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    Missy @missy


    What do I mean? Have you watched Elementary?  Sherlock Holmes it ain’t! More what I’d call a ‘spoof.’

    If you enjoy it, fine there is always room for spoof TV.


    They all regenerated in front of our eyes. If she is your Doctor, that’s fine. I am not that easily pleased unfortunately.



    Devilishrobby @devilishrobby

    @missy must have missed a post or two didn’t  realise you we’re actually talking about Elementary, which in my opinion is probably a good example of why Americans TV  shouldn’t attempt to Americanise what is a British  literary character there is always something off about the production.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂 how are you all

    Just a quick thought I had , what if we had a Doctor Who Series from the perspective of the aliens and we see their plans ect and how to them The Doctor is ruining everything , mayby we have many types of aliens through the Series and some that are looked down upon or weaker threats to The Doctor , now we the audience dont like The Doctor and when he regenerates at the end of the Series it wont be a sadness this time it will be a triumph from our and the aliens view, I think that would be a really cool though sort of classic story telling way to twist and make the regeneration impactful but celebratory.

    What do you all think about it and would it still be Doctor Who ? 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @oochillyo Interesting concept, though I think it would be more suited to a spinoff than a series of Doctor Who.

    The problem I can see is, that as soon as we the audience start seeing things from the point of view of someone, we start sympathising with them, even if they are ‘evil’. That certainly happened with Battlestar Galactica with the Cylon ‘skin jobs’, though in that series the effect may have been intentional.

    But I really don’t think there’s any mileage for a TV series in trying to make the Doctor disliked. The producers need people to like the Doctor (and companions) as much as possible so they’ll keep tuning in. Admittedly we all love to watch interesting villains (like the Master or Missy) BUT we always want the hero (in this case the Doctor) to win in the end. Also, the concept of seeing it from the point of view of different villains (in different episodes) means the audience ‘identification’ with the protagnists is weakened. And making the Doctor disliked undercuts the main Doctor series.

    You can deviate from the normal formula of ‘heroes – good, enemies – bad’ occasionally, or for a limited number of episodes. I can think of a number of episodes of various series** that were the more interesting for breaking the usual rule of ‘good guys win’. But they need to be the exception, not the rule, otherwise the ‘good guys’ are seen as useless and not worth cheering for.
    (**For example, Danger Man, Blakes 7, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, just off the top of my head, had episodes which gained impact because they were more nuanced).

    So I think that concept might work for a single episode (and it could be a highlight of the season), but it would need to be really well-written to take advantage of the novelty factor.

    That’s my thoughts anyway.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Still plodding my way through my rewatch of Who…   Into the Dalek

    – a very well-written episode. It did borrow one major element from ‘Fantastic Voyage’, but beyond that it was its own episode.   Random reactions:

    What a bastard Journey Blue’s uncle is, wanting to shoot the Doctor just on general principles.

    Danny Pink I instinctively disliked in the first two seconds, having once myself experienced the travesty that was ‘cadets’ in a school. It took a couple of minutes to realise he was human, specifically when he was kicking himself re-living the conversation where he gave Clara the brush-off. That was just so ‘true’, every guy has done that, I think. But not every guy has had a girl as quick and intuitive as Clara to rescue them from their mistake.

    “I’m his carer” “Yeah, she’s my carer – she cares so I don’t have to.”

    The Doctor has a savagely sarcastic streak. “Is Ross here?” “Yeah, top layer, if you want to say a few words”. Ouch! No wonder Clara observes “He’ll get us out of here. The difficult part is not killing him before he can.”

    “I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.” That’s telling him, Rusty.

    Journey Blue would have made a good Companion, I think. But the job was already taken. I did like her version of “It’s smaller on the outside” (yes I know it’s not new).

    CLARA: So, er, who makes you smile or is nobody up to the job?
    JOURNEY: My brother. But he burned to death a couple of hours ago, so he’s really letting me down today.
    – that stung.

    There were a couple of, um, logistic glitches, where I couldn’t be sure how they got from point A to point B. And their ‘escape’ from the Dalek was simply glossed over, not that it was important for the plot. But on the whole, the episode worked well.

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂

    first off all thank you @dentarthurdent for your thoughts on my idea , I agree with your points that making The Doctor look like the enemy for a long time may = bad unless done really well for like important reasons.

    I think I will leave it there for now cause maybe I have other things to say about it but I am not entirely sure which sounds silly but its just a feeling ever since I say your response.

    In other news I finally decided to watch the new Doctor Who trailer and wanted to talk about it a little , spoilers in case you are planning to go into the Series with fresh eyes 🙂

    I think some of the aliens looked a bit off, not soo much the new ones cause most are pretty interesting and we haven’t seen them before so to us thats just what we have to go on looks wise however The Odd’s face looks off especially the eyes and The Sontaran’s look a bit mis-molded I know they are the classic ones but still its not quite right I think.

    The second new person in the trailer (the women with the hat) bothers me, you think its a women and 99% sure thats the case but her voice sounds like a man and I dont know whats going on there, is the way she sounds an accent I dont know of ? even still some accents dont really change they way you sound in your native dialogue and biological gender.

    I hope I have explained that well not trying to offend anyone.

    I like many of the new aliens and the battle looks cool 🙂

    Some theories I have –

    I think the black sort of dust escaping the skull guy’s eyes are the Vashta Nerada just after feeding which would be awesome 🙂

    Everyone is saying something called ‘The Swarm’ is important and maybe thats what we see around the planet (in the trailer) , or it could be the death particle spreading even through time cause of Time Lord Technology like the ‘its bigger on the Inside’ prison ship for the Daleks but I really think that perhaps it is millions of Vashta Nerada finding a new place to feed or forests to raise their young, just thought the Vashta Nerada hunt in swarms and the does seem to be a planet with trees around it but everything looks all toxic so maybe the forest is dying perhaps the Sontarans have started another breeding ground cause of the war effort not going well and have made this planet toxic which is damaging the Vashta Nerada breeding ground plus its kinda a jab at cleaning up The Planet which seems like something important Chris Chibnall will draw our attention to 🙂

    The Doctor sometimes say times in flux I think The 10th and The 11th Doctor have said that at points so mayby thats what this big story is about and anything can happen as the fabric of reality or the Void wall breaks down like in Series Two and so all these aliens and wars are molding together and time is breaking or like the proper time line is breaking.

    Admittedly I have only seen two video discussion but I am surprise I haven’t heard anyone suggest the blue crystal skull guy is The Master, is it just me ?

    First of all his voice really sounds like him, two his appearance could be cause of the effects of The Death Particle (or The Vashta Nerada at a stretch) and mayby he started regenerating but he couldn’t full heal cause of the effect of it.

    3 The TimeLord CyberMen are back which he made and they listen to him.

    Small 4 or d or the little hyphen haha just using that little joke from Voyage of The Dammed even if its a bit improvised from memory The Master always loves a big stand off with The Doctor preferably in the mist of a battle raging near them, the big scale war/ending his just his cup of Tea 🙂

    And yes there are other blue crystal skull people but mayby they were attacked by The Vashta Nerada too or The Master created or experimented on them like he did with Toclafane in Series 3 , again seems like his cup of Tea 🙂

    I keep looking at the trailer while I am typing this so not to miss or forget things and I saw 2 discussion vids and one said there may be different time periods for this event and I am really seeing that not just like visually but the Victorian looking women who says ‘its happening again’ and then you have characters from other time periods it seems I really do think this ‘event’ or the idea of it like maybe a way of life for some species is happening or happens through out many centuries

    The Doctor has said The Sontarans have been fighting the Rutans for ten’s of thousands of years maybe we are seeing some of that through these time periods and the other aliens are helping either party and maybe its the big day where Victory may be had for one side and perhaps The Doctor is trying to find peace for both sides.

    The Doctor does say ‘we dont have any more time’ maybe they dont have any more time periods to jump into to solve this war and are facing the big day or The Tardis has been shut down as the discussion vids said The Doctor and Companions may be on Gallifrey.

    Dan seems funny 🙂

    I know everyone is saying that fluffy guy looks like Chewy hehe 🙂 but I hope he is a funny or cool character and not just a joke cause the more I see him the more I am intrigued and like him just wanna hug him after all the fighting, hugs to you my friend 🙂

    As you can all tell I started off by saying I will speak a little about what I thought of the trailer and then it carried on into a movie plot itself as my ideas kept running haha 🙂 I now know that feeling of speculation buzz and joy and its wonderful hope you all enjoy the next Series and we will all have lots of fun talking and complaining about it as usual haha 🙂

    Take care everyone hugs and kisses 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    Oochillyo @oochillyo

    hey everyone 🙂

    Just realized Doc from Back To The Future often says time’s in Flux so maybe I got the wrong Doc hahaha 🙂

    Regards – Declan Sargent

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    Just finished watching (with Mrs Blenkinsop, of course) “Doctor Who and the Silurians”. What a great show. 1970 (I was 18) Mrs Blenkinsop would have been 15, so she came to the show a little later (I think at about 45, after we had been together for a while).

    Why is it great? The Doctor is both a serious scientist and a paragon of humanity. Liz Shaw is (as a companion) also a serious scientist, and not the flighty girl that subsequent companions would become. An admission: Liz Shaw was probably my favourite companion, and might even help explain why I married Mrs Blenkinsop.

    It is fascinating to compare it to the subsequent Silurian story with Matt Smith (also a personal favourite). The Matt Smith version retains a very similar tone (particularly the desire of humanity to destroy a perceived threat).

    The other reason I find these two Silurian stories fascinating is that Chibnall wrote the later. And I loved it. Why did Chibnall fail to deliver (in my opinion) when he became show runner?

    Anyway, to anyone who has never seen the 1970 Pertwee “Doctor Who and the Silurians” I heartily recommend it.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @blenkinsopthebrave       “Chibnall wrote the latter. And I loved it. Why did Chibnall fail to deliver (in my opinion) when he became show runner?”

    I’m always a sucker to try and answer these questions. I’ll try not to start any fires 🙂

    The Silurian episodes were competently-written enemy-alien stories. But if you take ‘The Power of Three’ for example, it had a really fascinating premise – the cubes – but it failed to deliver in a convincing way. I was quite disappointed by that, I felt the cubes were so neat they really deserved a suitably ingenious explanation.

    But I don’t think Chibnall has the Moff’s talent for (a) really clever, ingenious and witty dialogue, and (b) keeping track of complicated plots. (I know (b) doesn’t appeal to some, but it does to me).

    So I think Moff was able to inject enough originality into the series to make them successful. Not every episode of course. And of course I like his style so I’m biassed.   For example, the next ep I’m due to watch is ‘Listen’, I just can’t imagine anyone but the Moff ever writing that.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    Just watched Robot of Sherwood, which is a lightweight episode, enjoyable enough if you don’t take it too seriously.

    Ben Miller was good as the (surprisingly rational) Sheriff of Nottingham – “Why would we create an enemy to fight us? What sense would that make? That would be a terrible idea.”

    The one thing that gave me major trouble was the golden arrow at the end. Yes I know they needed a McGuffin that required the co-operation of Robin, Clara and the Doc, but its execution was lacking. First, I doubt anyone could shoot an arrow far enough to hit the ship. But far more difficult – why would hitting the ship give it any extra power? I can accept needing gold for ‘power grids’ or whatever. But the arrow had no time to be built into circuitry. And gold certainly couldn’t be used as a power source, its unreactivity (along with its conductivity) is what makes it so valuable. (I’m an engineer, I have my own idiosyncratic set of things-I’ll-suspend-disbelief for, and things that just don’t work for me).

    A pity, after they went to the effort to explain why the weather was so unseasonably warm.

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