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    @toinfinityandbepond and @phaseshift

    Yeah, saw that. Very sad news. Dan was genuinely enthusiastic and as the article says deeply passionate in his writing. And this forum definitely owes him a debt.

  • @phaseshift

    I have just read your post and Jim The Fish and agree that Mr. Moffat’s input was indeed the Golden Age.

    As was Murray Gold, sadly missed.

    Mr. Chibnell however, I shall never warm to, unless […]

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    I think RTD injected something quite unique (but utterly different from SM) into his novelisation of Rose but, yes, Cornell very much gives you a straight up-and-down, no-nonsense adaptation. Which is fair enough as it isn’t his story.

    @craig, @blenkinsopthebrave et al

    Yes, I believe Rose is coming up next to be followed by the…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift @jimthefish @janetteb @blenkinsopthebrave and everyone else.

    I think there are more watch-alongs planned. In fact I think “Rose” is happening on Thursday” (15 year anniversary – maybe) and then shortly after “The Eleventh Hour” (10 year anniversary – maybe). I’m unsure but will check and have everything in order if it does happen.

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    That fan video is a wonderfully clever montage, and a worthy supplement to the film.

    @janetteB @phaseshift

    Thanks for the recommendation of the novelisation. I confess that I have never really bothered with the novels and so far casual browsing hasn’t converted me, but that sounds well worth following up. My immune system being…[Read more]

  • @phaseshift

    Just went back and looked at those first comments on the board in response to “The Snowmen”. There was a tangible excitement in evidence with people discovering their ability to join the site. And lots of familiar, but now alas, distant names. There was an absurdly complicated Blenkinsop theory about Clara and water that sounded g…[Read more]

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    This was balm to the soul and left me with a terminal case of the warm fuzzies for the rest of the evening. It encapsulates all that Moffat at his best does so well, but in the aftermath has left me painfully aware of how much I now miss that Moffat touch.  It was in every way a worthy summation and celebration of the 50th anniversary.

    And thank…[Read more]

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    Well, that was just fantastic and certainly revived my love for Who. A nice palate cleanser after Timeless Children. Love the little Strax intro too. I’d still love to see a proper Paternoster spin-off. The Big Finish audios are nice and all but it’s just not the same. And to echo @phaseshift, I’d recommend checking out Moffat’s Twitter feed for…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip (and @miapatrick)

    Glad to hear you’re hopefully in recovery mode now. We’re in self-isolation mode now and I’ve had to conduct the last of my lectures and seminars via online technologies. Which has all worked out pretty well so I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes increasingly standard in the future.

    Books and TV bingeing are…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift and @mudlark

    Currently I’m catching up with Discovery Season 2, which my brother very kindly posted to me. I’m liking it much more than I did Season 1; they seem to have got their act together and everyone now knows the characters. I’ve also managed to nearly finish one of those ‘books I ought to read’. I think feeling ill helps fight…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave I’ve seen a few memes regarding the delight of dogs, and frank discomfort of cats, at having their people at home all day!

    @Lisa – that’s the thing right now. There is a chance all this could lead to genuine change for the good. And a chance that it won’t. Many policies being implement right now, by Doctors surgeries, for…[Read more]

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    @phaseshift no apology needed, just had been told that due to the nature of the works a visit may happen,  was just saying that I was now thinking that other far more important stuff would be going on….. and you can trust me to do the job right (honest Guv)

    Enjoy the isolation in the Lake District

    We nearly lost the extruder barrel at…[Read more]

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    Morning All….. well it could be afternoon/evening/middle of the bloomin’ night, please choose the appropriate greeting

    Thanks to @Mudlark for posting that, very amusing 😃

    @Blenkinsopthebrave good idea to try and use our shared nerdom to reduce isolation and give us all a outlet to manage the pressures of the Coronavirus,  bravo. This is one…[Read more]

  • @craig, @jimthefish, @phaseshift, @bluesqueakpip, @whisht, @mudlark, @thane16, @janetteb, @winston, @rob, @fatmaninabox and..@everyone

    It feels a bit quiet on the site and circumstances seem to be moving fast, and more of us (of a certain age) seem to be self-isolating. Hopefully, things will pass, but it would be great if there was a place where…[Read more]

  • There was some talk of doing a Penny Dreadful rewatch blog after S12 was over. Just testing the water to see how many would be interesting in doing it. (Will probably leave it a couple of week anyway till we’ve had @phaseshift‘s blogpost on s13 and Chibs, if he’s still planning that….)

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    @nightingale and @phaseshift

    Yes, it’s a good piece but as you say could have done with a bit of editing. Whenever I see a lot of repetition, I don’t necessarily get suspicious but think that they should definitely call for an editor. I do agree with both you and their central point that Moffat was all about subverting the expectations of what…[Read more]

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    Yes, on Chibs these are largely not new arguments and we should probably agree to disagree.

    If this reaches the stage of discussing semiotics, your local vicar should be able to suggest some suitable deliverance ministries.

    Yes, they’re coming for me now. Taking their time about it though. And I must admit that I probably did some…[Read more]

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    No, I don’t want to start any arguments again either. So:

    No, she tells him she’s filled with a multitude. Her genetic inheritance. Her DNA is better than the Master’s.

    While that is a possible interpretation, I would say that at the moment, it’s a theory. It’s a theory based on the Master’s obsessive anger at having the Doc…[Read more]

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    The Police Box TARDIS can be explained as the Hartnell Doctor ‘stealing’ his previous TARDIS – without knowing that she was the TARDIS he’d used before. It actually fits better with Sexy’s comment that ‘she stole him’ if she’d known the Doctor in his/her pre-mind-wipe incarnations.

    Mm, that’s definitely possible, and would fit in qu…[Read more]

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    Elizabeth Sandifer in her blog asked why Doctor Who had never actually engaged with the punk era, as Pertwee had engaged with the iconography of the glam period. Baker was already a punk before punk started. His oddness and aversion to ‘the system’ was his superpower.

    No way! I was having this exact conversation with myself in my hea…[Read more]

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