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    Anonymous @


    how d’you remember that? !

    Long, long ago in a time when the Puro’s knew nothing about the Whedonverse there was a plan…..

    It’s slow is Mad Men -but I like that says Thane! Hah. Shame that Broadchurch isn’t his thing, yet. Shame. ūüėČ


    Anonymous @

    @pedant I think you’re a West Wing fan. Mum knows this whole speech of Toby’s. I think she should have better speeches in her pocket but her point is the ramp up. Not sure what a ramp up is but¬† I think this is it:

    The Commander in Chief had just been attacked; he was under a general anaesthetic;¬† a fugitive was at large; the man-hunt included every local federal and state law enforcement agency, the Virginia,¬† Maryland, NJ, Pennsylvania and Delaware National Guard Units had been federalised. The K-H10s showed Republican Guard Movement in Southern Iraq. And 12 hours earlier, an F1-17 had been shot down in¬†the No-Fly and¬†the Vice President’s authority was murky at BEST! The National Security Advisor, the Secretary of State didn’t know who they were getting their orders from. I wasn’t in the Situation Room that night, but I’ll bet all the money in my¬†pockets against all the¬†money in your pockets that it was Leo! Who no-one elected. For 90 minutes that night there was a coup d’√©tat in this country.”

    “And the walls came tumbling down.”

    (the last is the President).

    I love this speech. I love how it gets higher and wider. I wish I could write like that. ūüôā

    From Thane (some Sat morning fun).

    Anyway, back to my book. (I’ve read a 500 page book in 6 days!)



    The “ramp up” is the verbal equivalent of a music crescendo. ¬†The series of beats and repeats progressively builds to the explosion.¬†It gets higher and wider, then it slams down the the point – “there was a¬†¬†coup”. It is worth watching the TWW for Toby and Sam’s talks about speech making and writing and then watching Sorkin use them in dialogue.

    Although this remains my personal favourite Tobyism:

    Missy @missy

    @thane15;   Puro, the mother here. Haha! Don’t be so *hard* on yourself.

    Thank you for that vote of confidence *smiles and nods* but it is a good thing to be hard on oneself every now and then. The temptation to become “full of it” needs to be curbed sometimes.

    I think what Thane was getting at was that all History -that‚Äôs around us -affects and effects us all. I was proud he could use the words ‚Äėeffect‚Äô and ‚Äėaffect‚Äô¬†correctly.

    You should be, they often defeat me.


    Zeyra @zeyra

    Who here watch teen wolf, sherlock, the walking dead, supernatural, riverdale, the magicians ?

    (I think I’m forgetting some of the shows I like but there are so much I can’t remember all of them xD)

    Missy @missy

    @zeyra: The only one on your is I watch, is Sherlock.


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Judge Dredd is coming to tv & is to be filmed in the UK…

    Dredd TV


    Whisht @whisht

    @wolfweed – wow.

    Very thrilled by this.

    Here’s hoping its more Urban than Stallone.

    Missy @missy

    @zeyra: Sorry, my post should have read: The only one on your list I watch, is Sherlock. *blushes*


    Anonymous @


    Hi there, Thane from Oz here. I watched Supernatural -until Season 10 anyway, The Walking Dead -but I gave up on it last year because I felt it was too repetitive? I’ve never seen Teen Wolf though but I’ ve loved Sherlock a lot.

    I also watched Becoming Human a couple of years ago? I then watched Rectify and also another American show called Leftovers. But these aren’t about vampires or ‘creatures’. Mum used¬† to like the Twilight franchise which I think is quite funny -that she watched it. I think by the 4th movie she thought it was pretty silly and not very good in its attitude to women?

    Is Supernatural Season 11 any good?

    Thanks. Cheers , Thane15



    Mum used  to like the Twilight franchise


    *Cracks knuckles*



    Did you ever watch Les Revenants (the Canal+ series, not the movie of the same name)?

    Anonymous @


    LOL.. I know!¬† She has all the movies. ROFL. Feel free to give her heaps. Even though the first movie is almost all exposition she still stands by it -little budget, some good actors, but as Rob Pattinson said: “why would¬† a guy who sleep stalks you and says ‘every day I want to taste your blood and I’m wanting to kill you’¬† be ANY girls dream?”

    Mum says “hmm, point taken!”

    Also she likes Anna Kendrick which is silly because she’s in maybe 20 mins of the whole franchise!

    I’ve had three days off school with cold so I should go to bed. I’ve realised that I love staying up but can’t do it -need my 10 hours sleep.

    CLoser to the modem each day….


    PS: you’re doing the¬†*thing* too now¬† ūüėą



    There’s nowt wrong with the *thing* thing unless it is used to try to deflect something gratuitously offensive. No offence.

    Yes, Twilight did test my faith in The Church of The Blessed Kendrick, but I rationalise it by accepting that no actor should have to apologise for taking a paying gig (and Kendrick has done a lot of experimental stuff to balance the karma).

    So, Puro: you’re fantasy man is an inveterate predatory stalker¬†who wants to remove the object of his lust’s agency, eh? That’s fanfic for you!


    (Forgot to mention @zeyra, am quite enjoying Riverdale. I don’t know how familiar you are with the source material, but it is very long running comic (Archie) which spawned a few spin-offs (Josie and The Pussycats, Betty & Veronica and…another that I can’t remember). Riverdale has done a nice job of weaving them back together and give ’em a nice dark twist. Also, if there is ever a biopic of Bruce Springsteen, Luke Perry was born to play the role.)

    Craig @craig

    I know I do go on about The CW’s Supergirl and The Flash, but just caught up with them this week. And while they are mostly switch-your-brain-off fun (which I need during the week), this week’s episode of Supergirl was… amazing.

    It was the penultimate episode so featured the beginning of an alien invasion (which may be resolved, or may not, by the end of the last episode). But it also featured this speech by a major returning character:

    Resist. Resist these invaders with everything you’ve got. They come with empty promises and closed fists. They promise to make our world great again, and yet they know nothing about the people who make this world great. They think they can con us. And if that doesn’t work, what? They’re going to beat us into submission? They have no idea who they’re up against.

    And it went on.

    Now the show may seem like fluff, but that’s a writer making a point. I inwardly cheered. After the Doctor’s experience in ‘Oxygen’ this week I felt worlds colliding.

    nerys @nerys

    Currently watching The Handmaid’s Tale (TV series). Very dark, as one would expect. But we had a small victory in the most recent episode, which felt uplifting. It’s all relative, of course.

    Anonymous @


    great script. And a crossover-script time is needed considering the geopolitical situation: world’s colliding. Absolutely.


    I am BUSTED!

    However, only until Thane pointed out the “stalkery/ heroin” thing that I did say “point taken I didn’t realise that” which sort of allays any blame? Also at the time, meds?? (O-O)¬† Edward is definitely a weird being. I was interested in Peter Facinelli? He was in Nurse Jackie (yes, a bit fatuous and nothing at all like House) which was pretty good as was Facinelli himself who played (at age 24 or something) Edward’s dad in Twilight.

    <hiding behind tree from sounds of knuckles cracking>


    Missy @missy

    I never watched Twilight – Vampires are too old hat for me, although I did enjoy Hammer’s take on them – Christopher Lee as Dracula – I don’t like Rob Pattinson either. Sorry¬†Puro.

    This has already been mentioned I think. Merlin? Now that was fun, as was Harry Potter.


    ichabod @ichabod

    @craig ¬† . . .¬†the show (Supergirl) may seem like fluff, but that‚Äôs a writer making a point. I inwardly cheered. After the Doctor‚Äôs experience in ‚ÄėOxygen‚Äô this week I felt worlds colliding.

    Feelings have been running pretty damned high around here, with messages of resistance to oppression popping up in all kinds of places — a very good thing, IMO.

    Craig @craig

    I love this. It’s kinda cheesy, just like the show, but there’s not many shows that have this many strong women in it and reference others by casting Terri Hatcher (ex-Lois Lane) and Lynda Carter (ex-Wonder Woman). I hope it inspires my niece.

    The Whovian @wackyblend

    First time posting here, don’t know how this should be “filed” from a topic point of view.

    Q: Anyone else notice they are themed with “Silence in the Library”?

    Without getting into specific spoilers, the episodes up to this point seem to have elements and themes based around the two part episode “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead”. ¬†Maybe the writers just have a serious issue of writer’s block and don’t realize they are doing this at all. ¬†I have viewed the series and remember most all the episodes since 1963. I don’t mind them doing an homage to other episodes but find it a bit much to do an entire season.

    Still I enjoy the show as it really is about the only thing to watch on TV.  Have fun!

    Craig @craig

    @wackyblend Firstly welcome. Glad you signed up. Hope you enjoy it here.

    Other people have noticed some of those connections so you are not alone at all. The second episode, Smile, especially brought comparisons with the Vashta Nerada.

    This thread is really for conversations about TV shows other than Doctor Who. If you want to discuss current episodes jump right in on the latest one here:

    Although there are now 5 pages of comments to wade through! But I hope you’ll enjoy it. We’re a bonkers bunch but extremely thoughtful and creative as well.

    Nick @nick


    Have you caught American Gods ?

    Craig @craig

    @nick Oh yes, been loving it. It is kinda almost as rambling as the book but I’m liking it so far. I posted the trailer a while back before it started. Can’t wait to see how they develop it. But I think the casting is brilliant. I couldn’t think who I would cast for Shadow but they’ve done a fantastic job choosing Ricky Whittle. And Mr Wednesday, well, Ian McShane will always be Lovejoy to me but maybe he might just change my mind (never watched Deadwood).

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Dark Crystal prequel TV series (‘Age of Resistance’) announced. Filming begins this year. Will air on Netflix.

    dc aor press release

    dc aor

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    This is actually a fan film.¬†Didn’t know where to plonk it so….. Well worth a watch if you’re a 2000AD fan…

    Missy @missy

    Anyone watch The Halcyon? And River?


    Anonymous @

    @missy Mum watched one or two eps of the Halycon but I haven’t heard what she thought of it. Also the actor from River she really likes and also Nicola Walker who was in Spooks -my fav character in that show. Really believable.

    From Thane.


    @arbutus @winston (and anyone else in the Canada contingent)

    A sentence that:

    a) I never thought I would write;


    b) That I doubt anyone else here would ever expect me to write either.

    But the new CBC/ Netflix adaptation of Anne of Green Gables is an absolute corker.

    The open credits alone are a work of art.

    Nick @nick


    you might try “Unforgotten” which also starred Nicola Walker in a police role. It was shown against the River on British TV. Unlike the River, it was also commissioned for a second series.

    Depending on your taste in crime programmes, the first series was actually pretty good. I havent seen the second series.

    Nick @nick


    Yes its turning out to be pretty good, after a slightly uncertain start. Having read the book, it was easy to pick up, but I do wonder if the casual viewer will cope. I also like that they’re adding to the book, filling in things I had thought had happened. It is certainly quite non-linear. I was quite surprised by this weeks dive into Laura Moon’s (and Shadow’s) back story. IThey are only planning 8 episodes at the moment, so it seems the whole book is going to take quite a few series. I’m not sure if I like that or not.

    I caught Deadwood occasionally; Ian McShane’s performance was exception (and not a very pleasant character).



    Arbutus @arbutus

    @pedant ¬† ¬†Apparently you have hidden depths! ¬†ūüôā

    I haven’t seen any of it, but I’ve heard good things.¬†I missed it when it aired on the CBC, so will have to wait because, ironically, it isn’t currently available on Netflix Canada. Don’t get me started.



    I know. I’m still in shock.

    Not sure how my reputation as a curmudgeon with low fuckwit tolerance is going to survive.

    winston @winston

    @pedant and @arbutus¬†¬†¬†¬† The show was really good and as pedant says the opening credits are beautiful.The rest of the scenery is stunning and it¬†is perfectly cast. We watched it all and enjoyed every bit of it.¬† In the¬†books and show ¬†curmudgeons are Anne’s specialty.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    It is currently available for free on the CBC website. I was just watching it.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @blenkinsopthebrave ¬† ¬†Thanks for the tip. I should have thought to check that, as I know they are doing a lot more of that 21st-century stuff on the CBC nowadays. ¬†ūüôā

    janetteB @janetteb

    Oh drat. I was thinking to avoid watching Anne of Green Gables having overdosed on the books as a young teen but if @pedant @winston and @blenkinsopthebrave approve then I have no choice.

    @missy I haven’t watched Halycon. Sounds interesting but maybe a bit too soapy for my taste.

    I just started watching Last Kingdom again. (last time I lost interest half way through the first episode) I think I might start to enjoy it after all which is good as it is set in one of my favourite periods of history and does make some attempt at historical accuracy, a rare thing indeed these days.



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    No need to worry if you have overdosed on the books as a young teen, as it is an adaptation, called, simply, “Anne”; but, as the curmudgeon @pedant discovered, it is well worth watching.

    Missy @missy


    Thank you, I shall keep my eyes peeled. Sad about River not making it¬†for a second series, it’s good. I didn’t care for Anne of green Gables¬†when younger or Alice in Wonderland, for that matter. But I’ll have a look should it come over here.


    The Halcyon wasn’t a soap opera. I asked my OH what he thought. He thinks that if it had run more episodes, it might have ended up as one¬†– Downton Abbey did. It spanned¬†just about every human emotion, + MI5, spies, murder (accidental) and WW2 bombing. ¬†We thoroughly enjoyed it. Steven Macintosh was a bonus.


    @janetteb @blenkinsopthebrave

    On Netflix it is called ‘Anne With An ‘E’ for reasons that only Netflix knows.


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    There is a reason, but I cannot tell you, because that way spoilers lie.


    The Whovian @wackyblend

    @craig Thanks for the warm welcome. ¬†As for other shows I am currently watching; I recently finished watching all +60 episodes of the Chinese fantasy drama, “Ice Fantasy” on my NetFlix. I am waiting to see if they will pick up the sequel “Ice Fantasy: Destiny”. Apparently the sequel takes a 180 degree turn from fantasy (magic, immortals, spells) into science fiction (virtual reality, deep space exploration, future science). ¬†They seem very extreme but I won’t cast any judgement until I get a chance to see how they pull this off. ¬†I am also waiting for other shows to return this Fall.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="751"]Dramatic Fantasy Ice Fantasy[/caption]

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Just heard about the death of Adam West, which is to say, my Batman, as opposed to the current grim crop of dark, earnest and violent Batmans.

    nerys @nerys

    In Canada, I am watching 19-2, a Canadian series (originally produced and aired in French, then developed separately in English). Stellar series, and not just because it’s Canadian. Season 1: superb window into the world of law-enforcement stress. Season 2, Episode 1, is one of the best (and most harrowing) things I’ve ever seen. Season 3 started out relatively quietly, then took a gut-wrenching turn for one of the characters. Season 4, yet to be aired, will, sadly, be the last.

    @blenkinsopthebrave Adam’s West’s Batman was my childhood hero. Life wasn’t complete without my weekly fix. Sad.

    Missy @missy

    Anyone been watching¬†The Victorian¬†Slum? Thank gawd I didn’t live in those days.


    RorySmith @rorysmith

    I have returned to Netflix after so many people suggested the many original series it has.

    Stranger Things is the epitome of my generation. I love this show.

    Missy @missy

    Oooooooooooooo! What a lucky vegimite am I.

    Our daughter gave me THE THICK OF IT for my birthday – Four series, Box set.

    Can’t wait to get stuck in.

    Have see the first episode. The writing is wonderful, especially the first scene, when a Minister thinks his job is safe, then finds it isn’t. I couldn’t stop giggling.

    One wonders if this really goes on in politics.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy ¬†Oh, I think it’s a safe bet that this (and lots else in TToI) goes in in politics quite a lot — people who willingly jump into a pit full of hungry tigers are rarely the best or the brightest, so shenanigans are bound to ensue. ¬†Also hi-jinks.

    Missy @missy


    So far, this series is very funny.  Tongue in cheek humour at its best.


    ichabod @ichabod

    Yes, I thought you’d enjoy it!

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