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    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip I love a good play ūüôā

    There is some practise in this household of assigning parts during festive occasions and playing.

    P’haps we shall do this!

    thank you,


    Anonymous @


    I saw this particular comment which you referred from a friend and her reviews:

    she‚Äôs pretty harsh on it (she‚Äôs really not a fan of how female characters are generally depicted¬†under Moffat)…

    I think I read something stated by either @pedant or @bluesqueakpip yesterday -perhaps even something @phaseshift wrote wherein “people who think Moffat can’t write for women should re-watch this.”

    Actually, yesterday I was reading 12 pages of the Hell Bent and also Heaven Sent posts. The amount of information proving Moffat writes¬†good parts¬†for women -particularly in this last season – is in the positive column so it’s well worth a scan. Hence the fact that whilst Clara’s actions were considered hubris (if not arrogance) -and that is my own opinion (and those of a few others) her aspirational actions and behaviour¬†meant that instead of dying,¬†she too was given a type of re-generational second chance whereupon she will find herself back on Trap Street in order to avoid¬†a potential collapse of space and time and otherwise fragmenting the universe.

    You know, the rough stuff we deal with pretty much daily  :eye roll:



    Anonymous @

    “The problem I had with series 9‚Äôs hybrid arc was that it changed the reason why the Doctor left Gallifrey…”

    I did not like that either, but you know, I am a little skeptical of that, as he also told the Veil that he knew all about the hybrid but later stated that he did not but was only using that deception to enable him to keep going until he could escape as he had somehow sussed that was what the Time Lords wanted. Hence, I am doubtful of the ability of the Veil to ‘discern’ whether or not the Doctor was telling the truth. The Doctor is a deft dissimulator and the Time Lords and others have underestimated him time-and-time again.

    Missy @missy

    @mersey. No, I haven’t read the Cursed Child, I’m waiting for the book to come out. Scripts don’t interest me.

    @time-lord-alvey. Welcome to the forum. Although I really loved all the Doctors, thr twelth is my favourite.


    janetteB @janetteb

    I was in our local bookshop today picking up a copy of a local history that is hard to find when two women came in asking about the new “Potter” script. Apparently it is sold out entirely. The bookshop owner explained that she had to wait until there is a reprint and the two women then went wandering around expressing great surp0rise about there being books,, in the bookshop. “Oooh there are books in here!!” Remarkable.

    I had to run into another room to avoid laughing in their presence. J,K.Rowling definitely has won over plenty of non-readers. I wonder when she will be arm twisted into writing a script for Dr Who. Trap Street had a distinct Potterish feel to it.




    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @stitchintime That’s true I never thought that the Doctor could lie to the veil but now you’ve brought it up it seems like a good explanation.

    @pingpongpete1 Don’t worry I’m not fed up I’m still genuinely interested to see the photos such a pity it’s so complicated. Why not try adding them on to a post of yours on here, there’s a button that says img above the box you write you’re posts in, that could possibly work?

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros

    @janetteb That’s a great story sounds very funny! I also thought that Trap Street felt very Harry Potter, it reminded me of that alley (can’t remember the name) which I think was Harry Potter’s first experience of the “magic world”, my knowledge of Harry Potter is a bit rusty!

    janetteB @janetteb

    @thedentistofdavros Diagon Alley¬† (I was too lazy to check the spelling before hence my omitting the name. ūüôā



    Mersey @mersey


    Thanks for the answer. This Telegraph article made me laugh but to be fair the script was arvertised as the 8th Harry Potter book so I can understand why so many people feel cheated. But I mentioned it only because it was the reason I decided to read the Cursed Child plot summary. I don’t criticize the play as I haven’t seen it (I don’t agree with the story and for me it has nothing to do with Harry Potter canon so right now I’m not going to see the play as I don’t want to spoil my view on Harry) and the theatre is a completely diferent world. With lights, sounds, colors and scenery even an ordinary and silly story can turn into something spectacular. So Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play can be a really fantastic experiance and I understand the positives reviews. But I think the story is very poor. One prophecy too much, too much time travels and time-turners, too much events, too much past, the most stupid idea that Harry is responsible for the death of Cedric (why not for Snape’s?) and the characters out of the character.

    Oh, and I read the plot summary of Hamlet on Wiki and I think everything is fine with this story.


    I’m afraid that there will be no Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book. It’s only the script of the play and it’s not even written by J.K.Rowling.

    Mersey @mersey

    @bluesqueakpip Shame the wizards didn’t lock the time of the events which led to the Second Wizarding War as the Timelords did. Smart people.

    Missy @missy


    Oh well. In that case I shan’t bother.

    Thanks for the info.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    What I’ve done – because it’s very difficult to discuss this without spoilers – is set up a blog. Rather than make it specifically about HP, I’ve widened it up to a more general blog on the nature of canon, using Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as an example.

    So I will reply to you there. All are welcome (if you’re okay about Harry Potter spoilers), because there’s always plenty to discuss about canon in Doctor Who.

    The first and most important point being: is there any canon in Doctor Who?

    Mersey @mersey

    Can anyone recommend me some interesting but not very depressing audiobooks, radio programs or music (classical)? I’m weaving a gobelin and it’s a very long and sometimes tedious occupation and I have had enough of Harry Potter, Agatha Christie and BBC Radio 4. I feel bored and it influences my creative powers.

    Anonymous @

    I kind of like Mozart.

    There’s some here:

    And, if you don’t like that, there’s other stuff you can access through that site too.


    Anonymous @

    OH, and this looks interesting as well:

    Missy @missy

    So is YouTube @mersey

    On there you can have everything. Plays, stories, and classical music.

    we listened to Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D ¬†minor the other week, superb.

    I’m a regular listener. Also, have you tried requesting books from your library? Audio books I mean.

    The lists seem to be infinite.

    Btw, what is a gobelin?


    Anonymous @

    I get a lot of audio books from the library as well. In fact, I’ve had to make a list to keep track as I’ve gotten so many that sometimes I forget which ones I’ve already listened to.

    Anonymous @


    Son was watching the Olympics from school and texted me that your Canadian lady won a silver medal in the swimming about 30 mins ago?

    Congratulations! The Canadians are always dignified and perfect champions -modest and generous in spirit, I’ve always found. I noticed this in Connecticut where I was introduced to a few mild mannered, gentle Canadians. A little different from some of the pro-Harvard Americans -who I met and with whom I became drinking buddies¬† ūüôā


    Missy @missy


    If you request on line, you can keep track of them in your personal details. Or should be able to.


    Mersey @mersey

    Thanks for the suggestion. A gobelin is a kind of artistic textile made on canvas from linen or cotton warp and woolen or cotton woof. This one below I finished last year.

    Mersey @mersey

    @missy, sorry I didn’t tagged you in the post above.

    Missy @missy


    How unusual. It looks very complicated.

    There is a good story about Walsingham, Elizabeth 1st’s Spy Master, on BBC four Extra.


    todeledo @todeledo

    I found a fanguide for writing gallifreyan music, letters, numbers and more, http://www.shermansplanet.com/gallifreyan It’s great!

    winston @winston

    @mersey  Your work is beautiful.  I am  going to research gobelin because you have piqued my interest. Thank you for sharing your artwork.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Just dropped in from an extended absence, having recently moved to the West Coast of Canada (one of the islands). Most of the stuff is still in boxes, but the Doctor Who collection has been retrieved!

    Reading posts in a sporadic way, I came across the request from @mersey for audio tape suggestions. A personal favourite are the full-cast BBC tapes of gentleman sleuth, Paul Temple, that were originally broadcast in the 1940s and ’50s. Some of the originals were lost, and the BBC have recorded new full-cast adaptations which are pretty good at capturing the period feel.

    What most people remember about the show was the theme music, taken from the piece “Coronation Scot” composed by Vivian Ellis

    Enjoy…both the music and the audio mysteries.

    winston @winston

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Congrats on your move to such a beautiful part of Canada. My daughter lives on Vancouver Island on the wild west coast and it is like a paradise. We love visiting her! Thanks for the music and good luck unpacking. We are having a month long heatwave and drought here in Ontario and I sure wish I was on the cool and rainy west coast.

    janetteB @janetteb

    @blenkinsopthebrave Congrats on the move. Your new home sounds wonderful, a far cry from hot, dusty Australia I’m guessing. Good to hear from you again.





    Anonymous @


    Hello Mr and Mrs Blenkinsop! Congrats on the safe move. Good to see you round and about -we echo @janetteb.

    Also I found this on The Poke which can be funny.¬† from Puro’s Son


    ichabod @ichabod

    I found some DW comics locally and had a look — they gave me, I think, a clearer idea of what the fans who want DW to get back to being “fun” again mean: all action all the time, a bit of wit, nothing much in the way of character exploration or interaction. ¬†Action, action, action, and speed, speed, speed. ¬†About what I thought I’d find. ¬†Superficial and basically static (despite all the diagonals standing for action, and speed) in terms of making an impact. ¬†Still looking for the multi-docs and the cybermen ones, though, which I think were mentioned here as being a bit more ambitious?

    I should probably try Big Finish audios instead, for meantime-filler.  Suggestions, for a fan of AG DW who prefers  character and complexity over non-stop speed/action?


    Anonymous @


    reading your stuff on canon, the hybrid agrees. I think what other members cud do -like Mersey was to say ‘ I think it was rubbish ” and to a great degree explain why. Same with you – you explained ¬†why. I think the reason why puros wanted a holiday a bit was to keep her hair on and to recognise that a few people tend to say things like ‘I disagree’ or ‘ I don’t like it’ without saying why. To me it’s ok to say ‘ up, I don’t like it, it’s not for me’ . It’s not an English class this forum but when I work hard here I generally try to extend my opinions and use evidence to support my conclusion .

    today I’m not like that. ūüôā

    i think mersey was was able really good ¬†evidence for her conclusions. But what I don’t like is when ppl on other forums say ‘you’re wrong’ or that’s not true and then sarcastically add *grins*. That doesn’t happen here much but on other forums ppl get very het up and don’t present moderate, clever arguments. Sometimes perhaps when ppl DO argue correctly they still get in these other discussion sites, also they are really hard to logistically work your way around, only recently did I realise just how easy this site is to search around and see or read what you want.

    thx for the recommend about Leftovers too. Mum didn’t realise you had mentioned it too!

    its awesome and I love it. Mum is ff some naughty bits and the language is very ‘coarse’ but I’m coping!

    thanku, Puros son

    Anonymous @

    Sorry about all the mistakes ichabod . Can’t work out how to go back and correct my mistakes. I have to delete everything -and being home for days with bronchitis as well as lazy I’m not able to back but I will try harder next time to make better sense!

    puros son

    ichabod @ichabod

    @mersey ¬†I really like your gobelin — my kind of color scheme, or a major one of them. ¬†I used to do needlepoint, and often worked with dark, dark blues and purples, with shimmers of pale in white, pale lemon, etc.

    ichabod @ichabod

    puroandson ¬† What mistakes? ¬† If there are some, no biggie — everybody makes ’em, fortunately . . .

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson ¬†“Coarse language” won’t hurt you. ¬†It’s *lies* that do that . . . IMO. ¬† Aaarrgh. ¬†I want more Leftovers NOW. ¬†Grump, growl.

    Well, that gets me nowhere, doesn’t it.

    Missy @missy

    *scrartches head*



    Nice interview with Jenna Coleman (ignore the predictably puerile comments section)

    Missy @missy

    Now I know what “leftovers” means.


    Missy @missy

    Just for fun.

    If there were such a being as a Time Lord called the Doctor, who roamed the Universe in a Tardis, and you had a chance to accompany him for a while – (takes deep breath) -which would you choose.

    The past? The future? Any planet available? All three?


    P.s. Good interview pedant.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @pedant   But the puerile comments section was fun!  Wow, what a flame war over definitions of class, and over having flame wars about class.  I thought Guardian readers were supposed to be *smart* or something . . . Well, apart from venom-crazed DW anti-fans, that is.

    @missy ¬†I’d want to visit planet Earth as far into the future as it would take to get past the Human Period and see what species takes over after us (if any) and how they manage. ¬†Then I’d want to go back far enough to see a bit of the lives of the great prehistoric monument-builders — Stonehenge, that newish discovery in Turkey, Atlantis if there was one. ¬†Other planets would be a later choice — I doubt I’d have any frame of reference to understanding much of what there is to see there anyway, since I expect other species to be much more varied and more difficult to recognize and figure out than actors in rubber suits . . . But eventually, oh yeah, the galaxies way out there — with a Tardis, there’d be time to see a whole lot of it, just using the same week over and over in various locations. ¬†Probably not all though; there is the problem of “infinite in all directions”.

    Anonymous @


    i love that artwork -the Gobelin you have sewn?

    it looks great.

    mumwas watching the zygon 2 parter. She was in a lot of pain meaning an injection but she said “this episode is too depressing! Turn it on to something else”.i think that speaks volumes about how others felt about that episode? How raw and sad it was. There was humour but it was very sad too-in the wrong frame of mind, it could be seen as hopeless, almost.

    @missy yes, the flu like thingy was all over QLD and while I stayed home for a week other kids went to school and gave it to everybody else. I certainly hope you are better, though.

    @winston cats! I like them even though I ‘ve an allergy that mum had to too many cats and patting. My eyes itch. My neighbour didn’t feed her cat well, going on weekends away and leaving it to meow at our door so then it would come over all the time. She was old and died last year. Her name was Amber.

    I like dogs @ichabod but they do scare me. Mum told me the tale of twice bring bitten and explained that dogs don’t need you to put your hand up to be sniffed because they have developed a good sense of smell and giving them your hand can overwhelm them and they don’t like it. How she knows this, I don’t know unless she speaks ‘dog’!

    that should read ‘twice BEING bitten’ but I can’t go back and change it!

    @arbutus I’m writing an analysis of a book called Boy in The Striped PJs. We have to analyse this with respect to the theme being an Outsider but the problem is we must also refer to a poem called First They Came For The Jews and a film about a South African refugee living in London.

    Oddly the analysis has to be all the book, then ALL the film and then ALL the poem which I think is foolish. It’s like 3separate essays when, I would think that all 3 texts should be assessed on the theme together. We’re told to compare and contrast the texts but actually “no, you separate them out” I wonder what @bluesqueakpip would think about that idea?

    i now have to re-write that whole essay without writing “whereas the book states ……., the film suggests…… Or “contrary to the poem, the novel’s use of the theme is …..”.

    i feel very dumb in English now as our previous teacher gave us lots of practise and the current one just talks all lesson giving us no time to write!

    Anyway, I might watch a movie called Bridge of Spies which is supposed to be good.

    thankyou, Puro ‘s Son

    Missy @missy

    Puro ‚Äės Son

    Yes thank you, much better, even the depression has lifted. What made it worse was that I had nothing to be depressed about, thus made me even more depressed about being depressed – as it were. *rolls eyes*


    My choice would be the past. I should, like you, want to see how some things were done. If rumours of  famous or infamous people were true. The formation of Earth.

    The future doesn’t interest me at all, if it had all gone to pot¬†it would upset me,¬†so next would be other planets.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Son of Puro, I agree! I always preferred the “compare and contrast” method, as it always felt more orderly to me. I could move back and forth between the works and make nice clear connections. But then, I sometimes lost marks for being too concise. When I returned to uni after a few years away, I thought I might major in English, but a couple of nice, solid B’s cured me of that idea, and straight back to music it was!¬†¬†¬† ūüôā

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    I too would visit the past first and then go out to space and see all those wonderful planets out there. I’m a bit fearful of the future so would probably avoid it anyway if I go back in time I could save all the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped!

    janetteB @janetteb


    if I go back in time I could save all the missing Doctor Who episodes that were wiped!

    What an excellent suggestion. I have often wished I could do that.

    I would like to go back to Saxon England, just to see how people really lived then maybe check in on early Medieval france, take a peek at Dinosaurs from the safety of the Tardis door of course then head out to space just to take photos. Whatever the future holds it won’t be what we expect and¬† I am not sure how well any of us would cope with the shock of it. At least we have some kind of feel for the past. Also how would seeing the future affect us and what we do, how we approach life? So tempting as a peek into the future might be I think it would probably be best to stick to the slow path.



    Anonymous @


    Perhaps you will go back in time, and that is why the episodes are missing.

    I would probably jump a couple hundred years into the future first.

    TheDentistOfDavros @thedentistofdavros


    Don’t worry if I ever do happen to go back and get them I wouldn’t keep them for myself, I promise!


    Sounds good, perhaps I’d visit the Egyptians and see the pyramids being built or go back to those foggy London streets of the Victorian era!

    Missy @missy

    >@thedentistofdavros:  <I too would visit the past first and then go out to space and see all those wonderful planets out there. I’m a bit fearful of the future so would probably avoid it anyway if I go back in time I could save all the missing Doctor
    <Good thnking, I would do the same.</div>
    My sentiments exactly. I’d want to see if Henry VIII was as big a toerag as he seemed. have a good look at Richard III and see what he really looked like – oh, lots of things.


    Anonymous @


    Haha, okay. Sounds good.

    Also, I would love to go to Victorian London as well.  I have thought about going there when deciding what to request when the Doctor picks me up with his TARDIS, but with my first response of where I would go, I had forgotten.

    Which reminds me of a scary thought I’ve had. ¬†What if I have been the Doctor’s companion, but I forgot like Donna did?

    winston @winston

    @theconsultingdoctor¬†¬† Wow that is profound, how would you know? ¬†If you find out, your mind might burn up or something. For that matter how could any of us know? Oh no……..

    @missy I will admit to being selfish and sentimental so I would want to go to my own past where I could see my own lost loved ones (from a safe distance) as they were when they were young. Imagine seeing your Mom as a 12yr old  or your 18yr old Dad in the navy? Maybe seeing how my great grandparents met, that would be so good. Although maybe I already did those things? Who nose?

    Missy @missy


    Wouldn’t that be exciting. Seeing yourself being born ? No? Well perhaps not.


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