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    Darth Valaryn @replies


    I wondered that, too.

    I confess I don’t know much about the culture so I was hesitant to say anything, but wouldn’t the women, especially in that date and time, raise some eyebrows with the uncovered heads?

    Am I over thinking?

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    I am really getting into Graham. I didn’t think I would as companions always seem to be younger and naïve. The voice of age, experience and wisdom are a breath of fresh air as Graham is taking everyone – including the Doctor – under his wing and sharing his real world wisdom.

    It’s not cynicism… which seems to be a growing case with a lot of white men (In America at any rate). It is, “I lived through this. This is what I learned. Things aren’t as black and white as they seem. Let’s put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you jump to conclusions.”

    Messages very much needed in today’s very polarized world.

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    I did not make that connection, but I did wonder if Pting was Stitch from the animated movie Lilo and Stitch

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    Does that also mean we need to reverse engineer when SmithDoc actually wore the fez and when he didn’t… or when he took it off and at what point???

    My head is spinning

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    I think we are all taking the color of the shirt too far. The Doctor changes shirts. If anything, it denotes the passage of time (Team Tardis has been on adventures – at exotic beaches I think were mentioned – and they changed clothes). I, for one, rather like changing up the color of my clothes. It keeps me from thinking I am wearing a uniform.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Ecclestein change the colors of his shirt? I even think he made a joke to Rose about it in one of the earlier episodes.

    “What??? I changed jumpers…”

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    I have heard that Aaron McGruder (of Boondocks and Black Jesus fame) is developing a show about the American South post American Civil War. The show is about three states that were given to former slaves as reparations and all the adventures surrounding.

    I think it is slated to go on Amazon. That could be a show worth checking out for your same reasons.

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    I am a big fan of South Park and its humor. I had every intention of being nice. This episode was about judging people (trans included) on their behavior – not only because they are trans (the PC thing to do, it seems, these days).

    As much as I consider myself “woke,” Bruce, now Kaitlyn, Jenner has always been kind of a jerk. Olympic hero or no. Trans or no.

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    In the words of PC Principle from South Park, “… this kind of transphobic, bigoted hate speech isn’t going to fly around here, bro. I thought we were all on board Kaitlyn Jenner is an amazing, beautiful woman who had the exquisite bravery of a butterfly flying against the wind. AND THEN THIS SH!T COMES FLYING OUT OF PEOPLE’S MOUTH!!!”


    Darth Valaryn @replies


    Haven’t you heard???
    In this new era of Political Correctness, the straight white men are the most persecuted of all! I mean, we actually have to pay attention to our words and actions. We have to be accountable to our own bigotry.

    Talk about unfair

    *** please please please have everyone hear how sarcastic I am being right now ***

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    Please believe me when I tell you it is not my intention to start some huge political debate (I just got over one in the Rosa Forum… neither of our minds changed).

    I just find it very surreal. I have been hearing very similar arguments for years. The best illustration is when I was in college and the Communication Dept. attempted to roll out a Gender Studies major. The reason the major was shot down was because there were only feminine studies with female authors – no men studies. The counter argument was a vast majority of literature were already produced by men so women needed their focus (much like the Fox News argument that all media is liberal bias so to balance things out, there needs to be a blatantly conservative bias).

    I love the genre field. Comics and Sci Fiction and fantasy is my heartbeat. The amount of white, male, super heroes are HUGE (look at all the prior 12 Doctors – all white dudes). We are only four episodes in with the villains being an alien bad guy, a planet, a white racist and spiders. One could argue that’s not really picking on white guys. Sure the politician and the game master (someone not from earth) were  jerks, but the politician  was given his point of view in a equal setting. I didn’t get the vibe his point of view was washed over as evil – he was criticized for not taking accountability for mistakes or cut corners. Not the actual work he was doing.  And sorry to say a vast majority of politicians in the US are white guys… something the liberal voice has been combating for years (I remember a very vocal subcommittee on women’s health was made famous as there weren’t any women invited to the committee).

    Let’s see what is done with the rest of the season before we rush to judgment. Next week they seem to be off planet again so do aliens count as white guys?

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    Big fan of this week’s episode. I little “monster” story for Samhain Holiday.

    Really digging the old school opening sequence. Just the right amount of acknowledging the past in such a new show.

    Only real slight was the cut off at the very end. I the BBCA version, I barely got to enjoy the all hands pulling the Tardis lever before heading straight to the previews.

    Seems the intros are over. Team Tardis in introduced and we are ready to head to next week!

    Darth Valaryn @replies


    FYI – I am not afraid to express my opinion. I just posted how I don’t like a famous painting. The fact that I claimed I would never post about something I just posted about, was supposed to be quirky – hence the Ooops in parenthesis. I think others got the joke as they commented on it.

    I am getting the vibe that you are an outraged individual who just isn’t happy unless they are outraged. That’s fine. I live in America. That seems to be our jam these days.

    Sorry if this fan site offends you so much. Maybe we misunderstood, too? Maybe we didn’t get your sarcasm about the only reason a composer got the job was because of their race? I like the music in the episode. True. I didn’t really pay all that close attention to it. I thought the premier was solid and most fans (PhD or no) would agree that the music probably had a part to play in that.

    You disagree an that is way fine with me. I guess I don’t get into arguing that much either. Maybe I should turn in my USA card, we seem to be really good at arguing these days, too. I think it’s the fault of the media (JOKING ABOUT THAT TOO!!!! I am a big fan of sarcasm I guess. Maybe that is why I enjoy humor coming from the UK)

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    No one is saying you don’t have a right to your opinion. There are a whole lot of people here who disagree. I happen to not think all that deeply into music. My experience, as noted in a prior post, is limited to, “… that sounds cool.” When Puro talks about music, I listen. Just as I listened to PhD. Art history professor during the discussion of art. I may not agreed with his opinion on the Mona Lisa (my opinion of the painting is rather unimpressive), but he sure argued his point well and the concession of the class agreed. I actually was made to feel like quite the misogynist after. I was pretty raw about it, but eventually bowed to the overarching perception the Mona Lisa is an exceptional painting (esp. during exam time).

    You don’t like the music to the episode – totally fine. Music, like all art, is completely subjective. The issue is when strong words are used to decry the talent and ability of the composers, those who disagree with you are going to come back equally strong.

    I still think the Mona Lisa is over rated, but I sure ain’t going to post it

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    <span class=”useratname”>@msrbahar</span>

    You do have every right to your opinion. I my opinion, arguing with a PhD. in their field of study is not the brightest of ideas.

    Just like those who have the opinion it’s ok to fart in public. Nothing wrong with it. It will cause a certain amount of backlash from those with differing opinions. Again. Not the brightest of ideas


    Darth Valaryn @replies

    Any story with Puro and Bowie is worth the research

    I always feel smarter when I read a post from Puro.

    My experience with music pretty much stops at, “That sounds cool…”

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    The more I think about it, the more I am wondering if the villain this week was racism. The time traveler was just the embodiment of racism… inflexible ideologue that really doesn’t make any sense – but there it is; super dangerous an making everything more difficult than it needs to be.

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    It is also important to keep in mind getting arrested was no walk in the park in those days – especially for the Black population. Yes there was a lot of media on her, but she had no idea what would actually happen to her in police custody once she was behind closed doors.

    It was entirely possible very terrible things could have happened to her during the process. Remember the peaceful protests were met with firehoses, dogs and nightsticks.

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    Thanks, Bluesqueakpip,

    Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong. I am rather critical about my Southern countrymen (too much experience). Maybe I am guilty of stereo typing all conservatives. I guess they have let me down too many times that I get judgmental.

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    Speaking as a white man living in the Midwest in the US, I found the episode rather depressing. We have come along way from legal discrimination in this country, but systemic racism is alive an well. We seem to have chosen to focus on Latin Americans and Muslim Americans as well as continuing our oppression of African Americans at seemingly every turn (there remain plenty of Americans today that attribute the success of President Obama to his white mother and grandparents… not counting those who still believe he was born in Kenya). I spoke to a disabled vet on the streets of Milwaukee last month who confessed I was the first white person who acknowledged him all day

    My willing suspension of disbelief to the timing of Mrs. Parks bus ride was fine until the attitude of the South toward Yaz. The South would not have been at all tolerant – they would have ordered her to the back of the bus, too

    There hope I found in the episode. Yes – we have come a long way. Yes – there is still plenty of work to do. My hope is that found in the younger generation. My daughters don’t put up with bigotry in any form. They just don’t have it. If we can build on their acceptance and inclusiveness, we here have a shot.

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    “I’m not a racist, but…”

    This statement usually comes before someone says something racist

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    A lot is being made out of the format of the show gearing to the younger generation… especially in after the more cynical 12. I can say I have a 15 year old daughter who could not be happier with the direction of the show – so mission accomplished there.

    I have been a Whovian for many a year now and I will watch no matter what the tone. The stories are still good (a must), and even bad Doctor Who is better than 90% of television today. I am a sci-fiction/fantasy nerd (I am on a Doctor Who fansite so no surprise revelation). As long as you tell me a good story (sugar coated or no), I am in for the long haul. Doctor Who has a long history with me of maybe starting off in a direction I am so-so about, but the show finds its rhythm and salvages the season and launches into really good follow up. I call in the New Doctor Growing Pains

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    Really enjoyed the episode.

    Like all new Doctors, this one will take some getting used to (I get so attached to the prior Doctor, the new one takes some time for me to really get into their personality quirks).

    TARDIS is a bit dark. Is the Doctor a tree hugger? What is the aversion to lights? Wouldn’t seeing things in the TARDIS make it more comfortable? The new design looks a little creepy to me.

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    I think a lot of issues have been made of the Doctor’s rebuke of the killing of Tim Shaw. I think it was just a means to spot light the pacifism of the Doctor – much like 12th constantly rebuking Clara’s boyfriend has he was ex military.

    Despite the Doctor being president of the world. Despite 11 leading military campaigns, I guess the pushing off a crane of someone with three detonated DNA bombs was just the step too far

    Darth Valaryn @replies

    I don’t know if this was answered already, but I am brand new to the forum and didn’t get to all the posts.

    In the episode, the Doctor – when asked if she needs to go to the ER – stated she something along the lines of she doesn’t go anywhere with only letters.

    Is this typical Doctor wit? I mean, isn’t the TARDIS only letters?
    Am I overthinking?

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