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    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @midnyt, that is incredibly festive!

    Whisht @whisht

    While buying christmas presents a day or so ago, I saw this on a stall which made me smile (as well as a couple of the other towels which I bought for my brothers).

    Seemed like a nice guy as well!

    Tardis T-Towel from TannenBrown

    from a site called

    RandyPan @randypan

    Okay, I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this, but, I’ve had an idea for the new season.

    Now, as far as I know, it’s been mentioned briefly what Ace has been up to, but not much detail was gone into, and the whole Timelord academy thing was left hanging.

    So, here’s my idea: While fighting some enemy, the Doctor and Clara run into Ace, who’s become an intergalactic hero like the Doctor, and, it’s revealed, became a Timelord, and has her own Tardis, and she wasn’t on Gallifrey during the Time War, because she was off helping other races who were victims of the war.

    So, towards the end of the episode(it would probably be a two-parter), Ace is mortally wounded, doing something really heroic, and regenerates into…Saoirse Ronan, who plays Ace through the whole second part.

    I have even come up with Ace’s regeneration scene:

    Ace is sat on the ground, with her back against some boxes, and the Doctor and Clara are trying to help her.

    “Professor?” Ace says, “I think this it.”

    “What are you saying?” the Doctor says.

    “I think I’m gonna regenerate.  I feel…I feel funny.”

    “Are you certain?”

    “Yeah, I think so.”

    “You mean, I’m going to witness another one of these?” Clara asks.

    “I’ve never done this before.  Will it hurt?”

    “It sometime does,” the Doctor says, nonchalantly.

    Ace holds her hand up, and sees it starting to glow. “Ooh, lookit that!” The Doctor gestures for Clara to back away, and he does likewise.  Suddenly, light bursts from Ace’s hands and head, and she screams, and morphs into Saoirse.  After it’s done, she says, “Oh, bloody hell, you weren’t kidding!” She holds some of her hair in front of her face. “Brilliant, I’m ginger!”

    “How do you get to be ginger?” the Doctor says, “I never got to be ginger!”

    “And I think I might be Irish!  That’s weird…”

    Clara leans in, to take a closer look. “Are you alright?” Ace abruptly grabs both sides of Clara’s face, and gives her a big snog.  Clara pulls away, and says, “She kissed me!”

    “Yeah,” the Doctor says, “that doesn’t really surprise me.”

    “With tongue!”

    “Yeah, still not surprised.”

    “Well, c’mon!” Ace says, standing up, “We’ve still got work to do!”

    End of episode.

    So, comments?

    PoshEmoDork @poshemodork

    Check out my Youtube Video of Last Christmas!

    Hope you enjoy!

    like the video and comment so we can talk about the episode on my comments section. Here it is.


    RoseRiver @roseriver

    I recently received a gift of a hand created necklace with gallifreyan on it. Past jewelry i have been successful translating… but this one I cannot get. Anyone have an ideas what this translates to?

    Reprisal @reprisal


    Not sure how this will go down… but.. I make Dalek inspired dubstep, the samples are used from ‘E1S7 Asylum of the Daleks’

    If you’re into this kind of thing, check it out… or not 🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    hi @reprisal – nice!

    As seems to be the way with Doctor Who related stuff, it needed a second listen.

    Or to turn my headphones up.

    But I enjoyed the opening (nice choice of quote); liked the way you tempered the way the harsh sounds and then brought it on after ~3mins (I liked how at this point it got to a sustained ‘annoyance’ – and I mean that in a good way!).

    I guess Dubstep (or other ‘nasty’ electronica – apologies my knowledge of subgenres is a tad rubbish, and I guess I’m into more of the ambient/dancey stuff like Autechre or Aphex Twin or whatever) is close to being music Daleks would actually listen to!


    Thanks for sharing!

    Anonymous @

    @reprisal thank you. I liked it -dubstep is quite a thing here in Oz. Surprising, being Brisbane really. I put the computer thru the sound system. A good Bose -pretty much all that’s nice in this rather large room but it has the height to handle  higher wavelengths. Uber cool.

    Onwards!  (Errr: sound cloud??)

    Anonymous @

    nope @reprisal sorry, I mixed you up with sound world.

    Barbara Lefty @barbaralefty

    @reprisal, hasn’t realised this was  here, was wondering where the sudden dubstep fans appeared from. Just awesome!

    lisa @lisa

    astonishing piece of film

    Anonymous @

    @ichabod – I am certainly not the stuff of which Time Lords are made . . . too much pudding, not enough brain.

    Time Lords?! “yes”, but perfect for a Doctor! “I’m starting to wonder”; Obscuritrst is obviously your rogue TL name since you must have a time machine.

    @rob – Surely meme in french would be pronounced moimoi???????????

    Made up words are coolamundo! 😀

    @spider – ((;;/)/)  *woof*    (that’s a spider, barking… so mad, barking mad you see? No? Ah, ok, I’ll get me coat…)


    @whisht – music Daleks would actually listen to!

    I’m going to have to try really hard to forget that so I don’t imagine dancing Daleks having a party every time I see them now. 👿

    @bluesqueakpipGreen Wooden Sheep

    Best Who Title ever!!

    @scaryb – Maybe so… “but the Doctor’s ALWAYS in it!” It’s the rule!! <stamps foot>

    <stamps both feet> 😡

    @arbutus – Badass Santa saves the day!!!

    That just makes me laugh. Thanks for that Christmas song I have to remember to listen to that next year.

    @Purofilion – WHAT MENTAL CRASH..? Ahem, Buffy, mental????

    You all owe me a new key board!!

    I probly missed some there have been too many to remember. un- 😎

    ichabod @ichabod

    @barnable — Well, yeah, I have a time machine, but like everyone’s it only goes in one direction and skips forward and back only happen in dreams . . . so far, anyway.  I’m definitely a rogue *something*, but draw the line at the los Oscurantes — after all, what they are about is not hiding in “obscurity”, but making sure that everything is hidden from *themselves* (mainly through blocking the senses, hence earmuffs, stilts, gauzy blindfold, and probably gloves).  Let’s say the idea is, if you block your senses you might get through to the reality that normal sensory input disguises and distorts.  Sort of a shortcut aestheticism, with bruises, I should think? Those blasted stilts . . . There, job done: I think I just invented a religion.

    Don’t tell anyone; there are too many nuts out there already . . .


    Anonymous @

    @ichabod – I thought you made it up. Sorry for calling you that. Ichabod’s a lot better name for a rogue TL anyway.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @barnable  #37054   Drat!  I meant “Los Oscuritantes”, lost a syllable.  But we can just go right ahead and have a schism right now, why wait?  The Oscuritantes will go one way, the Oscurantes another, and then they can have a war about how to spell themselves.

    Anonymous @

    @ichabod – Oh, now I know what you mean. Found them.


    @arbutus – I should have said remember to listen to that Christmas song again. I listened to it 3x in a row right away.  I’ve never heard anyone sing so fast and beautiful at the same time.   Really good.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @barnable — oh, boy, *fantastic*!  The Obscuritones!  How’s *that* for a choir!

    lisa @lisa

    possibly coming to a gotham metropolis near you

    ichabod @ichabod

    Found this on — you don’t have the watch the whole clip, it kind of tells its story right off the bat:


    and this on — something or other, interesting:


    Hope these links work.  I *do* like the idea of a Vincent Price “Master”, back in the day –

    but which Doctor on either side of the Atlantic would have been tall enough not to

    be completely towered-over by him?




    RandyPan @randypan
    ichabod @ichabod

    And maybe everybody’s already seen/heard this — made before #12 appeared on the scene.  I just came across it and am still LMAO.  But I’m also pretty impressed, you know?

    Whisht @whisht

    hey @ichabod – I think we may have seen those US Doctors before (but always interesting) but…

    that Peter Griffin guy is frickin’ hilarious!

    And one of the rarer times where a piece of journalism isn’t there simply to snidely mock geeks and cosplay but to show why people do it and how much fun they’re having. If I can remember I’ll post it the nexttime they have a Comic Con article with pics of busty wimmin in cosplay and slightly “why do they do this? [snigger]” and say – mybe this tells you why.

    Frickin’ A


    ichabod @ichabod

    Haw!  Great clip, thanks!

    TimeyWimey97 @timeywimey97

    Here is an idea for a fanfic called ‘Area 51′

    The trailer for it begins at a New Years-eve party, evoking a very Cloverfield-esque feel to it.

    The celebration is cut short tho’, as a woman calls out the other guests because something is on the news.

    Turns out that the woman is watching a news report of a blue Police Box that is hovering over Times Square.

    Then it would flash between different news channels talking about the TARDIS.

    Some say that it is a prank, others say it is a conspiracy, a warning for things to come.

    Then it fades to black, The Doctor’s theme is playing as the TARDIS is speedily flying towards something.

    THE DOCTOR: ”Oh, great.” (really annoyed, he might’ve discovered that he was spotted)





    Terryc @terryc

    Hi Guys,


    I’m new to the forums. Anyway. I painted this at the weekend and thought you might like it. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks


    A commissioned painting I did of Matt Smith

    Malvernquarry @malvernquarry

    I have read the book Vworp 1 which is a great overview of televised Who. In it he mentions a fan film a reimagining of Power of the Daleks from a couple of years back. It is a semi pro job and Nick Scovell is the Doctor I have seen Nick in another fan film the Millenium Trap and he is really good. I think there was a bit of a dust up with Auntie Beeb and the film was suppressed, sadly, I have seen a couple of snippets which look interesting but really want to see the whole production.

    If anyone could help Me out and could run me off a copy please feel free to drop me a line via Personal Message to discuss terms

    Here’s hoping!!

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    lisa @lisa

    awesome sauce!!!

    lisa @lisa

    more fan cleverness

    Artorchid @artorchid

    Hi all, this is my first post here,

    I wanted to share a Dr. Who TARDIS guitar I made for my Uncle’s Christmas present this year! He’s a big fan, and has practically every guitar made already, so I had no choice but to make one that he could not buy!

    The body is solid basswood with basswood strip details, and the neck is maple. The headstock is also an upside down silhouette of a TARDIS if you look closely…

    Now he need to learn the theme tune on this!

    I took video of the process, and I’ll post that when I have edited it together.
    Doctor Who Tardis Guitar



    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="391"]Doctor Who Tardis Guitar Doctor Who Tardis Guitar close-up[/caption]


    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="535"]Doctor Who Tardis Guitar in-progress Doctor Who Tardis Guitar in-progress[/caption]



    TheMaster1 @themaster1

    A Video with Anthony Ainley as in Doctor Who movie. (by me)


    And a Attack on Titan video with Doctor Who footage

    TimeyWimey97 @timeywimey97

    here is a synopsis for my own incarnation of The Doctor, warning, this is in all caps








    Doctordoctordoctor @doctordoctordoctor

    Found this awesome custom-made “battle damaged” Cybermen on the whovians amino app. It would be hard to damage such a well done Cybermen figure, but my goodness the result was awesome. Tempted to ask him to make me one (I’d pay him, of course)….

    DickSmithDesigns @dicksmithdesigns

    Hey guys, I’m a Graphic Designer (from London) living in Berlin. I recently made a Doctor Who print which is for sale on Society6 in America. If I generate enough interest, I may list these for sale privately and keep them super limited edition, hand numbered and signed. Please let me know if you would be interested (just drop me a message), alternatively, you can buy it here:–tardis-over-london_print#1=45


    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Tardis Over London[/caption]

    GuyOfOdd @guyofodd

    All of the TV Masters blended into a single image (OK, two images…)

    thesaxophonewarrior @thesaxophonewarrior

    hey all,  I would love to hear music or chat with other musicians who have arranged music from Doctor Who, here’s a version of the theme I did with saxophone and effects, would love it to hear what you all think.

    hellbender14 @hellbender14

    Hey guys,

    I’m new to the forums here. I recently started selling some of my artwork on Etsy and I was wondering if I could get some feedback and maybe even some suggestions of what fans might like to see. I’d really appreciate any criticisms or suggestions!

    I’ll leave the link for my store here but if it’s against the rules (I couldn’t see anything) just let me know and I’ll happily remove it.I don’t want to flood the thread with pics so I’ll just post a few.


    Thanks again guys 🙂

    thethunderchild @thethunderchild

    Hi, everybody

    I’m a freelance writer, and in my spare time I write fan fiction. I post at under the pseudonym Gale Force.

    I’ve recently started a Kickstarter campaign, One Drabble for One Dollar. It’s already been fully funded, so if you were to order a drabble – for any Doctor, any episode, any scene you specify, you’d receive it within 48 hours.

    I custom write them to your order, so they’ll resonate with you.

    Here’s a sample Doctor Who drabble entitled “What Rhymes With Dalek?” (Of course it looks better as a PDF with appropriate illustrations! It is of course the 4th Doctor and Adric).

    “What rhymes with Dalek?”


    “In all my lives I have never written a poem. Until today.”

    “About the Daleks?”

    “About them all! Daleks. Ice Warriors. What rhymes with Ice Warrior?”


    “I want to immortalize all the lifeforms I’ve encountered, but they all have such inconvenient names.”

    “You’re going about this all wrong, Doctor. You don’t have to find a rhyme for Dalek. Or Autons, Jagaroth or Cybermen.”


    “You put the hard words in the middle and rhyme the ends.
    The Daleks look like pepper pots
    Line them up to take your shots.”

    “Crude, but I get the idea.”

    A drabble is a story that is exactly 100 words in length – that’s part of the fun.

    Check out the campaign page to see how this Drabble looks, properly illustrated.


    Ryanmar15 @ryanmar15

    Hello, I am honestly sorry if this is not the place to post this but I wasn’t sure were to post this. Ok earlier today I was playing ping pong with my friends and I started thinking who out of everyone in doctor who would be the best at ping pong. So I want your guys opinion who would be the best out of everyone in doctor who?

    Thepitbeast @thepitbeast

    Hi all! I’m new here and I mainly came to ask a question.

    See, I’m planning to write a fanfiction set in the Third Dalek War. The trouble is, looking on the wikia, the continuity for this time period is up the wall!

    At the same time an alliance of various species were steadily pushing back the Daleks almost to the point of extinction over a thousand years (the Great War, featured in The Evil of the Daleks, origin of the war in The Dalek Master Plan), the Third Dalek War (The Chase novelisation), also known as the Great Catastrophe (Dalek Empire)was happening, and the Daleks were winning (and in the Great Catastrophe series, they were winning by miles). Additionally! Humanity represented by the Terran Federation was winning in the Great War at the same time that we were barely surviving as ruled by the Earth Alliance  in the Third Dalek War/Great Catastrophe and we were also ruled by the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire, in which there was no mention of the Terran Federation or the Great War in the episode with that Empire because it was focused on the Ood enslavement (Planet of the Ood). I know it’s the Great War because The Planet of the Ood takes place before 4162 when the Great Catastrophe happened.

    Can someone please help? Assume that I’ve not actually seen or read a synopsis for anything. My only idea is to somehow combign all three governing bodies, make it so we win the Great War at the start and push the Daleks out of the Milky Way, then in 4162 they retaliate and we then nearly get defeated, only to push them back again an this time win. However, The Great Catastrophe says that it took 25 centuries for the galaxy to recover even to the point of re-gaining inter-stellar travel. So I don’t think I can make things go that bad.

    Any help is extremely welcome.

    krzak123 @krzak123

    Hello Everyone!


    I’m new here, and this is my first post so I hope I won’t break any rules.

    Anyway I just started my shop with Doctor Who inspired jewelry, right now only bracelets but there will be more.
    I hope you could give me some feedback and criticisms or suggestion. I would really appreciate that : )
    So this is my shop:MeaArs
    And some photos:

    doctor who jewelry
    doctor who jewelry

    ichabod @ichabod

    @ryanmar15  Matt Smith for ping pong — he’d be the most fun to watch, anyway!  He’s gawky but he’s fast, and I’ll bet he’s a good dancer, so he should be great at ping pong.  Besides, he could always Time Travel back a minute in the Tardis and re-do a bad serve or return shot.

    Ryanmar15 @ryanmar15

    @ichabod Who do you think would be the best out of his enemies or just any other species?

    tomthebaker @tomthebaker
    WibblyWobbly @wibblywobbly

    Here’s a bunch of pretty cool tattoos


    Headcase @headcase


    I am not sure if I should (or should not post) but here I go –

    I few years back I designed a TARDIS pc case. Few got sold via Scan computers and so on.

    Few years later on – I have been handed some really “interesting” technology by Intel – 10cm x 10cm PC’s.

    So I have set about redesigning the casing.

    Firstly I though aluminium would be the way to go, but a friend suggested wood !

    So I have Drawn up all the plans and started, I have fallen short of funds required to complete the project so thought I’d do a crowdfunding thingy to get the tooling and materials required.

    The casing this time is minute – we are talking sub 20cm..

    Anyways – regardless if you wanted to try and help or not I’ll try and keep you posted.

    Heres a link showing a single sidepanel pre-painted on top of some plans some will recognise from the BBC.

    Please feel free to leave me messages or comments and thank you for your time

    Anonymous @



    I am currently making a Doctor Who Game for the 10th anniversary of the Doctor Who Reboot. I am planning on making it downloadable to the public on March 26.

    I made a video of gameplay of it here:

    Feel free to comment on it, I hope I’m not breaking any rules (This is my first post on this forum) and thank you for your time! 😀

    RandyPan @randypan

    Looks like an early 90s Square RPG.

    EmilyJMarshall @emilyjmarshall

    Hey friends,
    for the 10th anniversary of new who I made a YouTube video talking about my Doctor Who favourites (its a tag) and if anyone is interested, here is the link 🙂

    LIKEABOSS @likeaboss

    I have created a DW rp chat on a site called msparp feel free to join

    mrpastaguy @mrpastaguy

    Hey guys!

    I love this forum and I wanted to share a song I wrote to Karen Gillan (Amy) It’s called Union of the Universe. Hope you like it!

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