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    @vervain here you go https://www.radiotimes.com/news/2020-03-02/doctor-who-timeless-child-plot/


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    Namely that by removing the previous Gallifreyan ruling elite (the Pythia) as precursors to the Time Lords you end up without the Sisterhood of Karn, meaning you end up with no War Doctor.

    You’re confusing history and pre-history, I think. Plus you’re not allowing for the tendency of succeeding regimes to rewrite the previous history,…[Read more]

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    @vervain it would though be pretty hard to follow ‘everything you think you know is a lie’ with something that doesn’t smash up a lot of canon, though.

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    I am actually quite glad Martin Luther King awakened so many. But if all of the world is a political speech to you, then the concept of entertainment has been lost.

    As for the inhumanity of slavery, I have always asked people what would you have been like if you were born during the decades of slavery in the US? Would you have really…[Read more]

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    Welcome, @peacefrog! I too lurked a long time before joining in the fun.

    @thane16   Not sure if Midnight was a tranquility base, but it was certainly the same kind of place. Definitely a recall there, and that was one of my favourite Tennant episodes!

    @vervain   whether you stop being a fan of whichever team you follow if they lose a few ga…[Read more]

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    Agreed. It’s not phallic. I have absolutely no idea why that happened !

    To the rest of the gang. I’ve mentioned before,  about 3 years ago, that the internet’s great. Except when people start using terms that others copy. It echoes.

    Two years ago: new Doctor. Only now, we have one person ‘admitting’ “oh, actually, it’s flat. No…[Read more]

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    @Craig Thanks – and yes it was my fault – I was trying to copy and paste too much Wikipedia about DNA separating techniques!

    @claire54 My overall take is, now that we have a female doctor, the writers don’t know what to do with her.

    Yes, unfortunately I do not think Chibnall has been equal to the task.

    Elements which I’ve found jarring in the w…[Read more]

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    So nice to see all the speculation again! I don’t have any particular views about the Timeless Child, but I’m enjoying the return of the Master more than I would have expected. One of the things the post gap show has done nicely is the shift of the Master from a stereotypical evil nemesis to a villain of more nuance. We’ve been given belie…[Read more]

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    @vervain   Hello to you too!  Welcome to the site and to the sofa, it has a comfy new couch. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am fairly new to Who. I started watching in 2005 with the 9th Doctor but I had seen a few BG episodes growing up and I have tried to watch as many as I can. It is nice here with a lot of nice folks so I hope you like it.

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    Good morning & welcome to the …brains! Holy schmeck, my ol’ brain is a hurting now. @rob I prepared my beverage before attempting to read the thoroughly wonderful posts. Happy NY to you & good to see you out back (or front, or transactionally eternal, no yesterdays, todays, tomorrows, all time pre-existent…!)

    @vervain @mensabrain.  Welcome…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that (and welcome to bonkers theorising). Hope you enjoy your rewatch!

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    @blenkinsopthebrave and @vervain

    I’m kind of inclined to a sleight-of-hand that involves a Moffat loop. Mainly because Chibnall was so careful to re-establish that the Doctor can solve a current problem after the solution to the problem has already happened.

    I’d say the Capitol is in shreds, Gallifrey is burning – but ask if the Gallifreyans…[Read more]

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    the big assumption here

    Yes, for some reason I am skeptical about the Master’s claim to have destroyed Gallifrey. It seems too monumental to have happened off-screen. For a similar reason, I am skeptical that Gallifrey really has been destroyed (or even that the Doctor saw what she thinks she saw). I sense a slight of hand in all of this.