• The countdown is killing me! Just do it already, rip my heart out!

    I’m looking forward to the Christmas episode, I’m fine with Whittaker, but, no more PCap!


    (Yes, I know, this post in neither helpful nor enlightening. The fan-girl struggle is real.)



  • Assuming you want the season 8 coat with the red lining, it’s a Crombie coat, a bit pricey.



    Also this: http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=7010.0

    Not sure if that link works, but Tardis Builders has a great thread on  ‘Evolution of the Capaldi Costume’.




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    Hey @nerys!

    You’re definitely not alone. Remember more than 1/2 the voters didn’t vote for Trump. Doubt they are all thinking they should have voted for him afterall! Also feel very strongly that many who did vote for him thinking “anything but Hillary” are deeply regretting that move.

    As for the ‘kind’ part, thanks for that. It’s aspirational…[Read more]

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    Hey @missrori!

    USA Midwest? What state? (unless you’d rather not say).

    Our president (and by that I mean not “ours” but the current 45), is a giant (insert here worst thing you can imagine).  I’ve read in some papers he seems to have forgotten Puerto Ricans are Americans. I think he’s forgotten they are human beings. We can only hope for…[Read more]

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    Sigh. Even if you had the same views as your loved ones, this would be a challenge. I gripe with my friends, but unfortunately we don’t feel any better when we’re done. Aside from some early postcard wrting/emails to our representatives, I think we feel that we can’t do much. We contribute to the organizations we feel need the  extra…[Read more]

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    Nice countdown clock to Christmas.

    I love it because it’s more Capaldi.

    I hate it because no more Capladi after.

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    Your name is too long. 🙂

    Otherwise, I took it as ‘I won’t change again, I want to stay as I am or die.’

    I think he’s burnt out with the effort it takes to get rolling again in a new form. I think also, Bill being turned into a Cyberman, and Missy dissappointing him was all a bit much to an already fatally injured…[Read more]


    So, a funny thing happened on the way through this 8/9/10 rewatch…I fell in love with PC’s Doctor .

    How awkward to fall like a brick at the end of a Doctor’s timeline! And I really don’t have time for this. Game of Thrones is almost half over! I should be all about Brienne and Arya, but here I am instead, trapped in a shipper’s pocket univ…[Read more]

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  • @DrBen and MissRori:

    Regarding the Doctor’s present state of mind (and I’m sure I’m not the only one to say it), couldn’t this have something to do with the number of regenerations he’s had? Maybe there is a good reason for a max number of 12 (or was it 13?). Maybe living that number of lives (and they are different people in my opoinion or reg…[Read more]

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  • Hi All!

    To further wrap my mind around the 12th Doctor I’m doing a…rewatch! How original.

    Now that Capaldi’s reign is over, I find I’m watching these episodes more intently than I did at first. Each episode provides so much FUN regardless of plot issues. Each episode advances the Clara /Doctor relationship (and I’m realizing now that’s what I’…[Read more]

  • @ wolfweed:

    Yes! I aslo think Season 8 Calpaldi had that whiff of Malcolm Tucker about him.

    Also, I “Follow the Hair”:

    Short and severe in Season 8, longer (and my favorite) in Season 9 to go with his more laidback look and approachable demeanor, and full-blown Super Pertwee in Season 1o, indicative of…I’m not sure what.

    Maybe his focus on…[Read more]

  • @Thane15 – Nicely said.

    Image result for thumbs up emoji

  • Just a quick post; I too just joined this forum to indulge in a little 13th Doctor support-speak, but after reading through this string of posts, I have to say you guys are brilliant, or, in American, awesome.

    Lots of thoughtful commentary. Lost of attempting to engage rather than the trolling I’ve been reading lately.

    For my part, I’m very ple…[Read more]

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