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    Sorry for the late responses to you all @pedant @janetteb @whisht @mudlark @winston @thane16

    Thank you for the kind words but I hope, actually I believe, it’s something anyone could and should do. As I said, I have no training, it just takes a bit of nerve to go up and talk to a stranger. It might take even more nerve to call up a…[Read more]

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    @JanetteB @Blenkinsopthebrave @Craig @pedant @missy @winston

    Paging anyone anywhere..

    mate of mine is taking a last minute contract at university for 1st years where the topic is, basically, modern Australia. She’s wondering if anyone can add ideas as to what concepts or items are icons for Australia (forgive my bad gramma but it’s “Australia…[Read more]

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    @winston I do wish you could send some of the rain down here. Last night we washed the car windows and laughed because the car is now so dusty that the clean windows looked like gaping holes in the dirt. We might have to stop relying on the rain to wash the car.

    @mudlark and @thane16  I love violets. They do tend to come up in unexpected places…[Read more]

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    @Winston indeed the pix! @pedant is a brilliant photographer & if I’m miserable about not going further afield -beyond my fence, in other words -I look at the photographs. It’s real mastery of the craft.

    Thane & Puro

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    @janetteB @mudlark @winston

    Did someone mention “vinca”  ??

    Part of my gardening work (motive: helps with pain relief; as the garden sits VERY close to the footpath & we have a large tuckeroo,  judiciously taken care of, – but presenting a tendency to naughtiness: it doesn’t like to share the water) was to double dig & work on my soils For t…[Read more]

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    Scrub my tentative identification above; it’s evident that my visual memory is becoming less reliable. Yesterday, working in the garden, I came across some Greater Periwinkle lurking at the back of the shrubbery – it rarely flowers, which is why I tend to overlook it. With that as a more immediate basis for comparison I can confidently…[Read more]

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    @winston Totally agree that this was very enjoyable. In fact, this two parter (and my lips are sealed on the second part until next week) remains one of my favourite AG Who stories. I know it has received some flack but I find it quintessentially Who. The Doctor’s admonition that we have to be “the best of humanity”, the seamless juxtaposition of…[Read more]

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    @Winston  @janetteB

    Bear in mind that there may have been the teeniest element of hyperbole in the description of Mudlark Manor 😉 As Puro well knows, the ‘rolling acres’ consist of a plot measuring 54ft x 54ft – about average for the garden of a mid 1930s English suburban house, but unusual in this case in that it is attached to a purpose-built…[Read more]

  • @mudlark @thane16 @janetteb @winston

    For preference they should be eaten with lemon juice and sugar

    By which you mean that is how you prefer them. Much as lemon and sugar gives me warm memories of mum, pre-diabetes I would happily swamp them in maple syrup, for the simple reason that maple syrup is the greatest creation of nature But there are…[Read more]

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    @thane16, @mudlark, @winston In Australia we call “drop scones” pikelets and I have a very deep affection for them. Mum used to make them in her usual, “measure everything and do exactly as the cooking rule-book says” mehtod and I thought them ok but boring. (Like all Mum’s cooking) until I was a teen. On Saturday afternoons I would go over to a…[Read more]

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    @winston  @thane16

    Pancakes mmmm 😊

    American style pancakes (which in the UK are more like what we would call drop scones or scotch pancakes) are very good with butter and/or maple syrup, if a little sweet for my taste, but pancakes on this side of the pond (crepes in American English)*  are as illustrated in the Olney pancake race (thanks @pedant…[Read more]

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    @pedant @winston

    that’s great history & I didn’t know an inch of it -or a pinch of it (salt) nor a cup of it (flour & sugar presumably).

    Aussies put a pinch of salt in their pancakes, whether savoury or not. The worst crepes I had was in Lausanne. Twice. For some reason between ’93 & 2009 I believed they’d improve. They were SO sweet I wanted to…[Read more]

  • @winston @thane16

    (moved to pub)

    Ta for the kind words. It was an unexpectedly challenging shoot, since for the first week of March the sun was high and bright, so contrast from heavy was a real problem.

    The pancake race itself has run since 1445 and is open ONLY to the women of the town (pop c8000). Legend has it that it started when the wife…[Read more]

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    @Winston (sorry, I had a page of stuff & it vanished : Dr who Forum is not responding. etc etc).

    I use water from baths, washing machines, old water bottles -and I shower outside. Discreetly!

    Its desperate -north the big rains and south, nothing but dirt. It’s awful.

    @mudlark taught me how to treat my gardenia so thank you to her! I did have…[Read more]

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    @pedant @winston

    They are amazing. Gawd, no wonder pancakes are……intriguing. Oh boy, I’m salivating now! I can imagine thin pancakes with ricotta cheese and brown sugar mixed with berries and vanilla whipped cream….or, during a 6 month period where I stayed with friends on a farm every morning we had lemon and sugar on pancakes. They were…[Read more]

  • @winston – yes, I think you’re right that Yaz shows her training quite a bit – keeping her cool, knowing how to get people out of the danger zone, defusing the Doctor where necessary. But the character flaw I’ve […]

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    Yes, loss after death was a good arc for this series – because, in the subtext, we had the loss of just about everything except the format and the technical staff. Producers, leading actors, writing team – all gone.

    I’m going to check the settings on the blog in case there’s anything I can do – it might be a time-out or a connection…[Read more]

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    @Winston @pedant and @whisht

    Yes, that’s the one, isn’t it? The song people say “hang on, THAT’s Chicago??” Great stories about who wrote it, why they were struggling to complete the album & the name of the song as well.

    You can see Cetera still performing today but in a suit & tie 🙂

    But Kath was the prima donna guitarist with RSMag commenting…[Read more]

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    Hi @pedant @winston @thane16

    I only heard about Peter York’s death a few minutes before checking in here and I’ll admit a certain “awwwww no”.
    I grew up seeing them on the TV, sandwiched between The Banana Splits and I thought of them as a joke band, though couldn’t figure out how some of their songs were so damn good.

    Sometimes it can take me…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip, @winston, @janetteb By golly, we did discuss it back then. Of course, I have entered the phase of life when what I did yesterday is often a mystery to me…

    Until @craig is back on deck (best wishes) might I suggest that if you can find a copy on a streaming service or online (particularly those who might not have seen much early…[Read more]

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