• Just read that Ennio Morricone died. He represented a huge part of my life at the movies, particularly, but not limited to, the Sergio Leone movies. I have posted extracts from some of those before, so shall not do it again (well, not now). Perhaps there are others, such as Syzygy the elder…


    are you out there?…who could reflect in a…[Read more]

  • janetteB replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    Hi all.

    Have been in and out over the past few weeks, busy  as always, though the lockdown has at least meant no meetings. It has almost felt like a holiday but have been trying to catch up on other work which I had been neglecting.

    Good to hear all are well and keeping safe. Right now I am very glad to be living where I do. Despite our idiot…[Read more]

  • winston replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @nerys  Good to hear you are doing OK. I love your beaches because you can walk forever and hardly see a soul just beautiful shore birds. It is great that you have no Covid where you are, we don’t have as much as Toronto but our seniors have been hit hard and one home lost half of its people to this horrible virus. Maybe some of these covidiots…[Read more]

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    Hello @thane16 and all! I realized it was time to check in and see how everyone is doing. My husband and I are plugging along, both of us still working. They just reopened the beaches (with physical distancing rules in place, of course), so that’s a huge relief. Walks on the beach are one of my favourite stress-relievers. I’m looking forward to…[Read more]

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    That is an awesome live track by Kraftwerk.
    So rhythmic, dancey, pulsating yet controlled.
    And with all that, its not a cold, robotic sound – there’s a ton of warmth in it.


    and I’ve never heard of or any Hugh Le Caine.
    And yes its obvious that the sounds are similar (especially in this track). But I love how Kraftwerk brought a……[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic General Music thread 4

    hey @thane16 old and young – I’m doing well thanks.

    And that’s quite enough about me!


    Here’s something I found simply by searching my iTunes for relevant words…

    kinda pretty (not their best evah etc etc, but pretty is quite ok right now).

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    @dalekbuster523 a lot of people only really like Kebabs just about closing time. (Though I actually like them at all times and state of sobriety). At which time, traditional chippies, at least everywhere I’ve lived, have tended to be closed. I even have a friend whom every time he comes round and we have a drink, even if we stay at the house,…[Read more]

  • Miapatrick replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @thane16 hi love, I’m fine, though it has been a little… interesting. Poor Mark got a second infection (he had one in the hospital) so for a while I found myself in a situation of trying to get a medical professional to look at, well, I’ll paraphrase as ‘Richard Photographs’.

    Turned out he was supposed to be on these tablets to widen the…[Read more]

  • Whisht replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @thane16 – so good to hear from you thane-the-elder.

    Thane-the-younger’s hunt for work can be hard on the soul.
    I’ve recently gone through a long bout of not having work.
    I was fine, but there were quite a few “nah’s” to my CV that I thought “hold on, I really do know what you need and reckon I could do that”.

    Luckily I’ve found something now…[Read more]

  • winston replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @thane16  It is so good to hear from you and to know the family is doing OK. I think a yellow door would be perfect against the blue and white so I say “go for it”. It s too bad that thane junior cannot find work and I have my fingers crossed that he finds a job soon. Like you we usually hang around the house anyway so this is not a stretch for…[Read more]

  • MissRori replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @thane16 If you want a bright yellow door I say go for it!  🙂

    Actually I will be moving (with my parents) into a newer house across town this summer, if all goes as planned in that regard.  I suppose that’s something to look ahead to.  Since I am generally a homebody anyway it’s hard to find a break from the new normal when I’m not at work.  It…[Read more]

  • Cath Annabel replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    Thanks @thane16 – have been meaning to check in here and see how everyone is doing. We’re ok here – v lucky really. We’re in good health, retired so our income is unaffected, and live near beautiful countryside so we can go for our government-sanctioned daily walk to do our legs, lungs, and souls good. The hard thing, and it is really hard, is not…[Read more]

  • @thane16

    Syzygy, tonight was your night! The alignment of the celestial bodies resulted in the most amazing full moon rising over the Blenkinsop pile.


  • Whisht replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @thane16 – soooooo good to hear from you. Really really good. Hope you’re keeping well.

    @miapatrick – really sorry to hear about your situation. I have no wise words, or advice or anything of use. Others here have said far wiser and compassionate things so just know that even the tongue-tied and those who never post and simply read are thinking o…[Read more]

  • Went to my local off-license (not a term we use in Canada, but anyway) a few days ago and commented to the cashier (from a distance) that if they closed I would know civilization had come to an end. Went there today and…it was closed!

    @thane16 You’re back! Hurrah!

    Just passing this on as a feel-good story about life in a lockdown out here on…[Read more]

  • winston replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @miapatrick   I am glad you still have a sense of humour in this horrible time.I think that may be the only way to get through this sh*t storm, that and binge watching Doctor Who of course. My husband wakes up far too early and watches the news, so when I get up I am deluged with bad news before I finish my 1st coffee. Wait till I am finished b…[Read more]

  • nerys replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @miapatrick I am so sorry to see this news about your significant other. I hope this is temporary, and once this thing settles down (as we all hope it will do), his treatments will resume. But I know it must be hard to think so far forward into the future, and even more difficult to keep from worrying about the present.

    @thane16 Good to see you!…[Read more]

  • janetteB replied to the topic The Kebab & Calculator

    @nightingale This crisis is demonstrating that our entire economy and social model is without solid foundations. One little shake and it all tumbles down. One thing  I really hope is that this situation will lead to some revolutionary social change. Our excuse for a government has already demonstrated that they actually know that “trickle down”…[Read more]

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    @Thane16 or is it @Syzgy

    It was a good video call, I’m the only one out working as I’m considered a critical worker (and I always thought I was a sarcastic worker so is critical a promotion or demotion?)

    My Mum is in the high risk because of age

    My daughter is also in the high risk due to congenital heart disease and has had to shut her dog…[Read more]

  • @craig, @jimthefish, @phaseshift, @bluesqueakpip, @whisht, @mudlark, @thane16, @janetteb, @winston, @rob, @fatmaninabox and..@everyone

    It feels a bit quiet on the site and circumstances seem to be moving fast, and more of us (of a certain age) seem to be self-isolating. Hopefully, things will pass, but it would be great if there was a place where…[Read more]

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