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    I’d almost forgotten that I’d even written this. Feel free to take whatever you wish. And something of the ‘between’ era would be interesting. It’s been bemusing to me how adversarial the Moffat and […]

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    @phaseshift Thank you for that history lesson on the mindwipe. I’m a relatively new viewer, only post-gap, and so I thought the mindwipe (and the reasons for using it) went back farther than that. So, in that context, I can see your point.

    And yeah, one of my least-favorite moments on Doctor Who was the mindwipe done on Donna. All that she had…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift I missed this the first time around and am here now (aptly, several years into the future, and with a couple of excellent WhitDoc historical episodes – Rosa and Demons of the Punjab – under our belts) […]

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    @phaseshift and @blenkinsopthebrave

    I too would love to see a blog on this subject. It does make me wonder what other analogies we can make. Would RTD be Verity Lambert, for being the midwife of Nu-Who? Does that make Moffat Barry Letts or Philip Hinchcliffe?

    Was also wondering if this is the most comprehensive trouncing the forum has ever…[Read more]

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    I, for one, would love to read your blog developing the JNT allusion.

    When I posted the comment I thought of adding the question: “Too harsh?” But on reflection , I thought it was unnecessary.



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    @phaseshift @miapatrick

    I feel you are in attack mode?

    I think a mod can be above that & attempt to be decent. It wasn’t decent, imo.

    @peacefrog is a newbie. Maybe you’re judging him/them/her on one post when all his other posts have been genuine & interesting.

    Once again I reiterate that this is a Good Place. The snark can leave now. It’s…[Read more]

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    I’m deeply sorry for what I said

    It was uncalled for and I should know better.

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    “Hi there, I know you were just trying to be funny but I didn’t think it was very funny due to the amount of pain that I’ve been dealing with.

    I hope that we can have some more interesting conversations about Doctor Who in the future.”


    How hard was that? Took me a few minutes to type. That would have been a appropriate response…[Read more]

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    That’s what I was doing.

    How you think I am the one wants this to continue is beyond me… and beyond you it seems like.

    Didn’t I say that I was sorry? That I was joking?

    It was the tone of your response that caused this and you know it.

    Can we end this now or not?

    I don’t need to be here. Starting to regret signing up.

    I’m sure…[Read more]

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    This one’s for you and you and you and especially for you Phaseshift.

    Now, just click play… that is if you can get your gimp hand to operate a mouse. If not, maybe you can have your wife do it for you.




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    Sniff…What should I do?

    You’ve got yourself a big mean bully on the loose here and I’m just a lowly new member here and I’m not sure that I’m able to defend myself.

    How should I handle this situation? Should I call for the Mods?



    Wait a minute……It’s a ghost town in here. You probably had to let all the mods…[Read more]

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    My snark level meter is going off the charts right now. Is it broke or are you really that upset with me?

    I’m very very sorry. I was just kidding.

    Anybody and everybody could tell you that I was joking, so I’m not sure what is going on here. Are you really trying to run off your new members so fast. No wonder nobody posts…[Read more]

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    “It didn’t happen after that. Oh, the Doctor did have mental powers to be sure, but it was mostly healingputting people into Frances.”

    I remember that time that the Doctor mind wiped me.

    Thought that I was Frances Hodgson Burnett for a year. If you happened to notice a downturn in the quality of her writing…that was me.

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    [hands Whisht a teddy bear]


    If we have an arc about the basis of Timelord lies and make reference to a story where they actually lied, that may make sense.

    You know what, Phaseshift? I think you might be on to something there. Because I seem to recall that when the Doctor said she’d realised Orphan 55 was Earth only a…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift There’s absolutely a dysfunctional families thing going on this season.  The Master destroying Gallifrey is another manifestation of it, the fabled “sins of the fathers” thing.  And I think the Doctor’s fam will end up strained too over the course of the season, but come back together by the end.

    @bluesqueakpip I’m in sort of that p…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the link to the blog post, that’s very interesting. So in this particular episode, do the two (or more) Earth timelines exist concurrently, and can the Doctor travel to whichever one she chooses to?

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    Yep, it’s the Who references that stuck out a mile for me too. This veered rather a lot to be being a remake of The Mysterious Planet with a bit of The Leisure Hive thrown in. For someone so famed for dissing Colin Baker-era Who, Chibs seems to be doing a bang-up job of emulating it….

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    Can we all come together in a joint effort of hope that Phaseshift is onto something here. 🙂

    I’ll just extrapolate this a little bit further.

    Planet comes from the Greek meaning “wanderer”.

    An orphan planet is one that wanders off away from the gravitational pull of it’s star.

    Okay…stay with me now.


    Do…[Read more]

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    @Jimthefish I’m not massively keen on Gallifrey’s re-destruction personally. It all depends how it plays out, of course

    I’m not massively keen on it either. I LOVE Gallifreyan stories, but it feels a bit odd, after the long and wondrous arc of the Time War across Doctors Ecclestone to the War Doctor (and then Capaldi Doc’s search for the Gall…[Read more]

  • @phaseshift

    That’s a fair point re. Dinosaurs and I think you could be right. That was certainly a theme in s7 up to and including the 50th anniversary

    @juniperfish and @missrori

    Yes, let’s take the question of the Doc’s morality over to the Orphan thread. I’ve certainly got some thoughts on @missrori‘s interesting post above


    I’d be…[Read more]

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