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    I re-read your blog Jim. It’s really interesting just how the blog, the comments e […]

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    Let’s play Finger The @Cumquat

    No. Wait. That came out way more obscene than intended.

    Or did it?

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    Let’s just say I won’t be taking any action against the hilarious cumquat – it’s not me either though, by the way.

    Edit: As the new Doctor might say “Or is she?”

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    Just back from holiday and caught up with episode 9, and what a corker it was. I loved this. Taking the fairy tale right back to its grizzly folkloric roots. (I really enjoyed your post detailing the fairy tale elements @bluesqueakpip.)

    I can’t believe how quickly my reservations about this series have melted.

    Hanne: from the Hebrew Channah,…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick @bluesqueakpip Agreed.

    You could argue cracks were showing, and that he was becoming dangerous…”

    I found 12 in his night-shirt quite distressing. Walking around London searching for the lost dinosaur? Bleating on the top of buildings? It was almost undignified! People complaining (and I get it, I really do) that the current Doctor…[Read more]

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    Does anyone do any moderating on YouTube at all?


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    I am a man of constant sorrows, I’ve seen trouble all my days” (folk song; do you know it?), but more like — those blow up figures that bob around if you hit them, but have some weighty stuff (sand?) at the bottom that makes them swing back upright again after you’ve smacked them down. No sand, no effective *sense* that there’s that weig…

    [Read more]

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    Bet I’d feel differently if I had some kids here to watch it with me!

    But you do. I’m here. Also, @pedants niece and other assorted kids. They may not be in front of the telly but they’re coming to the site…..



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    @amdamiri I am with @nerys. Also, kinda looks like you’re complaining. Have you seen Rectify? I mean, you can complain ! 🙂 That’s alright! Maybe there was something you liked in the episode too?


    As a 17 year old 🙂 I think “gravitas” doesn’t have to be all “old” and “parchment” and “maaaa story iz  soooo long, maaaa memories are soooo…[Read more]

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    @ichabod im totally agree with you.
    also i think the new doctor don’t have any iconic postures and hobbies..above that almost every doctors in specific situations, become angry except in new one.( even if a child is in danger )
    i mean at least It isn’t an iconic flat character .

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    @thane16  But to me, the baddie was the solitract: luring people with promises of “forever.”  Or not even the solitract, but the refusal to accept reality, let go of the past, and let the dead rest.

    @bluesqueakpip  Just for a couple of seconds, as if the Solitract had thought it might try taking the Doctor back to the barn and becoming someon…[Read more]

  • @ichabod

    No betrayal at all – there is nothing to indicate that The Doctor was insincere. But once her hands started to go all kaleidoscope, she knew the situation and explained with compassion. It was a sweet sorrow parting.


    Talking animals crop up a lot in Studio Ghibli animations, and this story had a bit of a Ghibli feel to it,…[Read more]

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    @ichabod I think the Doctor felt that one person could possibly stay but with so many both universes were in danger of collapsing, and it might be that she knew that if she was that one person it would continue to collapse because of her nature.

    But Graham would only be with a copy of Grace. If you remember, in the Name Of The Doctor, when he…[Read more]

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    @notime @ichabod

    pos coz the story wouldn’t have needed anymore pin-pointing of this? It’s in the “clever”  already? Or the time limits meant we had a good paced,on the edge of your seats thrill which is in symmetry with the nature of the siren idea?


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    @thane16  @ichabod I think you might like this one?

    You’re right; for me, this story had a pleasingly disconnected feeling that I think came with the “through the looking glass” echo — first time I felt that they dared to take off without a clear flight path to an expected landing place (except that a sort of resolution between Ryan and Graham…[Read more]

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    Within minutes of Frog Appearance, I slapped my head and said the same: “oh Yes!”

    In between a few bouts of dusty eye **

    It doesn’t matter (to me) whether it was a frog,  talking flowers or a lizard. Even madness itself. 🙂 The Greeks had a great many stories to tell of frogs -lyrically and musically. It felt both fairy-tale and “inner madness”…[Read more]

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    @ichabod, and to be fair, at times the actors did seem to be working to that reading, especially in the mentioned conversation.

    re: housework – all writers need a ‘wife and servants to keep the kiddies in […]

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    @Ichabod and @miapatrick

    I think that’s one thing the Moffat era made extremely clear – that while The Doctor saw himself as a rebel, he was rebelling from a place of privilege. He’s got an assumption, […]

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    @miapatrick and @ichabod

    I think Chibnall announced this smaller scale Doctor when he had her say “I’m just a traveller” in the very first episode.

    Time Lords have testosterone (or something that the TARDIS […]

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    @ichabod Interesting re the increasing humidity where you are. We seem to be experiencing similiar here. Of course it could just be the last couple of summers but in the past the climate was hot dry, summers, cold with medium rain fall in winter and periodic drought. While over the past century the number of days over 40c had steadily increased of…[Read more]

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