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    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    Well you learn something new every day – thank you @ardaraith !

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    I reckon they asked him to use that to cover up the hints of scottish-ness he couldn’t reign in, but I still think they kept escaping

    There is a rumour that RTD had a running gag going with Tennant  – where he’d make sure to script precisely those words  most likely to reveal Tennant’s native Scots.

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    OK a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a few days: It’s implied that some great secret of the Doc is about to be revealed. My question is, not what do you think it will be, be what do you want it to be?

    Some options are:

    He’s the Other

    He’s Rasillon

    He’s Omega

    He’s a TL master criminal on the run who killed the original Doctor and used his identity to flee Gallifrey as a harmless Type40 joyrider, and subsequently devoted his life to penance for his crimes

    He’s another TL who was standing next to the Doctor when he was killed during the Time War, and subsequently took over his life at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency (uh – wait a minute …)

    He’s guilty of genocide

    He’s guilty of genocide, but it included One Direction so it’s OK

    He’s actually God and now requires JLC to complete some arbitary task in order to be able to “leap” into to the next episode. For some reason, she will never say, “You know what, fuck it, I’ll stay here”

    JLC is actually his father and the Master is his twin sister

    The doctor stole the hand of omega and silver nemesis and went on the run. Everything since then has just been him putting everyone off the scent

    The doctor is his own mother

    Everything so far in the Doctors life has actually been a convoluted set up for the most complex practical joke of all time. We’re just 3 more episodes away from finally getting the Emperor Dalek to put an ink covered telescope up to its single eye-stalk.

    OK I was getting a bit silly, please don’t feel to be as purile as I am. Just tell me what you want, what you really want. No, tell me what you want, what you really, really want


    Whisht @whisht

    @haveyoufedthefish – if it isn’t a dalek giving themselves a black(stalk)eye then the universe is a far far colder place than it was yesterday.

    you’re having rather a good evening methinks!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    He’s Rasillon…… Omega

    Either of those would be splendid.

    Can you imagine it:

    River: “The time has come Doctor….. tell us your name!”
    Doc: “It’s…….”(endless dramatic pause, the sounds of Murray Gold swelling in the background)”….Rassilon/Omega*!”
    River: “What, you mean your the reincarnation of one of the living embodiments of the noble TimeLord society!”
    Doc: “What!? No – my mother was a Fan. You know, like all those boys in the 60s who got John, Paul or George as a name. Girls called Kylie. Uuuurgggh. It was bloody embarrassing at the Academy, I can tell you!”


    *Delete as applicable.

    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift — I would pay good money to see that…

    And having just watched Masterchef tonight (don’t ask, it was just ‘on’, OK?) if they bring back the Master, Marcus Wareing has to get the part…

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Can I just make an announcement? It’s no good you shoals of fish nibbling my toes, I am not going to become “Phasefish” to humour you. Sorry. 🙂

    Whisht @whisht

    I’m with you @phaseshift.

    Don’t weaken.

    Whishtfish would also lead to more spittle than “HTPBDT” (or “Huhtuh-ber-tuh-bra..” as it goes in my head…)

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @phaseshift – also sticking with the ‘blue, squeaky and small’ mammalian group. We will not be assimilated! 😀

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @phaseshift @whisht @bluesqueakpip lol 🙂

    <releases fish nanobots into the water and swims away sneakily>

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @whisht Whishtfish <LOL! splutters> Ditto at Phasefish etc…

    <hastily hands out nanobot-resisting bracelets to counteract @juniperfish‘s sneaky plan>

    (ScaryBassfish – I think NOT 😉  )

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @htpbdet Speedy recovery wishes from me too. Hope you’re out in time for JttCotT (If not, a quick reversal of the neutron flow of the big machine that goes BeeP beside your bed should adapt it to receive incoming TV signals)

    WhoHar @whohar

    @phaseshift @bluesqueakpip @scaryb

    Over on the G blog a while back, someone suggested I change my name to WhoHalibut. The nerve of some people.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    We could all agree to all change Grauniad login names to fishy adaptations for a week. See if anyone notices hehe. And before the fishy clan gets too excited, it’s just for a 1-off!  And more than you deserve after @juniperfish‘s dastardly nanobot plan. Just watch it or I’ll pull the plug out! (All this water’s not doing the carpet any good)

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @scaryb – BlueFinPip?

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @ScaryBassfish and @BlueFinPip  – Needless to say I love this plan 🙂 Fish-dalekisation ahoy

    WhoHar @whohar


    We’ll take up @scaryb ‘s suggestion but all you fishy types have to take the “fish” out of your names and replace it with, oh I don’t know, say “chips”. Seems fair don’t you think?

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    …Hmmm *thinks* Fishenelly not quite as snappy as Chickenelly….

    Besides, unlike here, I don’t think the Grauniad lets you change your name.  You might have to open another account.

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @scaryb @whohar – I’m happy to change my Guardian handle to HaveYouFedTheTrolls … actually 100% more apt …

    Galactus @galactus

    Hello all! Well, have spent most of the week reading through various parts of the Forum. Blimey, I thought I pondered about Who a lot. Now I feel like I’ve been slacking off and must try harder.

    Could I ask a really stupid question? How do you do the @username with the embedded link to their profile business? I’m afraid I’ve been rather mollycoddled by the Guardian comments system. I’m going to try it in the next line but suspect there’s a really easy way I’m just not getting.

    Anyway, @jimthefish, on the subject of Masterchef I’ve thought for a while that Michelle Roux Jr looks like the very epitome of a Who villain. He looks like he should be dressed head to toe in black, having just sold his people into slavery in a misguided deal with the Daleks.

    Galactus @galactus

    Oh, that seemed to work.

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @galactus – the link… Or selling your people into slavery in a misguided deal with the daleks?

    If the latter, make sure you keep the receipt, there’re right buggers when in comes to returns…

    Bobbyfat @bobbyfat

    i was enjoying @haveyoufedthefish ‘s summary when i made a fateful misreading, i thought he was talking about JLS, not JLC. suddenly it all made sense.

    JLS split up and have their memories wiped and are spread across the Whoniverse disguised as Claras to make sure they can never reform. Current Clara is subject to a cleansing dose of 80s Nu (Who) Romantics (ultravox, Duran Duran) just to be sure. Their mission is to destroy the Master (currently incarnated as Simon Cowell) and to ensure the genocide of One Direction cannot be reversed, however fast and loose the Moff plays with the laws of physics.

    We have met 3 of the 4 JLS Claras. no 4 is hiding out with JS Bach in Leipzig armed only with the 2 nd Doctor’s recorder.

    Music really is the key to this series.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Huzzah for the weekend!

    I would just like to thank those for their support over my stance. @juniperfish and her fishy wiles and nano-bots shall not sway me!


    Thanks for setting up the blog. Have a good trip. May your accomodation be blessed with BBC America, large HD TV and mini-bar paid for by the client. (I believe this to be an old Shakri blessing).

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    You seem to have the hang of the @ thing fine. There may be a couple of exceptions though. The one known as @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan may only be summoned through the magic incantation “@pedant“. It keeps us on our toes, if nothing else.

    I’m glad you’ve read the threads, but don’t be intimidated by their content. We started out a happy few after “The Snowmen” blog finished on the Guardian, and have had nearly four months to generate this amount of rambling, memories, ideas, etc. Just dive in if you want to contribute to any open forum (or even suggest something you think isn’t covered).

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @chickenelly (almost reincarnated as @fishynelly)

    You’re right – you can’t temporarily change your ID name on the G blog. It’s a full regeneration or nothing! So – WE SHALL RESIST THE FISH! <checks the batteries in the anti-nanobot bracelets>

    Just wondering if @whohar will donate his magical bigger-on-the-inside superbath to the forum for the next week or 2 – the fish could speculate in luxury surroundings from there and the rest us won’t need to wear our wellies for the trip to the (floating, anti-grav) sofa ;-)

    @craig – have a great trip and ditto re @phaseshift‘s blessing (and will only add free WiFi to the list so you can teleport back in here). We’ll try not to wind up the mods too much while you’re away, hehe

    WhoHar @whohar


    Happy to donate said bath – free, gratis and for nothing. The problem – at this late stage in proceedings – is the time it takes to fill the bloomin thing.

    Zaphod @zaphod

    Hello guys, I’ve been lurking in these corridors for the past few weeks. I came here guided by cryptic messages on the Guardian Doctor Who pages (where I’ve been lurking for aeons). I just wanted to thank you all for this wonderful space  you have all created.

    I came to Doctor Who via a Douglas Adams childhood, so I’m only really acquainted with post 2005 Who. This is one of the most non-judgemental spaces I’ve found to discuss the show. I love all your theories and you’ve got me watching the current season over and over again looking for clues.

    Nothing more concrete to add to the conversation right now, just wanted to say hello!



    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Awww Hello @zaphod I just love it when new folk drop by the sofa for a bit.


    If you’re hungry you’ll probably find a packet of jammy dodgers stuffed down the side if you look hard enough.

    Glad to see you’ve been converted to bonkers theorising. Happy clue hunting in tonight’s ep! We’ll be here for speculating and gesticulating after.

    Whisht @whisht

    hey @zaphod – Completely agree – this is a lovely space.

    (say it quietly, but I think I love the theorising more than watching the show!!).


    Can’t wait to hear your first bonkers theory (or musical memory – yep, there’s threads on all sorts here!)

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Welcome @zaphod – That’s a smashing avatar you’re sporting!

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really looking forward to the episode tonight.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    I’ll apologise to @juniperfish and thank @whisht for the conversation on the music thread. I noticed last thing last night that the link you were using was defunct J’Fish, but thought I’d post today.

    A general question:

    would it be useful to have a Q&A post or blog on some of the features on the site? How to use the Personal message fuction, using images and video, etc. We could use it to link to other resources For example, If you’ve wondered what “smilies” are available and the text you use to apply them you can find them here. That kind of thing.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    <waves @zaphod – welcome!>

    <hi-fives (hi-fns?) @juniperfish for pushing the sofa idea in the first place>

    <turns on the ornately carved golden bath taps on @whohar‘s bath to be ready for the fish tonight>

    <runs round the sofa 5 times in excitement. (trips over the empty wine bottle we left here the other night)>

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Re Q&A/FAQs – I think that’s a great idea – could handle all the stuff re etiquette like spoilers etc, without turning it into a set of rules.

    And thanks for link to the smilies – I was wondering how you did the Ooops one the other day (Ha! that’s prob’ly the one I need most 😕 )


    @galactus @PhaseShift

    Indeed – I originally registered with something like my Grauniad handle, but then realised that is was essential to make a stand against the piscean hegemony.


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Oh – I just looked at http://www.doctorwhonews.net/ (which is good for DVD releases and other announcements) and noticed in the sidebar that today sees the 27th Birthday of Jenna Louise, and 50th Birthday of Russel T. Happy Birthday to them.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @phaseshift @bluesqueakpip

    27? AND 50!!

    A coincidence?? I think NOT!!
    <goes to lie down for a while in case brain explodes before 6.30pm 🙂 >

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @pedant Lol at fish hegemony.

     Aiming for fish-tocracy 🙂

    @scaryb – I think you mean @phaseshift in his incarnation as @ShamelessMarketingWhore-fish 🙂  

    Right, over and out ’til post-ep

    xx @Juniperchips

    Whisht @whisht

    the scary thing is….. I’m piscean, so @juniperfish‘s avatar has an odd effect on me…

    [snaps out of it]

    darn – I think the fish have an equivalent to the telepathic pathweb.



    a fishnet

    Anonymous @

    OK, so my Shirley Jackson echoes in Hide were shot down in flames (in that no-one commented on them).

    So, I’ll brave another pop-culture reference which maybe S Moffat is incorporating in the Clara story.  I’ve been re-watching some Talking Heads on utube and these lines from ‘And She Was’ stuck out at me:

    ‘The world was moving … she was flung above it’

    ‘She isn’t sure about what she’s done’

    ‘No time to think about what to tell him, no time to think about what she’s done’

    ‘And she was looking at herself – and things were looking like a movie — She has a present elevation – she’s moving out in all directions’

    ‘Joining the world of missing persons and she was … missing enough to feel alright and she was!’

    Can’t watch tonight’s episode on iPlayer until live broadcast is over but will join in the fun later.  Meanwhile, I like to think that S Moffat is a Talking Heads fan (or at least, has absorbed them into his tasty stew of every reference known to mankind along with 5 decades of Who lore).


    Anonymous @

    @zaphod – I too am an ex-Guardian lurker (and toe-dipper in commenting there and here) and a Dr Who watcher only since the reboot.  And relative to your moniker, I’m re-reading the H2G2 ‘trilogy’ and have been thinking about parallels between denizens of Krikket and the Daleks.  They both are single-mindedly bent on destroying everything that isn’t ‘them’ (although the Krikketers are supposedly a very polite, cultured etc etc race so there the analogy stops).


    Zaphod @zaphod

    @shazzbot – I think Life, the Universe and Everything is a re-fashioned Doctor Who script. I have no idea if I read that somewhere or imagined it myself. Daleks are quite polite too, and always tell you what they are going to do prior to doing it.  I don’t think they had any interest in organised physical activities, or had a planet with no night sky so yes the analogy is a might be a bit thin but it makes re-reading the book a lot of fun!

    On the other hand, aren’t Zaphod and Ford Prefect just a mish mash of the Doctor and Master? Zaphod steals a ship to go see the universe and impress girls and Ford hitchhikes around.  They both have companions they semi-kidnap. And they knew each other as kids/are related/got up to funny business in school!

    Maybe the Doctor’s name is just something like Ix (Betelguese 6 for The boy who cannot pronounce his own name and cannot adequately explain why a H’rung collapsed on Betelguese 5)  and he no longer remembers because he could’nt pronounce it in the first place.

    I’m very shy so thanks all for the welcome!

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @zaphod and @Shazzbot and any other lurkers/ ex-lurkers, don’t be shy! We’re a charming shoal of speculators here – the more the merrier!  

    Ok, as you might have noticed, shyness is a bit of a foreign concept to me 🙂 at least when it comes to bonkers theorising.

    But seriously, I see we have quite a few new members, so a very warm, fishy and all other kinds of welcome to one and all.

    There is, in particular, a moniker I actually rubbed a magic lantern and wished for, whom I will enjoy very much seeing “on the sofa”… Yes, I’m looking at you @holymackerel 🙂

    Clan fish welcomes you! @jimthefish @pufferfish @tiddler @haveyoufedthefish @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan aka @pedant (because honestly, who are you kidding…) @branfish – our numbers grow… we are legion…


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Not to forget @hfish @dislikesswimmingalone and there is also an @fishfingersandcustard 🙂

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @juniperfish, did someone actually register Holy Mackeral? It’s one of my favorite phrases, glad to see it here 🙂

    Galactus @galactus

    @zaphod You’re quite correct. Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen was a script proposed by Douglas Adams but rejected in the late Seventies. In that version, the Krikkitmen had been stuck in a temporal prison by the Timelords.

    Anonymous @

    Having read the Guardian site I headed over here. however I got diverted to the Telegraph…and I stumbled over THEIR Dr Who review page. The comments are brilliant, if unintentionally so!!!!!! Apparently getting “rid of left wing politics” in the series has met with approval. They are all trying to be so grown up and condescending that they frequently vanish up their own arses. From now on I will be enjoying the occasional sneaky glance at the reviews, and the comments.

    Anonymous @

    @northumbria — The Telegraph blog is always worth a visit, if only to see how many times the word ‘hokum’ is used and to see just how many of the posters are still banging on about the ‘gay agenda’. I expect a resurgence of that next week with the return of Vastra and Jenny…

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @northumbria Well Clara’s Dad had a right go at the Govt in an off-camera phone call to her in TBoSJ, so maybe they missed a trick?

    The last time Jenny and Vastra were on-screen I too happened upon the paper in question and there were numerous complaints about “the gay agenda”. As an adoring fan of Jenny and Vastra I’m not sure I can stomach it, but good luck with your entertainment sir!

    Welcome to @timeloop and @Fulcanelli who have recently made their virgin posts!

    WhoHar @whohar


    There was one poster on there who used to unfavourably review each ep and then always end the post with “it was much better when the gays were in charge”.

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