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    @thane16 The Good Place comes highly recommended. Thanks for adding your praise of it! I will have to look it up once we finish Unforgotten.

    @missrori There’s not much I can add to what’s already been said. I’m glad that it at least helps for you to express your thoughts and feelings here.

    @blenkinsopthebrave Congratulations on your Canadian…[Read more]

  • @winston I must report that tonight Mrs Blenkinsop made a salmon dish with a sauce that included…maple syrup! I just thought I should let you know.

    I should also add that this evening we sat in the sunroom as the light faded and the sky had this lovely pinkish hue. It may be because we are close to the ocean, but the only place I have ever seen…[Read more]

  • Thanks @winston, @janetteB, @dentarthurdent

    @janetteB,  A prime minister who had won a beer drinking contest in Oxford. Let’s face it, they were the days. It wasn’t just beer and skittles, it was beer and leadership. Particularly compared to the current incumbent, who offers prayers and no leadership.

    @dentarthurdent, Yes, I too get to retain…[Read more]

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    @blenkinsopthebrave    Thanks!

    @winston    You’re right about the forums being a rabbit hole  (of course Youtube is the most famous rabbit hole but there are many on the Internet).   (Where’d that phrase come from? – Alice in Wonderland I think).

    Dalek – not only showed the Doctor in a darker light, but wasn’t that the first time Rose seriousl…[Read more]

  • @winston Yes, voting! Loved your praying mantis election story. Not sure I have already told this story, but as an immigrant from Australia, living here for…eight years now, I had applied for citizenship ages ago, but Covid slowed everything down, and I only became a citizen about three weeks ago. Two weeks ago I found out that I could register…[Read more]

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    @winston     Oh yes, that charcoal monster (good description!) in the library gave me the shivers too.

    It was a good ep, though maybe suffered slightly from closely following the other Tardis-centric ep The Doctor’s Wife  (closely following for DVD-watchers, probably well separated on TV).

    Carrying on – The Crimson Horror – this was a fair…[Read more]

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    Firstly some old responses that I have been copy/pasting for days.

    @dentarthurdent Belated Happy Birthday. Getting older is a misfortune we all share, like lockdowns. Hopefully yours will soon be over. At least you have a responsive government and have lots of water between you and N.S.W though Delta has a way of infiltrating. I believe that we…[Read more]

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    @winston     Thanks!   Currently in lockdown, so just me and Mrs D.   Actually I had a birthday a couple of days ago, according to my dentist (or rather his computer system, which knows altogether too much about me.   If he drops down dead, his computer system will live on, making appointments, sending out Happy Birthday emails on the appropria…[Read more]

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    Oh yes, he waits to get to his bits! I also love the scene when he realizes that he is ‘Scottish’ and can blame the English for everything.

    Apart from arthritis I’m surviving. The is Covid is really reducing the ‘surplus population,’ how is it where you are?



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    @winston From four posts back – if you (Canada) see mostly US TV, one would expect your tastes to be much more ‘americanised’ than the rest of us (except that I think we all got plenty of American content on our TVs too). But there seems to be a general impression that Canadians are much more reserved and quieter than Americans, I don’t know how…[Read more]

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    @winston thank you for the telly info.

    I need that! I’ve been watching Schmigadoon which is sweet & hilarious. ❤️♥️

  • @thane16, @janetteB, @nerys, @winston, @dentarthurdent

    It suddenly occurred to me that, as we reflect on contemporary life, particularly our respective Covid lives, what we all have in common is that we are all part of the post-imperial Commonwealth. In other words, we all have British points of reference, and yet our identity is bound up with…[Read more]

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    I had regeneration shock with Matt Smith and thought this young bumbling idiot could never, ever, replace Tennant.   But within a few episodes, he did.

    I didn’t have any regen shock with Capaldi since I knew he was coming.    And he’s still my favourite doctor.   With that face of his he looks dour and ferocious, so the contrast when h…[Read more]

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    sorry to hear about this . I can understand the heat & its energy sapping. & the DeltaV is awful.

    We’ve idiot protests in Brisbane & Sydney as DeltaV cases in the latter increase.  ppl have parties & wander round maskless with (fake) doctored letters (I wanted to try that joke) resisting masks. 😡

    been reading many comments on the Ca…[Read more]

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    @winston  Miss Kizlet (I can’t help calling her ‘Miss’) –  well acted.   Even at her most evil and villainous, she was an intriguing character.  (The Moff has a talent for intriguing female villains – Madame Kovarian and Missy, for example).   But ultimately she was a victim of the Great Intelligence too, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her at…[Read more]

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    @dentarthurdent A good review of the episode. There are so many good moments in it. “I may have invented the quadracycle.” Matt Smith is in fine form so too is Moffat. It is a good introduction to Clara. It is a whirlwind of an episode. “there is something in the wi fi.”

    I have a feeling that “the woman in the shop” was a throw away line at the…[Read more]

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    @winston Loved the story about the fez. My moment of realisation regarding self consciousness came when I was working in a big Hotel in central London. I would watch the guests coming in with their breakfast trays and panicking because they felt as though they were being watched by the other guests and I realised that everyone experiences that…[Read more]

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    the Fez story is luverly & reminds me of something Doctor 11 would do to help a young child….


    Big tick on Serenity (yes, there’s a River too). NOT selling DVDs? Sounds like a supermarket deciding to stop selling fruit!

    agreed. Streaming🙄🙄

    at one point I had Apple (free for 8 more weeks), Shudder (about to not be fre…[Read more]

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    Oh, the forum just got busy!

    @thane16 syzygy – Yes, I sort of thought River had time running backwards (which is impossible and hurt my brain to try and reconcile it) so pretty much managed to wave it away until Darillium made it obvious that view was wrong. I eventually worked out that time ran the same way for her and the Doc (as for everybody)…[Read more]

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    @winston I do agree with you about endings – even if they’re not going to be ‘happy endings’ they can be sad but hopefully not depressing. I guess Doctor Who is escapism and I want to be entertained and not depressed. This is absolutely not to say that Bad Things shouldn’t happen, bad things are what heightens the drama. But I do very much like…[Read more]

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