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    Anonymous @

    @craig @phaseshift @jimthefish @MartyB

    ‘On The Sofa (4)’ up and running (I hope 🙂 )

    CraigNixon @craignixon


    Technically, I’ve read the Etiquette tab, but then again, I’ve technically read my companies HR guidelines- If you asked me for a quote from it, I wouldn’t have a clue  😛

    Craig @craig

    @fatmaninabox Thanks for doing that. I’ve added a little note at the end of the old sofa just to redirect any stragglers.

    @ Everyone. I think the problem with comments going in to spam if they include an internal link has now been fixed. I contacted the spam service and they’ve told me it should now be. Fingers crossed!

    Anonymous @


    🙂   Years of doing coding and writing technical documentation make me the internet version of a trainspotter.  (No offence to trainspotters, but they do have a reputation for attention to the kinds of detail other people live their lives blissfully unaware of.)  I’ve written enough ‘Help’ pages in my time to know that most people ignore them, but I’m fascinated with how best to convey vital information in an accessible way.


    First hurdle leapt over with aplomb!  Right then, off to see about a mahogany box with inlays.  (But can we discuss the blue silk lining?  With your, how to say this, shading you might find a contrasting colour ‘lifts’ your features.  😀

    CraigNixon @craignixon

    Hahaha, @MartyB – I work in Automotive so after a day reading Nissan or Honda technical specs is enough that I go home and don’t read anything that isn’t ‘Dog ate bone, bone was bad, Dog was sick. Dog died’.


    (The Dog died series is excellent)

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @craig, @phaseshift, @jimthefish, @fatmaninabox

    Dear Time Lords, I know you are out there, behind the crack in the universe.

    I wonder if it would be possible to change the image of Matt Smith, now that he has gone?

    Since it may be too early to feature Capaldi, and since the show (and our discussion) is about all the Doctors, would there be a great image out there of all the Doctors?

    Just a thought (from this side of the crack in the universe).

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Dear Time Lords, I know you are out there, behind the crack in the universe.

    I wonder if it would be possible to change the image of Matt Smith, now that he has gone?

    That’s a good idea.

    Have @jimthefish or @wolfweed got any generic images they want to submit (tho I still vote for JtF’s cuddly 3-D daleks!)

    Or anyone else – I suggested a while back putting a request on the Home page for original artworks from members. (No copyright infringements tho)

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @blenkinsopthebrave @scaryb

    We’ll have a think. I’ve been having a play about with some new software which has let me finally upload images to the site (@craig s very kindly been uploading all my images in the past). Anyway – I’m sure he’ll be relieved to know that I have finally managed to get one uploaded! Huzzah! Just an experiment for our first birthday on New Year’s Eve.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Love the photo! It certainly gets my vote for the image to celebrate for out first birthday.

    Wow. A year…

    I can think of someone who really deserves a birthday present for that date… @craig, without whom none of us would have had a year of bonkers theorising in this wonderfully warm bath.

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    OK, I have a bloggy thing about Frank Capra and Who.  I can get it to you by some means or other if you think you could use it (obviously you can read it before you decide anything – I won’t claim my Jammy Dodgers unless you feel it’s worth posting!).


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @blenkinsopthebrave – Cheers, I have a bit more time tomorrow for it. I dashed that one in a rush to make sure I could upload.

    It is astonishing. I think @craig said once on the boards that it could have died in a few weeks, but here we are – first birthday!


    Hi, apologies for ducking out. I’ve sent you a PM (the e-mail notification should have a link if you’ve never used the function before) with some options to get it to us. Looking forward to it. Let me know if it doesn’t show up.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    I second @blenkinsopthebrave‘s vote for Strax as avatar of the month for January 😉 (1st birthday, pushing 1000 members and over 20k posts… whatever did we find to talk about?! Thanks everyone (and especially @craig for actually doing it), it’s been a blast!)

    @cathannabel Glad you managed to get access to a TARDIS so you could complete your blog; jumping up and down with excitement 😀

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    Thanks @scaryb and @Phase Shift, I’ve sent it over.  Hope it passes muster…  The DEM blog has set the bar pretty damn high!

    Craig @craig
    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Happy Birthday to us.

    Well done, Craig (and all mods, past and present) and thank you for all your hard work in the past year.

    Nice front page, Craig and @phaseshift. 🙂

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Seconded! The Doctor Who Forum has almost 1000 members and many more out there glancing at the pages.

    Thanks so much @craig and mods @Shazzbot @fatmaninabox @phaseshift @jimthefish (any others?) and everyone who uploads content and musings!

    From @bluesqueakpip ‘s diagrams to @wolfweed ‘s crazy captions and carefully sourced fan art  to @scaryb and @whisht and @craig and others in the DJ box, @phaseshift ‘s “watch with Master” and cocktail recipes for the 50th, the arrival of many new members on the sofa dodging glitter and jammy dodgers, it’s been fun.

    An especial toast goes out to @htpbdet whom we sadly lost before he could tell us his thoughts on the 50th but who contributed some beautiful posts about his life with Doctor Who – champagne, because he liked it!

    Happy New Year everyone!


    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Happy Birthday to us! A year already – who knew?

    Many thanks to everyone who comments, because your thoughts fuel the fire. A special thanks to those who write blogs, take a steering role in a particular forum, or help behind the scenes when required (you know who you are). The enthusiasm is always appreciated by all of us.

    Big thanks to me to @bluesqueakpip and @wolfweed for being massively useful as sounding boards for guidance and document checks, streaming content in the runup to the 50th (@wolfweed is a bit of a hero on the spoiler front, navigating a tricky issue with some thought) and many other random acts of kindness.

    As ever though, if you have an opportunity to raise a toast (and on New Years Eve, I think we all may manage that one), thank @craig for his time and resources in maintaining this site. It was a real leap of faith from a lurker on the G threads, and a real act of kindness. It could have quickly died, and I hope the good times more than make up for the times he’s had to display the patience of a saint through the bad. Many thanks from me.

    Cheers, one and all!

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    Phaseshift ‘s “watch with Master”

    I so wish I’d thought of that. 😀 Hopefully though, I won’t be writing them all.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Cheers everyone.

    We are 1 – woo-who!

    Couldn’t put it better than @juniperfish (both red and blue fins, with extra sparkles 😉 ) and @phaseshift have already said… except – maybe we should head for the pub (before Emperor @craig gets grumpy about the spilled drinks all over the web!)

    Thanks everyone, it’s been a great year. Coffee and alcohol on the house at the Rose and Crown


    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    Indeed, happy birthday to this forum.  So glad I found this place, where all the things I enjoyed about the Guardian blog were present and correct (all you lot, basically), and the things I hated and found depressing and tedious are banished.  Here’s to 2014 – looking forward to speculation about the Capaldi doc, to keep us all going till he actually arrives.  Thanks especially to those who set it up, and who keep it developing and running smoothly, and to all who contribute to it.  It’s a remarkable space, this, in its good humour and generosity, as well as the exceptionally high calibre of bonkers theorising that goes on here.  Long may it flourish.


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    @craig I have a small New Year request <smiles fish winsomely> 🙂 Could we have a “Looking Back at the Eleventh Doctor” thread perchance?

    Now that Eleven has, alas, regenerated, it would be great to be able to consider Matt Smith’s work as Eleven in its totality and there isn’t a space for tributes to our fallen Doctor elsewhere.

    What thinkest thou?

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    @craig and everybody

    Happy birthday!

    I wonder if the anniversay of our little home should be celebrated by a slight change to the language? I propose that “bonker” be reclassified as a verb; as in describing the act of coming up with theories more insane than what’s actually happening as…”to bonker”.

    In that spirit, let’s all bonker on into 2014!

    ScaryB @scaryb


    to bonker

    You just made me splutter all over my screen!

    To boldly bonker…

    @juniperfish – Big Dog is seriously creepy.  That probic vent looks very vulnerable tho. (And don’t get me started on drones… )

    @craig  I (furrily) second the finny one’s request for a Smithy Retrospective thread

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    Splendid!  Keep bonkering on!   My motto for 2014.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    In that spirit, let’s all bonker on into 2014

    A sentiment I’m sure we call all get behind!


    On Matt, we have the Faces thread (link to Matt Smith entry) if anyone wants to add to thoughts, but it may be interesting to have a blog about what his tenure has meant to them that could provide a clean slate, if someone wishes to volunteer?

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Happy Birthday to us & Happy New Year to everyone.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Just noticed the TARDIS cafe pic – nice one @wolfweed

    @craig@phaseshift mentioned a while back about suggestions re  a way of reorganising the blog list…

    Could the index page for the blogs be in a smaller font, with less of the actual blog visible? Then it would be easier to see what’s there. I’ve missed a few, but it’s hard to re-find them  unless you remember the title or keywords

    Or you could sort by category, but that probably involves a lot more work, and is probably less satisfying.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Help! For some reason I am unable to send private messages. I get an error message every time I try. I have tried it with two different recipients and neither worked. Can any of our esteemed Time Lords advise me? Many thanks!

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Okay, problem sorted. Apparently I was doing it wrong (no big surprise there). Thanks for the help, @fatmaninabox.  (bows head respectfully)

    Craig @craig

    @arbutus Oops, just sent you a test PM, but see it’s all sorted. Have had a bit of flu and am still running a bit slow. Glad it’s sorted. Cheers @fatmaninabox 😀

    TardisBlue @tardisblue


    :::sending you virtual chicken soup and a stalk of celery.  Wonderful veg.  I hear it’s quite useful as a restorative:::

    Hope you’re back to your imperial self in no time.


    Craig @craig

    Ah @tardisblue many thanks. I did, in fact, have REAL chicken soup tonight. Will hunt out some celery tomorrow. 😉

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Hi, @craig.  Thanks for the look in on my PM issue. Hope you’re feeling better!


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @phaseshift – There’s now been several requests for Quatermass and the Pit. So – blog or Episode by episode forum?

    If forums, someone will have to agree to set them up, as I only have blog privileges. 🙂

    Hope @craig is recovering from that horrible cold.

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip @phaseshift Yes, I’m now over my horrible cold / man flu. Although it’s taken me a week to catch up with other work etc. Hope PhaseShift is getting better too.

    I’m quite happy to do it as a forum topic under the TV Programmes forum and will set it up shortly, and put something on the home page too.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – glad you’re over the cold. There was definitely one doing the rounds that wanted to grow up to be a really nasty ‘flu. 🙁

    Thanks for setting it up – I’ll embed the Youtube version of Episode 1 when you’ve done that.

    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip Yes, I think that’s the illest I’ve been for over 10 years, but it still couldn’t keep me down for too long 😉

    I’ve already set up the topic and embeded the first episode. It’s all yours now!

    Coloriot @coloriot

    Well, um, hello…I guess…

    I’m not sure that this is the right thread to introduce myself, but I’m Coloriot. I typically make music around fandom related things, typically brony stuff. I’m getting into doctor who, and I’m currently in the second season (10th doctor). I don’t know much about this fandom, so I thought I would start here to get to know a little more about the fan works and things. Again, sorry if this isn’t the right thread.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @coloriot – well that’s an introduction and a half!


    Feel free to talk about how you got into Who on the Memories thread or your favourite Who, and if you make music then head over to the Music thread and just dive in with whatever! and really, whatever you fancy!

    btw – do you really think of Who as a ‘girl’ (“brony”) thing? Fine if you do, and maybe that’ll be something you’ll be telling us on how you got into Who on the Memories thread!


    Anonymous @

    @whisht And @coloriot  I don’t mean to be too stupid but please, what is ‘brony’? Is it a female thing? Oh, God, have I really said something truly awful and embarrassing. I have, haven’t I? I’m hiding behind the sofa …

    Whisht @whisht

    “morning” @purofilion (well, its morning for me!)
    To be honest, I’d not heard the term before either so did a search and found this definition.

    To be honest coloriot may have meant something totally different (and if so I’m sorry coloriot!) but it did sound interesting that Who may have (or at least may seem to have) more female fans than male.

    And there are plenty of female fans on this forum, so its not completely unlikely that it might seem to have mainly female fans, even though there are just as many male ones.

    But lets both hope there isn’t another definition that we’re unaware of!


    Anonymous @

    Ah hah @whisht thank you for going to all that trouble to find that definition for me -providing that was the original definition intended. How great!!

    Well, it is about 10 pm here and we’ve simultaneously watched the cricket (we won) and the tennis. Boy, you know, the spectators were boo-ing a player for a back injury and I kept thinking of this Forum where people don’t boo and are respectful. Golly. We are lucky. 🙂 Thank you to the mods for making it so. Nodding in peace. Kindest, and have a good day. I’m off for shut eye where I shall dream of mischievous men with twinkling eyes in cravats with shiny coat tails. OK, that was not supposed to be …creepy?

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @purofilion – erm, well a little creepy but luckily we’re all friends here so you dream about whatever you fancy!


    (but where you’re getting cravats and shiny coat tails from I’m not entirely sure – spoilers on the new Dr’s outfit??)


    erm, ‘sweet’ dreams…..

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @whisht @purofilion   Urban Dictionary is definitely my friend. At my age, I just can’t be expected to know what anything means, but I hate sounding ignorant in front of my teenager!

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus will get Urban dictionary. @whisht  Had NO dreams of shiny cravats..or was it?  No, I was watching some weird show in the UK called Being Human: the stuff that’s out there! This vampire (how ridiculous) was wearing clothes from the late 1890s. I liked that..then I thought of ‘Who’. I don’t know what I would like the new Doc to wear: I like suits but I didn’t like the leather jacket (personally) though it suited Chris very well. Maybe…I did like it, it’s just too early/late depending on your ‘time’ 🙂

    Timeloop @timeloop

    My help still needed @craig?

    Anonymous @

    This thread has now been closed as it was nearing it’s posting limit. The new Website comments thread can be found here.

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