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    Anastasia22KG @anastasia22kg

    Hey guys!!

    I’ve been trying to find the adventure games…and i cant find any links…Is there anyone who has them??

    Thanks for your time!!

    Missy @missy


    Let’s hope it is a hoax, except JW and CC leaving of course.


    I agree PC’s Tardis was by far the best.

    I am listening to a play on BBC 4 Extra called Night Terrace. It ‘s about a house that can travel in time and space?

    Frankly it’s daft! But maybe it’s meant to be.

    Nicholas Briggs makes an appearance. *shakes head*



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @winston, @nerys, @arbutus, and any other Canadians I have forgotten,

    Which streaming service will allow me to watch the New Year special? (p.s. I do not have cable)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @blenkinsopthebrave   I don’t know that there is one. I don’t have cable either. I’ve always purchased my Dr. Who on iTunes. $4 will get you the episode plus any special features. The new episodes usually become available for download around midnight, after they air in North America. The bonus is no ads, which I gather are a nuisance on the broadcast!  🙂

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Many thanks @arbutus. I had forgotten that option.


    nerys @nerys

    @blenkinsopthebrave I do have cable, and so I watch Doctor Who via the CTV Sci-Fi channel. Which reminds me: I need to check to see when the holiday special is airing!

    nerys @nerys

    By the way: I’m sure this is ancient news, but I just found a delightful book in my public library system’s Overdrive collection. It’s called Doctor Who: 12 Doctors, 12 Stories. I just completed the first one. Wonderful stuff!

    12 Doctors, 12 Stories

    AlanF @alanf

    Just watched new episode 1/1/21. (Watched the original in 1963)

    the TARDIS Door from inside should read XOB ECILOP and the relative dimension should begin immediately. Not through a vestibule


    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi all,

    This sounds like an interesting Dr Who project. I like the concept and hope they are able to do it given current restrictions in the U.K. Is this the first time Dr Who has been produced for theatre? (discounting Proms that is)

    Also there was an article in the Guardian recently about Sacha Dhawan which is of interest. (still think he would have been an ideal future candidate for the role of the Doctor if he had not been cast as The Master)

    And lastly a link to a podcast on a community website reviewing the second Doctor story, Tomb of the Cybermen. It is split into two parts as was too large for the site. This particular story generated a very robust discussion which was too good to cut. (editor’s view anyway) Another note, the editor does not necessarily agree with all the views expressed in this podcast. If you listen I think you will recognise what I am referring to.

    Year before, (2019) the group reviewed “An Unearthly Child” and this year the plan is to look at a Pertwee story. Doing a Doctor a year.






    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    If you are doing a Pertwee story this year, can I suggest “Inferno”

    It was brilliant. And it had the last performance of Caroline John as Liz Shaw (probably my favourite companion).


    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave. I will have a look at it. I don’t think I have seen any of the Liz Shaw stories. I was thinking Day of the Daleks as it to me typifies the Pertwee years. My eldest son suggested Monster of Peladon but I would rather a story that features UNIT. We will do Dr Who in November so plenty of time to think about it.



    Whocanconvinceyoupodcast @whocanconvince

    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Hi all! I’m new here so I hope it’s ok to post this here! (Please delete if not)</span></p>
    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>But I’ve started a new doctor who podcast with my friend so I thought I’d share it with you all 🙂 </span></p>
    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Feel free to give us a follow or take a listen! Thank you :)</span></p>
    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/whocanconvince</span></p&gt;
    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Apple podcasts https://t.co/ycYyAVXeML</span></p>
    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Amazon https://t.co/Hur6Lfpm07</span></p>
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    <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Podbean https://whocanconvinceyou.podbean.com/</span></p>

    Whocanconvinceyoupodcast @whocanconvince

    hello, sorry but my last post decided to turn into to alien code….so.

    hi all, im new here so i hope its ok to post this here(please delete if not)

    but ive started a new doctor who podcast with my friend so i thought id share it with you

    feel free to take a listen and give us a follow 🙂 many thanks https://twitter.com/Whocanconvince




    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    We decided to watch “Day of the Daleks” after you mentioned it. (I hadn’t seen it for a long time.) This was quite soon after watching “Inferno”. For me, there is no comparison. “Inferno” is far stronger and far more entertaining. You said you wanted UNIT in the story you chose—well, since you have not seen it yet, I do not want to spoil it, but the Brigadier and Sergeant Benton are there, in all sorts of ways.  Pertwee gives a wonderful performance, and Caroline John is really worth discovering. I encourage you to seek it out.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    Hi everyone!

    Having finished the taught module of my MA last week (which ran from October 2019) I finally have time. (I should have had time anyway, it’s a part time module, but I’m really slow). And the best thing to do with time, I thought, and the most appropriate, was to subscribe to Britbox and watch BG who.

    And one thing that’s struck me is the effect of the missing episodes. We end one story with Barbara and Ian still wanting very much to get back home, and start the next surviving episode with the two seeming completely settled in on the Tardis, and Ian exhibiting what I can only call and very interesting and rather camp dressing style. And it made me think of the tendency in recent who, perhaps the most, and most frustratingly, in the latest incarnation, but it’s happened through AG who I think, to refer to other adventures we haven’t seen. As though new who delberatly reflects the gaps that exist in old who.

    It’s also made complaints about inconsistency in AG who more amusing. I remember an Eleven episode where people noted that they were a considerable distance from the Tardis, why could everyone still understand each other? Happened in the first season, before the Tardis was used as an explanation for universal modern English across time and space.

    It’s an interesting experience because as far as I know at the making of these episodes, the Doctor isn’t yet a Timelord, a Gallifrayan, he doesn’t yet have two hearts and the ability to regenerate, though when these things were created, they were created to have always been the case. It’s a little like watching A New Hope and realising likewise, Luke and Leia aren’t yet siblings, Vader isn’t yet their father, isn’t yet Anakin.

    One other thought that connects the old with the recent though. The episode where Susan decides to go down to the planet with the Aliens, and the Doctor shouts at her and treats her like a child. And she’s frustrated. And then he repeatedly tries to make reference to her competence, and importance, and calls her a young lady, trying to heal the wound. The element of human drama is so strong, and I assume, leading up to her leaving the Tardis.

    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    Hi all, with the copious amount of time that this darn virus has foisted on us ( as a shielder) and having become a a bit of an audiobook addict of both the narrated /full cast types I was wondering who is also an audiobook addict especially of the Who kind and where you find the best value audiobooks. I’m already an Audible subscriber and have investigated Big Finish. In the latter’ s case I’m a bit disappointed in their so called subscription option unless I’m reading their service wrong it’s not really a subscription it’s more you agree to buy so many  books and pay for the privalige. At least with the Audible subscription I’m paying a fixed amount for x number of tiles a month irrespective of their price.


    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone I am back 🙂 I am glad to be talking with this lovely community again and I hope your all staying postie and safe considering the Virus and its new variants.

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi Declan @oochillyo

    I’m just sittin here chilling, watching old Robot Wars on Youtube.    It’s raining outside, like yesterday, and a bit cooler.   This is almost a relief after the two weeks of warm weather and sunshine that forced me, lemming-like, to trek out to Piha beach every day.   I got a nice case of all-over itchy hives that the quack reckoned was either an allergy to maybe watermelon  (watermelon?   I didn’t know they could cause allergies) or more likely ‘sea lice’.   Yes sea lice do exist,  they’re parasites on fish, but the ‘sea lice’ that give swimmers itches are actually jellyfish larvae.   Didn’t stop me swimming though…

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone , hope your all doing well, @dentarthurdent that jellyfish incident sounds painful if I have read it correctly, hope you recover quickly, I dont believe I have been properly stunk by a jellyfish before but its a scary thought when you notice some in the sea (mostly abroad) , its been Snowing here a lot which is soo cool haha since I think it last snowed properly many years ago , I love the snow and seeing it re energized me from all my school work stress ect and I even had a SnowBall fight with a friend , back to Doctor Who, I have been going around again, saw Gridlock again and nearly cried but my friend was laughing in the background (I had headphones on so he didn’t really know what was going on in the ep) which I guess helped to stop me from crying but I kinda wanted the emotional impact but there we go, I made him watch Blink and ok he is not like 7 years old and watches a lot of Horror Films so maybe the scare factor he didn’t get until the bit where the guy had to ‘not blink’ at the angel and then he started to realise why they are scary and the next time trailer actually scared him so yay but he got annoyed with the whole ep and Doctor Who in general cause Billy Shipton died haha his fav character now , I will try and get him to watch a few more eps so how it goes , I watched 42 recently and actually I like it again I was bogged down with people going oh Chris another bad Chris ep from the past but I just found it fun and enjoyable and maybe noticed a few new things anyway I am enjoying watching various Doctor Who eps like Voyage of the Dammed which is actually really really good , I didn’t like it much since I was sad of the characters dying and the jerks such as Max who caused it so there was a bit of a Billy Shipton affect but I am glad I re watched it cause it was fun and I forgot why the ship was hit by the asteroids it was that Captain and Alonzo was soo close to stopping him but at least he made it yay 🙂 , it was kinda heart warming at the end especially when Mr Copper got soo much money and all he wanted to do with it was buy a house from himself, a kitchen, a chair awe soo heartwarming and decent not like that other guy who became rich too but its all about the money for him even after the Doctor saving him and determination of humanity ect but that’s how it goes sometimes anyway it was a nice ending and I have talked way too much again opps, so as I say I hope you are all well, enjoying Doctor Who and spending time with your family and friends and I hope to hear from you soon take care hugs 🙂

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    HI @oochillyou    Nope, the jellyfish stings weren’t painful at the time.   They weren’t adult jellyfish, though I noticed a large number of ‘blue bottles’ (very small Portuguese man’o’war, the biggest we ever get them is 3″ long) swept up on the beach.   I’ve never seen one in the water.   What got me is swarms of very little jellyfish larvae (or something), their stings are too small to be felt, but what they do, their stings are just enough to cause an itch.   So if you get covered in the things and don’t realise to wash them off with a good shower straight after you get out of the water, you get covered in a rash of itchy bumps.  Not painful, just itchy, it’s probably as much an allergic reaction to their tiny stings.   And the itching lasts for days.   It’s just about gone now, however I got stung by a wasp a couple of days ago and now the spot where the wasp got me is itching!

    Back to Voyage of the Damned, yes I like that ep.   I know it isn’t very highly rated but I did like Kylie Minogue’s character, and also I was happy for Mr Copper.

    Blink of course is an all-time classic, I can see why your friend was upset at the death of Billy Shipton, though really he shouldn’t be, since Billy had a good life.   It’s just that time travel highlights mortality, I guess.   But I must admit that scene (“it’s the same rain”) always makes me go a bit damp.    And yes those weeping angels are uniquely scary.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    …and would you believe it, I was booked to catch the train to Wellington tomorrow morning to carry on to Christchurch to meet Mrs D, but 3 people in Auckland just tested positive so we’re in Level 3 lockdown for 3 days which means I wouldn’t be allowed on the train.   Just have to re-book next week and carry on working my way through old Robot Wars on Youtube.   (I’m surprised nobody ever made a Dalek robot though I think it would have got pretty quickly massacred by some of the more destructive ones).

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent thats interesting about the stings, its a bit unsettling as you wouldn’t know you’ve been stung until you develop the rashes if you dont wash it off promptly, not many people hop out of the sea and immediately take a shower when on holiday ect so its quite likely to have the rashes which is no fault of  anyone but something I may bear in mind, are those ones from Portugal originally or is that just their name for some reason cause I haven’t heard of JellyFish or them stinging people in Portugal generally which is surprising as 99.9% of holidays my family and me go on is to Portugal because my Mother is Portuguese so I have a lot of family there 🙂

    It seems like animals are drawn to sting you haha sorry its just a bit funny one day JellyFish the next a Wasp , I hope the pain and any swelling get better soon 🙂 hugs

    Happy Valentines Day everyone , I hope you all had a wonderful day with someone special , your loved ones or family either way single or not hope you all had something to smile about today hugs 🙂

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Aargh! The website ate my message! Try again…


    Hi Declan. Portuguese man’o’war (which are not actually jellyfish) are huge and terrifying stingers, found in the Atlantic. The ‘Portuguese’ name was probably given because they like warmer water so British sailors probably first saw them in the Atlantic ocean ‘off Portugal’ (maybe the Azores, I don’t know). Or in the Caribbean and were at war with Portugal at the time. Or something like that. I would not necessarily expect them to concentrate on Portugal itself.

    We don’t get them this side of the world, thankfully. What we get are Pacific man’o’war or ‘bluebottles’, very much a mini version. Can sting (though I’ve never been stung) but never fatal. I see lots of small ones, 1-2″ long floats, washed up on the beach. At Piha a couple of days before I got ‘itched’, I saw the biggest I’ve ever seen, a whole 3-4″ long, maybe they were the source of the tiny larvae that got me.

    Names are misleading. Even the NZ Herald got it wrong, “Bluebottle jellyfish, also known as Portuguese man o’ war…” which is doubly wrong because bluebottles are neither jellyfish or Pmow’s. “Sea lice” rash is not usually caused by sea lice (which are a parasite on fish), but actually by jellyfish/bluebottle larvae. And in England, bluebottles are big noisy buzzing house flies. And so on…

    Valentines Day has been postponed for a week around my household, I should have been on the train to Wellington today (and on to Christchurch tomorrow to join my wife there), instead we have a snap 3-day Level 3 lockdown which means no-one leaves Auckland without an exemption. And anyway they’ve cancelled the train. I have to say Kiwirail were very efficient and prompt at emailing and text-messaging me, and they’ve re-booked me next Monday (on the assumption the lockdown will only last the three days).    So I get to chill out here and watch yet another Youtube season of Robot Wars  🙂

    This has nothing to do with Doctor Who, I’m dreadful at straying Off Topic, maybe I should move it to the Kebab and Calculator…

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent The sea life there sounds very interesting 🙂 and finding out the meaning of names especially animal names can be interesting too, talking about misleading names in a Vsauce Video about Misnomers (basically misleading names) he mentions examples such as French Horns not actually being from France I think they are from Germany and other example I cant remember off the top of my head.

    I am sorry to hear that you’ve basically become stranded, I hope you can go home soon to see your family/loved ones, these things can happen sometimes it just sucks that this has happened to you for a few days now and through Valentines Day but its not your fault and your wife will understand that, plus absence makes the heart grow fonder so I reckon when you eventually get home you two including anyone else there will have a lovely time together 🙂 hugs.


    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone , I was just wondering if there is an appeal for a classic who section to be added as there is a few 4th Doctor eps and some 1st Doctor eps sections but I think there is a lot to dive into with the Classics and I get not everyone has much Classic Who knowledge myself included however I think it would be an interesting thing to set up for example we could have memorable eps or our fav eps from each Doctor of the Classic era , is this a good idea or is there any other ideas everyone ?

    My all time fav Doctor is the 4th Doctor and I love the 5th Doctor too though I have seen mayby 3 of his eps, so my 5th Doctor picks would be Kinda and Snake Dance which I really enjoyed watching on T.V a few years ago after the Fourth Doctors run, these two episodes are exciting, entertaining and gripping especially when Kegan’s face changes in the Mirror and I really think they stand out in Classic Who 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Yes, I am all in favour of having a viewing of some classic Who. While you like the Tom Baker Doctor (who doesn’t?) we have looked at quite a lot of his stories. Might I suggest a story from another brilliant classic Doctor? What about the story “Inferno” from the 3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee? It is a spectacular story, with a cast who are all at the top of their game. And we have never had a dedicated viewing of that story.

    It would require @craig, our benevolent emperor, to load it for us, but as he is benevolent, I am sure he would agree.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Hi @oochillyo    Well, actually I am home, home being Auckland.   My wife is at our daughter’s place in Christchurch.   If I lived in Christchurch I could have claimed an exemption to ‘go home’, (and yes I did contemplate lying about where I lived, but decided it might not work), and anyway it would have been academic since the train was cancelled.   Hopefully there will be be no more Covid cases and the lockdown will come off after a few days.

    Besides, after a couple of weeks of perfect beach weather, it’s now cold and rainy so quite good weather to *not* be travelling.   🙂


    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone I have been in bed feeling unwell all day so I decided to watch a Doctor Who ep to just do something cause I was getting bored , I picked Extremis and wow I loved it , just some quick things I have heard about being in a simulation theory ect which helped with understanding the ep but I really enjoyed this has an ep in Doctor Who and even The Doctor seemed unsure and defeated till he had that flashback, I love the Monks , I have seen reviews of this trilogy and looked the look of them and thought they were interesting but watching the first ep they had a great reveal and even though its clear if you watch a lot of Doctor Who that somethings changed and The Doctor is not talking to that other guy the shock of the monks reveal is still highly impactful and they way they speak is creepy but cool, the ep had some humors moments which was nice like The Doctor accidentally running Bill’s Date and they way her date and Bill reacted to the Priests was hilarious , I liked Nardole in this one as usual but he really shined in this ep , I liked the Pope moments and the Doctors shock that he came to visit him (of course ruse to ask for help) , the bit where The Doctor told the guy to check how many deaths I have caused and the device kept going up and up so much so even these people that love death and finding a way to kill whatever you need ran away from the Doctor that was a genius idea by The Doctor and hilarious , the use of the sonic sunglasses and how everything looks to the Doctor through them like he cant tell who is he looking at through them just facts about them like their heart rate and species ect like a computer would missing the details we see and vise versa was great , his explanation of whats going on using Mario ect was creepy but smart , the numbers thing was a shock , the guy who told the Doctor about the text I liked his character and they way he spoke, The Doctor was amazing in this ep , I loved Nardoles reaction when he was starting to click that the worst may be true and when his arm was starting to disappear and it was cool to see the actress from my fav ep Gridlock back in Doctor Who she seems like a really great actress , as you can all tell I really enjoyed this one and its boosted my mood when I was feeling unwell which is nice 🙂 I highly recommend it 9/10 I think mayby 10/10 cause I only noticed one time where Bill’s lips moved and the sound of what she was saying happend a few seconds later but mayby thats just something with BBC IPlayer and there might have been some very small issues but in saying that I dont remember what they are and I think everything else was fine , mayby cause I was feeling unwell I noticed when I un paused the ep after getting some food and green tea the second to end half I would say (roughly that point) seemed a lot more engaging or something like that but a big part of that may be a result of feeling that I had more energy again either way I loved this ep and its within my top 3/5 Doctor Who eps of New Who depending on what type of ranking 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent I hope that your lockdown is soon over but as in Victoria better a short sharp preventative lockdown than a protracted reactive lockdown.

    @oochillyo I enjoyed Extremis too. A very interesting episode and I really like the rapport between the Doctor, Bill and Nardole. I had not thought about Bill’s foster mother as being the same actor in Gridlock.

    I would second @blenkinsopthebrave‘s Pertwee story suggestion. We have been working our way through the Pertwee stories in the past couple of weeks.

    Hope everyone is keeping well.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Well, I’m hoping our lockdown is short.   I’ve re-booked on next Monday’s train, so here’s hoping…

    (I have to say Kiwirail’s booking staff were very good.   The lockdown was announced at 6pm Sunday, starting at midnight.   I got text messages from Kiwirail saying ‘train cancelled, please see your email’ and emails giving more details and ‘if you wish to re-book/refund, please just reply to this email indicating your preferences’.   Which I did, but just to make sure I rang the booking office next day to confirm the changes, which the booking clerk cheerfully did, I said ‘you very very prompt with your emails’ to which he said ‘yes, we were up all night sending them’.   That’s customer service!

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Yes, I really like Extremis.   I’d have to re-watch it again to remind me of the full plot  (like many of Moffat’s episodes, because things are not what they seem, you miss a lot on the first time through.   When you re-watch it you notice all sorts of details that now have a different meaning that wasn’t apparent to you before.   I love this sort of plotting, aside from the surprise factor, it’s really like getting two episodes for the price of one.   For some reason some people hate it, as though they’re insulted by being ‘fooled’; personally, I love it.  ‘You bastard Moffatt!’ (said with a grin).     And yes, the Pope ruining Bill’s date was classic.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent Yes several of those in our podcast group really do not like the way Moffat writes. I love how layered his stories are and all the little references that are so easy to miss. For instance we just watched the Pertwee story with the Daemons in which there is a UNIT scientist called Osgood complete with very thick glasses. I think he gets blown up not directly by the Master but as a result of the Master’s plans so the Osgood’s, (whom I presume is his daughter) storyline is almost a repeat of the former Osgood’s at least until she becomes a Zygon.




    Missy @missy


    One of my favourite episodes Extremis. Yet another proof of the Moffat genius.

    I laughed out loud at the expressions on Bill and Penny’s faces when the Pope came out of the bedroom!

    Even louder when Penny says “That was the Pope!” 👍


    Missy @missy


    I too love Moffat’s work.  He also had a genius for tying up loose ends.

    Take Forest of the Dead.

    River, setting herself up for destruction, tells the DT Doctor all about ‘her‘ Doctor.

    He had a haircut and a new suit and took her to Darillium to see the singing towers.

    All of which happens in Husbands of River Song?



    p.s. Have you seen Dracula yet?

    janetteB @janetteb

    @missy Yes and really enjoyed it, especially the first two episodes.I see that Moffat is now working on a series titled Jekyll.



    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone , glad to hear that your all well , about @blenkinsopthebrave‘s and @janetteb‘s thinking of reviewing   eps of The Third Doctor’s thats seems a good place to start and hopefully @craig can work on that 🙂

    I have now seen all of ‘The Monk Trilogy’ and I found all three eps to be very enjoyable and entertaining , Peter Capaldi’s acting in all three was incredible and Nardol seemed to really fit in the eps , he was funny and strong when it was best , I have talked a lot about the first ep and I feel I dont think I have as much to say about the other two but you know me I can seem to ramble about this show quite a lot haha , I think Pyramids was slightly the weakest of the three for me at least , good points , I liked the butterfly sort of effect in the ep , its interesting how the first two eps seemed to ‘center’ around a scientific theory example the holographic principle and the butter fly effect and I think there was something else in the second ep but I cant remember but its pretty much the butter fly effect, The Monks have become one of my fav Doctor Who aliens and I worried how if beating them would be simple and you could say it kinda was cause oh just tell the truth of the world not their fake truth (saying that I think these eps had a hint of criticisms about faith and our trust of people of faith like monks ect and the Monks are like the next step and they wanna protect us but it comes with restrictions) no offence to anyone here , I wanted to hit that guy who needed the coffee when he forgot about the doors but I quess these things happen and its a natural human element to rush things and miss the important , I liked the cause of death was pretty realistic an out of control bio weapon kinda like super bugs (search up super bugs if you want they are a genuine thing) and I was really shocked that Nardol basically died again and a bit sad for him but he was ok in the next ep like he was from Extremis to Pyramids which was slightly annoying till I realized The Monks control whats real so that fixed that and happend an eeriness to that the eps didn’t fully connect in some ways like Bill and Nardol’s death and nobody mentioned it like it never happend to them or they didn’t know about it kinda like having different versions of reality, I thought Bill was incredible in Lie of the Land going through all that suffering and isolation , trying to hold on to the truth in this terrible world kinda like Donna had to, when Bill spooked Nardol with the chair their reactions was hilarious 🙂 and it was good that they had each other , I am gonna write this review in two parts now 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone , this is the second part of my review of The Monk Trilogy , so I liked The Monks taking over the plane but was worried they just turned those pilots into Monks since there was one that got replaced a bit after but was glad those people just walked out of the Pyramid since it keeps the power and mystery of The Monks intact 🙂 and I thought it was hilarious that all the Militarizes attempts to blow up The Pyramid got hy-jacked by The Monks and just tossed outside the Pyramid like toys , the timer till disaster and the Tardis crew trying to figure out what it could be and where was great the highlight of which was The Doctor’s trick with the CCTV cameras genius , I think the Doctor was fine cause he is a Time Lord so probs has a really good immune system like Luke from the Sarah Jane Adventures who was coping with the Rackweed for a while cause of his ‘perfect health’ which is why The Doctor was fine in the contaminated room even when he touched the soil and the protective suit helped keep the Women (forgot her name sorry) alive , I think the Doctor could have felt the numbers on the spinner and worked it out that way but oh well , I guess Bill was only trying to help but it was a big cost when The Doctor could have regenerated if there was no other option , I will try and rap up my review sorry everyone, I think Nardole was very smart with his detector thing to find The Doctor and I enjoyed them sneaking into the Ship and where The Doctor was , I think The Monk may not have known who Bill and Nardole were cause I think their individuals and so not meeting these people before that Monk would not have known that Bill and Nardole are a threat ect unlike the Doctor who is wildly known through the Galaxy ect , poor Bill in that room after everything she had to go through and then the Doctor says he is with The Monks and not cause he is held captive and she snapped wow Capaldi and Pearl Mackie (Bill) were amazing in this scene and you really thought the Doctor gave in for the best interests of the Human race and it started to make sense for me The Monks weren’t evil like it looked in Extremis they really wanted to protect humanity like a parent looking after a child with some strict rules and I could see The Doctor accepting this as they can protect Earth maybe better than him in some cases or at least when he is off traveling they can keep humanity safe they even wanted to stop the bacteria , they only needed Humanity to say yes, they are compromise-able aliens who didn’t cause the virus its just an accident that they know will occur and can prevent it with consent and I think I would agree to these aliens offer of help as especially if Earth was invaded as much by Aliens as it is in Doctor Who and The Doctor may be able to stop each threat but people still die in the chaos so The Monks would be a massive help and yes you have to give up your freedoms which is the only catch sadly so it could be a hard choice to make but I think in the ep it seems like its only things that go against past history and The Monks that arent allowed like Comic Books so it may be kinda ok if you dont break any of these clear rules and thats why I started to agree with The Monks in the scene of freeing The Doctor and I started to feel sorry for The Monks that the Tardis team agreed they had to be defeated which proves to me they are a great concept/alien and I love them hope they return in some cool way but it better be amazing  , but it was great that everyone just snapped back into everything when she passed the test and were genuinely proud of her , she showed real character and determination in The Pyramids and this ep especially and I love The Doctor was able to convince and recruit these soldiers with ‘harsh words and common sense’ hahaha 🙂 , the whole breaking into the Pyramid was great , oh and the Doctor fake regeneration was cool cause if you think about Romana she changed without some big regeneration explosion ect so I bet the Doctor can do that too when he wants 🙂 it was cool about the perception of people thinking there are thousands of Monks everywhere when there is just 12 only 12 haha and they still pretty much win if Bill didnt know The Doctor cause the anchor I dont think can forgot the true things or it takes ages for them to do so and luckily for the World the Anchor was Bill who know and experienced all these great things about and with The Doctor and it has been said in Doctor Who that the human brain is the most powerful thing in the Universe example against the CyberMen this has been mentioned so it was good that she kept fighting even through the awful weeks to months , the Radio thing was great and that the Doctor didnt know what to call HeadPhones like some old Man hilarious , the telepathic threat being stronger the closer you are to/inside the Pyramid was nice and the fact they had to get to the eye of the storm as the telepathic thing would be getting stronger and stronger in their heads really built up tension , the guy about to kill The Doctor cause his radio broke was great and it was nice that The Doctor noticed the Radio was broke and understood why he was doing this and he is not a traitor, I liked the whole you have to be pure to give consent thing and they way people turn to dust if their consent is not pure like a confession was shocking and lovely, it was cleaver that even the leader died not cause he was strict or anything it was just because he was thinking strategically as we all would to save our planet but only love is pure and love is all you need, I love the spaceship is actually a pyramid and when it flew away in that clever line ‘Dictators run when they know the oppressed are stronger together then them’ (kinda like the Tardis team is strongest together although each member is capable of helping to save the day too) it stayed a Pyramid that can just fly with no noticeable method which shows the superior tech these Monks have and it looks cool 🙂 , Nardoles  use of some sort of martial arts was funny and great and I am really liking this whole Tardis crew more and more as we get to the end of this trilogy , the fact all the statues had a receiver in and we see that at the end was genius and Missy’s dialogue with Bill and The Doctor lovely too , I pushed the little girl into a Volcano was hilarious and it was great that Missy said she has other Adventures and is not solely focused on beating or seeing The Doctor  or concurring Earth she likes having fun experiencing The Universe just in a different way to the Doctor and you can feel a bit sorry for her a the end of the ep but The Doctor knows whats best for her ‘its good that way’ and it was nice to see Bill know that Missy had been stuck in that room for 6 months so its not just her that suffers for a long long time, it does make The Doctor look bad but its kinda funny so the way the Monks were defeated makes sense it was amazing to see The Doctor with all his superior knowledge and brain power get beat by the Monks and their machine and ‘all I need is a cup of  Tea then I go again’ haha I love this Doctor , I understand people will say oh how can Bill beat them with love then but as I say the ending makes sense and is great because she thinks of her Mother but its says in the ep what we see and what she sees of her Mother is just an ideal version of her its all made up and the Monks cant deal with that cause they change what people think was real what happend history ect and you cant change something that never existed while the Doctor thought of what was part of the real world and adding silence to Cinemas ect haha Bill was thinking what she loved most , her pure feelings of love for someone who’s ideal version doesn’t exist which is beautiful and I like the person on the street thinking it was all a film hahaha good old humans 🙂 I love these three eps they are in my top fav Doctor Who eps now , I am soo glad they are Peter Capaldi’s eps on his last series and with amazing Tardis team 🙂 for me Extremis is a 11 out of 10 if you allow that 🙂 , Pyramid at The End of The World 8 out of 10 and Lie of the Land 9 out of 10 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent


    Whew! That’s quite a review. (Also, a wall of print. With respect, it would appear much less intimidating to the reader if you hit Return occasionally to break it up into paragraphs :).

    It’s a while since I viewed the Monks trilogy but much of it is coming back to me. It was an absolutely brilliant concept in ‘Extremis’ that the whole ‘world’ was a simulation and the people who apparently ‘suicided’ had just realised they were characters in the simulation and ‘quit’. Turned the whole ‘world’ on its head.

    I did like the original pyramid in Tajikistan (?) that just sat there, enigmatically, doing nothing. And I really liked the Doctor’s cunning idea of turning off all the CCTV and then seeing which one the Monks turned back on – that was genius. The concept of Bill’s mum being solely an idea in Bill’s head, so not something the Monks could mess with (?) sort of eluded me the first time around. Too subtle for me, I guess. But she was excellently cast, she looked not only beautiful but warm and welcoming – perfect for an ‘ideal mum’.

    As to the Monks being benevolent, (a ‘benevolent dictatorship’?), I can’t really agree with you. I think living a lie and being subservient to the Monks was too much freedom to give up. I’m always suspicious of using the word ‘freedom’ but I think it’s valid in this case.

    (I do think ‘freedom’ is a bit of a myth – there is no such thing as absolute ‘freedom’. We are all subject to some laws or other if we live in any society, the only alternative is to live alone on a desert island and that’s no fun while you starve to death. And different countries have widely different ideas of what ‘freedom’ is, it’s easy to find examples but just as easy to start a fight over it 🙂 But, though it’s very hard to define, certainly some places are much freer than others).

    I did have one nitpick based on geography – when the Monks’ pyramid set down in London, where exactly was it (I mean its precise location on the street?) and which building(s) did it flatten/dematerialise/bulldoze out of the way to make room for itself? Or was it a small Tardis-sized ship with a massive hologram screen? (I’m an engineer and I tend to get these spasms of logistical nit-pickery. Time travel, fine. Bigger-on-the-inside, fine with me. Finding an unoccupied building site in central London, oops. 🙂

    I suspect there were some plot holes in this trilogy – but I don’t care. Some of the questions I’ve seen raised were just carping criticism, like Where did the Monks come from? Don’t know, doesn’t matter, after all nobody knew where the Cybermen came from until RTD and Moffatt invented backstories for them. I like the ‘shiny bits’ like the Pyramid in Tajikistan and the submarine planted in the desert (How did the Monks do that? Unkown alien powers, that’s how, doesn’t matter!) and I’m quite willing to dismiss or invent hypothetical background circumstances for why things happen on-screen. Unless it’s a massive plot-hole for the main thread of the story, I’ll happily ignore it.

    I expect I’ll think of more things about the trilogy but I’ll post this now and go to the beach…

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey @dentarthurdent I didnt think about splitting my review into separate paragraphs but that sounds like a good idea especially if there is another trilogy so thank you 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone , I saw this video about their best Doctor Who Series and basically you pick episode 1 from all New Who, fav ep 2, fav ep 3 and so on and the Specials at the end , here is my list at the moment as I work my way through series 10 and 12 ps I wanted to include Robot of Sherwood and Silence in the Library but for me there were better episodes in their places :

    1. New Earth
    2. The Shakespeare Code
    3. Gridlock
    4. Listen
    5. Oxygen
    6. Extremis
    7. The Pyramid at The End of The World
    8. The Lie of The Land
    9. Forest of The Dead
    10. Midnight
    11. Boom Town
    12. The Pandorica Opens
    13. Nightmare in Silver
    14. Christmas Special. The Return of Doctor Mysterio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Regards – Declan Sargent
    Missy @missy


    I saw Jekyll ages ago. James Nesbit, around 2007.

    There wasn’t a sequel or second series  then, perhaps there will be now?



    Missy @missy
    janetteB @janetteb

    @missy apparently it is a remake, a U.S. remake maybe.  Not much is known about it as yet and there are no actors attached. I had heard that the original was not considered a success so it surprises me that they are remaking it.





    janetteB @janetteb

    @oochillyo such lists are always fun but I find it hard to limit my favourites to just 14. I would agree with a lot of those on your list but FAmily of Blood/Human Nature would have to be in there and The Empty Child, Blink, the second last episode with Bill, (forgotten the name) I might be able to manage 24 favourites. The hardest would be to pick a single favourite Christmas Special. I just don’t think I can chose between them.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    The second-last ep with Bill was ‘World Enough and Time’ – marvellous title.   The original quote was the first line from a love poem by Andrew Marvell,  ‘Had we but world enough, and time’.    The title fits well with the episode, after all, time (or the time distortion caused by the black hole) is the root of all their problems.

    But the original poem was a love poem, along the lines of ‘sieze the day, for tomorrow we may be dead’.   Doesn’t really suit the episode, since the Doctor and Bill didn’t have any romantic relationship (would have suited Ten and Rose better);  however, it would certainly have fitted the following episode, with Heather coming to rescue Bill.

    My Christmas special has to be ‘Last Christmas’, with runner-up A Christmas Carol, which I particularly like when it becomes apparent that Sardick wasn’t being a complete bastard when he froze Abigail, just trying to stretch out the short run-time she had left.   (I’ve just realised that’s the same theme that Moffatt used for Clara’s end, and Bill’s.   It’s always a tragic theme.   That’s no criticism of Moffatt, he managed to vary the story such that that’s only just now occurred to me.   If it works, use it!    Might as well criticise ‘bigger on the inside’)

    DeathByCocktails @deathbycocktails

    Hello, I’m an entirely new member, in fact I actually only signed up to post this post (though I’ll probably stick around) because something about the Doctor’s accent struck me. I write a lot of fanfic on A03 (DBC_82 if anyone is interested) and I was trying to think of a legitimate reason as to why the Seventh Doctor was Scottish and it got me on to the wider reasoning of the accents of the Doctor.

    I seem to remember reading about a deleted scene where the Tenth Doctor explains he’s imprinted on Rose and that’s why he sounds a bit like her, and by the extension of that why later Doctor’s sound the way they do and it sort of broke my heart. So…

    11 – regenerates alone on the TARDIS and so generally sounds sort of accent neutral but spends the majority of his time with Amy Pond (who obvs is Scottish) to the point where her hallucination/memory is one of the last things he sees before regenerating into Peter Capaldi, who is Scottish! Could it be that memory of Amy was what triggered the change in 12? Anyway…

    12 – spends almost his entire time with Clara who is so significant to him that he’s literally willing to follow her to hell until he forgets her entirely. And then when the Testimony restores his memories of the most important person in that Doctor’s life he then regenerates into a woman!

    Obvs this goes no way towards addressing my original query as to why the Seventh Doctor suddenly adopted a Scottish accent after 953 years but I wanted to share my thoughts even if they’ve probably already been expressed 🙂

    Missy @missy


    I wondered that too, although I enjoyed it – very black – typical Moffat! 👌


    Missy @missy


    Hello there.

    Re: accents. In ROSE, first episode of the new Doctor who series, Rose questions the Doctor’s accent.

    ” If you are an alien, how comes you sound like you’re from the North?”

    To which the Doctor replies:

    ” Lots of planets have a north.”

    So, there you go. *grins*


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @deathbycocktails   Well, I suppose if the Doctor can regenerate into a female, he can just as likely regenerate into a Scotsman?

    (It’s the Scottish Mafia in operation…   Seven, Ten, Twelve, Amy, and the showrunner for series 5-10…)


    Missy @missy


    There are so many that I really enjoyed – the majority being Mr. Moffat’s work -it’s too difficult to itemise.

    However, the one which stands out and is top of my lengthy list, is HEAVEN SENT.

    Superb writing, superb acting, superb musical score and superb direction.


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