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    OK, before the flurry of next-episode posts, could you have a watch of this vlog  (I think that’s what they are called) about my diagnosis and, even better, pop over onto YouTube and give it a thumbs up? I’ll probably make a short series, so a ‘subscribe’ would be ace too (even though I’m not really doing it for the audience so much as to…[Read more]

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    There was also some filming reported by @SirClockFace (here, POSSIBLE (BUT MAYBE NOT) SPOILER) that is still to be accounted for.

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    I wonder that as well (I actually forgot about the name Harmony of Shoals and your observation about synonyms struck me too).

    I think two closely related factors are in play:

    1. Moffat will have discussed with Chibnall where he wants to launch from;

    2. Moffat is all about the arc and I would not put it past him to send us right…[Read more]

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    True story.

    In late 1962 or early 1963 (so Winter) my mum was clearing out the larder in our not-centrally heated council house. It was cold, so Dad made her a Whisky Mac (whisky and ginger wine) in a small tumbler. She took a sip, no doubt thought “oh that’s nice” and went back to the larder.

    A few minutes later she…[Read more]

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    Yeah – Evans is one of the best radio people around (although too shouty for breakfast radio for me), but he has never quite made the full transition to TV.

    But, to be clear, he is a true petrolhead.

    Have you seen Episodes? That might give you a different take on LeBlanc (who has been a bit of a revelation on Top Gear)


    If…[Read more]

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    And I live and work in an area that is by some measures one of the top five deprived areas in the country. I don’t commute into it for work, I live here

    Where I lived for many years (as well as its south London counterpart).

    Please tell me whether you would?

    I did all sorts of lowly work when I was that age (engineering comp…[Read more]

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    @pedant  @sirclockface @puroandson   Watched and loved Arthur singing. Broke out in giggles a few times. Thanks for the giggle.

    @toinfinityandbepond       I watched the first episode and it seems pretty good. Love the long coat and time machine.

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  • Courtesy of @SirClockFace again. If you haven’t seen this before it is glorious.

  • Moffat on the Orson Pink issue (link found by @SirClockFace): here.

    I like it becuase there are no unecessary assumptions: you just have to suppose that Clara would be a decent person and talk to his family. That Clara is decent is something there is boundless evidence for. Moffat rarely spells out the obvious (I suspect on the principle that the…[Read more]

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    @McCottonTheDoctorFan   @sirclockface     I have listened to a fair amount of Big Finish (not anything like comprehensively, I would have had to sell my car for that!). From what I have heard, I would say that most of it is good fun, and some of it is excellent. They have done lots of Dalek stories and lots of Eighth Doctor. I’m not sure where…[Read more]

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    It’s worth noting that, prior to the reboot, the BBC – insofar as it expressed an opinion – considered the audio adventures canon.

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    @sirclockface It’s hard to say.  I didn’t really time it, I just listened and experienced it.  If it helps at all, “Shada” was done in six parts on two CDs.

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    @sirclockface I just finished “Shada.”  It’s really good.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Along with the Eighth Doctor, Shada brought back Romana (Romana II if you want to be technical) and K-9.  If this is the kind of quality continues throughout the Big Finish audio drama, then I would highly recommend them.  I can’t say for myself, because I’ve only…[Read more]

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    OMGosh!!!   What a great idea!   All in the family??    Very nice Mr. Clock!

    This is quite  interesting to me and I definitely have to wrap my head  around this

    possibility.  Especially since I’ve been troubled over the ‘non’ explanation on this

    River and Clara link thing.   This could be a potential stunner at least for me.…[Read more]

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    <span class=”useratname”>@sirclockface</span> I actually recently just bought “Shada.” I’ll let you know what I think of it when I finish it.

    I’m looking forward to it personally.  Based on the reviews I’ve read, of the three versions of the “Shada” story (the novelization, the finally released Tom Baker serial, and the Big Finish audio drama…[Read more]

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    After two watches and reflecting on the series, which I think was been spectacular and brave, what’s most striking to me at this point is the directness. In S8 and S9,  Clara became increasingly like the Doctor, until at the end of Hell Bent she’s off exploring all of time and space with her companion/fellow traveller (?) with a Type 40 Tardis s…[Read more]

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