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    Tennantmarsters2013 @tennantmarsters2013

    For ant buffy and angel fans


    Whisht @whisht

    Thanks MartyB – quite a few fans of Van here methinks (though there’s only a few of his I’ve liked).

    and I know there’s a lot of Madness love – all the way back to the first page!

    now to catch up some tree-hugging hippy music as I’m peckish and thinking of fish fingers and custard…


    Anonymous @

    The storyboards from TDotD (on the BBC website) reminded me of this 80’s classic

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @MartyB You post as much Van the Man as you like, as far as I’m concerned!

    (LOL’d at @whisht‘s Mr Scruff)

    @phaseshift‘s recent On the Sofa post reminded me how dire Xmas shopping music is. The alternative Xmas soundtrack starts here. This is for Keef (aka Mr Riff), who’s 70 today 🙂



    Anonymous @


    Sorry, the last Van The Man was @whisht‘s.  Have another on me though.  😀

    From the best concert movie ever, The Last Waltz.  (Sorry it’s not Christmas related, but there is the line ‘switch on your electric light’ which could be stretched to a reference to fairy lights … )

    Whisht @whisht

    ah @scaryb – wonderful – xmas music!

    Now that is one helluva track (never come across that one before!).

    At chez Whisht (and assorted workplaces who are stoopid enough to allow me to put music on) this album always gets a spin. I genuinely love it.

    @phaseshift – its time for xmas, but its also time for jazzzzzzz

    Anonymous @

    @whisht    @scaryb  thank you for the great jazz above. I recall in 1985, during a music course, some of us had to get up and, frighteningly on the spot, play some Baroque music and segue into jazz. I chose one of Bach’s preludes -Number 6, and then did some simple jazz renditions. At the end I included a few bars, in a minor key (with some 6ths and 7ths), of the Doctor Who theme. They were  utterly puzzled. This crowd of 17 year olds had never heard it. Only the tutor! Later, I found a group who were Doctor Who and jazz mad fans. Thank  goodness. Without jazz, it just wouldn’t be Christmas.



    ScaryB @scaryb

    @MartyB Wholeheartedly agree with you re The Last Waltz. Sets the standard. Apparently it came about almost accidentally when Robbie Robertson suggested that as it was the Band’s last gig that maybe they should get it filmed, just for the record. Oh and his friend Martin (Scorcese) had a camera and might be able to help out! The next thing they know they’ve got a multi camera team and full crew running all over the place.

    @whisht – Anything with Charlie Brown works for me! (Seriously, I really enjoyed that)

    @Purofilion – I’m generally more of a rock n roll girl myself, but like to stray into music’s various other highways and byways as well.  Which is a sneaky way of easing in a link to more from the Belfast Cowboy 😉

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @MartyB @scaryb @purofilion

    Yes! to The Last Waltz, and indeed, anything to do with The Band. And to anything by Van Morrison. And to jazz at Christmas, and almost any kind of Christmas music, for that matter. Our Christmas playlist skips with abandon between traditional choirs, classic pop and rock, jazz, and all kinds of very esoteric early music repertoire. Here is my attempt to embed a video, let’s see if it works. Is anyone familiar with Straight No Chaser?



    Arbutus @arbutus


    That A-ha song has had a bit of a resurgence as it was referenced earlier this year in a pop song by Christina Aguilera. I only know this because the teenager in the house was listening to it in the summer, and his dad and I both exclaimed triumphantly, “We know that song!” The original is now on my son’s playlist, and I think he actually likes it better than the song in which it reappeared.  🙂

    TardisBlue @tardisblue


    loving the music!

    @whisht, two delighted thumbs up for Vince and Charlie Brown.

    @scaryb, @whisht, @MartyB, seconding, thirding, and fourthing Van Morrison. and The Band. and a belated happy birthday to Keith.

    and yes, @arbutus, I have heard of Straight, No Chaser. I’ve even heard them, though not in concert.

    Since your linked song included a tip of the hat to Hanukkah, I thought I’d add to the ecumenicalism of the season by sharing this solstice song I learned a back-to-nature-potentially-tree-hugging-hippy friend — if I can get it to embed correctly!


    TardisBlue @tardisblue

    trying again … old dog new tricks and all that

    TardisBlue @tardisblue


    insert/edit link aka alt shift a doesn’t seem to be working for me.  :'(   I’m gonna ask Santa for a teenager with computer skills for Christmas!


    Anonymous @


    You’ve linked to a search for a song on YT, not the song itself.

    I’m not familiar with Light is Returning so I just grabbed the first one I saw using your search.  Is this what you wanted to share with us?

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish, @craig, @phaseshift, @fatmaninabox

    There’s a strange double line (two instead of the usual one post separator line) between posts 23094 and 23095 here on the Music thread.  The formatting of submitted posts goes strange after that.  Is there some extraneous code that you can see in page edit mode that slipped in at that point?

    Anonymous @

    @MartyB – Thanks for that. All fixed now 🙂

    Anonymous @

    Damn @fatmaninabox, you’re quick.

    Decided on that lining colour for your new box yet?  😉  You need a shade which will set off your features and not overwhelm them.  Your current black is tasteful but a tad funereal.

    Anonymous @

    @MartyB believe it or not, I was just about to fix it when your comment popped up!

    Hmm, box lining. I was thinking maybe purple. Or red. Reddish Purple? Purplish red? Something ‘regal’ anyway 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus — here’s Australia for you. I was listening to this on my front perch -your FANTASTIC vid clip! one neighbour and their flat mates popped their heads out and now 16 people are watching in flip flops and with beers. Brilliant. Tar, as they say

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus -if that’s your first go at embedding ? then fantastic. I expect, as do the neighbours, several ‘mazing more choral/chorales attributes daily. Honestly, by the time TOTO was ‘referenced’, some of them, being ’80s guys, were dancing on the street: 12 flip flops flapping, 11 beers ‘aswilling’, 10 daggy boardies; 9 sleeveless T-shirts; 8 sun burned faces; 7  stringy sun-hats. Yep, you get the picture. 30 degrees and it’s nearly 7 pm. Kindest, Purofilion

    Anonymous @

    @MartyB and @tardisblue  that was lovely -if it was the one or not. I liked the modulation and circle of 5ths  throughout this- ‘the planet is turning; light is returning through the darkest hour’ etc. is appropriate when considering both Christmas and the Doctor. And the nice major finish in the penultimate bar. “Niiice, dude” as the child would say.

    TardisBlue @tardisblue


    thanks! That was the one I wanted to share.


    So glad you liked it. Isn’t the call and response with the gospel choir toward the end so wonderfully full of energy? Such a great winter solstice song – at least here in the northern hemisphere.

    I hadn’t even considered its applicability to next week’s Doctor Who Christmas special. You’re one smart cookie!


    Anonymous @

    @tardisblue  indeed, C&R is a great gospel-style tradition for this time of year. As for smart cookie -you’re too kind  ‘coz I aint’ ! I like listening to moosic appropriate in cooler climes. It makes me think of snow and mini Christmas lights, of warmed wine and icy breaths. Here, well, we just sweat. Not very ‘Christmasy’. Still, one must not complain. We have electricity and so far, neither floods nor fires this season, yet.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @tardisblue     Wonderful! I have very fond memories of “Light is Returning”, as it was sung every year in my son’s primary school. They sang it in a more aboriginal style, in keeping with our Pacific northwest part of the world, but I love the gospel feel of this version.

    Arbutus @arbutus


    What a wonderful image I now have of you and your neighbours! Very communal. I love your “Australian 12 Days of Christmas”; what is in the pear tree? I have always loved the moment in that version when they suddenly morph into “Africa”; for anyone of a certain generation, that song produces an instant jolt of recognition.

    For the benefit of any mods present, I have to say that I just followed the instructions in the “help” section of the forum on embedding videos. It worked like a charm!

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @purofilion     Here, well, we just sweat. Not very ‘Christmasy’.

    My mother lives in Calgary, caught between the prairie and the Rocky Mountains, and every year she complains about having to miss some event due to unexpected snow. (In Calgary, one can reliably expect “unexpected snow” at any point over about 9 1/2 months of the year.) Perhaps I shall suggest that she move to Australia.  🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    Wow – excellent @arbutus – not heard of them but really enjoyed it! And @tardisblue that’s a great track!

    oooohhhh… this is spurring on so many ping-pongs…!

    @purofilion – really jealous of your knowledge of how music works (have tried reading a simple kid’s ABC on music, watched wonderful programmes such as Howard Goodhall’s history of music, read The Rest is Noise etc etc but I still obviously don’t care enough to ‘get’ it. Instead I have to use my ear, which (though not ‘bad’ – I learned to play simple stuff on tin whistle and harmonica) is limiting and downright lazy. Every time I hear you and people like you I’m spurred on to actually getting off my arse (or ear) and learning (or at least practising).

    So, there was a wonderful bit of gospel above and (although i was gonna go a bit awkward with blues river c&r stuff but that’s all me me me not the music) I tried Sweet Honey in the Rock and a few others but… I had to fall back on the best – however… all the carols and seasonal stuff I’ve yootoobed tonight is … well I don’t hear the ‘heart’.

    So, for anyone who likes Mahalia – and for anyone who is (foolishly) wishing it weren’t so darn hot… in London its cold and its raining

    Not exactly a carol but I hope it warms you up!

    Anonymous @

    For those who thought they’d missed out on all the Christmas songs (lucky sods 😉 ) by doing their shopping online (yes, @MartyB I mean you 🙂 ), here’s some Cliff… 😈

    Anonymous @

    Some Christmassy ditties from Doctor Who

    Anonymous @

    Aaaaah! @fatmaninabox

    My ears are bleeding

    (I  meant, about The Ageless Christian obviously)

    How about the Worst Christmas Song Ever?

    Anonymous @

    @MartyB – now my ears are bleeding. It seemed promising till the rapping started 🙂

    I can only follow that with the best Christmas song ever.

    Anonymous @

    @whisht @fatmaninabox my music buddies and @ everyone else  — head-banging Christmas cheer, via The Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Carol of the Bells

    See, @scaryb? I do Christmas as well. 😀

    Anonymous @

    And another Christmas favourite — there aren’t too many versions available online (none live that I could find) but at least this one has the lyrics

    And if you want the version with gaudy (and severely entertaining) American light display instead

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht    Isn’t Mahalia astonishing? She was always a part of my Christmas soundscape as a child, because my stepfather loved her. I find it quite wonderful how some people are able to channel their personal faith into something that is just so uplifting. Mahalia’s voice was incredible, but it was the spirit shining through that makes her music so memorable.

    Re: The Rest is Noise, are you talking about Alex Ross’s blog or his book? The book is wonderful, it really inspired my husband and me to get out of our musical comfort zone and start listening more adventurously.


    Arbutus @arbutus



    I offer up to everyone my favourite Bizarro comic strip, which has been stuck up on our fridge for years because I never get tired of it. I think that anyone who has ever sung in a choir will appreciate it on all its levels!


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @MartyB       Worst Christmas Song Ever – No kidding! The weirdness in that video is that he seems at times to have a point that he is trying to make, but it doesn’t work because the whole thing is so bizarre. If it was just meant to be ludicrous, he would have been better off to leave out the social commentary bits.

    The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is good fun. We also like the Mannheim Steamroller at Christmas, so in return, I give you:

    Anonymous @

    Some Muppet Christmas mayhem 🙂

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @fatmaninabox – Great Muppet vid! Thanks!

    Anonymous @

    @fatmaninabox   I can’t believe I woke up to ‘Stop the Cavalry’. Fantastic!  Thank you: The Box. I play it every Christmas and jump around the house. This forum is surely my home away from home!  I also play a song, that surprisingly (I think) is by Madonna. I believe it’s a Christmas song, too. Can’t find it anywhere Thank you @MartyB    for the choral tidbits s well…Kindest, purofilion

    Whisht @whisht

    he he – there’s a ton of good stuff here that I’ll listen to later while having a glass of white port (my god what a discovery that was!) and wrapping the final presents.

    Although this could have been embarrassing, Kim Wilde has said she really enjoyed this and (yes) was completely and utterly plastered!!

    It left me with a big smile anyway!

    Anonymous @


    Personally, I always thought the line ‘Doctor In The TARDIS’ was is reference to this, erm ‘dancefloor classic’ 😉

    Anonymous @

    The incomparable Tim Minchin  ‘I Really Like Christmas

    I guess I have all of the usual objections
    to consumerism, to the commercialisation of an ancient religion

    To the Westernisation of a dead Palestinian
    press-ganged into selling Playstations … and beer.

    And the other side of the coin, it’s the Charlie Brown Christmas.

    The full Vince Guaraldi Trio Album

    Jazz Christmas to you and all of yours.
    Joyeux Noël

    The skirting boards were bloody stars.  🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    @arbutus – loving that cartoon 🙂

    @MartyB – I don’t know where to begin with the worst xmas song ever so I won’t – its unforgiveable!! However – Charlie Brown redeem’s most things!


    Similarly – nothing can forgive @fatmaninabox ‘s The Timelords horror – except of course a judicious muppet song!!
    (as well as a rather fetching seasonal avatar update!).

    I’ll leave you to decide if this is me being ironic, cheeky, Who-ish or simply because its a great choon.

    (hm, methinks that could’ve been another poll …)

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Thanks everyone for all the music contributions for Christmas.

    In keeping with the happy-sad occasion that is tomorrow’s Christmas Dr Who, and Matt’s bowing out, I would like to leave you with possibly the saddest Christmas song ever. The inimitable Alex Harvey from 1964 (and as you maybe haven’t heard him before).  Tissues at the ready =) Happy Christmas everyone, see you on the other side (or maybe sooner!)


    Anonymous @

    A Christmas favourite of mine (and the only time I’ll willingly go to the theatre) is The Nutcracker. Here’s the Fantasia version (still images only I’m afraid).

    @scaryb – Blimey, I’ve never heard Alex Harvey like that 😯 I’m used to hearing TSAHB like this…

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    My favourite Christmas song is Lilly the Pink.

    Anonymous @


    I’ll drink to that 😀

    “Christopher Eccleston had terrible freckles
    and they covered all his face
    And so they gave him Medicinal Compound
    Now he travels through Time and Space”

    Arkleseizure @arkleseizure
    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    So, as we say goodbye to our Madman in a Box, I found myself listening to the following: Murray Gold’s own reflection on mortality, in his tribute to Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Happy birthday to us – IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW!

    (tenuous link to Van  Morrison 😉 )


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