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    @thane16 – syzygy – yes yes yes for Sha Na Na !!
    Oooooh Mountain – not heard them before – thanks for this, my 60’s/70’s knowledge is sporadic!

    @pedant – I know the song but not this performance (need to google harder)!!
    It feels mellower than the one in my head – and none the worse for it!
    Oh and I saw that news about the couple – that was…[Read more]

  • @janetteb

    @thane16 (the elder and the younger)

    Like both of you (janette and the syzygy the elder) I lived through the same years. I too often wonder if our decisions were responsible for the options available to the generation represented by syzygy the younger.

    When I think back to my own experience the one thing that always stands out–the…[Read more]

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    @thane16 Yes “globalisation” was just another tool for the rich to use to exploit the poor.

    Norway does not have a deficit. They have made so much money from North Sea oil, which is not a good thing but it is good that the citizen of Norway have benefited. Our government allows corporations to profit from coal and we get nothing in return, not…[Read more]

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    @thane16 It was actually under Hawke that HECS came in because it happened before my S/O started Uni. We were in Eastern Europe when Keating became PM so didn’t know until we reached London and read an Australian newspaper. Unfortunately Labor in the Hawke/Keating years was swinging ever further to the right, buying the economic rationalist line.…[Read more]

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    @thane16 .. you got me started.. Having three sons two of whom are now in tertiary education the injustices experienced by their and your generation are very much a constant subject of conversation and concern here.

    Yes when I started University, after  taking a very extended gap year/s it was free. I was fortunate to be able to do three years…[Read more]

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    syzygy @thane16 – Creedence Clearwater Revival !!

    Yes Yes a million times yes!
    Fantastic song and fantastic performance – I haven’t seen that before!

    So – I meant to post this yesterday(!) oops.

    For the second day of Woodstock I’ll post these (though other great bands were on too).
    Usually I’d say that drum solos and (god forbid) bass solos are…[Read more]

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    @thane16  (syzygy the younger)

    In a moment of absent mindedness I attached the wrong tag to the above post, sorry!

  • @thane16

    Up in The Air

    Not me, which given my status as acolyte of the Church of the Blessed Kendrick is a bit of an oversight.

    Compose using the text tab to avoid gubbins.

    Isn’t Mork Mindy’s alien pal?




  • @thane16 – syzygy   I think Dr Who was confronting Missy? With Capaldi’s Doc? All the monsters could be a hard lesson in life, the monsters a back-drop, a good portion of the time.  Chernobyl is on our order list having been nudged by not 1, not 2 but 3 close mates. I don’t know very much about Lizzie Borden, Missy: that’s pretty scary though.…[Read more]

  • @thane16   It was funny I just wasn’t paying attention. I was up and posting long after my bedtime and easily confused or maybe it was heat stroke.

    What is a mork ? Although being said about George it is probably good.

  • @thane16   Yes BC is British Columbia , a very beautiful part of Canada where @blenkinsopthebrave and my daughter live. Many movies and TV shows are filmed there,mostly in Vancouver.

    We watched Dead Like Me way back when it first aired.I think on Showcase. It also has Mandy Patinkin in it.

  • @thane16

    So you are just going to let death by space toilet seat slide, eh? You’re losing your touch!

    First Man is, indeed, a film with Ryan Gosling as Armstrong and the excellent Claire Foy as his wife. I was unaware of Wyck Godfrey, but First Man in some way atones for I, Robot which completely ignored the well defined nature of Asimov’s Robot…[Read more]

  • Couple of things:

    Those in the UK with an Amazon Prime subscription (possibly other markets, don’t know) can enjoy Dead Like Me, an absolutely delightful and bittersweet, but sadly short-lived, series from 2003-04 (cancelled for reasons of internal Showtime politics, so no good reason). It is an early Bryan Fuller show and concerns Georgia Lass,…[Read more]

  • @thane16

    Olivier (with an i).

    A lot of Shakespeare productions seem to induce excessive..er..actorliness… in the cast. I may be that, because they are stage plays, people get sucked into ‘projecting’ but the effect can be a little distancing in stories that are often quite intimate.

    The other occasional source of coding text is when you copy…[Read more]

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    @thane16 We did Macbeth in Year 11. We were fortunate to have a wonderful English teacher who loved the play and inspired us with a love of it too. It is said that Shakespeare is taught badly in Australia, but I think the real problem is the plays are meant to be acted out not read off the page and as we have a dearth of theatre here we don’t…[Read more]

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    ooh – is it @thane16 ‘s birthday?

    Happy Birthday Puro!

    And you’re having to spend it in a hotel!!
    Hope you’re not having too much in the way of upheaval and that everything gets sorted at home.

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    ha ha @thane16 – don’t worry I don’t beat myself up too much, honestly.

    And those ladieez can have me all they want – I’m just not a doctor!

    Just seen film Arrival for first time and even with ad breaks etc its still left me with teary eyes.
    And this is a lovely place to share that.

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    aww I know @blenkinsopthebrave @thane16

    Last night I was grouchy and not fun.

    fwiw I’d read something on another place (probably Guardian) and the commenter just irked me as it sounded like they were talking about the actor as if they’d only watched clips of the great moments (like in soccer forums where people watch YouTube…[Read more]

  • @whisht @thane16

    I know many of us have seen this before, but nontheless:

    It is both incredibly moving and demonstrates the genius of his acting.

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    @thane16 – that’s a brilliant connection to We Can Work it Out!

    and will admit I keep learning how great a drummer/ percussionist Ringo is.

    Also (entirely unconnected) bit on re-listening I realise I sometimes (usually?) shudder when time rhythms (signatures?) change in prog rock songs – like they’re trying a bit too hard to show off how…[Read more]

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