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    wolfweed @wolfweed

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    I’ve been indulging in audios this week.

    If you like ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ I heartily recommend ‘I Davros’ on spotify (thanks to @pedant for the link).

    ‘The Davros Mission’ is pretty good too…

    i davos

    MissRori @missrori

    Am I the only one here who’s read the Doctor Who-Mr. Men mashup books that started coming out last month?  Because they’re pretty great.  🙂

    Anonymous @

    Am I the only one here who’s read the Doctor Who-Mr. Men mashup books that started coming out last month?  Because they’re pretty great.

    Yes. We just got 1st, 11th and 12th.  Do you have 12th? Because I don’t understand the plot!

    Missy @missy

    Michelle Gomez, is reported as saying that she is leaving the show.  Two of her friends are leaving , so she will too.

    She is returning in the next episode, Extremis, and again for the finale, but after that Missy is no more.

    Gomez confirmed that she is exiting the show along with star Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat, because she can’t see her character interacting with any Doctor other than Peter’s.

    She told Digital Spy: ‘My guys, my lads, Missy’s men – they’re all moving! Steven writes to amazingly for me – it’s like he’s got my voice in his head, and I don’t know how that would be, moving forward.’

    But she admitted that she might come to regret her decision.

    She went on: ‘I’m probably shooting myself in the foot here. This time next year, I’ll be like, “Why did I say that?! I’ll work for anybody!’ – but I don’t know how I’d feel about being The Master to any other Doctor, because I feel like I’m part of Peter’s time.’

    However she gave Missy fans some hope by not totally ruling out a return.


    MissRori @missrori

    @conchobarre I do have all the books.  I thought the plot of Dr. Twelfth was pretty straightforward myself, but I’ll send you a message to explain it.  Don’t want to spoil it for others.  😉


    MissRori @missrori

    Also, while on this topic: this would be a good place to post this short, for those who haven’t seen it:

    Dr. Twelfth, narrated by Michelle Gomez

    MissRori @missrori

    I see that the advance spoiler-free “Extremis” reviews have been strong, saying that this is a dark episode in terms of the content and tone.  One critic argued that it’s the darkest the show’s been since “Dark Water”.  Good news for those who feel Series 10’s been a bit lightweight so far…and it apparently sets up very big things for the second half of the season.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missrori   . . . the darkest the show’s been since “Dark Water”.

    Oh, wow — *can’t WAIT*!  It could be that Moffat took on the earlier, lighter episodes just to lull us into a (false) sense of security, and now — one hell of an oncoming storm!  I would like that.  No, let’s be honest — I would love that.  He’s got an actor with a fine, stygian snap-and-smoulder to him — give Capaldi some light fantastic to play with (well, zombie suits, eaten children, skeleton fertilizer too, so some, er, gray in there as well), and then — bring it, for gods’ sake!

    “Release the kraken!”

    Well.  You know what I mean . . .


    Missy @missy

    @wolfweed: Thanks for that. I am always listening to audio books, if not them, Radio 4 Extra. I shall have a trawl at my library.

    @missrori: I’ve never heard of them.

    @ichabod: Yes, I do know what you mean, and he does do that! As martin Freeman said about Sherlock, everything is going along nice and evenly, then WHAM you get a shock! I am really looking forward to this episode because, as you say, Mr. C. will be able to handle it beautifully,  remembering his speech  on War, in Zygon Inversion .

    Thank you @missrori




    wolfweed @wolfweed

    eric pringle passes away


    (He wrote ‘The Awakening’)

    Missy @missy

    That is sad. At least he didn’t die before seeing just how far Doctor Who progressed.


    wolfweed @wolfweed
    MissRori @missrori

    Spoiler-free advance reviews are starting to come in for “The Pyramid at the End of the World”!

    From the sounds of it, this has many similarities to the Series 9 Zygon story’s first half as the Doctor and co. investigate an extremely clever enemy and war looms.  Not surprising, since this is from the same writers (Peter Harness and Steven Moffat).   More straightforward storytelling than “Extremis”, but the stakes are getting high-as-can-be as the Monks reveal their nature and their so-well-researched plan…  😉

    No returning characters aside from the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole — and of course, the Monks — according to the DoctorWhoTV.co.uk review.  The critic was disappointed that UNIT isn’t involved; I am too, since this sounds like a natural fit for Kate Stewart and co. and from the synopses of the remaining episodes I can’t see them getting worked into those.  But I suppose that would have made it too similar to the Zygon show.  How cool would Bill meeting Osgood have been?

    Sounds like this one is a great showcase for Pearl Mackie in particular.  It’s heavy-duty drama but Nardole provides some levity and the Doctor’s guitar turns up too.  😀

    MissRori @missrori

    Awesome news everyone!  Rachel Talalay has been confirmed as directing this year’s Christmas special in addition to the season finale “World Enough and Time”/”The Doctor Falls”!

    MissRori @missrori

    Okay, Den of Geek and DoctorWhoTV.co.uk have spoiler-free reviews up for “The Lie of the Land” and I took a look…

    Both reviews feel that, while it’s worth a look, this is not the smashing ending to the Monks Trilogy that the previous two episodes set up.  On the one hand it has a strong, dark, even topical first half exploring what has become of humanity under the Monks’ rule (think 1984).  It’s very much Pearl Mackie’s episode, while Capaldi finds some interesting new notes to hit.   The problem both critics have is that the second half that resolves the whole business doesn’t live up to all that came before it.

    Anonymous @


    whoa. That’s spoiler-stuff! Also, we haven’t even seen it. Reading that colours your own interpretation which means some ppl will merely think exactly what was said: rather than individual reflection.




    Yes – that is spoilerly, despite claims to the contrary (SFX mag used to do “spoiler-free previews” which were excellent, until the person doing them start to injecting opinion into them).

    A “spoiler-free review” is a chimera. It cannot be.

    MissRori @missrori

    My apologies then @pedant and @thane15.

    tardigrade @tardigrade


    A “spoiler-free review” is a chimera. It cannot be.

    As long as it’s opinion unsupported by facts, then I suppose it could exist. It would be of little interest though. It would be like looking at a Rotten Tomatoes score and nothing else. I don’t see the point of getting others’ opinions on something I’m definitely going to see (and only a little more for something I may want to see).

    I was actually struggling more with the mentioned “spoiler-free preview” concept. That’s the one that seems oxymoronic to me.


    Fortunately, I have little trouble in disregarding such opinions- of course, if I were to adopt the position of every opinion I heard espoused on the internet, then my brain would implode. If I were being cynical, I might even suggest that much of the internet is purpose-built to train people to disregard opinions differing from their own (not suggesting that about here of course).

    MissRori @missrori

    @tardigrade  You have a point.  I think a better term for “spoiler-free preview”, or “advance review”,  would be as — in the case of Who anyway — a “BBC Approved review”, ala one of the other threads here (and I will keep this in mind in the future).  The reviewer can describe things in the episode that were covered in the promotional materials and synopsis, which is generally just the setup of the story, but anything that the Beeb wants absolutely under wraps is embargoed until after the episode actually airs.  (For instance, the advance reviews of “Hell Bent” were able to discuss the first 20 or so minutes with some detail…and then things got vague, mostly discussing the quality of the production and actors.)  A lot of fansites and TV websites often put up two reviews of Who episodes — the advance one that whets the whistle for those who do follow promo materials, and the formal “recap” that assumes the reader watched the episode and goes into full details about it.

    @thane15  I understand about not wanting one’s opinion/expectations colored.  I haven’t followed promotional stuff nearly as closely/thoroughly for Series 10 as I did for Series 9 and I’m glad I did.  In the case of multi-part stories, though, my mind tends to race through and fuss over so many possibilities for how that cliffhanger will be resolved that I take some comfort in “teaser” material.  Which is why this was more of a problem for me in Series 9.  😉  Even now, I have to take a day off from Tumblr every Saturday to avoid seeing screenshots, quotes, etc. posted by viewers on the other side of the pond in the hours before the U.S. premiere.

    Missy @missy

    I avoid anything which smacks of a “give away.”


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Patrick Ness has confirmed that he won’t be returning to Class, even if there is a series 2…


    MissRori @missrori

    Chris Chibnall and collaborators talk a bit about their new direction for Who.  No spoilers, but at this point it’s expected to air in the autumn of 2018.  One idea being floated is one giant storyline running through a season, ala Broadchurch.  Who thinks that might work?  🙂

    Radio Times article

    Also, I can think of a few reasons its mainstream profile isn’t as high right now — ageism, notable lack of Twelfth Doctor-specific merchandising, poor scheduling for Series 9, more competition in general…  😉

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @missrori — I think if the Monks Trilogy proved anything it’s that a whole-series storyline would be an absolutely terrible idea.

    But I agree that there are many reasons for the show’s diminished profile at the moment and few of them are the fault of the current production team. It’s odd that the RT seem to be running two versions of essentially the same article and I have to say that the quotes, especially those from James Strong, do not fill me with confidence for the incoming Chibnall era.

    ‘Bold and innovative’ sounds a bit like ‘strong and stable’ to me….

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    I am inclined to agree. Indeed, after reading the RT article and the TV article, I had this vision of S11 opening with the body of Nardole lying in the sand at the base of the Dover cliffs as the Time Lords rope off the area…

    Nick @nick

    @jimthefish @missrori @blenkinsopthebrave

    I want impressed by James Strong’s opinion, especially if it reflects Chibnall’s. I like the sound of bold and risky, but it come across as a bit more RTD than Moff in tone. In any case, it certainly should be different. A happy mix between the two might work better for the larger audience.

    Missrori I’m broadly in favour of trying a series long story (but definitely not in Chibber’s first season), but unless Chibnall is going to write all 13 episodes himself I share Jim’s reservations. Jim is right, the final part of the recent trilogy, especially, needed closer oversight by Moff than it appears it got. Its a lot of work for the story editor and show runner to draw together episodes written by different people into a whole that works. Ultimately it would depend on what Chibnall chose to do, if he did it.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    re. a full-series story. Even if Chibnall wrote them all, which I suspect is an impossible task for a Who showrunner, I still don’t think it would work. Unlike Moffat’s stories under RTD, which were pretty tight, Chibnall’s stories have always seemed to contain one or two fundamental flaws in my view. The danger is that his attention to detail and reliance on the viewer to accept cavalier leaps in plotting would become even more pronounced if he was writing 13 episodes.

    But I do suspect the ‘bold and risky’ line is code for a ‘black and/or female Doctor’ and these articles are the first in a series of ‘breaking the ground’ articles to prepare the way for the actual announcement…

    Nick @nick


    Hmm. After Broadchurch (all three) I can’t say that I’m that hopeful anyway. Good in parts, but flawed overall. Still he deserves a chance. I always thought Moff wrote too many episodes (but then the arcs were his idea so he didn’t have much choice).  If he steps back and uses a strong writing team, he might survive with his reputation intact.

    If bold and risky is only Black/female Doctor and nothing much else, then I suspect he’s going to have a hard time on the internet. We have been very lucky to have RTD and Moff.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord


    Alternatively, it means ‘we’re too chicken to go for anything other than a white, male vanilla Doc but we’ll make up for it in other ways, honest guv’.

    But agree that CC should be given every benefit of the doubt in the meantime. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised and noshing down on some humble pie next year….

    tardigrade @tardigrade


    One idea being floated is one giant storyline running through a season, ala Broadchurch. Who thinks that might work?

    If that means a story arc across a season, but not involving every episode in the season- yes. I don’t think many would argue against that- it’s pretty much an expectation really. If it’s one long story across the whole season, then that’s seeming like a risk that may not be worthwhile.

    I’m thinking of something like X-Files here. Although the story arc kept people engaged, it was really mostly the standalone episodes that were the most memorable, and I’d say the same for this series of Doctor Who in particular, at least to this point.

    In Doctor Who, you might be going back as far as the Key to Time series to have something like a full series devoted to an arc. The Doctor plus Missy working together for a series-spanning mission like that though… I’m interesting myself now 🙂

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @missrori, @tardigrade

    I think there is a big difference between one storyline running through a season, and an arc that slowly unfolds or is slowly revealed. Moffat does the latter very well, I think, but this is not what Chibnall and Strong seem to be referring to. They seem to be talking about something closer to Broadchurch. Would that work, not in the context of a murder mystery, but in the context of Doctor Who? Well, looking at previous attempts to do something like that on Who, we have “The Key to Time” and “Trial of a Time Lord”. The former partially worked, in the sense that some of the multi-episode stories were better than others, whereas the latter only serves as a warning against doing anything like that, in my opinion. And “The Key to Times” was, of course, broken into a group of discreet stories of 5 or 6 episodes each, which is not how programming functions anymore.

    If you look at attempts to do those sorts of story construction elsewhere on TV, I would single out three examples: Babylon 5, The X-Files, and (the new) Battlestar Galactica. I have a real soft spot for Babylon 5, partially because of the way it married its long sci-fi arc with its referencing of fascist militarism and its discussion of the ethics of rebellion and taking up arms against your own government. But it depended almost entirely on the writing of its creator, J. Michael Straczynski. And his writing fluctuated. With The X Files, it lurched from great to grating, and became the victim of its own success, where the later seasons were a case of diminishing returns. Battlestar Galactica started off brilliantly and the first two and a half seasons kept up the story, which channelled post 9/11 anxieties really effectively, until it, too, ultimately got lost as the story became more mystical and religious.

    The story-telling arcs in those shows were, however, all in the context of science fiction, and Who is not sci-fi. It is fantasy, with some sci-fi trimmings. I am not sure we can extrapolate from the examples above to Who. If anything, we should look back to Who itself, and I don’t believe the previous attempts at a series-length story inspire one with confidence.

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @blenkinsopthebrave Babylon 5 is another good example to raise. It did maintain a multi-series arc pretty well, but again I think the less arc-heavy stories were often the best ones, and where there were a series of consecutive arc stories, that was where things trailed off a bit- that might have been due in part to JMS having too much on his plate, as you suggest. That arc was strung out and kept the viewer hungry- I think it was 3 seasons before you saw a Vorlon, something that was teased from the pilot.

    And I was thinking of the earlier seasons of X-Files, since it definitely ran too long. I gave up before it did.

    Anonymous @


    …he might survive with his reputation intact….

    Oh, what is this utter nonsense?

    I wouldn’t worry about Moffat’s reputation. I’m sure he’s shiny and fine.

    At times like these I find it pertinent to turn the eye inward.

    I think a teacher said that to us today. Very apt.


    Nick @nick



    Jim and I were discussing Chibnall in general. Whilst I welcome the idea of one long story conceptually, we both agreed that it is very hard to do (even if CC wrote all the episodes) and CC’s efforts to date (Torchwood and Broadchurch) don’t bode well. As Jim put it “his attention to detail and reliance on the viewer to accept cavalier leaps in plotting would become even more pronounced if he was writing 13 episodes.”

    I was suggesting that if CC pulled away from writing stories and focused on being the show runner that he might be able to keep his reputation intact. He took a fair pasting over Broadchurch, but Who is the major league 🙂

    MissRori @missrori

    The idea of a Doctor Who season built on just one storyline seems awfully risky because it could be extremely limiting in terms of what could be done from episode to episode.  Would there be only one or two major antagonists faced again and again?  How to justify a wide variety of monsters, settings, and secondary/tertiary characters?  If there’s one largely consistent complaint about AG Who it’s that it’s been awfully Earthbound/human-focused.

    Anonymous @

    @nick LOL!!! I thought you were talking about Moofy’s rep, not Chibnall. Because of what you actually wrote?

    I always thought Moff wrote too many episodes (but then the arcs were his idea so he didn’t have much choice).  If he steps back and uses a strong writing team, he might survive with his reputation intact.

    Somewhere in there, I see you mean Chibnall’s reputation.

    This is a hilarious and confusing conversation. Going tragically wrong. (hiccup). OK, no worries then.

    Oh, hang on, we don’t want to be trashing Chibnall either though? Are we?


    The idea of a Doctor Who season built on just one storyline seems awfully risky because it could be extremely limiting in terms of what could be done from episode to episode….

    Oh, would it?

    Thane (g’night).


    Nick @nick


    Thane – I’m wishing him well and hoping for the best.

    nerys @nerys

    @blenkinsopthebrave If you look at attempts to do those sorts of story construction elsewhere on TV, I would single out three examples: Babylon 5, The X-Files, and (the new) Battlestar Galactica. I have a real soft spot for Babylon 5, partially because of the way it married its long sci-fi arc with its referencing of fascist militarism and its discussion of the ethics of rebellion and taking up arms against your own government.

    My husband has a kindred spirit! He is currently watching the entire run of Babylon 5 on DVD. He watched it in his youth, and so has made a nostalgic return. I never watched it before, so I haven’t jumped on board as he has. But I’m glad he is enjoying it.

    The X-Files had have a recurring storyline with the mythology episodes. Personally, I tired of those as the series progressed and preferred the standalone episodes. Still do, as we watch this series in syndication. Even there, standalone episodes were mixed in with the mythology ones so that we weren’t plodding through one long, endless story loop. I can’t imagine that Doctor Who would work under that premise, but what do I know? If you’d suggested to me ahead of Matt Smith’s run that the Doctor would have a sort of “Peter Pan” relationship with his companion, I probably wouldn’t have bought that, either. Yet I loved the concept in the way that Moffat & Co. delivered it.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Sadly the Doctor Who Experience will close on The 9th of September.


    Meanwhile, on tonight’s BBC Question Time, Theresa May was described as ‘a Wibbly-Wobbly leader’.

    Tory Tobias Ellwood replied ‘…I don’t recognise that terminology’ Heresy!!!

    Missy @missy


    Hmm, I suppose we shan’t know until we see it. Of course, it also depends on Who the Doctor is.


    Babylon 5? Really enjoyable and a great shame when it was axed. The X files never interested me for some reason.


    Like @nick; I to wish him well and hope for the best.


    I didn’t know there was such an event as the Doctor Who Experience, where is it?

    It’s a wonder they didn’t add ‘timey wimey,’ isn’t it?


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @missy  The Dr Who Experience is in Cardiff.


    MissRori @missrori

    Big Finish has just announced a clutch of War Master audios starring Derek Jacobi; Volume One arrives in December.



    Babylon 5 was not axed, but always conceived as a 5 series story. Doubt about whether it would get the last season, and JMS falling out with Claudia Christian, badly compromised season 5, but it was always intend to end then.

    Missy @missy


    Really? What a shame. Definitely the best Science Fiction programme after the Doctor.

    Thanks for that.


    Many thanks!

    Why is Cardiff so far away – not fair.


    p.s. Had a look at the Experience,  gawd I’d’ve loved to go.  I wonder if they sold MR HUFFLE in the shop?

    MissRori @missrori

    This is somewhat old news, but I think it’s still relevant — if unusual.

    Some here may be familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, the show that made poking fun at B-movies an art form in the 1990s.  It was recently revived with a new cast on Netflix, but the original show’s performers are still out and about with side projects such as Rifftrax, a service that — thanks to the power of podcasting — provides MST3K-style comic commentaries on all sorts of movies.  They marked the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who by giving the Peter Cushing films from the 1960s a cheerful razzing.

    Rifftrax does several live shows each year which are beamed to movie theaters by Fathom Events, the same group that’s handled Doctor Who events since 2013 (3D “Day of the Doctor”, etc.).  I’ve been to several of these myself.  Now, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign working out,  the Rifftrax crew of Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy are able to work their cheeky but affectionate magic on…

    “The Five Doctors”!  Yep, they ponied up the dough to the BBC to have a little fun with a favorite story.  This live show will be streamed to U.S. movie theaters August 17 (plus a replay the following week).  Here’s the video they made to announce it:

    RiffTrax Live: “The Five Doctors” announcement

    Missy @missy

    Thank you.


    janetteB @janetteb

    I find it difficult to resist any discussion involving B.5 which helped fill in the “Who-less” years in this household. B.5 is however a very different beast to Dr Who. It was conceived of as a stand alone, Science Fiction series set in the future and dealing with politics, not a series style that can easily be applied to Dr Who but there id more than one way of telling a story and just because it hasn’t been done before, or done well doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Will be interesting to see what Chibnell has in store.

    I think part of the problem is that we, fans, had already warmed to Moffat before he took over so we were all very excited at the prospect of him taking the helm. (I had “warmed” to Moffat before AG Who even started. I was charmed by the way his eyes lit up when asked if he would want to write for Dr Who should it ever return to screen at the end of Curse of Fatal Death,  so was thrilled when he got the change in Series one.) We don’t really have a feel for Chibnell and so he is “unknown” quality to us hence the level of trepidation.




    wolfweed @wolfweed

    The next episode of Dr Who will be followed by a live Q & A with Steven Moffat & Pearl Mackie. It will be available on Facebook & Youtube.


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Brian Cant has sadly passed away…


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