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    @thane16 – completely agree that “You Really Got Me” isn’t ahead of its time (also that its tight and not flabby!).
    Its simply still massively influential.
    Its kinda now-centric (not sure what the right word is!) of people today to think of it as ahead of its time as if now is when that sound is relevant! ;¬)

    And really enjoyed Lynn Anderson -…[Read more]

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    OK, here I am in the pub with a pint (actually a glass of merlot) to hand.  So where were we? Ah, yes, compost and soil health.

    The basic principle is; you have to put back into the soil what you take out of it or it loses its fertility, and if you are not to spend a small fortune on buying manure and/or chemical fertilizer it pays to…[Read more]

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    Lady Hale is a judge and President of the Supreme Court of the UK.  She is known for her collection of zoomorphic jewellery – chiefly insects and amphibians, and when she read out the unanimous ruling of the SC that Boris Johnson had acted unconstitutionally in proroguing Parliament for five weeks she was wearing a brooch in the form of…[Read more]

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    @cathannabel @thane16 @janetteb @missrori @winston @ichabod

    Thank you  – ALL of you for your kindness. I shall certainly look for all the support for the both of us that I can.

    We are fortunate in having three lovely children, all ready to help.

    It’s the moving that’s terrifying. I won’t be able to pay the rent on a three bedroom house, once…[Read more]

  • @all

    Another Netflix bit of wonder stuff, prompted by @thane16 the Elder.

    Watch Unbelievable, an 8 part “limited series” (ie only one season, I think) dealing with the Washington and Colorado serial rapes and starting with the truly shocking and infuriating treatment of the first victim, bullied into retracted her complaint.

    What it does…[Read more]

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    @Missy best wishes from me also. Cancer can be so cruel, make sure you get all the support you and your husband need. I think @thane16 worded it so beautifully.

    do take care of yourself too. Life is so precious. This morning a poem was read (at a funeral) about the dash between dates of birth and death. That dash is our lives, our present. We…[Read more]

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    It’s terrifying what fire can do. You sound too close for comfort. These ‘kids’ lit the fire on purpose and being the woman I am I’d do more than slap their wrists!

    The damage and suffering they have caused. Homes lost, innocent animals burned to death. They should be made to help the Fire brigade fight the fires, then pick up the dead…[Read more]

  • @thane16 – knowing your thing for planes….

    Bugger. Completely forgot it was Battle of Britain today, and I always post this somewhere. Ah well, only 30 mins late

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    Are you anywhere near these fires? They seem to be getting worse, and some have been lit deliberately.

    It’s shocking.


  • @janetteb and @thane16

    Been reading about the drought in Australia. As someone who spent 60 years of his life there, I have strong feelings about what is happening at the moment to the land itself and the government policy that is accepting (if not encouraging) it. It is clear that that this is not a changing of the seasons. I know that the…[Read more]

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    @thane16 or syzygy

    I was neither angry nor pretending to be, simply irritated by the unnecessary use of the “F” word.

    As my comment was not directed at you, I can only reply that  it was none of your business, and I did not deserve

    such condemnation.



  • @whisht, @thane16

    come to think of it, there’s this as well. You can’t believe how important this..and the music–and performances of–Jeannie Lewis…was to me at a certain moment in my past.


  • @whisht, @thane16

    this one’s for whisht and syggers…maybe because it represents a moment in my youth, or…just because…




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    @thane16 ironical isn’t it. Our entire world is being reduced to ashes right now while our “leaders” fiddle. I fear that we are reaching the tipping point and those with the power to do something seem intent upon destruction. Depressing days indeed.



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    Isaac Hayes had 14 kids??!??!?

    hmm – probably just sound-checks….

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    Hi all – ooh – looks like I mucked up my last posting (either browser open too long or too many songs!)

    So this is me re-writing and apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone I meant to reply to in the previous one.

    @Thane16 – Voice of the Beehive. In *every* way something I should listen to more ;¬)
    REM too (though I can only do a song or two at a…[Read more]

  • @thane16, @craig

    Hi Syzygy the elder–or, indeed Puro (the incomparable),

    l seem to to be still courted by Kayla. Not that I want to be, of course.

    p.s. Has your name changed as you indicate? Has mine? Mrs Blenkinsop still seems to recognize me, and to be honest, that is all that matters.


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    @thane16   Well, I’m trying to be up and about! I seem to have some time-management problems nowadays. Love the librarians! I have a fondness for Les Miz, and thought the film was solid, although for me it can never compare to a stage version. Arbutus Jr. did “Stars” for a singing test in choir a few years ago—they had to sing along with a re…[Read more]

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    ignore my bloated, unsuccessful attempt at an unusual emoji.



  • @thane16 (the outlier)

    The Julie Covington Evita, then?

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