• Arbutus replied to the topic General Music thread 3

    Some great music up here as always! Thanks to all for the mainstream, the quirky, the familiar, and the new!

    @TheKrynoidMan     If you’d played me that Drake Bell song without the video and told me it was recorded in around 1979, I would have believed you. A very classic pop sound.

    Here’s my favourite song tod…[Read more]

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic General Music thread 3


    Great track. Bowie produced some incredible material in the 70s and early 80s. I’m one of those people who thought he became a little less interesting as he retreated from characters in music and took up acting (which appeared to fill that need thereafter).

    I don’t think we heard back from you on the showing of Tommy you were…[Read more]

  • ScaryB replied to the topic General Music thread 3

    @Phaseshift – thanks for the additional info. And laughed at the CUSM video. here’s hoping!

    Thanks also to @TheKrynoidMan – loving your Beach Boys posts. Great band

  • Mudlark replied to the topic General Music thread 3

    @TheKrynoidMan   Thanks for the reminder.  I came across that amazing session a few years ago when it was featured on, I think, the Sky Arts channel.  There can seldom, if ever, have been such a backing line-up, and The Boss, in particular, was clearly having a ball!

  • Arbutus replied to the topic The Magician’s Apprentice

    @PhaseShift   I noticed that revisiting of old eras but hadn’t thought of it in relation to the 10th anniversary. It’s nice to think we might see a bit more of that, I like little things that help us hang the whole of Who together into one world.
    Especially the human infatuation with sex, which may as well be some sort of slap in the face to a c…[Read more]

  • Great to see that there is pretty much universal agreement (on this this civilized forum at least) on just what a great season opener this was. But…


    I thought the scene where he rides in on a tank with an electric Guitar was too silly and a bit cringe worthy to be honest.

    @supernumerary (on Sarff)

    I now can’t see past the fact t…

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  • @thekrynoidman Lol – oops!

    Also interesting that the Doctor seems content to leave Clara in Missy’s hands – as if he knows she won’t hurt her… hmmn…

  • ichabod replied to the topic General Music thread 3

    @thekrynoidman  Thanks — it amazes me that they’re talking about sending her home after two days and one night — but glad she’s smart and tough, and will probably be all right.  Nothing like a good sound kick in the butt as a wake-up call to fix your bad habits . . . mine too, I hope!

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic Series 9 (or 35) Prologue

    Seven days to go and a prologue! A nicely ominous one to boot. Some random musings:

    Agreeing with @blenkinsopthebrave I get the feeling that more than one person is being referenced. The old friend who is the enemy, and the old enemy who could be a friend.

    Nice to see Karn again. Claire Higgins reprising her role from Night of the Doctor…[Read more]

  • Cath Annabel replied to the topic The Long Game

    I enjoyed this.  Simon Pegg, Tamsin Greig, Anna Maxwell Martin and Agent Weaver from SHIELD – lots to enjoy.  The satire is, as @TheKrynoidMan says, not exactly subtle and the adult audience will be sceptical from the outset.  But the line that @PhaseShift quoted is a damn good one, and worth wheeling out on a regular basis.  We know, as gro…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic General Music thread 2

    @Whisht     Howlin Wolf, beautiful. Well done. How about this for a tea song (with a callout to @TheKrynoidMan)?

  • janetteB replied to the topic Earthshock part 4

    @thekrynoidman True. You defend Adric and your post gets exterminated. I had read the discussion and there were some excellent posts. IT was nice to read something positive about Adric. I had essentially stopped watching the originals by the time Tom Baker left. I never warmed to any of the Davison era assistants, or Davison himself for that…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic Earthshock part 4

    @TheKrynoidMan    @craig was updating the site and some posts were lost in the process:

    Website comments (2)

    @JimTheFish    Yes, I had posted something similar before the massacre. Davison really shone in this. I liked him best when he was quietly intense, taking verbal shots at hi…[Read more]

  • JimTheFish replied to the topic Earthshock part 4

    Thought it was looking a bit unloved in here after the Great Database Massacre of 2015.

    This is probably one of the single best episodes of the BG show in my opinion. Doesn’t put a foot wrong at all and I think it’s Davison’s finest hour. From his ‘small beautiful moments’ speech to the race against time in the TARDIS, to the look on his face as…[Read more]

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic The Unquiet Dead

    Are we filling in the blanks for Doctor 9? Hell yes, good suggestion @cathannabel.

    I watched this in the run up to Christmas for the first time in a Marathon of Chrimble episodes. For the first time I counted this one in the Christmas specials. It isn’t one, but it is. Watching it, I couldn’t help thinking that the early rushes of this may have…[Read more]

  • PhaseShift replied to the topic General Films thread


    I actually resisted seeing the first Burton Batman film for quite a while. It was possibly the most aggressive advertising campaign that Warner ever launched and it just put me off.

    I generally like Burtons work (the Dark Goth Fairytale stuff works for me) but I can’t help thinking the first film showed signs of “engineering for suc…[Read more]

  • George Bailey replied to the topic General Music thread 2

    @thekrynoidman I have a friend who always finished her DJ sets with that. I shared on Facebook earlier and there is a lot of love for Arthur Daley tonight.

  • Cath Annabel replied to the topic The End of the World

    @purofilion @TheKrynoidMan  @bluesqueakpip   I think when ‘its for kids’ is used to excuse simplistic or sloppy writing, it’s a total copout.  Kids deserve good writing – and they can tell the difference.  I read Enid Blyton as a kid, alongside Alan Garner, ROsemary Sutcliff, C S Lewis et al – and I knew the difference.  EB was a bit of ligh…[Read more]

  • JimTheFish replied to the topic General Films thread

    @craig & @thekrynoidman

    Ledger’s Joker is probably overrated these days but I’d still prefer it to the rather baroque but ultimately style over substance performance that Nicholson gave. I also quite like the first Burton too but the extended bit of nonsense with the carnival floats in the middle just seemed to kill the film’s momentum stone…[Read more]

  • George Bailey replied to the topic General Films thread

    @TheKrynoidMan Read it today. You won’t be disappointed. And yes, I love the animated series too. I was lucky enough to chat to the producer at an early London Comicon, before it became a big thing. I told him that I loved the art deco look and he told me they liked to call it “Dark Deco”. I have “Mask of the Phantasm” and it’s great fun but it…[Read more]

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