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    @missrori @ichabod I agree with both you about the “too much explaining” going on in Chibnall’s dialogue. Yes, the Doctor has always been wordy, but it wasn’t always to explain each and every thing. I sense a lack of connective tissue in the writing. Which, given Seasons 1 and 3 of Broadchurch, surprises me. Clearly Chibnall is capable of writing…[Read more]

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    @ichabod Thank you for that history lesson. I’m old enough to know … but a reminder of the context certainly helps. That awful “PC” backlash has really muddied the waters, to the point where everyone forgets that it’s mostly about trying to put oneself in the other person’s shoes, and imagine how we would feel if we were called (fill in the…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel @thane16 @janetteb @missrori @winston @ichabod

    Thank you  – ALL of you for your kindness. I shall certainly look for all the support for the both of us that I can.

    We are fortunate in having three lovely children, all ready to help.

    It’s the moving that’s terrifying. I won’t be able to pay the rent on a three bedroom house, once…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    I thought I was more concise 😉 but a bit of Ursula is never wasted.

    (I did my Masters ta LSE and, in true LSE style, we had our own term: “Ideologically sound”, used in exactly the same way – always satirical, usually self-deprecating.)

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    I made an error! I think I meant another movie with ‘money’ in it? Actually, no, it’s Molly’s Game?

    It looks really good! But I might catch MoneyBall too.

    I am interested in some films that capture elements of American culture: I remember when I first heard Paradise by The Dashboard Light. Has so many American elements. A nation very…[Read more]

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    Are you’re back!! I will tell Mum that. I really wanted to see it? Dad watched it & was not that impressed? Mum loves Bill Nighy. We all do.  Right now, I should be on another thread but I was watching out for the new Sorkin film called Moneyball. Have you seen that at all? I think it is on disc by now.

    T16  and happy new year to you!!

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    @ragnarok I mean @idiotsavon of Savon Manor AND  @ScaryB  😀

    Happy new year’s to you both.  x0 x

    I remember, yonks, or timey-whimeys agos, we had a Ragnarok theme during the end of the Smith era?

    I’ve not watched the new ep yet. In fact, I haven’t hooked into the ABC much at all except for the occasional special from The Midwives or Foyles Wa…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    Sigh! Life just ‘aint fair.


    Indeed he was and is. How some people can say that he wasn’t a good writer renders me speechless.

    I found it so exciting when River, in one of the above, says “MY Doctor ” and  “you know when you see and old photograph of someone you know, but they aren’t quite done yet.”And you know she means…[Read more]

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    @ichabod – thanks. Much appreciated!

  • @thane16 @idiotsavon @mudlark @ichabod

    On a slightly more constructive direction that trying to get Twitter to work, this is a very interesting insight from a self-confessed newbie.:

    Five reasons Doctor Who is the most interesting speculative series on television in 2018

  • @nerys, @ichabod, @craig

    I suppose this discussion really should be over on the Films thread, but I also suppose spoilers are less of an issue when it comes to Blade Runner, as it seems unlikely than there is anyone with internet access who is not aware of the film.

    For me, it will always be the original theatrical version with the voice-over. I…[Read more]

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    @ichabod There was a pretty key difference in the two films, and I’m sort of reluctant to discuss it without some sort of spoiler tag (for anyone who hasn’t seen the director’s cut of Blade Runner). If you haven’t seen it, and want to, then don’t venture beyond this point:






    In the original theatrical release with…[Read more]

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    @ichabod The one that immediately springs to mind is “Bladerunner”. The studio forced Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford to lay down a voiceover, as they thought no one would understand the film. You can tell Ford was bored with the whole thing. In the “director’s cut” they dropped the voiceover and added a few extra elements.

    A lot of people think…[Read more]

  • @ichabod I’m a fan of the Netflixs Marvel TV shows, and one thing I like about episodes mades specifically for the platform is the irregular run times. It’s not usually more than a few minutes, but it feels as though if they felt an episode had to be 53 minutes, it’s 53 minutes, if they felt this particular episode was a 46 minute story, they did…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    I’d guess that the Series 12 Announcement on the BBC Doctor Who Official site has been vetted and approved by the BBC – it specifically says ‘early 2020’ in the very first paragraph.

    This might translate as ‘New Year Special’ then the main series a bit later, but it definitely says ‘series 12 is on its way and will be returning to BBC…[Read more]

  • @magickirin I see where you’re coming from with Graham not moving on – but I disagree. At the beginning he decided to travel with The Doctor while standing in his now empty flat talking to Grace in his head. So yes, there is a degree of avoidance, of not wanting to stay in the place where he spent, it appears, the happiest but much too short time…[Read more]

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    @ichabod that’s a good point, and after all, in his final season, 12 was a professor. And what did we call people with that job at Polytechnics before they got turned into universities? Lecturers.

    I think sex/gender is affecting how some people respond to theDoctor. I’ve seen her accused of ‘hectoring’ a grieving father (for telling his blind…[Read more]

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    @thane16  Puro  . . . a few people thought “the Doc, on a TANK wearing sunglasses and playing an electric guitar?” That’s not gravitas! That’s baloney!” Except we describe him like this: proud and noble, dignified, dutiful, lofty enough to shit marble when I don’t think 12 was like that much of the time. @ichabod -would you agree?

    G…[Read more]

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    @ichabod Good grief, has I been away that long? Your post below.

    I felt both the same, and the opposite — never knew, particularly in S8, which way he would jump, or how far he would go, but simultaneously there was no doubt whatever in my mind that this Doctor’s two hearts were positively molten with passion for decency, fairness, and kin…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    Actually, I know that 😉  I was referring to “the latter” as written above?  – –  @ScaryB who we haven’t seen as yet. Glad you’re still about though….


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