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    idiotsavon @idiotsavon


    That’s inspired, I love it 🙂 Have you had any thoughts about the costume?


    Brewski @brewski


    That’s inspired, I love it 🙂 Have you had any thoughts about the costume?

    Hmmm… Good question!

    I imagine he would wind up asking the wrong person for advice when he told them he was The Master.

    I’m thinking of something in black leather.

    Or possibly rubber…

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon


    I’m thinking of something in black leather.
    Or possibly rubber…

    I like it. Very Matrix. (I assume you’re thinking of the Matrix? I did an image search for black rubber/leather costumes and – well, the less said the better.)

    Anonymous @

    @brewski @idiotsavon  LMOA OMG Where is @wolfweed!!!

    Forget Dino Missy, Missy is the Master!

    Whisht @whisht

    Hmm, I don’t want to mis-remember but I think it was @juniperfish last year who introduced many of us to the fanfic notion of ‘shipping’.

    Now we’re getting a Mistress Master (a la Major Major), with Autons discovering how to take over rubber rather than plastic.

    A dark twist for the show indeed… The timeslot might have to be pushed back even later.

    But loving the incompetence angle!

    Brewski @brewski


    Oh my. If you did a search for that costume, then…

    Well, as you say, maybe we should move on!

    Though honestly,  since its it’s The Master I think instead of Matrix it would be Dominatrix.

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    @wisht @brewski

    If you did a search for that costume, then…

    It’s strange, I’ve started getting some very unusual adverts in my Facebook sidebar.

    But loving the incompetence angle!

    Me too 🙂

    On that note, could I suggest:

    – Speaks 5 billion languages. Badly. Often resorts to pointing and shouting in Gallifreyan.


    idiotsavon @idiotsavon


    since its it’s The Master I think instead of Matrix it would be Dominatrix.

    ha ha. I won’t be googling that one 🙂

    Brewski @brewski


    Speaks 5 billion languages.  Badly.

    Lol! I love this!

    Imagine him saying to a Judoon “you will submit to my will”

    And the subtitles read “Have you seen my pretty knickers?”

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon


    Ha ha, brilliant 🙂

    “Have you seen my pretty knickers?”

    Said with his head in a copy of “Judoon for Beginners” 🙂

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    You know, I’m beginning to like this spin-off of yours a little too much. Not sure whether the real Dr Who will be a disappointment from now on 😉

    Davros @davros

    Eh Oop, I’ll begin placing the images for my little posters here. Most of them are yonkoma-ish. Beneath each image I’ll put the link to the Cheezburger page in case you want to up-, or for that matter down-, vote.

    Cheezburger page for this poster

    Davros @davros
    EKarvinen @ekarvinen

    Hullo Whovians!

    As I happen to be a musician and a great fan of Doctor Who, I thought I could combine these two interests and the result can be seen in here:

    There are many covers of the music from this series in Youtube, but to my mind none of them really was cheesy and cheap enough so I had to fix that. This indeed is the theme song and it is mostly inspired by the Murray Gold’s arrangement from David Tennant’s (my favourite) era. I’m also thinking of covering ‘I’am the Doctor’.

    Let me know what you think and have a great week!

    Whoville @whoville

    @ekarvinen That was fantastic. Thanks.

    tardisincardiff @tardisincardiff


    I would greatly appreciate if you could take a look at a fanfilm series I am currently making!! Please give me feedback! Thank you!!

    X12-1992 @x12-1992

    Not sure where to put this but i wonder, in Series 2 there were episodes that involved an alternate universe that had an version of the Cybermen that were created on Earth rather than on Mondas. I wonder, if another universe with another Earth…..could be home to an artificial species of cyborgs similar if not exactly like the Daleks. What would these “Namuh” look like? Heres my theory: There design would be similar to Daleks, but would have colors of black and crimson, reflecting the Nazi colors, because I assume a universe where the humans eventually become the Namuh would be a universe where the Nazis win. Instead of two indicator lights only one will be on it, in the center. The eyestalk will be red colored instead of blue, and instead of “Exterminate” they will yell “Annihilate”. I know, probably stupid, but would be a very emotional episode if The Doctor ever accidently went to that universe.

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    I found this on another forum. Whatever you may think of the kiss, you have to admit this is pretty funny

    Anonymous @

    This is not a tenth as creative as some of the other things on this forum, but can you check it out anyway. This is who I would cast if I were in charge of Doctor Who. I am sure we all have ideas about who would make a good doctor or companion can you let me know what you think of my choices and tell me who you would cast.

    Who I would cast in Doctor Who

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    Craig @craig

    @Burrunjor I’ve fixed your link. The link was fine, but you need some text to highlight to turn into a link first. It was there, but invisible.

    So next time, type some text, highlight it/select it, then choose the link option. Hope that helps.

    Anonymous @

    Thanks fo that craig so I type in the name of the link then highlight that and put the link in it?

    Craig @craig

    @Burrunjor Yep, just write some text, highlight it, then hit the link icon (a chain link in visual mode, the word “link” in text mode) and then you can paste in your URL.

    bcmenge @bcmenge

    a Tribute to the Master from “The last of the Timelords” ^^

    Torgrimja90 @torgrimja90

    I’m new here and mostly just to promote a fan made show that my friend is creating.

    This link is for the first episode of the series:

    Here is another link that is the teaser for the second episode which will be uploaded tomorrow 10pm Norwegian time.

    The second episode will have an improve quality overall, so don’t let the first episode’s quality put you too much off.

    Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions just let me know or just message him on his youtube profile.

    P.S Excuse my faulty english.


    Anonymous @

    @jimmyp, – I agree that your theory would be cool. I added some more to it. I’m not sure if I should post this, so I will just put it as fan creativity. Please don’t think I’m making fun of anyone’s theories. I’m just not a good story teller, so it doesn’t sound as cool as might really be on screen with just the serious parts.

     (I did add a couple funny parts, but the rest could be cool).

     Here is what I think might happen in Death in Heaven.

    People and dinosaurs that have appeared to die in this series have actually been miniatuarised (@Apopheniac) Some fake remains have been deposited to maintain the ruse (@BadWulf), but they’re all alive in the Nethersphere (/TL matrix).

    All the Doctor and Clara have to do is de-miniaturise them (reverse the polarity and coding) and they’ll come crashing out of the floating orbs ready to take revenge on Missy and the Cybermen!

    Then Danny, HFM, Gretchen, PCSO and other presumed dead people crash out of the floating orbs. One orb looks like a giant moon, until River crashes out of it riding the CyberDino (@FlirtingDinosaur, @barnable, @scaryb). River starts thrashing the Cybermen but they are really Dalek-Cybermen that can fly (@Lisa). So it looks impossible to defeat them, until Danny uses the 3W (Clara’s three words @whisht, @Purofilion) “I love you” to return their emotions which shuts down the Cybermen’s systems. That is just a plot twist that makes things worse, because Cybermen start falling out of the sky exploding on the ground making them even more dangerous. Until Maebh’s sister creates magic hydrangea bushes covering London to save the city.

    While everyone was busy fighting Cybermen, Missy flies away in St. Paul’s cathedral (Master’s Tardis @blenkinsopthebrave) leaving Seb to take all the punishment for the crimes.

    Project Indigo @projectindigo

    Hello – I hope it is okay to post this here. My 9 year old son Tom writes a Doctor Who blog all about his adventures visiting locations and events associated with the Doctor. He works really hard on his blog and would love to reach more fellow Whovians. He is currently running a competition to win a Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia.

    The best moment he has had blogging was when he met Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Parliament Square – completely by accident!

    Here’s the link :

    I hope people will enjoy reading his blog.

    Thanks very much.

    stella43 @stella43

    Hello this is my Doctor who fan video!

    please watching this.

    thank you very much

    AuWire @auwire

    Hello! I make fan trailers as a way to express apperciation of Doctor Who and hopefully to get others interested in watching it if they haven’t already, take a look if you wish 🙂

    This is my latest one:

    And a link to my channel:

    Thanks! 🙂

    TrenzaloreFalls @trenzalorefalls

    Hello people, hope this is the right section to be posting……


    Im unable to post a picture so Ive added a link to my etsy shop, I have several Sonic Screwrdriver Display Holders available for sale. They are much cheaper than BBC shop and Rubbertoe and I still have stock. The Tardis Siege Cube is coming soon also…..


    HjRobins @hjrobins

    I’ve created a short doctor who horror movie, lasting around a minute. I would appreciate anyone who would like to view it: Thank you

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    One for the deeply nerdly out there. A TARDIS built entirely in CSS/HTML…

    Strax @strax


    That’s well done.  As a web designer I love seeing this sort of stuff.  CSS isn’t very exciting, but I like what you are doing with the HTML5.  Love it.

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @strax — I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for it. I just thought that there are more than a few webby geeks on the forum who would find it of interest, myself included.

    Anonymous @

    @barnable that was a marvellous ‘re-mix’ of Death In Heaven -if only the dead did return, but we still have the Christmas special to endow us with hope.

    @trenzalorefalls I love the work you’ve done. The siege mode Tardis would be the best for me, but alas I live in Australia and you don’t ship outside of the UK?

    Anyway, we can look at these gorgeous things and not necessarily buy them. But honestly, I would buy that. The work you’ve put in: the fine casting, is magnifico!

    Kindest, purofilion

    TrenzaloreFalls @trenzalorefalls


    here the link for the siege cube, its also in my etsy store. i do ship worldwide but postage is higher. if you buy it via ebay, they offer cheap worldwide postage through their shipping program

    TrenzaloreFalls @trenzalorefalls
    smallerontheoutside @smallerontheoutside

    Poetic Ramblings of a Whovian
    by Eva X. (smallerontheoutside)

    Who likes Who?
    I know I do!
    Daleks and Cybermen galore—
    a little gore, but so much more!
    Wibbly wobbly timey wimey…
    This poem’s a tad too rhymey.
    I miss Rose… and the Adipose!
    Are you my mummy?
    Bananas are yummy!
    Good source of potassium.
    Nothing rhymes with potassium…
    I want a Tardis or to be The Doctor’s
    companion at the very least,
    I want him to come over for my
    family Christmas feast,
    Bow ties are cool! Fezzes are cool!
    Smith makes the teenage fan girls
    drool but the angry eyebrows is
    where it’s at. Thanks for picking
    him Moffat. The Americans can’t
    pronounce Moffat right but that’s
    alright. AnyWHO, all the Doctors
    from first to last are brilliant,
    fantastic and sometimes erratic—
    But I love each and every one.
    Can you hear the beat of the drum?
    The two Time Lord hearts beating?
    I hope this Lord of Time keeps
    on regenerating forever and ever…
    “I don’t want to go.” The saddest part…

    Anonymous @

    @trenzalorefalls  thank you very much. I’ll see what I can organise.

    @smallerontheoutside  are you?  No, I get it.  Lovely riff this reason. Beaut poem. Thank you, and welcome (unless you’ve been a visitor before? In which case, welcome again!).

    Kindest, puro.

    Anonymous @

    Ah, I’m sure Tom Lehrer would have a rhyme for ‘potassium’ @pedant  re: poem above?

    smallerontheoutside @smallerontheoutside

    @purofilion Thank you kindly. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 More WHOEMS (bad pun? lol) are on their way!

    todeledo @todeledo

    You have to listen this, it brings a whole new side to regeneration.  And the other tracks to. My favorite is type 40 tardis, what’s youres?

    Phatboii @phatboii

    Hi, im a fanfic writer, usually one shot little put togethers. I am Looking for some feedback, please tell me how you all feel. Heres one




    Phatboii @phatboii

    (Sorry to DP but this is one of my favorites and i was having a few computer probs)


    another FANFIC of Mine. I love this one


    notyetavailable @notyetavailable

    Reminds me of the christmas special!! Made me laugh

    ChronoRinger @chronoringer

    I have been into Doctor Who for a long time. As far as to learn Judoon and two forms of Gallifreyan. You can see here…

    GingerVanGogh @gingervangogh

    Hi everyone, I’m new 🙂 I need your help quickly. I need to write a speech for a speech class final. I will be speaking as a Sontaran talking to the other Sontarans before battle against humans. I need advice on what to say and I need it quickly. I give the speech tomorrow, so advice as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated. It needs to be 4-6 minutes long, so the more the merrier 🙂 Thanks so much!

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Use Strax as your model–proud, but clueless.

    There should be references in your speech about the Sontaran inability to understand gender. So refer to someone everybody knows, but get the gender wrong. But not in a hurtful way–you could even refer to yourself (the human you, not the Sontaran you) and get the gender wrong.

    Watch lots of Strax tonight for inspiration.

    Anonymous @

    @blenkinsopthebrave   you are very kind. I was simply going to say ‘check out You tube’.

    @gingervangogh  that was a favourite ep of mine. I think checking youtube would help -but only for fancy, no theft. Sorry, I kid. Of course, you know this. Good luck..and as one Doctor said, “breathe” 🙂

    MDIFILM @mdifilm

    Hi everyone, happy holidays!

    I wanted to share this teaser trailer of our current Doctor Who Fan Film Webisode T.R.A.C.E.

    Hope you enjoy it

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    midnyt @midnyt

    Just a Gallifreyan ” Merry Christmas!”

    Merry Christmas


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