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    lisa @lisa

    I wonder if they will ever bring up the concept of the birth Looms in new Who.
    Then at least I wouldn’t be having to wonder about the Mother/Father aspects.

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    I am guessing Missy helps save some of the hybrid Dalek / Time Lords for her own purposes. After all Missy was experimenting all episode long to hack the Daleks. But there will be another hybrid that might fulfill the prophecy of great destruction: human / Time Lord hybrids. Of course River Song already is one, a good hybrid, but she was born of love. As this episode has shown, hybrids can also be born of hatred.

    Once again Skaro is devastated. Full fledged in the open Dalek and Time Lord civilizations cannot coexist now at the same time. Gallifrey may stand but it as a painting on a wall, forever cut off from the image being part of this universe’s reality. Another way must be found for the Time Lords to try and return.

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    Missy was sharpening a stick, Missy is trying to sharpen Clara’s mind for these adventures. This is like the Danger Room of X-Men Comics without the safeguards. If nothing else that might be the edge to save the Doctor’s life.

    Missy @missy

    I really enjoyed this and laughed most of the time. PC certainly knows how to deliver a line.

    The ‘mercy’ thing was interesting, because a Dalek asks for ‘mercy’ of River Song in the “Big Bang.

    Loved Missy’s line “Every miner has a canary.”

    I gather that mercy and exterminate came from the Doctor originally.


    Missy @missy

    @bluesqueakpip – Sorry, too many posts to read, so didn’t see yours. Knew I wouldn’t be the only one who picked this.


    Anonymous @

    Hi @missy

    Yes it is possible that exterminate and mercy came from the Doctor now.  I posted a multiple time line explanation on wrong thread 😳

    I think before TWF episode the Daleks got the words from somewhere else, but now they got them from the Doctor.  I don’t really know why it matters, but it just makes more sense than time loops for me. 🙂


    Serahni @serahni

    No time for bonkers theories yet, I need to rewatch it first!  But as first impressions go, that was a fantastic start to the series.  I live alone and I will happily admit Gomez made me laugh out loud more than once.  I hope we see a lot of her, she’s delightful.  Davros was perfection at its finest; I knew he’d set up a trap and I was still feeling sorry for him!  The shades of grey represented here make for very powerful storywriting, I think, I look forward to seeing how it plays out for the rest of the series.

    The Doctor in Davros’ chair, Clara inside a Dalek…  My heart.  Our two protagonists seated on dark thrones.  I still get shivers.

    I may never forgive them for releasing that Coleman is exiting “some time” this series though because I am not ashamed to admit I was very worried for a moment.  Very worried.  Thank god for a little mercy!

    jphamlore @jphamlore

    For a seemingly baseline human companion, Clara has had some high notes of competence and seems to be in a process of being improved by both the Doctor and Missy. That brings up an interesting question of will this continue to be a trend or will there be a reversion of competence as occurred in the classic series when competence rose from Leela the Savage to Romana the peak to Nyssa who was very good, and then what I consider to be a rather abrupt precipitous decline until finally Ace could at least blow things up.

    For very good competence Kate Stewart or some version of Osgood would be good candidates. The problem is for a reversion there would be basically an infinite list of possibilities including a character we have never seen before.

    Of course in the modern series there is greater movement of companion arcs so that they develop skills and become more capable of fending for themselves. But at this stage are people eager to go through more 3+ year arcs to see characters go from near helpless to exuding casual and earned confidence?

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    That was even better than last week’s episode.

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    Duplicated post, ignore

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I can think of two occasions when you’d give the Master a present because of a daughter. One is the birth – though our custom is that the presents are for the baby. Still, even if Moffat’s following that, it’s possible that the female looking brooch was for the baby girl, and Missy’s daughter is now dead.

    BUT, Missy said ‘he gave it to me’, not ‘he gave it to my daughter’. That leads me to the other occasion when it’s often traditional to give presents: a marriage. Small presents are often exchanged between the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents.

    So: did the Doctor’s son marry the Master’s daughter? And Susan is their daughter?
    Because if you reintroduce Susan (or a Susan-descendent) who is related to both Missy and the Doctor, you’ve got built-in interest for the younger generation who’ve only vaguely heard of her.

    DoctorDoctorWho @doctordoctorwho

    When The Doctor waved his hand about to get a little regeneration energy, he said that it could cost him an arm or a leg “somewhere down the line”.

    So considering just one hand of regeneration energy could take away something from a future incarnation, I’m gonna guess that he lost an entire body (future incarnation) when the cables were absorbing loads of energy from him.

    Missy @missy

    @craig I agree Craig. One of the best scenes yet. Definitely even better than the first episode.



    Missy @missy

    @doctorcapaldi Possible I suppose, but is Missy that bad? wopuld she have encouraged the doctor to kill Clara, if she was her daughter?


    Anonymous @

    well, well, well: now that’s turn of events. Just watched it. Then grabbed the DVD from the last time I heard “mercy” and it was from The Big Bang. I know, going back 5 years might be too much -but there’s a certain balance there.

    I’m dreadfully slow. Looking at the credits, Julian Bleech is Davros? I used to think “there are two Bleech'” because the one I know toured with the Philip Glass ensemble and in real life, where I worked in the green room (serving drinks!), Bleech is quite …attractive. He has two eyes, a whole body and was (then) concertmaster so he was 1st violinist (though with The Ensemble that quantity changed frequently)and a rather long rectangular head.

    Same guy! Gawd, that’s a tad embarrassing. So, it’s 8.30 and time to read a few posts now….

    Whoo ee: brilliant start to the season. Very refreshing, but will we back to one off stories now?

    Oh, I hope not. This is wonderful creepy and adult.

    “The bitch is back.”

    Reminds me of Spike’s favourite line: “just taking a walk, bitch.”

    And Who is PG? There would be parents who wouldn’t let their little ones watch Who these past two weeks. Dark, cerebral and a Davros with tears who knew just how to take advantage of the Doctor’s compassion …but not quite….

    I was worried Clara would die: die saving the Doctor 11 times and now killed by the same man.

    This could still happen, of course.


    Missy @missy

    @phoebe-phire The ring. yes i noticed that first episode of series 8. But he’s always worn it – PC I mean.

    I’ve assumed it’s his own wedding ring and he won’t take it off.


    Missy @missy

    I watched it this morning on iiView on my computer, and in roughly an hours time, I shall watch it all over again on the TV.


    Anonymous @

    @phaseshift: right, Bleach not Bleech. Again, I should know this. I honestly assumed there were two. One an actor on my favourite show and a totally different guy in one of my favourite ensembles: though he steps in and out….

    @bluesqueakpip Yes: “mercy,” how lovely.

    And it is a Spartan ‘mum’ behaviour isn’t it?

    But I feel the Doctor was supposed to kill Clara – I think Missy was pretty sure she would pull that off. Except for her over-working it: “Oh, she screamed and ran and there was nothing I could do, really I. Tried.”

    Yeah, right!


    Oh absolutely:

    “The freaky time echo of Oswin dalek in Clara dalek was really nice. The Doctor must come across that sort of disconcerting time-wrinkle all the time, and it was fun for us to be able to experience one too.”

    Another watch tomorrow morning.

    Gleeful. What an absolute joy, at the beginning it brought me back to my favourite part of Who: the B&W dismal, dirty, terrifying corridors!

    I love a corridor. This should be my new handle. 🙂


    tommo @tommo

    my obsession with this programme shows no signs of abating.

    Doctor Who is the reason the BBC was created.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    OK, pretty cool. Really looking forward to seeing this again as one long double episode viewing.

    As is the case with Moffat, it is all simpler than our convoluted theories and yet containing more that we even considered.

    @brewski, I doff my hat to you my friend, you were right about the hand mines. I shall doubt your wisdom at my peril in the future.

    Now off for a proper Canadian breakfast to think about it all.

    p.s. just when you think Missy isn’t so bad after all, she raises the nastiness stakes. (and did I hear reference to her daughter…?)

    Serahni @serahni

    The interesting and delightful majesty at play here is that, as callous and awful as Missy trying to get the Doctor to kill Clara was, it did serve a purpose.  The Doctor was able to discover the Daleks’ ability to conceptualise mercy, it guided him back to young Davros to ensure the wheels were set in motion.  Since we don’t know how much this is going to change the Daleks in the future, we have no way of knowing the implications of that single act of ‘nastiness’.  Was she being a wicked witch, or did she simply place enough faith in them to figure it out and set into motion something absolutely pivotal?

    That’s what I love about Missy, and Gomez’s portrayal; it’s probably a bit of both.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @janetteb, @arbutus

    It occurred to me over coffee that we never did get to see what was on the Doctor’s portable CD Player. So my original idea that it contains a Big Finish audio CD that he borrowed from the Galactic Library and has yet to return, in spite of the huge overdue fine, has yet to be disproved…

    DrBen @drben

    So I don’t know my history as well as I should, but what if Missy was a woman *before* she was Roger Delgado, and was in fact the Doctor’s first wife?  The brooch, therefore, could have been a gift to her from the Doctor at the birth of *their* daughter.

    It would explain their love-hate relationship, her comments about what is he really running from, and adds special significance to Capaldi’s wedding ring. Just a thought.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    It is sometimes easy to forget that Doctor Who is has built into its DNA a long tradition of British humour that includes the Carry On movies and goes back to the Music Hall, which is something Moffat in paricular is aware of. Hence my favourite line,  when the tables are turned on the Daleks, and the Doctor’s departing line: “Your sewers are revolting.”

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Intruiging, but it seems to conflict with Missy’s seemingly forcely felt lines to Clara in TMA that Times Lords, far from being motivated by the baser instincts of animals, are above that sort of thing, and that Clara needs to understand that this (ie, the relationship between Missy and the Doctor) is about friendship.

    janetteB @janetteb

    I didn’t really enjoy tonight’s episode as much as last weeks, but maybe that was just me. The actors were all on top form and there were some great lines. For once I was half right as opposed to completely wrong. I expected that killing the handmines would re write time. The exchange between the Doctor and DAvros was so well done. The echoing of the Dalek/claricle was chilling.  I was expecting her to say souffle or at least “eggs”.

    On first watch several questions arise, will saving Davros affect the future Daleks or was the concept of “mercy” always there because Davros had that experience as a child. Too tired to think too much on that tonight. Certainly the Daleks or Davros have used the word before. Does not Davros plead for mercy with the Daleks all the way back in BG Who or am I imaging that? Clearly I am overdue for some re watching.

    The big mystery set up by the two parter which I suspect will play into the series arc is the nature of the CD of Rassilon. I wonder if it is in some way linked to Clara. We re watched the Magicians Apprentice first tonight and I was struck by her comment about impending death. The Doctor looks shocked then hugs her as though he thinks it is her death referred to. I think he might know something is about to happen to Clara.

    The big revelation of course is the mention of Missy’s daughter. This raises enough questions to keep  bonkers theorisers theorising till the end of the series and beyond. Moffat, I suspect, will play this one out slowly. He is rather cat like. I like @phaseshift‘s suggestion that the daughter is M.W’s character. Someone, sorry I did not note who, speculated that the daughter is Susan or Susan’s mother. The Doctor and Missy as warring in laws works. It was possible the Doctor was taking Susan from Gallifrey to protect her from Mix/Master or Missy’s daughter. Also, less relevant but amusing, was Mixmaster mother or father or both? Timelord reproduction might work entirely differently to human reproduction. Missy certainly implies that in S.A. Another thought, following on my previous theorising about Danny is that he and Orson might be Missy’s grandsons.

    A totally random remark but at times I got distinct B.5 echoes, mostly the Daleks and Davros mirroring the shadows and Lorien.

    Looking forward to re watching tomorrow when I am less tired. Hopefully will enjoy more.



    221BadWolf @221badwolf

    Well, what do you splendid people think of the Sonic Sunglasses? I think it’s simply put there so the BBC has more merch to sell, but I do hope to see the trusty Screwdriver making a return soon!

    Braddy @braddy

    I feel the doctor let slip to Davros that Galifrey had survived. Maybe both will have a race through time and space to locate it. Now that Davros has tasted the doctors powers, the hunger for more could trigger a Time War part 2. Destroy Galifrey for the last time and drain all time lords creating the hybrid army.  This could be an amazing story arc.


    Serahni @serahni

    @221badwolf  Really, it was the one part of the episode I wasn’t big on.  I don’t hate it but I find it a bit silly.  Still, nothing to say that’s a bad thing, I just didn’t see that it added a lot of value.  Maybe I will be proven wrong!

    DoctorCapaldi @doctorcapaldi

    Did anybody else notice what the Doctor said just before his made his “who made Davros” speech?

    Something along the lines of what it feels like to seal one of your own kind in a tank, before a tiny glance at Missy, who indeed sealed Clara into a Dalek…

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I think the Sonic Sunglasses may have been Moffat’s attempt to create a Doctor Who play item that doesn’t retail for 12.99 on Amazon.

    Kids’ sunglasses are, after all, very cheaply available – or you could probably use the 3D specs that you get for 50p. 😉

    Mudlark @mudlark

    That was stunning, and the final twist was wonderful. The Doctor does indeed go back in time to change the past, but it is to make a very subtle change whose ultimate effects he has already observed – a perfect loop!  Even after a second watch this morning my mind is still buzzing.

    Davros and the Doctor, adversaries who by now know one another very well, face to face and head to head in a deadly game; move and counter move.  Davros is on his home ground, backed by his ‘children’ and has had plenty of time to plan stratagem and tactics. The Doctor arrives armed with little except the Tardis, his wearable technology and the awareness that he is almost certainly walking into a trap. But he also has the ability to think super-fast on his feet and as Missy prompts Clara into realising, he faces even the most perilous predicament with the assumption that he can overcome it and survive.

    The Doctor, alone in the heart of the Dalek city and with Missy and Clara missing, possibly dead, first tries strong-arm tactics, taking Davros’s chair.   When this fails, as was almost inevitable, Davros then, with devious intent, draws his attention to the life-support/hyperspace relay system and tells him its function.  Big mistake: Davros must have been counting on the unlikelihood of the Doctor succumbing to the temptation to commit genocide by this means, but by showing him the potential he handed him the key to victory.  If by some remote chance Davros was truly resigned to death and simply wanted to watch a last sunrise, then the use of a little regeneration energy would do no real harm.  In the much more likely event that it was a trick, the Doctor was clearly aware that beneath the city were tunnels filled with living, semi-sentient and very resentful Dalek residue, and he understood the implications.  The sewers did, indeed, revolt.  So game over once again, as far as Davros and the Daleks were concerned, although it took a bit of luck and the intervention of Missy to ensure the Doctor’s escape.

    Davros awareness of the Doctor’s compassion enables him to use it as a weapon against him, but it is interesting that after all this time he also remembers and understands enough about sympathy and even empathy to be able to feign them with remarkable conviction.  Interesting also, that he retains at least a vestige of a sense of humour and can make a joke.

    Missy, in the meantime, was also winging it, but rivalling the Doctor in her ability to remain at least half a step ahead of the adversary; (note, however, that her ‘get out of gaol free’ device was based on an idea pinched from the Doctor).  Her motives remain ambiguous, but here it was in her own interest to take on the role of the Doctor’s ally, however unreliable, and Clara was on hand as a useful catspaw/familiar.  I love the mixture of playful and sinister in the way she keeps teasing Clara and putting her down, but what was her real intent or hope when she urged the Doctor to shoot the Dalek shell containing Clara?   Was she half hoping that the Doctor would not realise the truth until too late, and that she would thereby get rid of a rival? Or was she confident that he would see through the deception, and did she, as she said, simply wanted to demonstrate that a friend might be appear as an enemy, and vice versa, perhaps with particular reference to herself.  Everyone is a hybrid, she says, which, on the face of it, and as others here have already noted, has been increasingly a theme in the show; that there are no absolutes, only varying shades of lighter and darker grey. But in this case, when it is Missy talking, I sense a possible, more sinister implication.  She chose Clara, but – as we are still wondering and speculating – for what, exactly, and when.  Was it to ‘save the Doctor’, or as a useful pawn, or is Clara some kind of unknowingly conditioned sleeper/time bomb like River: a friend whose ultimate activation may reveal an enemy, or at least a tool to be used to undermine the Doctor in some way that benefits Missy?



    ScaryB @scaryb

    Well, rewatch done and still feeling exhilarated by it. @janetteb sorry you didn’t hook into this one so much – maybe a rewatch will improve it. I think the “mercy” thing is always there in the Daleks  – the Doctor realises he has to go back to young Davros to close the loop by implanting the concept.  And presumably always did.  The war damaged child who is Davros still goes on to create the Daleks, with their built-in hatred and their casings programmed to override any chink of positive emotions/thoughts – but we know now that there is definitely the possibility of a “good” Dalek. Rusty wasn’t a one-off. It’s unlikely, but every now and again there might be one, whereas before everyone just assumed it was impossible. Trouble is, with the Daleks being so sneaky and cunning, it’s going to be hard to tell!

    I agree with those who are speculating that Missy and the Doctor could be inlaws… with Susan being the granddaughter of both. Unless the Doctor is the mother of Missy’s daughter!! (Hehe that would stir things up a bit, but I suspect – like the Doctor as Davros theory – that that’s probably a bonkers step too far for a family show!)

    For those speculating about the CD of Rasillon (and I confess I love @blenkinsopthebrave‘s overdue library CD theory to bits,, tho probably not going to happen) – the BBC website have posted pics of the artwork, including the interior. The other designs are worth checking out too, inc Missy’s gizmo (very steampunk 🙂 Beautifully detailed.

    @phaseshift – Yes please re a group rewatch of Genesis. I had a look at #1 after TMA, really worth checking out as it’s hugely referenced in TMA. Any time you like!

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Re the sunglasses – I agree with @Bluesqueapip that it seems to be an anti-merch thing (and a wee swipe to the sonic-snipers). It’s hard to create a DIY sonic, but sunglasses are easy and cheap (tho no doubt there will be special branded versions available from the usual sources).  Am I wrong to pick up a reference to my fave defence devices from Hitchhikers Guide…? The glasses which turn completely black in time of danger!

    Maybe he’ll try out a succession of sonicy things  in S9 😉

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @blenkinsopthebrave   Yes, ‘Your sewers are revolting’ .  A line no Doctor or, for that matter, any schoolchild (of my generation, at least) could possibly resist in the circumstances.  One might almost suspect Moffat of having devised the whole denouement in order to provide a pretext for it   😈


    jphamlore @jphamlore

    Dalek nanites help reprogram the brain of whatever is in the tank to be able to use the tank. The first introduction of Clara to the Doctor’s new glasses with the power of the sonic screwdriver was well afterwards when the Doctor rematerialized the Tardis.

    I can sadly conclude that the Doctor did nothing overtly technical to counter the nanites and that they still might be in Clara’s brain perhaps reprogramming her still.

    “Davros remembers.” Even during their talk Davros seemed to indicate he had only fairly recently deduced who his rescuer was. I wonder if the Doctor did some sort of mind wipe after he dropped Davros off to his home that Davros has only recently completely broken free from.

    “Who created Davros?” The Doctor still did by the equivalent of breaking Star Trek’s Prime Directive. Davros had from his youth the sonic screwdriver and some residual memory of the existence of a strange traveler with powers. The Doctor was in effect a demigod, an ancient astronaut, who interfered in the affairs of mortals, causing an extreme reaction in belief.



    BBC website have posted pics of the artwork, including

    Heh – and clicking through reveals the his amp to be made by Magpie electricals.


    When the Doctor came close to Clara while after the Dalek case opened, and took hold of her head his “I’m so sorry” was very reminiscent of Tennant talking to someone who was about to die.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    I have been mulling over Davros’s words concerning   ‘… a hybrid creature. Two great warrior races forced together to create a warrior greater than either’.  He refers to it as a prophecy on Gallifrey, rather than a story or a legend, but then goes on to ask, ‘Was that what you ran from, Doctor? Your part in creating the hybrid, half Dalek, half Time Lord?’  which implies that it happened long ago.  Davros is speculating, in an attempt to provoke answers or find a point of weakness, but even if there were such a project and the Doctor had ever been involved in it, it could only been after he originally left Gallifrey, and therefore not the reason for his departure.  When Hartnell Doctor first encountered them the Daleks were still confined to Skaro and, as it turned out, dependant on a highly radioactive environment for their survival.  Moreover it seemed clear at the time that he had never encountered them before and knew nothing of their origins until he met the Thals and was able to access their archived history.  So a red herring to lure us into further bonkers theorising.

    DoctorDoctorWho @doctordoctorwho

    I felt really sorry for Davros when Missy poked him in the eye for some reason!

    Kharis @kharis

    @doctorcapaldi I think the look was about when Missy/Master turned all the people he had been taking care of at the end of the universe into Toclafane, or the dead into Cybermen.  M/M is just like that.   Doctor know M\M would do the same thing to the Time Lords given the chance.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @pedant Good spot re Magpie Electricals, I missed that completely!

    @mudlark Agree with you re it was too early for the TLs to be working on the TL/Dalek hybrid when the Doctor fled Gallifrey.  That comment is most likely Moffat/Davros yanking chains. (Although… timeywimey and all that!)

    But it does raise the question of why again. Maybe experiments were going in directions he didn’t agree with and he scarpered with his (and Missy’s??) granddaughter to keep her safe (and travel the universe). I suspect we won’t get the definitive answer any time soon, but perhaps some more clues and hints for fertile speculation.

    Braddy @braddy

    Do you think Davros and the surviving Daleks will go in search of Gallifrey?? He seemed very happy at the mention of it!

    I hope we don’t have to wait many years again to see another Davros story line!!

    Kharis @kharis

    @braddy There is little doubt in my mind that Davros will go looking now

    @bluesqueakpip @purofilion The only time I recall a Dalek asking for mercy was the Dalek in the Big Bang asking it of River.  It would be incredibly cruel to find out someone was in there that was important to the Doctor or River, including one of Clara’s fragments of herself.


    Kharis @kharis

    I have checked every Who forum and article and no one has mentioned the tarot correlation?  It can’t be just me.

    Kharis @kharis

    Of course, years ago I was the first to mention my CAL theory on a forum and now I see it all over the net.  Maybe it is my job in the time loop to get another idea moving again; set the flame in my little hippie California town.  I raised by a hippie who looked like Romana 2, so naturally I would be the one to see the correlations.  I was literally raised on Sabine and Arthurian legends.  My mother even co-authored a book on the subject.

    Kharis @kharis

    My IBM dad raised me on Doctor Who and my hippie mom on tarot, so there is a chance I’m completely reading into this and it’s complete rubbish.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    A few further thoughts prompted by reading posts made earlier by others, then I will go away to sit quietly in my corner.

    @juniperfish  you wondered whether Missy’s line about Clara representing an enemy inside a friend or a friend inside an enemy might be an oblique kind of joke, providing further evidence that Clara is in some degree descended from the Master and/or Doctor.  For my part, I rather doubt it, even though we have long known that the Doctor had at least one child, and now Missy has revealed that she has or had a daughter.  The whole complicated dynamic between Missy, Clara and the Doctor does not strike me as in any way familial, even by their eccentric standards.  Furthermore, Missy has said that she ‘chose’ Clara. Admittedly the choice could have been made from among various descendants, but her attitude towards Clara does not suggest the primary objective was to benefit Clara herself.  As I said earlier, she treats Clara very much as a useful pawn or a catspaw – a pawn who is in the last resort disposable – in the long-term game she is playing with the Doctor .  If Clara benefits in any way, it is incidental as far as she is concerned.

    As @bluesqueakpip noted and I echoed, a double meaning could be read into Missy’s words about why she ‘gave’ Clara to the Doctor, and one of those meanings has decidedly sinister implications.

    @bluesqueakpip   You raised the question of why Missy shielded Clara from the explosion rather than using her as a shield. Clearly Missy still had a use for her, but there is also the consideration that Time Lords’ bodies are considerably more resilient than the bodies of earthlings, and in the last resort Missy had the option of regenerating.

    @miapatrick   The Doctor’s acquisition of a cup of tea, apparently conjured out of the air, reminded me of River and her champagne at Vastra’s séance in The Name of the Doctor:  ‘How did you do that?’ ‘Disgracefully’.

    lisa @lisa

    The sunglasses had me thinking of Google glasses. I have to say I don’t like seeing
    dark lenses indoors. I think it would be nice to have made them the transition type
    that lighten up indoors. It isn’t comfortable wearing sunglasses indoors IMHO.
    But maybe that’s just me.
    @doctorcapaldi Missy got the idea of putting Clara in the Dalek from the
    Doctor – such lovely wicked witchyness!
    @Nluesqueakpip in-laws – hm!

    So exterminate means I love you in Dalek?
    Clara ‘what are you doing” Missy “murdering a Dalek, its our golf” lol
    It seems that between the T shirts and sunglasses and ‘Dudes’ they are really
    trying to make the Doctor into a much hipper granddad

    Kharis @kharis

    @mudlark I thought Missy was just expressing tough love?  😉  There are some schools of thought that being extremely tough physically and mentally on a student is a sign of love.  Ever observed a student of a Russian ballet teacher when that teacher sees promise in his student?  The teacher will torment the chosen one and be incredibly nice to all the students who have absolutely no future in ballet.  Clara is assumed the witch’s familiar, so I can see this as putting her through the paces and forcing her to be stronger, better and at the same time with a hint cat like jealousy over the Doctor.

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