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    @Winston @pedant and anyone with approaching or passing winter colds.

    For anyone feeling under the weather with partners very unwell including Mr @missy.

    I had a tear for Miller & James (sounds like a sketch act which both may’ve loved).

    @whisht good to see you back on the music boards! Don’t leave them -you make these boards hum & tingle -all…[Read more]

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    @mudlark @pedant @JanetteB

    In all ways you read our minds.

    Til done

    Delia (oh my Delia -she taught me to bake the lightest cake)

    one flame.

    Speaking of which, we have Who coming? Not sure. I’m not spoiling. But I’m imagining. Heading over to music thread.

    Siggers the Elder.


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    @thane16 @pedant and @mudlark

    How To Boil An Egg by Jan Arkless is still in print in the UK, so might be available in Australia. It’s been updated since our time, with more veggie dishes and a few more modern recipes. I second @pedant – great book.

    Another fun book to read when you set out on your own is Katharine Whitehorn’s Cooking in a…[Read more]

  • @janetteb @mudlark

    My mum had a simpler answer when I phoned to ask how long to cook whatever new thing had taken my fancy:

    “Until it’s done.”

  • @mudlark @pedant and @winston this is a SPOILER so please look the other way.

    Dickens was an extraordinary perfectionist, and a man of the people. On many occasions he would repeat, “I had at one point many stories I could tell, but, here & now, this is the only story I feel I can tell.”

    He was repetitive at times & acknowledged a level of…[Read more]

  • @bluesqueakpip @mudlark

    Fair point about “the problem” Buffy satirised.  I think satirical is the correct word, for this. Or would it be irony?

    Mum & I were talking about this yesterday. Dracula, as written, was old, corrupt, skin like paper, with bad breath. Nothing sexy about the dood. In Buffy (Winston, spoilers ahead*****) Drac was old,…[Read more]

  • @mudlark
    I think the modern writer basically has two choices with Dracula.
    1/ Go for Bram Stoker’s evil monster.
    2/ Go the ‘Saberhagen’ route and base Dracula on (to some extent) the real Vlad Tepes.

    That’s a very short teaser, but it has hints that Moffat and Gatis are basing this one on the novel’s ‘evil monster’ to at least some extent. It…[Read more]

  • @pedant @mudlark.  The other soon to be scoobie (OK, Winston) look away 😀

    I never listened, 2 years ago, to this particular TPN guide. Only at about the 5:44 mark did I latch on to that dude from above. The echoes are brilliant. And this may make you yell with frustration but I think this is the best of the Season openers closely followed by…[Read more]

  • @Winston I’m doing this now too  LOOK AWAY NOW! (One exclamation mark must do). It rhymes!

    @pedant @mudlark

    then there’s this.


  • @winston

    LOOK AWAY NOW!!!!!


    Dracula in Buffy (riffing on the high camp Hammer Horror, not Bram Stoker) served the purpose it was intended to serve – to be a massive misdirect for what happened at the end of that episode (which itself had been carefully set in motion two years earlier).

    Its secondary purpose was re firmly re-establish…[Read more]

  • @pedant

    Got it!


    Oh no. No. No. The Buffy Dracula was DELIBERATE. It was supposed to be almost laughable.



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    @whisht @mudlark @janetteb @thane16  Thank you for all of your kind words although they have brought me tears they are gentle tears. My mother in law never said an unkind word to me in all the years I knew her. She loved her family and we all loved her ,as simple as that. We got her home from hospital to her own room that looked out on her…[Read more]

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    @Winston. So sorry to hear about both your losses. I still grieve for my Mother in law who we lost back in 2003. In fact I have been thinking of her a lot these past couple of days while out taking photos. Sometimes I feel as though she is looking over my shoulder and that encourages me to try harder to do well. Unfortunately our sons were still…[Read more]

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    Thank you SO much for your gardening assistance. Mayall* I call you Yoda? Or Goda? For God of Gardening -except the ‘d’ isn’t right for ‘garden’ but Goga doesn’t scan well.

    I have a question: How do the worms arrive by themselves? I am, as you see, neither Goda, nor Goga but possibly Daga (Dumb at Gardening).  Also, Daga sounds like a…[Read more]

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    @pedant  @mudlark

    Also, YouTube has a ‘50th anniversary collection’ and it has 9 episodes. One of which they claim to be ‘The Day Of The Doctor’. Is this something I should buy to fully know what’s going on? Are they spoilers? Is there a difference between ‘the day of the doctor’ and ‘the time of the doctor’?


    😭😭😭 I’m so lost, wish I stuck to…[Read more]

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    @pedant @mudlark

    Oh sweet baby Jesus! Thank you so much, so to clarify: after ‘name of the doctor’ it goes night – day – Christmas – S8? Is that correct?

  • syzygy replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator


    I didn’t know that -re Lady Hale as President of the Supremes. I should’ve known (partly because of the song on the music thread), having remembered the tiny speck of a snippet of a  discussion about Boris the Spider. Our High Court is headed by Susan Kiefel. I read part of a paper on rhetoric & gave up. 😉

    Ah, yes, your brother (the…[Read more]

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    @mudlark! Good to see you on the music thread. Great song. Lady Hale, however is lost to me? Is she married to a time lord, at all? Or an earth Lord? 🙂

    I know. Not very funny. My humour’s a work in progress.


    Totally agree: the singer and the feelings of certain times attached to certain music. It’s incredibly important to…[Read more]

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    thank you so much for the detailed reply. I’m looking all over the place for ‘the Day of the doctor’ , ‘night of the doctor’ and ‘Christmas Special’. Do I need to watch these before starting S8E1?



    where can I find these three episodes on the inters of net? 😭

  • @notoriouszero

    You are not alone in being banjaxed by S7. Netflix had completely the wrong running order, with Day of the Doctor erroneously at the end of S8, and did have Time of the Doctor.

    Until *cough* somebody *cough* patiently explained it to a CS helper…, much like @mudlark has done for you.

    Before watching Day of the Doctor, you could…[Read more]

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