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    ichabod @ichabod

    @davidwho  — Oh, I don’t forget the eyebrows!  I treasure the memory.  Thanks for congrats on making it to 82 — I forget about it a lot of the time, but then I have to get up and walk somewhere . . . and boy, do I remember!  The Doctor is very old; I can relate!

    @mudlark — thanks for the reminder about birthdays!  Libras are the best, especially with a little touch of Scorpio, for passion and depth, don’t you think?  Do hang in there, because better days may be coming once this dreary little glitch is over and done with.

    @missy — What, you’re OLDER than ancient me?!  I’m all affronted and stuff!  I’m still hoping for a female Doctor written by a decent writer, which could make all the difference.  She could be a mature woman of authority and warmth, or a ditzy young thing “afflicted” by crying jags and fits of rage she can’t account for at first (all those past  losses), or a Druidic crone like Granny Weatherwax, or anything else — just not this gibbering hysteric we’re stuck with at the moment.  We’ve had a worst choice now, so, time for a better one — male or female or androgynous or what not — but with seriously bright and devoted writers, please please please.

    Though my heart belongs to CapDoc, come what may.  I got the Doctor I needed, right when I needed him most; as many fans before me have said of the many different Doctors.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Wow, this thread is full of – old people! Yet you all seem perfectly normal to me. 🙂 Gives me hope for the future. In case anyone was wondering, I’m 74 and I’ve got used to being prehistoric compared with most people I meet. I can remember steam railway engines that weren’t actually preserved.

    @ichabod, I do agree with you about the Doctor. Capaldi was the best ever, both the acting and the writing, I just can’t imagine anyone doing the Doctor better than he did. Which is not to say that a different Doctor couldn’t be good.
    As for a female Doctor, I was quite open to the idea, but I’m afraid JW, as written by Chibnall, very isn’t it. Oh, and with a Tardis that didn’t look like a neolithic sex toy.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @dentarthurdent   “A neolithic sex toy” — PERFECT!  I hate that bloody mess of a Tardis with quite a few fibers of my being.

    And *I* can remember, as a little girl living on Manhattan’s very un-gentrified West Side in the forties, burly men carrying enormous blocks of ice up the stairs of tenements for people to put in their ice-boxes; and the guy with the horse-drawn wagon that clopped slowly down the street while the driver called, “We buy old clothes!”

    Capaldi was the only Doctor who convinced me that he was an ancient alien who remembered every loss he’d ever suffered, but still cracked jokes and broke the fourth wall with cheerful aplomb.  Damn, I miss him — BUT it’s undeniable, I think, that he and Moffat completed his story with admirable flair — and it was over, done and dusted and reverberant for a long time to come, for some of us.

    Damned good thing, too, since we have to wait through a couple of years for a true regeneration!  I plan not to get sick at all in the meantime, or mislay any more of my marbles than have already escaped.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @ichabod    We’ll make a pact then – we’ll survive to see RTD’s new Doctor.    And anyone who breaks it – will never see the next Doctor.   How’s that for an incentive?   😉

    Meanwhile, I can’t help feeling that modern times (particularly with the Internet) are far kinder to lovers of fiction than our young days.   If I miss something the Doctor said, I can just back up the DVD.   Or check the transcript on Chrissie’s site.   And if I want to know who the actor was who played, say, Tasha Lem of the Papal Mainframe,  I can go to and search for the episode synopsis.    And I can discuss it all with like-minded fans in a forum like this.

    (And the same goes for music.   I’ve rediscovered all the musicians I would have liked in the 60s – 80s, if only I had heard more of them, but all I could catch was snatches on radio stations (buried under tons of DJ babble), or spending too much time and money in record stores.   And now I can find them on Youtube, including songs of theirs I never heard before.)



    But, We have already had the best female Doctor ever! With all the aforementioned qualities you just stated.

    It’s Joanna Lumley! She even had the best Sonic Screwdriver ever made by any Gallifreyan.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @davidwho — She must be awfully old by now; like most of us . . . !  But yeah, she did a nifty job.  Thanks for the reminder.

    @dentarthurdent  — Yes, yes, a pact!  No dying til RTD is back in the saddle and DW takes off again like the wobbly, wild-eyed rocket it’s always been, at its best.  And yes on music, too.  I have somewhat, ah, odd-ish tastes and very little education in pop/folk/indie, so I get to find all kinds of surprises when I go meandering on iTunes.  So much goodly stuff out there!  One could die of a surfeit.

    But — NO!  The Sacred PACT overrides all.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @ichabod  (I wrote a reply and it sank without trace, try again)    I never did iTunes, but Youtube is marvellous for rediscovering 60s – 80s bands that I could never keep up with before.   For example I just discovered a ton of Mark Knopfler post-Dire Straits.  (Mention of a ‘surfeit’ – I decided to find the best version of his ‘Piper to the End’ to put on my pocket MP3 player – a rash idea, he’s been playing it at concerts since 2010, I now have 57 (yes 57) versions on my hard drive.   Fortunately for me selection is made easier by those audience members who think their cheers and whistles improve the performance.     I have no idea how many versions of Dave Gilmour’s Comfortably Numb there are out there.)

    But the pact – I feel revitalised already!    Oh, and Remembrance of the Daleks  DVD arrived in the post today, with extras like a commentary by McCoy and Sophie Aldred, and another disk on Davros – doubtless it was felt safer to confine Davros to his own disk.

    Missy @missy


    Only by a year – my dear. *grins*  No, I am single minded  ( or bloody minded) about this, the next Doctor must be a male.

    Always has been and should stay that way. To hell with regeneration excuses.


    From the odd glimpse I’ve had of the Tardis, I couldn’t agree more.  MS and PC had the best Tardis.



    ichabod @ichabod

    @missy — Hell, the inside of MY Tardis looks better than all that melty wax with lights inside — and I don’t even have a Tardis!

    @dentarthurdent — 57 of anything is a bit much for me — I’m trying to clear out tons of detritus (lived in this house since 1992, so you probably imagine; sort of.  Why isn’t the Tardis chock full of space knicknaks from all those centuries?  Does it tidy itself up?  Send paper bags full of old books and clothes and lamps to Goodwill?

    winston @winston

    @ichabod I am imagining that if my house was bigger on the inside that I would have room for 41 years of stuff. It is not! Maybe the Tardis has a giant storage room and plenty of closet and cupboard space to hide all the things that have accumulated over so many years.  I do not! I can easily imagine how much stuff you have to clear out as I have been doing the same, but very slowly, over the past year.

    Maybe the Doctor uses the Tardis to to go back and leave the stuff where it was in the first place. The Doctor doesn’t have 3 kids (or does he?) leaving a box or two at Moms for just a little while never to pick it back up again.Either way you and I don’t have a Tardis so we must sort it out ,box it up and find a home for it. Doing that is like traveling back through or own time line, revisiting the past by looking at the stuff we found important enough to keep all these years. Like cuppa soup.

    Stay safe



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @ichabod – (I don’t know why but I’m having trouble postuing this. It seems to sink without a trace) – what a coincidence. I’m a born hoarder (I still have a couple of cartons somewhere in a dark cupboard that haven’t been unpacked since we moved in in 1984). Just recently I’ve been making desperate but futile attempts to reclaim some floor space in my ‘den’ downstairs so I can actually see patches of carpet. I have an estimated 1500 books. I’ve just sorted out about 200 of them to dispose of so hopefully all my books can now fit on bookshelves instead of piles on the floor.

    I also had about 500 VHS tapes – which became totally obsolete with the progress of DVD. Getting rid of them was painful. At least the books have, potentially, a future use. (Of course I had plans to transcribe them all to DVD and of course I never found the time).

    My computer storage is a bit different. I have gigabytes of files but at least they occupy minimal physical space. Actually, I’m currently shifting all my recent files from my Thinkpad T520 “Marga” to my L440 “Clara” because the T520 has proved reluctant to start for the last couple of days – I’ll try and diagnose it but I’m being cautious.

    The 57 copies of ‘Piper to the End’, now, are a bit different – after I’ve figured out the best couple of versions, I can just delete all the rest and painlessly recycle the electrons 🙂

    The Tardis probably just archives everything – or sends it to the Library. (I’m trying to work in a reference to L-space, Terry Pratchett’s librarious phenomenon. “L-space was a mystical dimension connecting all libraries that allowed time-travel, and was only accessible by the most senior Librarians. It supposedly contains all books that have been, are, will be, or even <i> could</i> be.” (From I could use a bit of that.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston    Don’t I know the feeling!   Every pile of paper I try to dispose of is full of significance for me.   To quote a tagline I once saw, “Nobody who can read is ever successful in cleaning out an attic”

    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent   We had hundreds of VHS tapes also and I got rid of most of them.Some were movies that I couldn’t give up but our VCR still works so I can still watch them. As for books I also have way too many so I cleared out all but my faves and books that belonged right back to my great great grandparents that are treasures. I have many of their old school books and gifts with wonderful inscriptions from loved ones long gone. I learned that my great grandmas nickname was Chumley and that my great great grandma practiced her signature over and over in the back of a schoolbook  like most of us do when we are young and bored. Lovely to have but they do take up lots of shelves.

    Then there is my Doctor Who collection that has a cabinet all to itself and is going nowhere.

    Stay safe


    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent, @winston and @ichabod. Same problem. We moved here in 1995. (have just finished paying mortgage and now finally own the house outright..). We did have to pack up and move out for a year. That was interesting. The packers had to call in reinforcements. They had never seen so much stuff. We are a family of hoarders, and now we have two extra people living in the house it is beginning to feel as though we are trying to cram the interior of the Tardis into a standard London police box without the aid of Gallifreayan engineering.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    So that’s a sample of four Whovians who also have too much stuff.   I wonder if that indicates some correlation between Who fandom and hoarding?

    By the way, it’s a marvellous feeling when the house is finally paid off.   All of a sudden you’re rich!   (Or at least, have a bit of spare cash left over after paying the bills…)      I’m not sure I’d trust anyone else to pack everything if I had to move.   But then, if we did move, it would probably be to a smaller house so I’d have to really  grit my teeth and get rid of a lot of stuff.   To be honest,  my current struggle with the piles of … stuff…  is partly prompted by my conscience – if I dropped dead or went gaga tomorrow, Mrs D would be financially okay, *but* the thought of her trying to deal with mountains of my junk is too painful for me to contemplate…


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston   I still have a working VCR – probably two, but the likelihood of me finding time to watch old VHS movies is minimal (given that DVD’s are much better picture quality and more convenient and often have extras, and then there’s the Internet and books to gobble up my time).   I haven’t graduated to Blu-ray yet, I might get a player (“too many things” my conscience mutters darkly) just in case I spot something interesting on blu-ray in my rambles round charity shops…

    janetteB @janetteb

    @dentarthurdent After seeing what my brother had to deal with when my mother died i do try and remind myself that one day our sons will have to deal with what we leave behind.

    Our nephew has started collecting videos. We have already donated most of ours but I really should look through what is left before Christmas. Most of our film/tv collection is on hard drives but after a couple of catastrophic hard drive failures I have started to buy the odd DVD just as back up.

    Meanwhile I have to make room for the Christmas trees.



    ScaryB @scaryb

    Ah… clutter! I have a Tardis-full… and I don’t have a Tardis!! (Interesting posts about what does the Doctor do with their clutter 😉 )

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    Hard drive failures are an alarming prospect.   Right at this moment I’m copying all the files off my T520 ‘Marga’ to my L440 ‘Clara’ which will forthwith become my primary laptop – this is because Marga was reluctant to start a week ago, and flat out refused a few days ago.   Eventually got it started using a trick I found on the Internet – pull the battery, hit the start button a dozen times, replace battery and try again – and unlikely as it sounds, it worked on the third try.   But Marga won’t be switched off until all files are copied.   Although, from the symptoms, it isn’t a hard drive fault, so if I had to I could take the drive out and hook it up with a USB adapter lead to Clara.

    I have a big old tower case server downstairs with four hard drives in it and all my important data is copied to at least two separate hard drives, though on a fairly disorganised random basis.   Of course conventional wisdom is to set up a RAID array or have a preset backup regime but I’m just not that organised.    My old photos are mostly on a stack of DVDs – you can fit a lot of photos on one DVD, quite cheaply.   But DVDs apparently don’t last forever.    Probably outlast me, though   🙂


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