morbius are doing the mind bending thing, where you see the faces flashing on the screen. I think in the audio commentary, Phillip Hinchcliffe, I think, says that they intended at least some of the faces to be past Doctors. In other words, William Hartnell, according to them, was not the First Doctor.


    So, really, Matt Smith was something like the 25th Doctor, not the 13th. Of course, that’s only if you go along with Hinchcliffe’s thinking, which apparently nobody else has bothered with. But of course, there’s lots of anachronisms in classic Doctor Who, some way more obvious than who the unfamiliar faces we see during the mind bending scene are.


    So…new companion for Series 13 or just 13 and Yaz?

    TheMidnightMonster @themidnightmonster

    U.N.I.T Martha just feels right.

    So god damn right

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone , I haven’t posted on this section before but here we go 🙂

    So Doctor Who Companions of-course its great to have Companies travelling with the Doctor and sometimes its great not to have any companies because you can get some episode where the Doctor is challenged to lead people that may not trust him like in Midnight and Voyage of The Dammed (more towards the beginning of the episode) known as Companion light stories.

    When I started watching Doctor Who Martha Jones was the Doctors companion and I liked her a lot , she was smart and funny and had great interactions with the Doctor , has time has passed Martha Jones has kinda downgraded in my opinion a bit , I think that natural sometimes to look at things in a fresh light and in my opinion there has been some other great companions since.

    I love Captain Jack he is my fav Companion and I hope he is in my eps in the Future with the 13th Doctor not just that one scene or whatever it was , I love Nardol he is funny and sometimes bossy with the 12th Doctor and their  chemistry together is fantastic 🙂

    I really dont like Clara she got soo bossy and augmentative with the Doctor most of the time it felt unreasonable  and that she started to think I am better than you sort of thing and I could be the Doctor got really out of control and annoying good think she payed the price for it (sorry Clara fans) and the way she kept flip flopping between Danny and The Doctor annoyed me , yes anyone would go with the Doctor and if they are with someone you would be flip flopping but she doesn’t tell him what she is doing and keeps lying or making up excesses and expects him to be ok with that which annoys me a lot, I used to like Clara has I have said before on the Sofa like in Rings of Akhaten she is kind and driven to help the Girl and doesn’t complain oh why are we here sort of thing like in Mummy on The Orient Express but eventually in future eps especially with the 12th Doctor she stated to get smart and bossy as I said before and her character really annoyed me which is a shame, I think Danny deserved better, some may say he is not a Companion either way I like Danny Pink sometimes I fell mixed about him or something has clicked but I generally like him 🙂

    Bill didn’t click with me after a while but as I am slowly watching series 10 especially the final ep of The Monk Trilogy has really boosted my appreciate and liking of Bill so I hope that carries on and improves 🙂

    Classic Who

    Yes I love Adric he is smart (obviously cause he is a genius but I didn’t know that till recently) , funny , kind and his bond between the Fourth and Fifth Doctor is lovely , I like the Nissan, Tegan and Adric Tardis crew with the Fifth Doctor and Turlo I haven’t seen much of him but he seems cool but Adric and the Fifth Doctor really capture my interest in the eps and the few YouTube Clips I have seen of them , I have seen Kinda and Snake Dance and everyone seemed really good in those two eps maybe Nissan didn’t have much screen time from what I remember in Kinda but as I say everyone seemed really good in those two eps , and Romania I didnt even know she was a Time Lady when I first saw City of Death but she seemed really cool , smart and charming and the chemistry between her and the Fourth Doctor in that ep was great so I liked her then not sure how I fell about her being soo powerful or talked about everyone seems to think she is the be all end all and I am not particularly sure why yet but I enjoyed her character in that ep when I saw it years ago so I like her although this popular opinion of her being the be all end all has kinda hurt my opinion of her character and finally I like Leela from the YouTube clips I have seen, she seems down to Earth, caring, inquisitive and the chemistry between her and The Fourth Doctor is great and recently when trying to watch Classic Doctor Who I found a website with a bunch of eps and I saw an ep of The Invisible Enemy with Professor Marius and the Micro Bug Alien that became giant for its size and went to the Moon and everyone seemed great in that ep it was funny how they kept relying on K9 but his power kept running out and Leela had to drag him along  many times haha and her chemistry between The Fourth Doctor, her smarts, her humor the fact she is like oh why am I stuck with K9 if he keeps running out of power and he fondness for K9 at the end of the Ep is heartwarming and overall makes her a really lovely companion from what I have seen 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    janetteB @janetteb

    @oochillyo Hi Agree with some and disagree with others. Martha is greatly underappreciated, in part because she only did one series and her strengths were overshadowed by her unrequited love for the Doctor. It took time for me to really warm to her but now, after rewatching some of her stories many times, (Shakespeare Code, Human Nature and Family of Blood being some of my favourite episodes) she has become one of my favourite companions while Rose, whom I initially liked became more irritating on re watches.

    I see you point re’ Clara but I still like her as a companion and really like the rapport between her and CapDoc. (plenty of my friends dislike Clara so I am used to it..)  Bill is also excellent and it is a great pity that she only did one series.

    Regarding old Who or BGWho, (Before Gap) I did not like any of the later Baker early Davison companions. Teagan was irritating with that dreadful Aussie accent. (not her real accent. that was taught.) Nessa was “weak sauce” and Adric really annoying. My favourite BGWho companions are the original team, Barbara and Ian. (less so Susan), Jamie and Zoe, from 2nd Doctor era, Sara Jane Smith who was “my companion”, Leela of course and not surprising given my avatar, the 2nd Romana, and Ace. (I have a lot of favourites.) Oh and of course, K.9. I always had a soft spot for k.9.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Companions – yes, I agree with @janetteb, I like Martha a lot. Very intelligent, able to stand up for herself, and – when she realised she was falling for the Doctor (which is not something we can control) but he was never going to get over Rose – she had the sense and strength of character to leave him. That is not easy to do. Without recriminations, an amicable separation. In fact I think she was the only NuWho principal Companion (up to Capaldi’s era, not counting since then) who had a non-traumatic ending to the relationship.

    I did like Rose though, can one blame her for being swept off her feet by the Doctor? And I think Billie Piper was an excellent casting choice to reboot the series, she’s one of those fortunate people who the camera is drawn to, did anyone notice how she could photobomb the scene (as The Interface) in The Day of the Doctor just by leaning against a wall in the background? And it made her little cameos in episodes late in Season 4 stand out. Though Rose did treat poor Mickey very badly, far worse than Clara treated Danny. But her journey really grabbed me. (I recall grumbles from OldWho fans about the Doctor getting emotionally involved with the Companion – but wasn’t oldWho heading that way with Seven and Ace? Of which more later).

    My favourite companion has to be Clara. When she was ‘up’ she shone, dazzlingly. I’ve always found the companion as important, story-wise, as the Doctor so the gripes of fans who think she (or any other companion) was eclipsing the Doctor fall on deaf ears for me. Yes she eventually got too confident, for which she paid a dreadful price. Pride comes before a fall, and all that – the plot of many tragedies since Shakespear’s time. I found her clashes with the Doctor around the time of Kill The Moon (the only good thing in that regrettable ep) were riveting.

    Bill was okay, I quite liked her, but she suffered from following Clara (in my own ranking, I quite accept others may rank them differently). Her fate in World Enough and Time was tragic.

    I never really warmed up to Donna, because of first impressions – at the end of Doomsday, Ten (and we) were in shock and grieving for the sudden shocking loss of Rose, when Donna comes bursting in aggressively and accusatively to destroy the mood. That takes a lot of getting over, and I never quite did.

    Amy was great. Okay, she too treated her boyfriend badly at first (there seems to be some sort of theme there), but overall I’d rate her up with Rose and Clara as my favourite Companions. And possibly she had the most striking and tragic episode – The Girl Who Waited – with a stunning performance by Karen Gillan.

    Old Who companions? – I don’t really know. The only oldWho eps I’ve watched this century are Ghost Light, Curse of Fenric, and Survival. And I have to say I’m now a fan of Seven and Ace. The limited special effects of last century’s BBC productions do detract a bit from the story, but you can see the chemistry between McCoy and Sophie Aldred (it comes through in the video clips of cons on Youtube too). I would have liked to see them continue with 2005-quality production values, though I guess Sophie might have been a bit too old to play a teenager by then (Seven of course is ageless). And as I mentioned, maybe that chemistry was a pointer to the developments with Ten and Rose two decades later.


    Missy @missy

    Beginning in 2005. Not in any order except Rose.

    Rose is my top favourite companion – she did at least ask him some questions about himself.

    Donna, she brought great humour and compassion to the series.

    Bill, very sharp and argumentative, but in a reasonable way.

    Clara, I liked her, but she became too bossy.

    Nadole, wonderful! He and Peter Capaldi fitted it other beautifully.

    I have left out Jack Harkness, because he wasn’t really a companion. But he was fun when around.

    Non favourites

    Martha,  she made too many sheep’s eyes at the Doctor and embarrassed him. But, she did ask more questions about his origin than any of the others.

    Amelia, she gave me the pip! Rory did too at times, but not as much as Amy.

    1963 is too far away for me to remember all of the companions, but Sarah Smith was good, as was K.9. *grins*

    So, there you are for what it’s worth. Short and sweet!


    Missy @missy

    How could I forget to include River Song? My over all favourite character after Rose.

    She was more like Jack though, popping in and out, so not really a companion.


    winston @winston

    @oochillyo   My favourite companion changes all the time depending on what series I am watching and maybe even how I am feeling when I watch them. Like when I am sad and need cheering up I will usually watch some Donna episodes because I find the cheeky relationship she has with the Doctor pretty funny. So each companion offers me something different and I like them all. But I will always love Rose as the companion that I first saw and I feel we met the Doctor for the first time together. My other faves are visiting companions Jack, River and Nardole cause I like the funny , over the top companions I guess.  So like the Doctors I can’t choose just one.

    Stay safe.

    guy @sparkycherr

    I’m doing a cancer research run in honour of 10 weeks since Elisabeth Sladen passed away in 2 weeks. please donate or share if you can 🙂

    toinfinityandbepond @toinfinityandbepond
    janetteB @janetteb

    @toinfinityandbepond Yes so disappointing. I was pleased to see him doing well and so now this makes me sad. Why do men think they can get away with it?



    mrajam90 @mrajam90

    Ok, I’m just figuring this out. I would post the blog to the blog area but idk how to exactly navigate the site to really interact much yet. Anyway… Brian!

    The Best Scene a British Actor Was Ever Robbed Of

    BadKitty 6 @badkitty6

    I wonder how the previous and subsequent Doctors would have handled Adam Mitchell if they had encountered him instead of the Ninth Doctor.

    I imagine the First incarnation would drop him off to live in medieval times and possibly come back when he ‘learnt his lesson.’ Would the Second Doctor give Adam a choice, and tell him that he would likely not be happy on earth, but he’s very welcome to live with Two and his travelling companions (after the answering machine is dealt with of course)? Then there’s also the question of what his fate would be when Two gets forced to regenerate. Ow.

    Would Three haul Adam to Unit and basically tell him it’s either that or human guinea pig? And would he forgive Adam eventually, even letting him travel with Three and Jo Grant, and Sarah Jane?

    And would Four do something that would possibly make Nine shudder? Because I could imagine Four doing something extremely harsh and psycho. And would Five show a rare burst of anger and maroon Adam on a primitive planet? Five can’t be all sweetness even though he is quite boyish and soft.

    Would Six be convinced to go easy (thanks to Peri), but watch Adam like a hawk? And what would Seven do? The thought is kind of scary since Seven is quite cold. Then there’s a good chance Ace would give Adam a good sound kick where it hurts. Maybe Seven would also spam him with finger-snaps far more than Nine had.

    And Eight? Would he be more gentle, or extremely harsh? His voice as well as the stories of his I’ve listened to suggest he’s much softer and very agreeable, but I imagine he has a dark side of his own.

    As for subsequent Doctors… I could imagine Ten plunking Adam somewhere in public, in front of cameras and everything, and snapping his fingers before giving him a cheery ‘toodles’ and leaving. Maybe Eleven would be somewhat nicer and kind of waffle about doing anything that would scare Adam, and Twelve… hard to say what he would do. Same for Thirteen.

    Am I right? Or what are your theories on how they would treat him? Mind you I have read the comic he was in where he tried taking revenge on all the incarnations of The Doctor. Very bittersweet ending. Also quite a powerful shot of Eleven hanging his head when Adam calls him out for how he treats his companions.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂 how are you all 🙂

    Its nice to be back and read soo many great things 🙂

    I had a busy week visiting Hospital , events with family and friends ect so just trying to relax now and been watching lots of Snooker and Doctor Who 🙂

    Over this past 2 days I have watched about 8 Classic Who stories ( a record for me ha 🙂 ) though some parts are missing , I saw 2 with The Third Doctor and Joe and the rest with The Fourth Doctor , I really liked the 2 eps with 3rd and Joe they seem to have a humors relationship and Joe is very smart , my likeness and now fondness for both and the Unit family has grown 🙂 even had the Second Doctor in one story which was nice 🙂

    I really enjoyed many of the eps especially the Fourth Doctor ones , its great to remind one’self of why and how Tom Baker is such an amazing Person , Actor and Doctor 🙂 my fav Doctor as always 🙂 and Leela is amazing very funny smart and a unique companion, it was a cool treat to read back my thoughts on her as a companion like 4 Months ago in this area of the Fourm 🙂 before finding my comments on her today I would tell you she is smart, very interesting character and I love her rebellious and capable side, tough cookie if that’s ok to say, its funny how The Doctor keeps stopping her from attacking anyone, she isnt afraid of much sort of inspirational and she has a good heart , really great companion 🙂 now in addition to what I thought of her character 4 months back I have a more rounded picture on the Character 🙂 and I love her character 🙂

    The acting from everyone in all these eps I have seen recently is excellent , funny, some exuberant but all great which really boosts , allows for great atmosphere and enjoyment in eps 🙂

    Happy to be back and finding a new enthusiasm to watch Classic Who the characters + acting is a major strength to that enthusiasm 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

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