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    This is so fantastic. Thankyou so much.

    During a moment of break from studies I read some articles in the NY Times ($1 for 3-4 articles) and then watched a show called The Family which sounds nuts and actually IS nuts.  What’s worrying is on the paper’s comments there are people actively saying “yeah, no worries, he’s a man, that’s…[Read more]

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    Hi there @bluesqueakpip. @mudlark @serahni  and all you great men and women!  @whisht @blenkinsopthebrave @arbutus  @nerys. This idea sounds like it’s about theology only, but I think it’s about changing perceptions -or not changing them?

    Due to the ‘serious’ nature of the post below I thought I’d should share this from a Reuters article which co…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish Years & Years sounds great. @cathannabel:  thank you for that too. We also saw Russian Doll: brill! Jim, Good luck with the thesis. May the calm of the Jedi knights be with you!

    @mudlark @missy

    I think Dr Who was confronting Missy? With Capaldi’s Doc? All the monsters could be a hard lesson in life, the monsters a back-drop, a good…[Read more]

  • @whisht @cathannabel @thane16 @blenkinsopthebrave @mudlark @winston (and anyone lese interested)

    I have vague disclaimered for the first time in ages: Contact light?

  • @mudlark

    If you were chastising me, albeit gently, you were quite right to. LIKE is the wrong word, how could anyone ‘like’ watching this series? My apologies.

    The worlds is in such turmoil, wars, terrorists, nature, that I refuse to watch anything confronting on TV.

    I retire into fiction.


  • @mudlark
     At the time I remember preferring Troughton’s incarnation and regretting the change, but not enough to prevent me watching Pertwee stories, happily enough and not too critically
    I think this is a na […]

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    Cheers for that, @pedant. I plan to dive into Chernobyl soonest. Time is at a premium at the moment as I try to wrangle this damn thesis into shape for final submission. But I’m looking forward to it. (Hope you’re taking care yourself btw)…

    btw, if anyone is looking for something a bit timey-wimey over the summer then…[Read more]

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    That’s something unknown to me -the ‘odds.’ Heck a holy moly.

    The book The Knowledge Illusion is similar -talks about how, in one experiment, a sampled group, when asked to draw a bicycle, left off important things. The bike didn’t need a basket or even a light but it certainly needed  -axel, bearings, brackets…

    Before I read it all,…[Read more]

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    oh wow – thanks @mudlark @winston @thane16 @pedant @blenkinsop and @ everyone I’ve forgotten or who is yet to jump in with a memory. I’m gonna ask my brothers and sister what they remember (I’ll let you know!).

    Unfortunately I just wasn’t quite yet alive when this happened so my main ‘space’ memories are either Challenger or Star Wars when I was…[Read more]

  • @mudlark @cathannabel @janetteb et al

    I’d heartily add to the Years and Years recommendations. It is very RTD-esque but none the worst for it. It’s also a long overdue BBC foray into drama dealing with contemporary issues rather than desperately trying to avoid them in costume and/or crime drama.


    I’m very much looking forward to…[Read more]

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    Goodness! I apologise, I thought Buffy wasn’t to your liking (clearly I misunderstood & mixed that conversation -in my mind- with someone else. Hopefully not a conversation with myself because then we’re diving into deep waters of confusion and neural problems or merely ‘personal’ schizophrenia).

    The back does sound awful and clearly…[Read more]

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    @mudlark (also I did not pick up on your “analgesia” statement & I apologise for that: I hope your back isn’t the problem again? I understand you can’t work in the garden for hours on end -at 52 I don’t because a) Crohns and b) it’s waaay too hot as per my anecdote above. But I can imagine, still, how beautiful yours must be by now) @JanetteB …[Read more]

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    Since sublimis also means exalted, I suppose a more accurate rendering would be: the crown of my head, exalted, touches the stars.

    Oh yes, that’s the closest  -I checked Liddell and Scott -for some Greek while I was at it and didn’t get too far except for yet more variations of “puro” “”incendiary” and “burn” as well as “not dusty thus…[Read more]

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    Sublimi vertice are in the ablative singular masculine but it’s vertex, as you identified, that points to “the crown or the top of the head”

    But allow the larks to call! I can imagine the birds tweeting and the Narcissi blooming (OK, I’m no poet). Here, it’s about 10 overnight now and 22 to 24 during sunny days -so much like your spring…[Read more]

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    Thank you, yes: ” “lofty” stars will move my way”  is in another translation I read.

    I heard some years ago that Horace’s odes could have him transported to high status: “if deeds of gods are being praised, do I absent myself – I, a second Pindar.”  —-and he is being modest, deliberately, I believe.

    With the lines and the so-called v…[Read more]

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    Quite right. Thank you. When I write: “right” I mean I had the same problem. This is son’s school motto and happily explained, a little incorrectly, except for the “dust” implying effort, by the ‘Executive Principal.’

    Indeed: the motto has the errors – or the principal/assistant has typed the errors, possibly. I would hope it’s not all…[Read more]

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    Hellooo @JanetteB @mudlark @pedant and other delightful & clever people!

    I have a small amount of Horace which I’m certain is Pindaric in origin.

    Now, do not be concerned -it’s the Horace I’m after. I have several definitions but I’d like to know yours (if you have any Pindar encomium all the better!)

    Sunt quos curriculo pulverum…

    [Read more]

  • @mudlark  That sounds worth looking for. Thanks for the tip.  In my opinion , the BBC  does not seem too far left. I know because I am way too far left and people need not fear me  because I am the least threatening person I know.  Anyway diversity is the future.

    @janetteb  Your story sounds interesting and all too plausible as the poor will…[Read more]

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    that sounds good -I don’t know if we have it on Netflix or the ABCiview -Janette you might know too? Are you streaming it on the “ever so fast NBN?”  I mean Davie’s series.

    We love Killing Eve -it dipped in the first 2 new episodes but has exploded upward since. Have you see Harrow, Janette? If you haven’t been b…[Read more]

  • @mudlark, written by RTD, has Emma Thompson in it, left wing, (as I would expect from RTD). It is very definitely on my “too watch” list. I have been reading the reviews and it sounds interesting. I am currently writing a story set in “near future” dealing with the impact of climate change and growing income inequality. Was supposed to set in the…[Read more]

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