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    Purely because it has a ‘Night of the Hunter’ sample…


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    Blimey! Well I guess it was a finale so explains @pedant and @craig rolling out the big guns!
    The End and Morricone!

    I’ve gone with something opposite (cos…. well, just cos).
    Tiny tears…

    Mainly for the song title but it does have this lyric:
    “How can you hurt someone so much your supposed to care for,
    Someone you said you’d always be there for”

    And ‘Don’t Forsake me oh my Darlin’ (excellent @nick !)
    [god i wanna see a Western now…. or Night of The Hunter which is effing fantastic!!]

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    I also thought this song could apply to either Bill or Missy

    I wasn’t convinced that this eels song, was quite right, but it could apply to the master given the Doctor;s mancrush.


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    @Nick – great Eels choices, and made me think of ‘friend’ songs…..

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    I see I have lots of catching up to do around here!  :-)

    Right now, just a quick “Hey it’s summer!” to all members in the northern hemisphere. I’ve sort of got the garden organized (it was a wet, wet spring), and loving eating outside despite the ants and so on. I love summer. My clematis is about to turn majorly purple, and the olive tree is growing back from the roots, having apparently not died during the snow after all. There’s prosecco in the fridge, and folk fest this weekend, so I’m sure to discover some great new music.

    To our British and American friends: We live in interesting times, with lots of eventful news to read every morning. To our friends down under: It’s winter, so hopefully no forest fires? To my fellow Canadians: If you have a moment, get on to the Canadian Red Cross, and donate something to help BC forest fire victims (14,000 evacuated so far). But on a positive note, how cool is it that our new Governor-General speaks six languages and has been in space?

    Heading over to the BBQ to stir things up and make flames. Did I mention I love summer?  :-)

    Love, a hopelessly optimistic Arbutus!   OOO

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    @arbutus   Happy summer to you!  Ontario has been very wet with some flooding but most has dried up now and after pulling out and replanting a lot of drowned veggies things in the garden are looking good. The fires in B.C. are terrible and I like many others are trying to help in any way they can and of course the Red Cross is the best place to start.

    Our new Governor General is pretty cool and has certainly seen Canada from a whole different place.

    Have a great summer.

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    Yes! I remember that song from my youth. What a great song!

    As a fellow resident of British Columbia I entirely support your appeal for people to donate to the Canadian Red Cross. What is happening out here is terrible and needs support.

    Now back to rewatch Martha and the Vandellas!

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    ooh – somehow I missed @Arbutus‘ post – GREAT song!

    Now…. a post for the next Doctor reveal….

    Maybe dour (Johnny where’s the fun!? in your voice), but hopeful.


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    Just dour…!

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    Okay, I may take a hit for this, but I mean it in the most endearing and ironic terms. I’m so pleased with the 13th Doctor.

    Avatar of wolfweedwolfweed @wolfweed

    Avatar of wolfweedwolfweed @wolfweed

    It’s not the longest of songs, I grant you…

    Avatar of WhishtWhisht @whisht

    great choons – so one from me!

    cos the Doctor is, right?

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