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    WhoHar @replies

    For all the (potential) writers out there, the BBC have announced their window for drama script submissions:

    We have just announced the dates for our next Script Room for the submission of unsolicited scripts in the Drama genre.

    The Script Room will open on Monday 7th September 2015 at 10am and close at 5pm on Thursday 24th September 2015. **Please note that no late submissions will be accepted**

    Drama10 Window

    Other Opportunities

    Good luck

    WhoHar @replies

    @jimthefish @janetteb

    I didn’t realise so many writers frequented these boards. Very happy to give you both feedback; I deal mainly in scriptwriting but a lot of principles are the same. DM me if you want to.

    On a broader note, I think my idea for a forum written Who ep could work. Not sure about the mechanics of it, but I am sure we have the knowledge and talent. Perhaps a call for ideas on the Fan creativity area? 2-3 lines summary to start, with a vote for the most promising and then a short precis of the full script? Not sure how it would work after that, maybe one person could run with it and then take feedback?

    WhoHar @replies


    @donnanoble has made a smart move in asking for feedback, no matter how nerve-wracking that can be. Part of writing is accepting positive feedback, as is re-writing. A lot of re-writing.

    I don’t mind the re-writing part so much bit generally have 3 or 4 scripts in various stages on the go to keep it interesting. Funnily enough I am waiting for feedback on one right now.

    I checked out Writersroom for submissions. Currently doing comedy but drama is TBD, in the autumn.
    Also looked at Amazon Studios, most interesting thanks. Again they want comedies and children’s shows which I am not working on right now (unless I can squeeze some jokes into my WWII drama). My feature is kinda taken. Kinda. I will take another look though.


    WhoHar @replies


    How short is the short story? 10 pages, 20?

    In the opening, you need to set the scene pretty quickly – maybe in the first 10% of your story, so 1 or 2 pages. Exposition.

    I’m not really getting a sense of either the place (where, when) or any of the main characters (who they are, what drives them). In DW terms think of the pre-credit sequence, although TV is fast paced and economic.

    I see there is a threat but you need an incident that will set your story off on it’s narrative path, the Inciting Incident.

    You have chosen a difficult medium, with the restriction on length. Maybe send through an overall story outline and then we can see where you are going. Hope this helps.

    What is the competition, out of interest?


    WhoHar @replies


    Many thanks for the geographical info, it certainly makes for interesting reading. Pretty global coverage, although I am disappointed at our lack of penetration in Outer Mongolia but I recognise this is probably down to lack of local infrastructure.

    And don’t give the script a second thought. It was good of you to offer as, like you say, RL. You have much more important work keeping the forum running.


    WhoHar @replies


    Just for interest, can you publish a geographical breakdown of the members on this site?

    Perhaps that data is easily available to you already, or you ask the forum to provide details, unless this breaches privacy guidelines of course.

    WhoHar @replies


    Many thanks for the info. I was not aware of the Amazon Studios option.

    Last I checked, Writersroom were yet to announce the drama window, but it likely late summer, early autumn.

    Radio is really interesting and I have written scripts in the past. Quite a lot of work in adapting an existing TV script but, you are right, it is more accessible.

    I had a notion that this board should develop a Who script -it’s a rich seam of knowledge and creativity after all – but I am not sure how the mechanics of it would work. A great USP too – a Who script written by a Who forum.



    WhoHar @replies

    Hi again, @whisht

    Yeah, well the script is for television, so generally can send to Production companies or, if you have an agent (I don’t), send it to them and they can find a place for it, or not.

    Because of the nature of this script, it would really only be a good fit for the BBC, which means I will submit to their Writersroom when the drama window opens.

    There are a couple of smaller Prod Cos who have worked with the Beeb, so they may be options.

    From a commercial standpoint, it wasn’t a smart move to write something so specific as it limits where it can be picked up. But, as the adage goes, write what you are interested in, don’t second guess the market.

    The script would work as a one-off or as a recurring drama, which is a plus.

    All that said, the chances are slim but I have one movie script and 3 other tv scripts in various stages of development right now. Keeps me busy…

    WhoHar @replies


    Hello and good to meet you. Yes, I posted quite regularly up to the 50th but then only sporadically on The Guardian website, getting disillusioned as time went on. IMO this forum is much better in terms of knowledge and discussion.

    I don’t think that the US necessarily has a different Who-view to the UK, but it is interesting (to me) that a significant population in the US is so enamoured with DW and they may bring another perspective.



    Yes, I did post around a year ago, prob a bit longer. Only been in Aus for 3 years and almost had to leave at the end of last year, due to visa issues and broken promises. Sniff. On the plus side, I managed to update my script, based on a DW obsessed internet forum ( @craig may remember), and am much happier with it now. A few more tweaks and I should be ready to submit.





    WhoHar @replies


    From what I’ve read of your posts so far, I’d disagree. My own tactic is to read the discussions and, if I can contribute meaningfully, do so. Otherwise (and usually) it’s just daft jokes.

    I have been away from this hallowed place for some months now, it’s good to be back, especially as there are more of us in this time zone. For a while it was just me and @janetteb on the night shift. Quality, not quantity obvs.

    WhoHar @replies
    WhoHar @replies

    I think we can put the whole Doctor-Jesus debate to bed with this one quote:

    “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”

    Seriously though, keep it going, very interesting and engaging.

    WhoHar @replies


    Not much happens in episode one, of course. It’s a five-parter so it’s taking its time with the set up and we get lots of nice character work

    The advantage of this of course is that we we are invested in the secondary characters, so we care what happens to them. One advantage of the slower pacing of the BG show, a disadvantage being the sometimes plodding nature of the stories (eg The Silurians).

    WhoHar @replies

    @janetteb  Many thanks. I did venture onto the other place a few times (aka Guardian Who Forum) in the last year but became pretty disenchanted in the end.

    On the plus side, I managed to redraft (several times) and expand my script about, of all things, an internet fan forum. Pretty close to final version – now I’ve just got to figure out where to send it.

    WhoHar @replies

    The Third Doctor ep “Doctor Who and the Macc Lads”

    WhoHar @replies

    Hello. Apologies for being offline (afk) for so long but last year was a bit of a CU Next Tuesday. RL got in the way.

    WhoHar @replies


    It seems odd to me that Smith is the only one to suffer memory loss. Then again, different regens deal with the war differently?

    The memory loss was foreshadowed in previous eps (as @geoffers pointed out). I’m reading something into that – it’s what we do right? – for the Christmas ep.

    Agree re Silence and loose ends btw.

    WhoHar @replies


    I thought the only people who said “Yikes” anywhere was the cast of Scooby Doo. You Americans. Jeepers. 🙂

    Good posts btw.

    WhoHar @replies


    GI shenanigans you say? That would explain it. I seem to remember memory loss from another ep though. Could be Moffat playing a long game.

    The question should then be: will the ongoing memory loss have any impact on the regen ep?

    I guess Clara’s seen it all so won’t be as frightened as – ooh I dunno – a dirty old man 🙂 Matt looks really really pissed off.

    WhoHar @replies


    Thanks, but don’t mind me, just messin’.

    I just hope that a multiple enemies story is up to it. 45 mins is just not long enough in my view, especially for a regen ep. To be fair though, that would have meant Moffat writing two movie length scripts back to back, which is a lot of work. I would have helped him out – if he’d asked. IF HE’D ASKED!(Oh Steven, oh Steeeven, are you there…..)

    Oh and @scaryb – btw – the bath was full for the 50th and not just water. Half way through, the Dowager decided to climb in. She’s a lovely lady but it was a bit of a shock when she asked me to scrub her back. She’s got that many creases though, I should have ironed her instead.

    WhoHar @replies


    Moffat isn’t just a showrunner and writer, he’s a Doctor Who superfreak, so I could imagine him re-watching old episodes or audio’s, and looking for little plot holes or discontinuities that inspire him to do new things

    When NotD was broadcast, I remember having a debate with someone on the G blog about just this. Moffat has pulled a blinder here – it effectively allows him to explain away any of the old incosnsistencies or, as you say and evidenced by @wolfweed‘s post re Unit dating on tDotD blog, Moffat can indeed explain stuff away.

    WhoHar @replies


    Well this is all really rather fascinating – reminiscent of your first posts regarding trying to place the two Cushing movies into canon.

    I realise it’s not everybody’s thing but purely as an exercise in logic and retcon / storytelling, I’m impressed.

    However (@Craig also here), this seems perfect for the blogs, if only so it can be seen all together. Any easy way to transfer?

    WhoHar @replies

    Per my (completely ignored, sniff) post on the DotD thread, I wonder if the Doc’s memory loss will be linked in some way to the Silence and their memory wiping abilities? Or possibly the mind worm from Snowmen.

    Agree with @Shazzbot that we’ll be out of the Doc’s collapsing timestream faster than you can say Raxacoricofallapatorius (or even Clom). Although @ardaraith‘s rebirth scenario is very very appealing. It’s given added weight, given the potential number of enemies in this ep.

    Given the picture, I’d have expected someone to have come up with a Clara / Cracker joke (too obvious probably). In any case, it’s proabably not a standard cracker, more likely a Sontaran fragmentation grenade.

    WhoHar @replies


    KATE (on mobile phone): Malcolm? Malcolm, I need you to send me one of my father’s incident files. Codenamed Cromer. 70s or 80s depending on the dating protocol

    It’s these little details that delight the likes of us, without disturbing the narrative, while meaning nothing to those who aren’t in on the joke.

    Moffat is possibly the ultimate fanboy, albeit one who can write.

    WhoHar @replies

    Anyone else wondering how Moffat is going to play out the Smith Doctor memory loss subplot?

    It’s been brewing for some time now, was mentioned in previous eps and now in the 50th but that didn’t seem (to me) to be the end of it.

    Perhaps Smith will completely lose his memory in the Christmas ep., find himself in some kind of mortal danger and be unable to regenerate. Maybe Clara helps him. Any other ideas?

    WhoHar @replies


    Nice joke about the UNIT dating by Data Protocols…

    Must have missed that. Does it solve the Unit dating conundrum? Details please?

    WhoHar @replies


    the reality is that the pool of English actors really isn’t that vast, and you do see faces coming back

    I don’t think there’s a dearth of really good actors in the UK, quite the reverse.

    Anyway, DW has many times used previous bit part actors subsequently in major roles in show. Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi both in Fires of Pompeii, so it’s a tradition now. My guess is that Moffat will explain away the similarity between Capaldi’s Doc and the Roman character at some point. It’s no big issue either way.

    I suspect Smith wanted to do the 50th and then move on – the big danger with playing the Doctor is one of typecasting. Eccleston and Tennant seem to be doing OK with their other roles, hopefully Smith can also find something interesting to do in the future.

    WhoHar @replies

    @Shazzbot @scaryb @bluesqueakpip @juniperfish @craig @jimthefish @pedant @whisht @danmartinuk @arkleseizure @pufferfish @Airedales etc.

    Hope you all have a great time meeting up and I am genuinely sorry to miss it. Looking forward to the post meeting stories and also how your impressions of each other in RL compared to the online perception. Also interested to hear what the reaction of the rest of the pub was.

    For the absent among us, including:

    @blenkinsopthebrave @fatmaninabox @magnetite @osakahatter @steve-thorp @tardisblue @thommck @timeloop @janetteb @wolfweed @miapatrick @phaseshift @mini-htpbdets + many others – apologies for those I’ve missed.

    I am sure we will be raising a glass to @htpbdet at the appropriate time, although mine will likely be a cup of tea given the early hour.

    Always a pleasure coming on here and long may it continue. Hopefully the 50th does the show justice and we’ll have plenty of post-50th bonkers theories to keep us going.

    See you on the other side guys…

    WhoHar @replies

    @Shazzbot @scaryb


    Tough crowd. :O

    WhoHar @replies

    @scaryb @Shazzbot

    Thigh Gap

    The 1st wife of a friend of mine had a terrific pair of legs. Her thigh gap was notorious, mainly because she liked filling it with other men.

    WhoHar @replies


    🙂 Now that’s a picture I’d like to see.

    WhoHar @replies


    What about pics of those attending but hidden behind their avatars? Would put one over on The Usual Suspects but you may get some strange looks in the pub.

    WhoHar @replies


    The Perth Mint here in Aus are doing a 1oz silver coin:

    As Silver is around $20 an ounce, that’s quite some markup. It is very tempting though…

    WhoHar @replies

    @craig @scaryb

    Thanks for my new unpixelated av. and very happy to be present in some form at least.

    Of course I do expect the av. to be presented in a gold-leaf regency frame on a velvet backing.

    As the evening wears on, Can I also suggest the hi-res version is replaced with the pixelated one, to represent the effects of alcohol. You can also add some drool much later on and then some Zzzzz’s.

    WhoHar @replies


    Having a bit of trouble with my avatar to send to you (?) / @craig to replace me – in absentia – at the celebrations. It goes all pixely when I try and increase the size…I may have to redraw it myself but goodnss knows what it will look like.

    WhoHar @replies


    Should be The Asylum of the Whovians surely?

    WhoHar @replies


    I’d be interested to read it myself anyway. I used to read scripts for the likes of Miramax, Newline and the BBC so, if you want, I can give you a few comments too

    Thanks very much. Any comments gratefully received. It’s not really even at first draft stage, more of an extended brain dump, so I can get the concept down. I’ve had to put it to one side while I work on another project, so your critique will help me get back onto it. I’ll try and send it to you this weekend.

    WhoHar @replies

    @pedant @scaryb

    It was a brIef reference in The End of Time where Doc10 says he used it to end the Time War. No other details are mentioned in the show but it has been referenced in other media as some kind of weapon:

    WhoHar @replies

    9. At this stage, I’m not ruling anything out

    (C) WhoHar 2013

    WhoHar @replies


    As Elwood P Dowd said in Harvey “An element of conflict in any discussion is a very good thing. It shows everybody’s taking part and nobody’s left out. I like that.”

    I don’t necessarily expect agreement with my pov, as it’s just that: my pov. I’m all for seeding a good plot point early on – there’s nothing like rewatching an old ep and then going “Oh, so that’s what that reference meant, how delightful”. I just don’t think “The Moment” is it.

    One of the few to like RoA btw.


    What I think, rather than what I would necessarily like:

    1. Doc Hurt will be between 8 & 9 and possibly post Time War. I don’t think the Time War will be seen in any kind of detail.

    2. There will be some BG Docs in there, somehow.

    3. I suspect a McGann-Hurt doctor regeneration but perhaps only early on.

    4. Something to link back to the first episode (or pre-first episode)

    5. Clara isn’t revealed as Susan (or her mother or grandmother etc) in this episode.

    6. Possible surprise regen into Capaldi.

    7. Lee Harvey Oswald is a Zygon assassin, who, due to problems with the sights on his rifle, kills JFK by mistake instead of his intended Zygon target who is disguised as Jackie. In his haste to escape capture, LHO is disorientated and repeatedly bangs into the walls of the Texas School Book Depository, finally breaking a wall at the 4th attempt.

    8. Moffat will pull something out of the hat.

    WhoHar @replies


    A fine idea. Struggling to come up with a cohesive, comprehensive theory at the moment. I’ll mull it over.

    At this stage, I’m not ruling anything out.

    WhoHar @replies


    Watched fan fic trailer on phone, so not the best.

    Re: “The Moment” I like it as a name and a notion but I don’t think it will be used, mainly as I don’t think it has enough currency in the current show. I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it again and – I presume here – so will most of the fanbase.

    Then again, I get a bit switched off by namedropping of events, which I perceive as throwaway dialogue. I’m thinking in particular here of the Tennant speech which mentioned “the Skaro Degradations, the Horde of Travesties, the Nightmare Child, the Could-Have-Been King with his army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres”. It’s just babbling to my ears.

    WhoHar @replies

    Ok @shazzbot thanks.

    It needs a bit of fettling first before it’s ready for release into the wild.

    WhoHar @replies


    On @shazzbot ‘s blog one of the comments from @mini-htpbdets was for me to send my “cack-handed (ie not very good [yet]) script” over to them.

    Can this be done via this forum? Any file would probably be a pdf. Thanks.

    WhoHar @replies


    When I said “no Matt” I really meant “not enough Matt”.

    Fair enough though as I may have missed a few things as I was watching on a phone and way past my bedtime.

    WhoHar @replies

    @steve-thorp @shazzbot

    One word actually: Wankery.

    The G is turning into an advertisers whore.

    (OK, so that’s more than one word)

    WhoHar @replies

    Thanks for the link @shazzbot; already commented and was quite restrained for me. The same can’t be said for @pedant though – his comment made me chuckle. @janetteb – very articulate, especially given you were in a hurry.

    WhoHar @replies

    While some of the stories have left me a bit meh, I always enjoyed Matt Smith’s performances. A nice blend of old man in a young man’s body.

    And I think The Eleventh Hour is probably the best first post regen adventure for any Doc, with the minor caveat that I have never seen Troughton’s first ep.

    WhoHar @replies


    Yeah 70 mins is an odd run time. Neither full movie length or even double ep length. Strange.

    Apparently there is going to be an intro to the movie too so potentially it will be even shorter.

    WhoHar @replies


    That’s really very nice for fan-fic.

    Lots of Doc9 in there though and no Matt.

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