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    wolfweed @wolfweed

    For anyone who thought my caption idea was ingenious & original.

    Craig @craig

    @wolfweed That really did make me laugh out loud 😀 Where do you find this stuff? Excellent!

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift (and his slaves), @blenkinsopthebrave (and Mrs B and the Klingons), @whohar (and his bow ties/fez/oil/everything else that is only suitable for an R rating), and @ everyone else (including @craig of course!) :

    So, y’all are planning next Saturday … but I’m thinking ahead.  We have an enormous amount of future downtime which will of course be filled with theorising until our heads are in danger of exploding, our fish go unwatered in our bathtubs, our bricks go unlayed, and our bathbombs stop fizzing.

    So … is there any hope of meeting up in person?  We’re quite an international crew now, so there will have to be multiple get-togethers in many time zones.  But surely in the break between next Saturday and 23 Nov, there are ample opportunities for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster or two million.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @craig  This is from Doctor Who Weekly Issue 1. The actual link is from here:


    The page shows exactly how he made his dummy/mock up Issue 0# to make sure he’d nailed it.

    I met Dez Skinn a couple of years ago. He got the magazine so right for the time – hence the lingering nostalgia now. It’s all coming Full Circle!

    P.S. – The winning entry was ‘Now don’t forget to smile when we get to the counter, chaps!’

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @wolfweed Haha – don’t know what made me laugh more – the pic or the instructions. Ah – the good old days – when the possibility of a £5 postal order seemed worth the effort of thinking of a caption, finding a postcard, writing it down, adding all the other stuff, including your fav articles that week, finding a stamp, taking it to the letter box… Agh! it’d be next month by the time I got all that sorted out, LOL.

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – ‘if they don’t let me take in the dog, I’m going to have to tie him up to this sign.’

    ‘Mum always did say to wear a scarf if you have to stand outside in the cold.’

    ‘that ruddy foreigner behind me just pinched my bum.  Is this before sexual harassment laws on this planet?’

    ‘so glad I camped out overnight … yay, I’m first in the queue!’

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    That DWW Crazy Caption 1# is probably unbeatable. It’s my screensaver & will take something juicy to replace it.

    Thanks also to @phaseshift for originally suggesting I might contribute to the blog. (Sorry – I let that slide!)

    Just think:  In 1979 Dr Who Magazine was 12p. Today it’s £4.75.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Just think:  In 1979 Dr Who Magazine was 12p. Today it’s £4.75

    So you’d still get 25p back from your £5 postal order  (which would cover the cost of the stamp and the postcard)



    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Wot no UKIP  jokes?

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – Please, no RL in here!  I had quite a few similarly-themed quips; but self-censored because this is a happy sofa where the horridness of real life cannot penetrate.

    (ooh, err, Miss – ‘pen..e..trate’!  We might have to start an X-rated Dalek voice competition.  😉  )

    WhoHar @whohar


    I love the sofa.

    Anonymous @

    @whohar -“I love the sofa.”

    That’s because you’ve stolen all the cushions and have a mirror carefully positioned to check your bowties and fez are fetchingly placed.

    Meanwhile, everyone else is crammed into the other corner, jostling for position with the fish tank castles.  It’s OK that you’re comfortable, but would it hurt you to let some of that duvet slip over to our side?  (Just not the oily bit, ta)

    Thanks 🙂

    WhoHar @whohar


    Apologies, I’ll move over.

    Just not the oily bit, ta

    I think you’ll find that’s Omega-3. Blame the fish.

    thommck @thommck

    @wolfweed Did Tom Baker just walk around with a bunch of Doctor Who cosplay groupies in his down-time? There seems to be so many photos of him with various villains. Imagine all the forms and procedures that the BBC would have to go through today to stage a similar photo!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Just nipping in for a break.

    I saw this and considered linking to it in the Fan creativity thread, but given some of our recent discussion on certain elements of fandom, and what this site is really all about, it may be better here.

    SFX has a blog based on one particular image with a good point to make, and links to similar. This is the main image entitled “You’ll be safe here”.


    Included in the article is a link to the artistes website to download a wallpaper sized copy that lets you dwell on all the background references and attempt to identify them. The article also features another great image mashup that will delight fans of UK genre TV – “The New League”. It’s worth a read.


    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Timeloop @timeloop

    WTH @wolfweed Look at the Doctor..

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @phaseshift – I’m ridiculous.  That image choked me up.

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    @wolfweed I’d watch that.

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift — thanks for the link. That post is worth even for the phrase ‘amazing, infinite toybox’. Loved that.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @phaseshift – Apologies for posting the Dark Mirror Sofa. Nice to see the Iron Giant.

    Anonymous @

    Hallo everyone – by not going to any other site (except the BBC DW site, and not for a couple of days), I’m unaware of how the world is doing on the spoiler front.

    Are we likely to get the promised extra footage?  Or is the bag distinctly cat-less?

    Anonymous @

    @Shazzbot — last time I had a quick look on the torrent sites (strictly for research purposes, you understand) I thought the leaked episode was rather conspicuous by its almost entire absence. (Almost as if this whole thing was an elaborate hoax to boost interest, a cynical person might think.)

    So I think, if things continue in that vein, then we’ll safely see some extra footage on Saturday.

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish – thanks for that.  BTW, I saw on the G blog over the weekend that your favourite TSheep character started a comment with ‘OK, here are the spoilers for the last episode’.  Luckily, my eyes flicked off the page before hitting the next few lines of his comment.

    He was probably just being characteristically, erm, shall we say, ‘truculent’, and had nothing of value to offer, but I still thought that was extremely poor form.  Spoilers are not theories!

    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot Forbes has an interesting article from a social media marketing angle (which is how I found it) which calls the offer of extra footage “a deft jujitsu of marketing brilliance” and believes that

    Word will circulate online for anybody interested in finding it, and the producers will release the special video anyway.


    I think he’s right for all the reasons he gives.

    Anonymous @

    @craig, @jimthefish – see, now this is why I wasn’t as successful in the corporate world as I could have been.  I take things on face value too much.  ‘Someone sent out a bunch of DVDs early?  Massive fail!  Recriminations galore backstage!  What a F***-UP!  Wait for the S Moffat tell-all book!’

    When the real – and in my mind, completely cynical – story probably is:  a very small and manageable number of DVDs were shipped early in a brilliant stealth marketing campaign which calls upon the show’s dedicated fanbase to close ranks to conceal the secret; will raise awareness of the episode amongst the non-fans; and most importantly, in this social-media Brave New World, turns fans from “evangelists into activists who do things for brands beyond ‘liking’ them”.

    Although that article, Craig, is written from the viewpoint that this is a snafu, it persuasively makes all the arguments that this was actually planned from the get-go.  What a let-down.  I feel horribly manipulated; it’s as if the people involved forgot that fans are actual, real people with actual, real love for the programme, and decided to game us all for a bigger TV audience share.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @Shazzbot – I’m sure there’re spoilers out there – depends how hard you look.  You can flick your eyes away from words, but little pics can sear themselves into your brain like cybermites 🙂

    I’m also confident we’ll get the video treat.  It can’t be about there being NOTHING spoilery on the webs cos there’s always something! As @craig‘s article says  it’s about getting the fans onside, reminding the majority that it’s much nicer to watch unspoiled.

    There’s no way they would risk sending the DVDs out early in order to engage this ploy, but being faced with the reality of it, the extra footage strategy is a masterstroke. Dr Who fans are marketing gold 🙂 (Apart from anything else the timing of it distracted from the Bafta award; if you had planned this you would exploit the Baftas first, and on the back of that leak on Monday that the DVDs had gone out early. Or leak it the end of the previous week).

    But there will be spoilers out there, be careful peeps! Avoid daleky sites like the Sun and DM like the plague – they have a bad habit of giving away plot points in the headlines… actually, scrub that – they just have bad habits!

    Talking of the meeja – ironic that the Graun blog is still open this week, when lots of other sites have closed their comments. It closed early last week, on Tuesday if I remember right. Not looking at posts tho; and never you mind about the Sheep Shazzbot, he just likes to stir. I very much doubt he’d post actual spoilers. Others might tho, and possibly in the guise of a theory.

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb and @Shazzbot — worry not about ol Truckles. He was just having a larf. No spoilers in his post. Some of the usual ducks eggs machine stuff in one of his posts though. But I thought discretion the better part of valour this time.

    And, no, I think it was a genuine fuck-up that they’re just taking advantage of now. Although the Bafta stuff was profoundly underwhelming anyway. But it’s just too much of a risk to take and reflects too badly on the commercial arm of BBC America for them to go along with it, I reckon. Although all we’ve really seen on the web are some screenshots of the opening titles and some packshots. That’s very easy to slip out there with no damage being done, except to, as I say, BBC America’s rep.

    I also don’t think that there’s much chance of this footage not being released, even if the entire episode was suddenly mysteriously downloaded to everyone’s hard drive and mobile. I mean, what was the Beeb going to do with the footage anyway. Just keep it for their personal amusement? (Assuming that it’s some kind of specially filmed scene and not a couple of minutes of ‘in the can’ anniversary footage.)

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – The Graun has already apologised multiple times for not keeping threads open beyond the default 3 days.  Whether they do or not doesn’t appear to be a strategy; it’s just a f-up because someone forgot to chant whilst doing the required headstand whilst ordering a flat-white from their unpaid assistant who is a direct relative of one of the editors.

    Oooh, get me, lobbing bricks at the Guardian.  I’d like to believe that it’s as left-leaning as when I arrived on these fair shores, but it’s patently not.  That ‘In Praise of IDS’ leader was the last straw for me.

    BUT ANYWAY!  Enough with the politics, and back to Doctor Who.  In @wolfweed ‘s picture (http://www.thedoctorwhoforum.com/forums/topic/on-the-sofa/page/15/#post-9200) who the heck are the little man and woman between Amy, Clara, and Rose??!

    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot, that’s Martha Jones as Nick Fury, and a scary looking Eleventh as Black Widow 😀

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @jimthefish – well done you btw – impressed 😉

    Agree completely re the vid – could be anything – old footage spliced together, some outtakes, whatever – they know it’s now going to be highly anticipated and will hopefully go viral. They may even have been planning to release something anyway, but this gives it a platform.

    I’d imagine the press dept is also frantically doing deals with/schmoozing major editorial staff and possibly websites along lines of – if you play ball and don’t publish spoilers we’ll give you extra access/vid footage/interviews/photo ops/priority for advance screenings of 50th etc etc    Win-win all round 😉

    Timeloop @timeloop

    @craig LOVED the article, thanks so much for that <3 Planned or not, it was a really smart move on their side which is much appreciated =3

    Timeloop @timeloop

    As for the video I thought it would be something you would normally find on the DVD as an extra

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    Hmmm@craig et all re: Forbes’ canny marketing angle.  Has any of this actually happened or is everyone like us battening down the hatches and hiding behind the sofa?

    I see a flaw in that marketing angle….

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @chickenelly – the battening down the hatches and people NOT interacting is exactly why they wouldn’t come up with the idea of faking the early release story.

    Our mighty mods are on guard and people are clambering back on the sofa again, but watch you don’t stand on the fish (had to give @whohar his bath back for Saturday)

    <thinks – must find teleport system to get on to the sofa – gotta be better than the ramp 🙂 >

    Timeloop @timeloop

    @chickenelly @scaryb We are exactly doing what the article says. Bond togeter and protect ourselves from spoilers. There is even a lock-down on new members os we wont get spoilt. @lula (though without success) blocked tumblr content. I have read some answers on twitter in the style of “dont you dare say anything I want that extra video”

    I would say it worked. AND non-whovians like that author are talking about our reactions and the reaction of the BBC (America)

    Beside the point: I really think “mhm mirrors, clever girl” Is a nod in the direction of people like you guys =D stands out more in rewatch (somebody might have mentioned it before)

    Anonymous @

    I’m a little disappointed (but British enough now not to be thoroughly worried about it) that no-one has responded to my suggestion in comment 9147 ( http://www.thedoctorwhoforum.com/forums/topic/on-the-sofa/page/15/#post-9147)  that there is a wide-open goal for us DWF members to get together in RL  in the interminable time-space between next Saturday and 23 November.

    Izzit cuz we iz not able to make theories unless our handz are on the keybordez?  Can we not make speech with un-upgraded voice boxes?

    I’m in rural North Yorkshire, but can travel (dependent upon bus/train schedules!).  There are now massively various geographic plot-points represented in the user base, which means that several meetings must be arranged.  But surely the Antipodean Contingent (and Qantas Lounge habitues) can organise something;  the GMT crowd could designate a space/time coordinate amenable to locals; and the American contingent can put down their pancakes long enough (! don’t hate me, I used to be one of you!) to organise a fry-up.

    What say ye?

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    @timeloop Beside the point: I really think “mhm mirrors, clever girl” Is a nod in the direction of people like you guys =D stands out more in rewatch (somebody might have mentioned it before)

    Ah ha, thought did enter my head! Then I got paranoid.

    Craig @craig

    @Shazzbot As long as there’s no trouble. Keep us away from Star Wars fans 😀


    chickenelly @chickenelly

    Thanks @craig for that link, it made me laugh out loud.  I particularly like the way that the BBC has set out the typography (I suspect the journalist might be a Star Wars Fan):

    Mr Poole said he was wearing a club top and his fellow member was dressed as the fifth Doctor, as played by Peter Davison.

    He said once inside the hall, he received verbal abuse from a member of the rival club and called the police.

    ‘Sad and pathetic’

    “I was put in a police car. We were both interviewed by the police and told to stay away from each other,” he said.

    Mr Poole said two other members of his club, one dressed as the 10th Doctor and the other as Judge Dredd, had waited outside the venue.

    Craig @craig

    @chickenelly Yeah, I thought that sub-heading was overdoing it a bit too. 🙂

    Craig @craig

    @jimthefish et al BBC America has an article about the guy who did the posters for series 7. Is interesting if you like that sort of thing, as I do.


    Timeloop @timeloop

    @Shazzbot Not too sure. The only thing all of us have in common is Doctor Who.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @wolfweed. Laughed at the picture. Matt looks hilarious. Poor Catherine though. She’s rumoured to have stuggled with her body image in the past. Being cast as the Hulk?

    @ardaraith, don’t worry, I got a bit choked up by the pic as well when I went through it. Glad others enjoyed it.

    Don’t worry @shazzbot, I’m sure no-one is ignoring you, but there is a hell of a big window in the downtime. We’ll still be here with news, speculation, comparing Doctor faces. I struggle to know where I am next week let alone making plans for a months time. I’m hoping there are going to be some regional events closer to the anniversary that some may be interested in.

    Anonymous @

    @craig — thanks for the link. Interesting little interview. And that certainly is a sweet little gig for any fan to get.

    Anonymous @

    oh and @Shazzbot — not averse to a Who forum RL get-together at some point. Could be fun. The logistics of it could be a nightmare though. Maybe more than a few of us will be at the anniversary convention. If so, we could arrange a rendezvous perhaps. However, it’s my experience that arranging these things is often a fruitless task and as @timeloop suggests could end up just in sitting there in awkward silence. (Probably not though as I’ve usually found Who types to be gregarious and amusing company….)

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @craig – Lovely link to the poster designer, comes over as a really nice guy. Wow! Talk about a dream job. AND he gets to see the episodes early. What I want to know is – did he watch all 8 episodes at once?! (Although given that he gets to see the scripts in advance, it’s a bit spoilery!)

    @Shazzbot @jimthefish @timeloop The logistics of a meet-up are of army moving proportions I think, but arranging for something in a Whovian context eg at the convention sounds like a good idea, and maybe more achievable. And there’s a ready made retreat if the reality of our not-12year-old-selves not quite matching the avatars proves too much LOL!


    ScaryB @scaryb

    @craig @chickenelly

    Those storm troopers cause trouble wherever they go! But what I want to know is what Judge Dredd was doing – should he not have been stepping in to sort it out (I am the law and all that)? 😉 (And yes, a bit of mean spirited article)

    ScaryB @scaryb


    I’ve usually found Who types to be gregarious and amusing company….

    Truckles… asgill…???!


    Timeloop @timeloop

    @scaryb Yeah, he got them send per email. It’s in the article

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