• @winston

    Thank you for the warm embrace and kind words. Double the amount of thanks for mentioning those.

    Those are the little moments I had absolutely forgotten about. Now that you mention it, I absolutely want to embiggen my list by tenfold! 😛

  • Hi,

    David Bonanz here…


    Wholesome Who: Moments in Time

    Doctor Who is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows on Earth. Probably one of the only shows in Television history, where even the weirdest ideas are canonical and mainstream, which is what I love about it. Sure, it has its wibbly-wobbly moments. But there are some moments that you just…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    But, We have already had the best female Doctor ever! With all the aforementioned qualities you just stated.

    It’s Joanna Lumley! She even had the best Sonic Screwdriver ever made by any Gallifreyan.

  • @missy

    Thanks for the reception

    I personally do not feel that the new series and methodology has taken that much of a turn to be a different kind of travesty for sure. That is one thing I like about Whoniverse the most; the long-running legacy and the fact that one completes and complements the other. Both classic and new Who. Both have their…[Read more]

  • @ichabod A very belated but well deserved wishes on passing your 82nd. May the god above bless you with more and better years to come…

    We all miss 12th. However, you forgot the best stuff about him: attack brows! 😉

  • @dentarthurdent Our generation was different. We started everything from the newer versions, and then moved back. Ultraman and Goji series, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars trilogies. Even something simpler like the Seinfeld series!

    But with Doctor Who, it never felt out of touch to see the classics later. It just got more interesting.

  • A bit out of topic from what everyone is discussing, but does anybody know where to mail DW fan letters or fanart to?

    dwm@panini.co.uk – The official Doctor Who Magazine letters page is not working. My simple artworks are getting blocked, along with the whole mail.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @jimthefish

    I have heard about that novelization. Turns out they ALL get out of the Tardis in that one. You are right; that is going to make things even more wibbly-wobbly!

    Kudos on the choice of your username though…..

  • So I have had lingering doubts about The Day of the Doctor for a very long time.

    How come the Doctor never remembers trying to save Gallifrey, if all his previous versions were there together? It was always theorized and kind of surmised that maybe the Tardises did the calculations and the all the saving; and all incarnations of the Doctor were…[Read more]

  • @dentarthurdent

    You are gonna love the Capaldi era even more in the years to come. I have watched it so many times. Not spoiling anything, since it has been out for so many years, but you are going to love him in the last few episodes. With his long coat and big hair. A perfect combo between 3, 4 and 1 IMO.

  • Talking about my favorite Doctor, the 12th, there is something I want to put out there into the world. Just a random thought.

    I feel that most of the Whovian fandom I see online, while discussing the Doctor and his name take it for granted that 11 had the only chance to tell River his name in The Wedding of River Song.  12th spent decades with…[Read more]

  • Hello, David.B here. Just dropped in today and warmed up a spot on the sofa. This seems like a topic as good as any to start. For years the 4th Doctor Tom Baker, and the 10th have been my go-to Doctors from new and Classic series. Not that they still aren’t. I have a place reserved for them in a small pocket dimension, in my heart. Archived.

    But…[Read more]

  • Hi! Just Popping in to say hello. New member here. David.B from Montreal. Hotelier; Junior Service Associate and Food Management Associate at Co-working Space. A hardcore sci-fi enthusiast, tattoo and mini-comic strip artist. I also try making fan-fiction of Doctor Who, based on Prose and Audio sources. A major fan of Whoniverse since 2008. Then…[Read more]

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