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    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Declan,  since the alien is, well, alien, then maybe it could be a humongous bacteria.   That’s no more improbable than any other explanation,I guess.   🙂

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent Picturing the 12th Doctor figuring that out sometime in my head is hilarious , what ep are you about to start next ?

    Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey guys , do any of you want me to look at a specific ep from series 1-10 and give my opinion on cause I am stuck as to where to go next.

    Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Hi Declan, since I’m watching them all in order, the ep I’m about to start next (with due solemnity) is  World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls.    Because I know it’s the end of the season, the end of Bill, Nardole, the 12th Doctor, Missy, and Moffatt.   The end of almost everything, in other words.     (Yes I know there’s Twice Upon a Time still to come, but that’s not a regular ep).


    Suggestion for something for you to watch (are any other guys reading this?   Please suggest something for Declan, if so)

    If nobody else has any suggestions, and if you want something less serious than World Enough and Time, how about a favourite like The Doctor’s Wife?   Or, if you like Amy,  The Girl Who Waited?   Or, if you haven’t watched it many times already, Blink?   Just random suggestions.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent I understand what you mean cause I am really enjoying the 12th Doctor like before I watch a lot of his eps I thought he was too sharp and I didnt feel much connection for him but now I understand and love it so its gonna be tough getting to the end which is why I am not going there right now haha.

    Your suggestions are nice I would probs skip other the first two there for various reasons but mayby I will give them another shot , also I watched Blink again mayby early this year and it still freaked me out woah plus that sound effect like a rusty wheel ahh thats scary to hear.

    Mayby I will wait for some other suggestions just to get a feel what everyone recommends but yours are sweet 🙂 take care everyone hugs 🙂

    Declan Sargent


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls

    I’ve just re-watched through them and, wow.  Incidentally, the phrase ‘World enough and time’ is from a poem ‘To his coy Mistress’ written by Andrew Marvell c.1650.   Is this Moff having his little pun on Mistress?   The poem itself is a bit Omar Khayyam-ish, roughly ‘I would take a world of time, but life is short, so we should get a move on’.   Or as Billy said in ‘Blink’, ‘life is short and you are hot’.   I could imagine all sorts of implications for the finale double-episode.

    But anyway, the first scene in the space ship is Missy at her most delightful, so what happens next is truly startling and shocking.   Did anyone, ever, imagine for a moment that the blue alien would actually shoot Bill?    (And yet Moff managed to mingle incredibly dark with genuinely funny lines –  “if somebody kills you and it’s not me, we’ll both be disappointed.”)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a darker fate for a companion than what happened to Bill.    Repeating myself, did anyone ever imagine for a moment that Bill would actually be fully converted into a Cyberman?   At that point everything seemed utterly hopeless for her character.   Seeing Bill slowly realising that she was a Cyberman was probably the most heartbreaking sequence in Who.   So I was utterly delighted when Heather showed up to rescue her.

    No, I didn’t think Heather’s rescue was ‘too easy’ or too ‘deus ex machina’, since we were told all about Heather in episode 1, and of course I had completely forgotten about her (like everyone else).   But so what? – logically, it made perfect sense that Heather could have been keeping track of Bill, and when would there ever be a stronger reason for her to show up and rescue her.   I don’t need Moffatt to have kept waving clues in front of me, I *like* it when the writer tells me what he’s going to do in Scene 1 and then takes me by surprise when he does exactly that.   I know there are similarities to Clara’s ‘rescue’ – but obviously not enough similarity that I was led to suspect what was coming.  And I refuse to indulge in the miserly game of ‘if only XX hadn’t been rescued the same way’ – I like Bill, I loved Clara, I’m happy for both of them.

    So, fantastic season ender.   I think I still like Hell Bent best, just because it was more fun to watch, but World Enough / Doctor Falls is right up there on the top shelf.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    P.S.   Mondassian Cybermen.     When I first saw a picture of the original cybermen, I cringed.   The most pathetic ‘monster’ ever, only too obviously a person wearing a sock on his head.    Worse ‘special FX’ than Lost in Space.    (Steven Moffatt apparently felt the same – he thought they were rubbish).

    Now I have their ‘origin’ story from World Enough and Time, they are by far the most convincing and scary Cybermen of all – precisely because they *are* a (mutilated) human in a sack.   What previously detracted from their believability, now adds to the horror.    I never would have thought that possible.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent I am delighted with your Cyberman comment I haven’t seen the ep but the whole errie hospital and it bringing back the horror and trauma of what it means to become and be a CyberMan is terrific and shouldnt be forgotten soo easily 🙂

    Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Weeeeell, just watched Twice Upon a Time (well, a couple of days ago).    Which was pleasant watching, nothing earthshaking like World Enough and Time.    It did have probably the best line in all of Doctor Who – “It’s not an evil plan.   I don’t really know what to do when it isn’t an evil plan.”

    Nice bit of fan service with the first Doctor and his Tardis, and I really did like that Testimony gave the Doctor back his memories of Clara.

    So now, I’m about to venture into 13th Doctor territory for the first time ever.   Not sure how I feel about this, I’m hopeful if not confident.   I think the Moff will be a very hard act to follow but I usually manage to take each episode on its own terms.

    I was actually ready to do this two days ago but then Youtube showed me a link to a Doctor Who panel at some Con, which of course linked to another, and I disappeared down the Youtube rabbit hole for two evenings.   There’s a huge amount of Who peripheral footage on Youtube.   So now I’ve got gigabytes of Con Q&A’s on my hard drive, I’m ready to resume Season 11.    Here goes…

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Ummm.   Well, I just posted my impressions of The Woman Who Fell to Earth on that thread.   I was – not horrified, but rather disappointed.   Chibnall does not have the genius for dialogue that the Moff had.   “I’m the Doctor” – at last, finally, but – “sorting out fair play throughout the universe”.    Whaaat?   Who wrote that?   How could Jodie bring herself to say it?   Do they know what ‘bathos’ is?   (Maybe it was intended as a funny line but neither the star nor the director have the timing for that).

    I’ve just watched The Ghost Monument.   Like the storyline, great scenery, plenty of drama, only one scientific howler (acetylene rises but it keeps on rising, if there was enough left to ignite there would be, not burning but a massive explosion – acetylene is combustible at anything from 3% to 83% in air, which is a hell of a wide ratio – but I can overlook that).   So, quite a watchable story overall, with even a bit of traditional running-down-corridors, with a satisfying conclusion.    But will someone please stop the Doctor from being so didactic and preachy, it’s just annoying, could someone please make Chibnall cut her speeches in half.   We usually get the idea, whatever it is, it doesn’t need repeating twice over every time for the hard of comprehension.   Zapping robots with a nuke-like EMP is better than shooting them with guns, believing in yourself is a  Good Thing, Teamwork is also a Good Thing, I’m expecting Family Values to raise its head any moment.

    And the new Tardis – would be an interesting cavern in a magic castle.   As a space ship, it’s a cluttered mess.   This leaves Capaldi’s great spacious control room as far and away the best Tardis.

    I think I’m going to mentally draw a line under Doctor Who at Twice Upon a Time, and regard S11 like a spin-off, that way I can be more charitable about it.    Oh my gods, I’m turning into one of those moaning Old Fans aren’t I?   I’d better stop right now.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey guys , happy first of the month of October hope your all well and perhaps looking forward to watching some spooky eps this month 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well, I watched the first two eps of Season 11 so far, and called a brief halt.   I have my doubts (in advance) about ‘Rosa’ (Parks?) because it seems to me there are many ways it could go horribly wrong (but I haven’t read any reviews or anything, I don’t till after I watch the ep).   I’ll be relieved if it works, I’m just not so fond of recent-historical figures.

    But I’ve ordered Ghost Light, I’ve read that it has a weird plot and spooky parts so I guess that qualifies as a spooky ep?  The first of Old Who that I will have seen in recent decades  (I saw the odd Troughton and Pertwee ep when it was first on, yes I’m that ooold, but never a Sylvester McCoy ep)

    Currently partway through watching Good Omens, I loved the book, didn’t know there was a TV series till I was watching Tennant at a con Q&A on Youtube (he’s in it).   Like it very much so far.   If you’re going to have a cast of thousands, that’s the way to do it.


    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent Hi. I am following your posts with interest. Overall I am in agreement with you. Series 11 does improve but I found it lacking. One family member said it lacked “charm” but I think “bland” is very apt. It is good but all a but bland. There are no terrible episodes but no brilliant ones. There are only three episodes in the series that I enjoy enough to re watch. I do feel that Jodie Whitaker’s acting lacks that magic ingredient that the role of the Doctor requires. (I felt exactly the same way about Peter Davison.) Both are fine actors. P.D was probably one of the best actors to play the Doctor before the gap but he lacked that ingredient which Tom Baker, who was not such a great actor, had in spades. The actor who plays Grace may well have been better. she is charismatic and warm. There were comments to that effect here after watching the first episodes. I don’t dislike J.W. and I think she is hampered by scripts which are often ‘leaden”. Maybe if Moffat was show runner we would see some of that charm and charisma that is lacking.

    On the companions  I agree and disagree. I liked the “fam”, Yaz especially. She is a good character played with conviction. She feels more “real” than many of the previous companions. Ryan and Graeme can be a bit to ready to play the “wise words” role, a bit preachy, which is one of the problems with the writing of the series overall. That is pared down a bit in series 12 I think. It feels as though there is a bit more confidence in the writing, letting the narrative speak for itself. My issue with the companions is one with the writing. At times the splintering of the narrative feels contrived at at time they overshadow the Doctor. But for me these are minor quibbles.

    The good news is having just re watched series 12 I can say it is much better than series 11 so hang on, keep watching.

    Good Omens is wonderful. I have yet to read the book. It is on top of my “too read” pile. Oh and check the You Tube Good Omens lock down snippet. It is golden.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @janetteb

    Nice to hear from you and know I’m not just talking to myself  🙂

    As far as having 3 companions goes, I don’t mind them, I just think it diffuses the relationship with the Doctor (which could be either a good or a bad thing).   So far (2 episodes) Ryan and Graham are okay, I moderately like them.   I think Yaz looks the most interesting, but so far she’s not had very much to do, hopefully she gets more in the next few eps.

    At times it did feel a bit as if Chibnall was writing an ‘introduction to Doctor Who for new viewers’.   If S12 is better (in your estimation, and I know different people have differing viewpoints, but yours seems to be fairly close to mine so that’s hopefully a good gauge) then that’s encouraging.   I haven’t ordered S12 yet but I will when I get a bit further through S11.

    Good Omens (the book) is fairly close to the TV series in its plot, the biggest addition in the TV series is Aziraphael’s and Crowley’s backstory through history, and also (I think) their respective ‘trials’ at the end.   (And I was fooled completely that they’d swapped identities – cunning).   I think they had to add those bits to make up the running time, six hours is a huge length to stretch a story to, I think Gaiman did extremely well not to have any slow flat bits.   Other than that, the TV series is pretty faithful to the book.  And the book is written with Pratchett and Gaiman’s customary skill with words, I’m happy to say.

    Speaking of which, have you seen the movie of ‘Stardust’ – I thought that was rather charming.

    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent   I agree that series 11 is hard to get into but I find that happens  for the first series of most Doctors. I call it regeneration shock and it can take awhile to go away. The more I watch the 13th Doctor and her fam the more I like them. I hope that happens for you but we all have our favourite Doctor and some we don’t like as much and that’s OK too. I just revisit my old faves now and then.

    I am a Pratchett and Gaiman fan and loved both Good Omens and Stardust, books and movie\series. I thought the casting for Good Omens was perfect and it was pretty true to the book.

    @janetteb  I have a “to read pile” also that seems to grow at an alarming rate. So many good books, so little time.  There are a few long months of winter ahead so I will hopefully sit by the fireplace with a good book now and then. Winter and a bad second wave of covid in my province means we will be spending a lot of time at home in the house, together……….yikes!

    I am a bad Canadian , I don’t like most snowy ,cold winter activities so I kinda hibernate.  Husband is a far better Canadian who enjoys skiing and ice fishing and other cold stuff so he gets out now and then. I am sure we will get through winter without wanting to injure one another. Just kidding, I will just binge on Doctor Who and jammy dodgers.

    @oochillyo Happy October to you too!  I will have to think about which episodes scared me the most and watch them again. Thanks for the Halloween task. What episodes scared you?

    Stay safe.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well, with Good Omens I had an ubergeek moment when I realised the Witchfinder had stuck a pin in a real 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map. In the wide shot the shape of the roads and river looked familiar to me, I guessed Henley on Thames (it was pure chance I went through there a couple of times on visits) and bingo! – with a bit of searching the map matched exactly. In the close-up, they’d just expertly replaced the word ‘Colstrope’ with ‘Jasmine Cottage’. I was really chuffed at finding the exact location of their mythical cottage. Everything else was unchanged from the real map.
    It struck me as a bit odd, because ‘Tadfield’ was supposed to be near Oxford, which would suit with the topography of having an airfield nearby, much too hilly around Colstrope.
    Then I found out that my insane map skillz had discovered – what Wikipedia and all the world (except me) knew already, what a let-down.    Seems ‘Jasmine Cottage’ really was filmed at Colstrope Farm, near Hambledon village. The film makers cheekily stuck a pin in the precise position of their filming location (even though it was quite wrong for their story). Not sure if it was an easter egg or thumbing their nose at obsessive map geeks like me. 🙂

    Okay, back to Who.   I watched seven minutes of ‘Rosa’ and realised I wasn’t enjoying it.   It wasn’t fun.   I’ve watched ‘Mississippi Burning’ but I don’t really need heavy social history realism on Who.   So I just read the very full synopsis on tardis.fandom.com (there doesn’t seem to be anything significant on terms of the overall storyline) and jumped to the next ep.

    I wasn’t expecting anything much, written by Chibnall and with a leaden title like ‘Arachnids in the UK’ – but I was pleasantly surprised.   Liked Yaz’s family, liked Yaz’s mum, liked the woman scientist, the spiders were really creepy (and I *like* lovely big spiders in real life, google ‘Avondale spiders’) but the shot of that mass of them scuttling towards us down a hallway really creeped me out.   The big boss was suitably nasty, if a bit disconcertingly uneven (he fluctuated from gung-ho to cowardly, from obstructive to informative as the plot required), I was sure he was going to try and dispose of all the witnesses.   And really, the old Doctor would not have let him get away with walking out of the hotel claiming a victory, remember what the tenth Doctor did to Harriet Jones?   The scenes with Graham and Grace’s memory were truly sad.   And Jodie’s character is improving, she still did a bit of heavy-handed lecturing but not as much as in the first two eps.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @winston I have a few in mind of course you have the classics like Midnight , Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead mayby Blink but I may add some others like Night Terrors , Journey to the Center of the Tardis and The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People to trick my expectations and refresh the fear factor you know as I have watched the classics above recently enough when hoping around series 3 and 4 although they may still be highly effective in the dark.

    Your Welcome for the Halloween task I think it will be really fun 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Oh, scary episodes?   I think it has to be  Blink, Midnight, and Listen.   It’s always the things you can’t see that scare you the most.   In Blink, the Angels are moving when you can’t see them, so every time you do see them it’s a shock.    In Midnight, you never see the monster (and the mob turning on the Doctor is almost as scary).   And in Listen there are two scenes, one is the Thing that you never see clearly under the blanket, the other even more scary is the banging at the end of the world when there should be nobody there.

    But in terms of scary, and it’s not sci-fi, but I think the scariest few minutes I ever saw were in an old Clint Eastwood movie called Play Misty for Me.   Eastwood played a DJ who had an affair with a woman who proved to be mentally unstable (probably couldn’t be made now because, stereotypes) but anyway, she had already stabbed a police detective to death with extreme violence so we (the audience) knew what she was likely to do, and we knew she was waiting somewhere in his house for him, but Eastwood didn’t.   And he came home and the camera followed him as he casually and unsuspectingly wandered from one room to the next, every time he walked through a door you didn’t know if this was going to be the moment she attacked, and when it wasn’t, the tension went up another notch…

    winston @winston

    @oochillyo  I have made my  list of episodes that scared me when I first watched them.  The ones you mentioned were on my list but I also added from the 9th Doctor, “The Empty Child \The Doctor Dances” because the little boy repeating “are you my Mummy?” over and over was creepy.The 10th Doctors episodes” The Water of Mars” and “Tooth and Claw” for their more traditional monsters and the 11th Doctors “God Complex”  which haunts the people with their own biggest fears. The 12th Doctors episode “Knock, Knock” because the walls are alive…terrifying. Also “Death in Heaven” and that episode is just plain scary. Those are a few of my scariest episodes and I think I will start tomorrow.

    My 13th Doctors list has not been started yet.

    Stay safe.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @winston those eps sound like wonderful picks 🙂 hope you enjoy them this October.

    On another note I re watched The Return of Doctor Mysterio today with a friend (after watching Vincent and the Doctor on Friday) and woah it was amazing , I have wrote a review of the ep here before but after the re watch it was even better , I can copy what I told my friend to here if you all want cause its basically my newest opinion on the ep and in my opinion I give it an 11/10 I know but its amazing , funny , heartwarming and beautiful and I am now considering it at the top of my New Who favs likely in second place behind GridLock 🙂

    I will be going through from series 1 to 12 now with my friend so eventually I will have an understanding of each ep which seems like a good idea 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent


    winston @winston

    @oochillyo   That sounds like so much fun, starting at series 1 and watching them all will be big binge but a great adventure.Depending on how long and how cold winter is I may do that myself. It is a good way to see how each Doctor connects to the ones that came before him \her and what shaped each regeneration. Then you can come on here and read what others thought and revive old forums with your thoughts.

    I also really enjoyed Doctor Mysterio and I save it for Christmas with all the other Christmas episodes.They help me get into the spirit.

    Stay safe.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @winston I am really excited about it and I think watching Doctor Mysterio at Christmas is the best time you can watch it as its soo heartwarming , funny and beautiful 🙂

    hey everyone I have a quick question , so when watching Doctor Who eps on BBC IPlayer (in England) I noticed that it says some eps are only available for another month and so I checked online and apparently there is a little info thing on BBC IPlayer that says whether they will re new a series or not but I coudlnt find it and I am wondering if someone here could explain if the eps will be back next year or not cause I am getting worried that I have to plow through all New Who in less than a month and then it will be gone mayby permanently 🙁

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi all.

    Hi @winston really sorry  to hear that you are back in Lockdown. I think this is going to be an “ongoing” for all of use for a long time to come. We have spent the last few months holding our breaths as we dodge the bullets here. the situation across the border in Victoria shows just how easily and quickly Covid can get out and spread. Thankfully they seem to have the lid on it now.

    @dentarthurdent We so seem ot agree mostly but not on Arachnids in the U.K I thought Yaz’ family were great but the only good thing in the episode, perhaps because here in Oz we cannot afford to be so forgiving of spiders. A couple of years ago one of our sons and a visiting neighbour were attacked at the top of the stairs by a funnelweb, Luckily it didn’t get to bite because while not the Sydney variety which are very deadly, it would still have been very nasty. We also share our house and garden with a major colony of redbacks. Australia must be the only country to ever censor an Peppa Pig. (the episode in question stated that spiders are friendly.)

    Rosa I enjoyed parts of. The moment where Graeme realises that he had to be that guy to keep history on track is good. The history elements are good and the subject matter very pertinent at the moment. I think the real problem is that after the “show” which is good we then get the “tell”, something that seems to be common problem with the Chibnell era stories. I worry that the “preachiness” of the ending alienates those who agree with the message as they “got” it and undoes any good that the story achieved with those who don’t agree but might be influenced by the story by ramming in the message. It has been over a year since I watched Rosa so I might be doing the episode an injustice.

    I have more to add but am being reminded that the cat is due at the vets in 15 mins so will post now and continue when we return.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @winston
    If you’re intending to watch all of NuWho in order, may I recommend the page at tardis.fandom.com that lists all the eps (you may know it already) https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_television_stories

    I found it was the best way to keep track of the inter-series specials (particularly the after-season-4 ones at the end of Tennant’s turn), and it also lists many of the ‘prequels’ and ‘webisodes’ in Seasons 6 to 9 which are well worth watching, though it tends to list them after the relevant season.  But it does give the original airdates so I actually made my own list with all eps and specials and extras in order so I could watch everything in the right order.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @janetteb

    Spiders. I live in Auckland, NZ (we’re just about to drop back from level 2 Covid to level 1, by the way, Auckland had an outbreak of a couple of dozen cases, mostly only a couple of miles from where I live). But we have very few poisonous spiders and they’re not bad, I think about one person a year gets bitten and no-one dies. We did have lovely (I know you won’t think so) big ‘Avondale spiders’ – I live not far from Avondale – they were Australian Huntsmans that somehow got established. Generally harmless to people, we had one in our garden but I haven’t seen one for years.

    But then, in Australia, *all* the wildlife hates you and wants to kill you, or so I’ve heard 😉 We’re luckier here, I like to walk through the bush and I usually go everywhere barefoot, the worst hazard is common yellow wasps. We also have centipedes, which creep me out far worse than spiders, but I’ve only ever seen one big one (6″) and that was caught by a friend’s kids in their garden in the bush.

    Anyway, Rosa – I just *know* it’s going to be a story with a moral, and while it’s a very worthy story, it isn’t Doctor Who. I watch Doctor Who for escapism. Also, my aversion to preachiness even extends to things I agree with. For example I’m broadly anti-gun, but I don’t need the Doctor telling me so every five minutes. Of course what is ‘preachy’ is very much personal opinion, some of the Daily Mail readership seem to see the mere fact of the Doctor being female, or Yaz’s mum wondering if Yaz and the Doctor have something going on, as pushing all sorts of feminist/gay messages, I don’t notice that unless the script starts belabouring it. There used to be some popular American TV show, now mercifully faded from my memory, where you could guarantee that the last two minutes would be the ‘hero’ telling his listeners (and the audience) what the moral of the story was. Ruined the whole show for me.

    Hope the cat’s visit to the vet was successful, please continue…

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey guys (this is a test to see if my messages are going through or not) how are you all

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey guys for some reason when I put ‘at’ Director Heflmyer to send him/her a message my message wont send through I dont know if this is a glitch or if there is a reason for this but I have been trying to welcome the name above to this forum for a few hours now on and off.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey ‘at Director Heflmyer Welcome to the Forum , everyone is welcome here , feel free to look around and find a discussion topic you would like to participate in.

    Your stories sound very interesting so I will check them out later , its wunderbar to have you here 🙂 , enjoy your trips around the Forum , take care hugs 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent  Thanks for the advice. I am a massive Whovian and lucky enough to own all the series except the last one, specials and all , so I can just put on Rose and carry on. My lovely children supply me with all the shows and also copies of the webisodes so I never have to miss anything.

    NZ certainly has kept the covid at bay and many countries could learn by example but don’t. Canada has areas almost covid free yet others like mine that are having a bad 2nd wave so we are back on lock down. Oh well , what else can you do during a long cold winter but stay home and isolate anyway.( we just call that a normal winter).

    @janetteb  I am happy to hear that your area is relatively safe now and I hope it stays that way. People here got careless during the summer and seemed to think that the virus was gone but it has come back with a fury and now we all pay. My granddaughters school has 4 cases and I think it will close if there are any more and the other granddaughter is doing online classes but both are safe and that is what counts. I can’t see the one who goes to school but the older one may visit soon so that will be so nice.Thank goodness for phone calls and Whovians or my life would be pretty lonely.

    Stay safe.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @winston N.Z has the advantages of being an Island and Jacinta Arden. I think too many people just don’t appreciate how contagious this virus is or how dangerous and governments keep obsessing over the economic damage rather than the human cost. I hope you will be able to see your grandchildren in person again soon. A good friend of mine became a grandmother just when lockdown started in March and had to wait two months to see her granddaughter.

    @dentarthurdent The cat is very well. Bank account less so..

    @oochillyo I like Doctor Mysterioso too but like Winston I do a Christmas Special re watch in the run up to Christmas, usually starting late November. I also try to squeeze in Hogfather which was my introduction to Pratchett and several other dramas. (usually a Dickens. Like Gatiss I do like a good ghost story at Christmas.) sorry I can’t advise as to the I Player problem.

    I am currently re watching Sherlock as I felt like some “Moffaty” writing. I see that he is now working on something titled Jekyll. (He worked on a tv series back in 2007 with the same name so presumably whatever this is it is based upon that,)





    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @janetteb

    Yes, New Zealand has the huge advantage of being an island, and the current government did most of the right things and acted fairly promptly.   We were helped by seeing what was already happening overseas, but also, our current government is fairly popular, which undoubtedly helped greatly.   None of the other mainstream parties could see any political advantage in undermining the Government’s lockdown/quarantine measures.   We’re in the middle of an election right now but most of their criticism has been of the occasional failures of quarantine or quibbling about the management of lockdowns, not questioning the need for them.   So whichever party wins, it’s certain that immigration restrictions, quarantine of arrivals and anyone who tests positive for covid, and lockdowns in the event of any outbreaks, will continue at least until a vaccine is found.   We do have our share of conspiracy theorists and lunatic fringe, but – on this issue at least – there are very few of them, everyone has seen the overseas news.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    I’ve just been reflecting on one quite disturbing development at the start of Season 11 – the Tardis  (and I don’t mean the redecoration).   It was implied in RTD’s days, and made explicit in Moffatt’s, that the Tardis had some sort of close psychic link with the Doctor.   Regenerations sometimes upset the Tardis, for example when Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith, but I don’t think she (it) ever rejected the Doctor?     But in The Woman Who Fell to Earth / Ghost Monument the Tardis dumped the Doctor out the front door at 10,000 feet and went off to sulk halfway across the galaxy.   Can they really trust each other again?

    I’ve just watched The Tsuranga Conundrum, where the Doctor was again separated from the Tardis (though this time, not the Doctor’s or the Tardis’s doing).   I thought the hospital ship looked absolutely fabulous, clean lines and beautiful.   Liked the antimatter drive (though the technical explanation went on a bit long, it could have been cut in half without losing anything).   The Pting made me want to swat it, it looked like an escapee from Farscape.   Crichton or Aeryn would certainly have swatted it.     (Actually, it looked remarkably like the Vork, from ‘Beware of Dog’, though the Vork was in fact benign.   It still got killed though, that was Farscape after all…)    The other plot development, the pregnant man, was a one-line joke that I’m sure has been made many times before and it then predictably turned into the same old pregnancy-won’t-wait story we’ve seen in every soap this side of Jupiter.   I’m just not fond of medical emergencies, I’m squeamish and prefer to leave the gory details of peoples’ insides (and mine, incidentally) to people who are paid to deal with it.   Wasn’t expecting it on Who.  Consider it my equivalent of  ‘spiders’.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Okay, I’m watching  Ghost Light.   The first OldWho I’ve seen in decades, first time I’ve ever seen McCoy.   I’m five minutes in so far, and already I like Ace.   I don’t mind that the Doc keeps trying to shut her up, they’re characters, and I’m sure she can look after herself.   We shall see…

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    …  umm, great.   I’d heard Ghost Light got really weird, but I found I could follow it okay.  And Ace certainly held her own.   She reminded a bit of Clara – not in her storyline, but in her attitude.

    Talk of Chibnall going back to the style of Old Who doesn’t stand up, this Old Who ep felt a lot more like a Moffatt ep to me.   It might have been Earth-located, but it wasn’t continually waving Social Conscience at me.

    I liked McCoy and I liked Ace.    Watching the DVD extras, it looks to me as if they got on well together.

    The other OldWho ep I’ve got is the last one, Survival.   Quite looking forward to watching it, now.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Was sitting here thinking about a possible “what Who would I want if stranded on a desert island. Well, obviously all of it! But if the choice was down to three episodes…

    Well, we all respond to “who was our first Doctor” but there are other factors that mean some stories “speak” to us, not necessarily because of the brilliance of the episode, but because of who we are, and because we feel an affinity with what we are watching.

    Anyway, for me (at this time of the evening, and accepting that the choice may change) I would say:

    1. “Flashpoint” (1964) the episode where the Doctor (Hartnell) makes the decision to leave Susan, who has fallen in love on Earth after they have defeated the Daleks.

    2. “The War Games” (episode ten) the episode where the Doctor (Troughton) is condemned by the Time Lords to give up his existence and be given a different face.

    3. “Vincent and the Doctor” the episode where…oh, is there anyone reading this that needs to be told…?

    Of course, if I really was on a desert island, I would want the other episodes that go with #1 and #2.

    Which means…isn’t it good that I have a DVD collection…

    winston @winston

    @blenkinsopthebrave       I am not stranded on a desert island but in the middle of Ontario surrounded by covidiots so thank goodness for DVD collections. If I had to take only 3 episodes they would be from AG Who because I haven’t watched enough BG to have faves. So……

    1 and 2 The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances – A good 2 part story that has some chills and thrills and also introduces Captain Jack. Plus a happy ending which I might need to keep my spirit up.

    3. The Husbands of River Song. – A funny episode from start to finish and the pairing up of River and the 12th Doctor is a match made in Who heaven. Plus we meet Nardole and the snowy scenes might cool me off if the island is hot

    4.  Since the first is a 2 parter maybe I can take another? Any episode with the 10th Doctor cause I love David Tenant.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    All good choices. (And yes, aren’t DVD collections wonderful!)

    To give you an incentive to dip back into BG Who, and to provide some context for my #1 choice, I saw this, back when it was originally screened, when I was, I think, maybe 14 or 15, but even at that tender age the story (and especially the conclusion) struck a real cord with me. This is what Doctor Who was (and occasionally still is) capable of, to speak to a teenager in a way that they could understand and relate to the complexities of adult life.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Well now, I was going to watch ‘Survival’ next after Ghost Light, when I realised Curse of Fenric came in between them so I bought it online and…   it’s just arrived.   2-disc set, and includes a 104-minute re-edited movie-length version with additional CGI and remixed soundtrack (so it says), so that’ll be interesting.   And also a commentary track with McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Nick Parsons who I assume is the villain.    Plenty of DVD goodies.    The only  McCoy/Ace I’ve seen was in Ghost Light last week, but I’ve since seen a little of them in Q&A’s at cons (thanks Youtube) and McCoy in particular strikes me as a very quick-witted actor.

    Oh, hope blenkinsop and winston don’t mind me adding in my choice of desert island disks – after a few seconds’ thought it’d be:

    Asylum of the Daleks – because it’s fun, full of surprises, clever dialogue (I’m a sucker for clever dialogue) and a couple of neat plot twists which Moffatt gave us all clues about and I never saw coming

    Magician’s Apprentice / Witch’s Familiar – also fun, and wild – Capaldi on a tank with an axe, Missy being outrageous  (I’m cheating and counting that as one single double ep)

    The Day of the Doctor – also, fun.   Two Doctors bickering, plus John Hurt, Clara, Osgoods, and The Moment

    If I was allowed a fourth, it’d be Last Christmas, for the sarcastic elves deliberately pointing out how impossible they are and the dream-within-a-dream plot which hangs together logically.   Probably.   I think.

    Oh, they’re all by Moffatt.   What a surprise   🙂

    Well,  on to The Curse of Fenric…



    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave I am not sure I could keep it down to just three Desert Island Stories. I would want at least one from each Doctor AG and the first four BG but if I really had to get it down to just two,

    Oh this is tough,..

    1, and 2 Human Nature and Family of Blood. 3. Has to be a Capaldi. Maybe Last Christmas for the reasons mentioned by @dentarthurdent and if 1 & 2 count as one story then third would be Day of the Doctor.

    The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances are certainly the best of the first series and would be my fourth choice. Hard to pick between those two and Human Nature and Family of Blood.

    @dentarthurdent I just watched Ghost Light which was ok. Not brilliant but certainly watchable. I do like Ace as a companion and there is a great rapport between her and the Doctor. Curse of Fenric is another good story.




    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    It seems we have similar views again  🙂

    Human Nature / Family of Blood is good, two of the better eps of Martha’s tenure (though it’s hard to beat Blink, of course.   However Blink is not really a Tennant/Martha episode at all).

    Actually, the hardest thing about ‘three disks’ is stopping at three.   I could think of maybe thirty episodes of nuWho which are very good to excellent  (I’m sure any of us could, too, though obviously our lists would not be identical).

    I found Curse of Fenric to be more bizarre than Ghost Light, in fact.   And the plot threads more convoluted.   It was just slightly tricky working out who the villain was, or rather who or what the villain was inhabiting at any time.   I really can’t see why Ghost Light got the rep of hard-to-follow.

    And (back to Fenric) the vampire zombies – I assumed they all turned into the hideous fish creatures, but Ace’s two friends didn’t, just looked like they’d had a month of wild partying, so I assume the fish-creature zombies had somehow travelled through time along with the Big Bad fish, and vampire victims just kept their original form as zombies.   There were some neat ironic reversals, the Commander looking like Hitler (was this a secret Nazi spy cell?  Apparently not, it was just the Commander overdoing the ‘think-like-the-enemy’ meme);  the Russian soldiers rescuing the Doctor and  Ace from the British Army; the Big Bad Fish turning good but being inhibited by Ace’s faith in the Doctor from finishing off the real villain (I must admit that took me by surprise).   Made it hard to tell who the villain was.   I liked Ace’s role better in Ghost Light, in Fenric there were times when she felt stereotyped domestic, and I always hated those 40’s hairnet bob hairstyles.

    Off to listen to the commentary and the DVD extras now…


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Since there doesn’t seem to be an episode thread for ‘Survival’, I’ll just post my impressions here.

    Well, I’ve just watched Survival, and I enjoyed it. The plot is fairly easy to follow, for some reason it felt like a ninth-Doctor (i.e. Eccleston) episode to me.
    I did like the mental image of Ace as a big cat. Speaking of which, the big cats (cheetahs?) managed to surmount the absurdity factor of moggies on horseback and I actually got quite absorbed in the story.

    And Ace should stop griping, there are far worse places to be stuck than Perivale. Maybe nothing ever happens but it seems to be a very pleasant suburb for it to be not happening in.

    The Doctor, for such a natural comedian, actually managed to convey an air of menace. And Ace starting to turn into one of the feline hunters was entirely believable. In fact the build-up to the final confrontation with the Master, when the Doctor warned Ace that if she fought she’d turn into a hunter permanently, I was half-expecting her to jump on the bike and do just that. It would have been a great exit for a Companion. (Only outside knowledge made me discount that possibility). So now Ace has that dark streak inside her, which is an interesting portent for future episodes.

    I am liking Ace more and more, it’s such a shame that when she and the Doctor stroll off to fresh adventures at the end, we never got to see them.

    I can quite see how fans would have been dismayed at the cancellation, based just on Ghost Light, Fenric and Survival  I’d say the standard was quite high – eminently watchable stories.   (Am I being indulgent towards OldWho?  – I really don’t know).

    (In fact my copy of Survival is an old just-the-bare-episode DVD, I’ve just ordered a copy of the newer release which has a heap of extras on it. Since I’m as stingy as a BBC bean counter, that attests to my liking for the ep).

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent I stopped watching Dr Who at about the time Peter Davison took over due to life circumstances, leaving home and heading off to the other side of the planet mostly. Watched a few episodes while living in the U.K but don’t even recall what they were, then many years later saw several McCoy stories and would have re engaged but then the series was cancelled. It did feel as though it was canned just when it had hit an upwards trajectory. But at the same time I do appreciate the gap. Maybe it it had not been cancelled then it would have run aground again and we would not have had the wonderful revival ten or so years later.

    Ace is a good companion, one of my favourites from BG Who.

    While on the subject of BG Who there was this rather fun article on the Guardian the other day. “Gotta” love that cheeky smile, still the same after all these years.




    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    I first saw a very few early Doctor Who’s.   Possibly even the first ever.   Saw a few later on with Patrick Troughton (who is my canonical ‘Doctor) and a few more with Pertwee, then lost touch.   Never saw McCoy, and in the various still photos I saw I thought he looked rather silly – the question-mark theme didn’t help.   Just recently I saw him ‘live’ for the first time in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot and was more impressed.   I’ve also since seen a bit of him doing Q&A’s at cons, often with Sophie Aldred, and he’s very quick-witted.   Also, there’s obviously a great chemistry between them.   So I definitely like his Doctor (based on his last three episodes).

    Never saw the Paul McGann movie but – based on The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot and The Night of the Doctor – I think he would have made an excellent Doctor.  He had presence.

    But you may well be right, if Who hadn’t lapsed with the seventh Doctor, it might not have got revived by RTD.   After I lost touch (with Pertwee), the next time I made acquaintance with Who was ‘Rose’.     Watched until about The Eleventh Hour, I have to admit Matt Smith didn’t impress me initially (too young), and lost touch again.   Much later, I saw intriguing references to Capaldi, so I decided to catch up via DVD boxsets and I have to say I now rate the Moffatt years as the best (of nuWho at least).

    But I see the Companion as being at least as important as the Doctor to the story (which is why it never worried me when the Companion became ‘too important’ – a charge often levelled at Clara, for some reason, but it could equally be levelled at Rose, Martha, Donna, or Amy, and probably would apply to Bill if she’d had more than a season).

    Missy @missy

    I’ve been on a sentimental journey, thanks to @blenkinsopthebrave *grins*

    The Proms ( all of them) with a little Eccleston, much Tennant and Smith, then on to Capaldi.

    What wonderful music.

    Now I know for sure what some of us have lost, I admit it, I cried.

    Well, I suppose that it’s better to have had all the former and lost them, than never to have had them at all.


    Missy @missy


    Hello there, I haven’t been here much because I AM Doctor Who Fan. Just holding until they get it right.

    Female Doctor, no Moffat, no Murray Gold and a tarted up Tardis – breaks my heart.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    I think I share your feelings. I watched Season 11 but it didn’t do a lot for me. Season 12 can wait till a DVD boxset comes up at a reasonable price, I’m in no great hurry. Instead, I just rewatched Hell Bent, and then I was going to follow it with Magicians’Apprentice/Witch’s Familiar, but Last Christmas was on the same DVD so I watched that. I’ll do Magician’s Apprentice next.

    Personally, I have nothing against a female Doctor but Whittaker just hasn’t got it. She’s a pleasant Yorkshire lass but no menace, no gravitas. (In pretty much the same way as I could never believe Roger Moore as James Bond until he got a bit older and more mature). Grace, or Tasha Lem of the Church of the Papal Mainframe, or Missy, or Ohila of the Sisterhood of Karn, or Liz 10 for example, would have been credible (if they hadn’t already played other characters, obviously). The other half of the problem is the writing, she talks too much and dithers annoyingly in the face of the enemy. Matt Smith’s doctor initially took ten minutes eating weird stuff (fish fingers etc) but by the end of the first episode he was ordering the Atraxi back just to warn them off. Capaldi spent his first 25 minutes trying to figure out who he was but by the end of the ep he was facing down a millennia-old killer robot. In contrast, Whittaker-Doctor was still dithering all the way through Season 11.

    And the new Tardis interior is – weird.

    So mentally, I regard ‘true Who’ as ending for the moment with Capaldi, and mentally file S11 as a spinoff. That way, I’m less inclined to compare it with Moffatt episodes.

    At least, we still have all of Seasons 1-10 on DVD.

    Missy @missy


    Many fans didn’t mind the transition from male to female Doctor, I was one of the many who did.

    JW was an added insult as far as I was concerned. I didn’t watch series 11 or 12.

    Now (can’t believe I missed this) Julia Foster is the next Doctor…I though they wanted young blood back….

    with David Tennant as companion Ben? This is becoming more of a farce than ever.

    As for DT being pleased about being back with CC? He’s an actor, they lie for a living.

    Latest I read, both CC and JW are leaving?

    Let me live long enough to see a Male Doctor return.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    That certainly sounds … weird.

    In fact I was going to elaborate on how weird it all was when I came across the source of that report, on DoctorWhoTV

    Jodie Quits! Julia Foster is the 14th Doctor, with Tennant Back as Companion

    – the thing is, it’s dated April 1st 2020. And reading it with that in mind, I’m fairly sure it’s a hoax.

    (In fact the link, for some reason, brings up a picture explicitly labelled ‘April Fools 2020’ – I don’t know why this is, the article itself doesn’t carry that label).

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent I agree totally with your list of potential Doctors. They all have the quality that J.W. lacks. I felt the same about Peter Davison. He was a good actor, as is J.W. but lacked that something else that is needed for the role. J.W. is also hampered by scripts as was P.D. Both are passable Doctors but neither for me quite nail what it takes. They perhaps feel too much like actors playing the part whereas the actor playing the Doctor should just be the Doctor.  I do feel that she is more natural in the role by series 12. I will probably really like her as the Doctor by the times she leaves.

    Sophie Okonedo, aka Liz 10 would have been a great Doctor. She has that “spark”. Seems most of the best potential Doctor’s have already appeared in the show. Sacha Dhawan was top of my Doctor/actor wish list so I was really disappointed when he appears in series 12 as another character. I kept thinking, “but he would be so much better as the Doctor”. (better than as the person he was cast as that is)

    I don’t like the new Tardis interior either but am getting used to it. Have not really been a fan of any of the AG interiors other than the Capdoc one. Loved the bookcases. Just what the Tardis needs.





    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    The Capaldi Tardis was great, wasn’t it? Lots of space, it was three-dimensional (by which I mean, it was on more than one level, it had stairways and a gallery for actors to walk around – a great set for them to just do acting in). And enough design elements to be visually interesting and convincing as a control room, but clean and uncluttered. If you look at any working control room – the bridge of a ship, the control room of a power station or a major pumping station – they all accommodate various bits of equipment and furniture and machinery for the use and convenience of the crew. Capaldi’s control room was like that, but it also looked capacious, elegant and comfortable.

    The classic ‘white’ Tardis interior (like the one ‘belonging’ to Clara and Me) was elegantly simple but much smaller. Much less opportunity for the actors to move around. I could imagine living in Capaldi’s Tardis, but after a few hours in Clara’s I’d be bouncing off the walls. Of course it’s canon that there were hundreds of rooms leading off the control room, but we rarely got to see them.

    The Eccleston/Tennant interior was larger than the Classic, but cluttered with those odd curvy columns. Essentially one level, it did have a ‘basement’ but it wasn’t really used much. And the console was a bit of a mess. Trying too hard to be ‘organic’. Matt Smith’s Tardis was a bit more multi-level but the interior was even more cluttered. Everything being curving made it hard to see the size of it.

    Then it transformed into the very clean Capaldi-era one (I can’t remember the episode, but it was in Series 7 while Matt Smith was still Doctor, I think?) And you could see the size of it. It acquired the bookcases with Capaldi. And yes, it’s the only one I really like, too.


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