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    Well, fucking hell people from @missy to @Bluesqueakpip to @pedant and @gamergirlavatar @nerys @toinfinityandbepond @whisht (well, HELLOO you!) you’ve all expressed feelings on sexism, political correctness and  cooking. I missed the whole darn conversation! Exciting stuff. And a bit sad, to be honest. That there exist people who think that “PC…[Read more]

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    Well, that’s me told!

    Pathetic and Weasel words? If you say so.

    However, you managed to say all that without using the “F” word once.

    As for my dislike of a female Doctor, you all know my feelings on the matter, and I didn’t wanted bore @roger429

    to death.


  • @Roger429

        Missy didn’t use the term as a pejorative at

    My. You really are new around here, aren’t you?

    There is no non-pejorative use of the term. Putting the most positive possible spin on it still leaves it as a lazy, disrespectful dismissal of something that a lot of people have put a lot of careful thought into. But specifically, Mis…[Read more]

  • @roger429

    The term is sometimes used in an attempt to correct for a perceived injustice, historical or current.

    It is never used like that – it is a pejorative, exactly as Missy meant it – used as a way to justify being offensive and getting all uppity when people pop back. I would challenge you to find a single instance of use in a positive…[Read more]

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    @pedant  and @roger429      It is my opinion that the decision to make the Doctor a women was motivated not by political correctness but by the things that make it possible to produce such a show, money and audience. The better the ratings the more money to be made. They are trying to bring new people to the show, maybe even female people like…[Read more]

  • @toinfinityandbepond

    Lee at his finest – never once raising his voice.


    Did you or did you not ask what the phrase means?


    A thought experiment: every time you find yourself thinking the term “political correctness” might be appropriate in a sentence substitute in “being considerate” (because that is what the abusive term is…[Read more]

  • @roger429

    I’m perfectly aware of the history, etymology, historical usage (as a self-correcting satire by the the left on those who got a bit too ideological pure) and how that was warped and corrupted by conservative writers into an assault on any who committed the sin of giving a damn about the hopes, dreams and feelings of others. And from…[Read more]

  • @roger429

    the political correctness playing a part with the selection of a women

    What the fuck does this even mean?


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    Hello to you.

    Peter Capaldi was very popular with some  and disliked by others.

    I never had a favourite until he came along, then it was HE who  was my doctor.

    There is no ambivalence on my part about a female Doctor, it’s all wrong.

    I feel that Political correctness played a large part, using regeneration as an excuse.

    As the r…[Read more]

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    Peter Capaldi’s theme music is superb and matches his character perfectly. I bought Adventure in time and Space, ages ago  and love it.

    As for Jodie Whitaker, I hope she does leave! Bring back a male Doctor please.

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    @janetteB    I’m not the most discerning of viewers. If something resonates with me emotionally, or makes me smile, then I’m usually happy. Although some series or episodes I have gone back to over and over, and others I haven’t. I’ll have to do a rewatch of the last series and see how it sits with me on a second go-around.

    @mudlark   I also rem…[Read more]

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    @roger429 Hartnell was the first incarnation of the Doctor. As I said the films are not considered “canon” and as such Cushing is not counted as one of “the Doctors”. I do recommend watching An Adventure in Space and Time. It is thoroughly delightful and very informative being a relative accurate depiction of the early days of Doctor Who, with…[Read more]

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    @thane16  (syzygy the elder)

    Whatever made you think that I might be annoyed?  🙂


    Welcome from me, also.

    As @janetteB says, the Peter Cushing films were a spin-off from the original TV show, the first episode of which, featuring William Hartnell as the Doctor, was broadcast by the BBC on 23rd November 1963 – although the debut was s…[Read more]

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    @roger429 The films with Peter Cushing were made after the TV series started. The first of the two films, Dr Who and the Daleks came out in 1965 two years after “An Unearthly Child first aired in the U.K and the second film, Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150 AD (which was essentially a remake of the TV story, “Dalek Invasion of Earth” was made in 1966.…[Read more]

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    @roger429 Welcome this is a friendly place, after all so it should be. Dr Who promotes tolerance and kindness, so hopefully to some degree we reflect the values of the show we all love. (just a note in case it hasn’t been explained, AG Who means After Gap and BG Who means Before Gap. that often confuses new members)

    @arbutus My sons accuse me…[Read more]

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    @Roger429     Welcome to the DWF. Like you, I was never much for social media or participating on forums, until this one. (I was drawn to join shortly after the 50th anniversary special, so that I could comment on a fabulous essay by the erudite @bluesqueakpip. I have found that the level of discussion around here hugely exceeds the usual a…[Read more]

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    Hey! Sorry, what’s an “Emily Post ?”

    Yeah, here, we do tag people because Syzygy might confuse people or they may not really want to read that again. Short story: mum and I share the tag. Mum’s sick a bit, so sometimes I type for myself, others I type for her. I’m doing that now. And when I DO type for mum, I always let people know…[Read more]

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    @pedant  hehe. Ma-mah  yelled up at me to answer this. So, I have the computer (the only thing in the house that’s not my phone I can get internet on as the school computer locks you off the internet on certain hours of the weekend. We’re permanently locked out of youtube which is damn annoying as there are 1st class lectures on philosophy and n…[Read more]

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    oh ffs the pair of you.

    Either get a room or rut somewhere else.

    @roger429 – its really interesting that you want more CGI in the episodes. Its not something that people often say, so I think its quite an interesting take.
    If you’d like (and your story about the antenna is incredible) please do add your experience to everyone else’s about how…[Read more]

  • @thane16

    Later, there came (ahem) different elements I liked.

    Is that the deep, rich storytelling drenched in metaphor and turning the mundane into the terrifying…

    ….or the hot chicks with superpowers?


    When talking to people it is courteous to tag  them (the “@” tag is under the profile picture). Not only does it make following…[Read more]

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