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    Anonymous @


    the 5th years and I study this particular recording because it is rather amazing -it’s a bit terrible. This is what happens when you get a second rate violin concertmaster leaving his ‘desk’ to ‘conduct’ which involves throwing ‘balls’ of light at the choir and poor orchestra. On the larger recording given to us by the production team you can see the orchestra getting quite nervous because it’s so fast, even the singers are looking ‘constrained’ -thing is, something wonderful happens too! As it gets faster (and he does, visibly and musically) you can hear the harmonics! It’s quite wonderful. Most recordings are quite ponderous and of course, everyone has to stand and if it’s long and slow -then my God, people actually sit down! In the middle of it!  This is one place that the audience/congregation have a jolly good involvement. I think it’s great.

    spacedmunkee @spacedmunkee

    Just got home from AC/DC concert in Sydney. Such a great band. They sounded the same as the last time I saw them 20 years ago. Wondering if anyone out there has seen them recently and what they thought of them



    @purofilion @janetteb


    The song suggested by jp

    And this is getting huge airplay here. ‘triffic song:

    And I like this a lot

    lisa @lisa

    @purofilion @janetteb

    Some more Flo for you from some years back. This was my
    first time seeing her. She has a interesting voice.

    lisa @lisa

    I have a hunch that some might like to see this 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @lisa thank you for both of those -indeed, the latter was a surprise.

    Flo (my old nickname I might add) was v intriguing. What went thru my head was when musicians use white makeup (like Mr Bowie for example all those yrs ago) usually their teeth stand out as quite yellow. I know. I know -this is a really silly thing to mention (but I can’t help my head). Still, there is energy in her voice. And I do like the clip (the colours and energy in particular) -these days I think artists aren’t doing the sort of amazingly expensive vid clips they used to do? This is my intuition speaking -I don’t have any real idea. Must ask my students who are doing production for various Bris bands attempting to get into the limelight -it be hard.

    Anonymous @


    I can’t get him out of my head now


    @purofilion @lisa

    Any who cites Grace Slick as a major influence gets my vote.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Sorry, been away for ages, restricted to lurking for a bit… more blethers from me to follow soon. Just wanted to say that I’ve never been more proud of this silly old TV programme than I’ve been the last couple of weeks.


    PS @pedant (and @lisa and @purofilion ) re your comment “Any who cites Grace Slick as a major influence gets my vote” Absolutely (seconded, thirded and whatever’d 🙂 )


    Whisht @whisht

    @scaryb – great song.
    I knew the links between Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello but only knew of Costello’s version.

    A good day to hear it.

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    Ah, yes.  What a pertinent and poignant song for today.

    Mersey @mersey

    New Bowie. A little bit doctorish, isn’t it?

    spacedmunkee @spacedmunkee

    For those who like their rock n roll can I suggest you try out a band call The Tea Party. I’m sure all you Canadians out there already know of them. Here’s some samples of the best work

    I had the pleasure of seeing these guys last weekend at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

    The reason I’ve posted this is because they were touring for their 20th anniversary of their album “Edges of Twilight” which has a lot of imagery relating to statues and angels. I wore my Weeping angels t-shirt to the gig and thought it funny that everyone there probably thought it was a t-shirt for that album – not Doctor Who.

    Anyway, after the concert, I remembered they had a song called “Raven Skies” so I looked up the lyrics.

    I am walking on to the place of the light.
    And the things I see with the starlight sight.
    In the dance of the fires in the flames I see,
    Under raven skies she will sleep with me.

    And I need her now and I need you.
    Welcome to my garden and what do you see?
    Welcome to my garden do you still see me?

    I am looking through through the dance of the trees.
    I experience what a shaman sees.
    I’ve returned within I’ve returned with sight.
    Under raven skies I will sleep tonight.

    And I need her now and I need you.
    Welcome to my garden and what do you see?
    Welcome to my garden do you still see me?

    And I need her now.
    Welcome to my garden and what do ya see
    Welcome to my garden do you still see me?
    Welcome to my garden and what do you see?
    Welcome to my garden do you still see me?
    Do you still see me?


    so my bonkers theory for tonight is that Moffat is a fan of The Tea Party 🙂


    SirClockFace @sirclockface

    Since alot of you (@pedant and @lisa mainly) were mentioning Florence I thought I would add my favorite of her songs. Which doesn’t actually happen to be hers:

    But it is the best cover of a foo song that I’ve ever heard

    Arbutus @arbutus

    And now for something completely different! We often talk about the music of Doctor Who and what it brings to the show. Imagine, if you will, Doctor Who without Murray Gold? Or… Star Wars Minus Williams.


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Brilliant! When Hitchcock was making “Torn Curtain” he had a falling out with his long-term composer, Bernard Hermann. In a fit of pique, Hitchcock dumped all the music. Somewhere on the web (would look, but I am currently in transit) there is a comparison of the central scene where Paul Newman is attacked, without the music, and with the music. It was clear that the scene (and the film) needed Hermann’s music. The film sank without trace.

    Whisht @whisht

    So, I know that I’ve posted either this or something else from the album before but…. well, its fabulous so I make no excuses.

    The reason for this one is twofold – its an example of hybrid music* and features a great guitar player (as @puroandson has [have??] mentioned playing guitar)

    * yes yes, I know. All music is a hybrid, but this album is a wonderful moment of two cultures combining. This isn’t even the best track on the album!

    Craig @craig

    Just because of the title of this week’s episode, and next’s. Oh, and maybe for some other stuff that may be going on at the moment.

    Whisht @whisht

    I’ve been neglecting this thread recently – apologies.
    (tbh I’ve been travelling for work quite a bit, but that’s no excuse).

    @craig ‘s done the necessary with The The (always good to hear some overwrought and over-earnest vocals!) so I’ll simply waste people’s time with a snake-based choon (which I really should have posted before now!).

    Craig @craig

    I finally realised what the closing scenes of ‘Heaven Sent’ reminded me of. It’s a wonderful piece of editing by Will Oswald. Not only does he tell a brilliant story, he creates a wonderful montage which covers several billion years. I’ve watched the last 15 minutes more times than is healthy. The score is also amazing. I think Murray Gold may have had this in the back of his mind, as it is all about loss and grief.

    Whisht @whisht

    ah, @craig thanks for the Nyman.

    Unfortunately a ‘friend’ pointed out to me that his music only really stands up when one sees it with Greenaway’s visuals.

    The sod. He mentioned this and when I re-listened to the music from The Piano which I loved as a film, I could only hear as he did, the music as ‘plodding’ and ‘cold’).


    On hearing this just now, I thought I’d go and find Belly of an Architect music (not by Nyman) as I’d really enjoyed it when watching the film all those years ago, only to find…. it too is better in (my) memory when it was alongside the film.


    I stopped listening to him so was able to enjoy music again.

    Thank god for good editors!!



    tWho tracks from me, both for CapalDoc who has lost Clara and run away from Gallifrey.

    First, one we’ve had before (if you want to hold your breath while I apologise, you’d better like the colour blue).

    He’s run away again, yet he’ll never forget ‘home’.


    And he’s forgotten Clara, though probably not exactly forgotten, but maybe misplaced the memory.

    And he wants to remember yet he’s probably scared to – he knows how the story ends.
    So he’ll keep himself busy.

    “Though I have a broken heart
    I’m too busy to be heartbroken
    There’s a lot of things that need to be done
    Lord I have a broken heart”



    (like I care if both of these I’ve posted before – they’re sad but good!)

    Whisht @whisht

    just a song inspired by the American Diner from Hell Bent.

    I know its not a mobile diner, but still, surely no one would have been surprised if this had come up on the juke box…

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi there &son of @puroandson fame.

    I think you mentioned this song (though I’m surprised at your musical references – ukeleles??)

    Though maybe your mum knew of them when researching the definitive version of Ode to Joy.
    They really do seem to be mining for the joy in it and I think manage to find it after a minute or so….

    Anonymous @


    Son said someone was speaking of Nyman on another thread: How about “sheep and the Draughtsman’s Contract” I think I’ve an old old CD of my own of a very nice recording. About 8 years ago, nice conductor. Did well. Female. Pacey stuff.

    Ukuleles? Hah! Love ’em. Teenage Dirt-bag -indeed I did. But I’ve not heard this version. Thank you from both

    Son and Puro


    Anonymous @


    Dear Mr W,

    we loved the Ode to joylessness – kidding, at the end, it was awesome. Shame they don’t smile more. Still not a patch on banjos Mum says.

    She saw the picture above and the post of that movie? With Travolta and started shrieking “no you can’t watch that. Not evah” stuff. Still, I said “chill dude, its dancing” and then she’s transfixed: the woman whose name I can’t remember didn’t do it right -she stuck her bottom out but apparently Travolta did do it right -his bottom was tucked under. No idea but I’m learning. I’ve never heard of the twist in my life. it’s a thing?

    Mum’ll be embarrassed now. I’ll probably have shamed her! I shall sit on the bottom step . or go back to bed as it’s only about half past 8 here. You people say half 8 which is magnificent. I said that at a soccer trial yesterday and the dude said “you’re English” as I thought it would get me in I very nearly lied but said no “only half English” and he said “that’s good enough you know”.

    We’ll see.


    Whisht @whisht

    &Son – scion of @puroandson
    “half eight” – excellent! Well done for not completely lying (if the coach has any sense they’ll now know they can trust you).
    And the Twist is (was??) a dance but a loooong time ago. And Travolta is a great dancer (I only realised how good when posting that video. Your mum is exactly right – notice how he’s on tiptoe yet also in a sitting position when he moves…)

    Now, with Nyman I’m not sure I actually like his music unless its accompanying a film. I gave the “sheep and Draughtsmans Contract” a listen but…
    instead I thought its coming up to xmas, we’re all running around like headless chickens, so here’s a piece of Philip Glass’ music that I actually like (there’s a few I do, but many leave me a bit un-nourished)

    Play it LOUD

    ichabod @ichabod

    @whisht  @puroandson  Enjoyed the Glass — too late at night to play it loud, though.  Tomorrow!

    Do either of you know Glass’s score for “Mishima”, the film about the poet and novelist who went sort of Japanese-Fascist crazy (?) and committed ritual suicide in public with his followers in attendance?  Fabulous suite of music, and that one works best Very Loud, too.  I used to listen to that while on the treadmill at the gym, until I realized that a) I was going to go deaf if I kept doing that, and b) probably also have a heart attack, so who cares.  It was the ringing in the left ear that convinced me not to do that any more . . . Glass got an award for the suite, but the actual film score not all suited-up is better.  A world-smasher, IMO, and unutterably appropriate to the subject . . .



    Arbutus @arbutus


    I am well behind on this thread. I will have to go and get my iPad to listen to everything that people have been busy with as my laptop no longer likes video content (it gets very hot and randomly shuts down), but I prefer to be on my laptop to post, as I find it trickier on the i devices. But Mr. Arbutus sent me today’s Google Doodle and I thought instantly of PuroMom.  🙂

    Anonymous @

    miss @arbutus

    So does mum’s. I;ve been selectively stuffing around on facebook, removing stuff with her pointing “and that and that” and us too! The laptop could need a clean up? Have you unscrewed the back and using a small paint brush, cleaned out the dust? maybe get a techie but this usually solves some of the problems. I think ours is ready to melt so I get ya.

    Thank you for the link I shall show it to mum as soon as Im back from weight training (oh golly, I’m sure sore already!)

    it’s 100 % humidity and only 25 degrees. mad. mad, mad.

    Thank you

    The Son and P

    Anonymous @


    good afternoon to you.

    Son handed me the computer before going out. Yes, I had seen the google thingy and did that! What fun thank you. 🙂

    Under that, though, was some Verge comment about how human frequencies are attuned to bass more so than any other pitch. This is simply not true. Even the woman’s narration, in stating that “the baby is tuned to bass such as its mothers rhythmic heart beat,” is wrong. They confused pitch with rhythm. A very weird interpretation of the significance of bass. We have a ‘need’ to hear higher pitches actually although certainly the lower ‘sounds’ of the mother’s heartbeat is important pre-natally.

    I can’t fathom (changing subject) that very soon it will be Christmas and then time for the Christmas special. Yee-hah!

    Anonymous @


    Yes, apologies, I know Mishima  – it wasn’t for me, though. I had to listen to it more than I should have for my mental health. So, you know, maybe now it sounds good! 🙂


    Right, Christmas music, people

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @ichabod – ah yes, Mishima.
    I almost mentioned it when I posted the Glass piece. I think when I heard/saw Mishima, was when I got over my Glass/ Reich snobbery (my snobbery I hasten to add – I thought Reich ‘better’ and therefore Glass less so, based on listening to only a couple of pieces. Stoopid me).

    I can remember the film as sumptuous, but after my shocking posting of the dance from Pulp Fiction, I fear suggesting anyone actually watches it!*

    If you can’t sneak out the CD from anywhere then here’s the soundtrack without spoilery visuals


    (I like the music without visuals, but my dim memory is of the visuals enhancing the music, especially the temple of the golden pavilion – anyone who’s intrigued watch the film!)

    Whisht @whisht

    … but as @puroandson said, kinda, Mishima ain’t christmassy.

    So, what could be more christmassy than this?

    And I think I’ve posted this for however many christmases we’ve had on this forum!


    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  Puro solo — Well, if you’re going to worry about your mental health — !!  That’s another matter . . . I wouldn’t want to *have* to listen to it when I really didn’t caret to, mind.  But parts of it are great to walk a couple of fast and energetic miles to.

    Anonymous @


    I agree -a good piece of music will make you walk or possibly run.

    On another similar matter I used to do a thing with Terry Riley’s In C. It takes a good while to play it and I personally love it -it really is all ‘in C’. Once I had to perform the piano part and then later conduct it.

    It came with a warning: after 5 mins, audience may need to leave. Following that, the doors are locked.


    These days one couldn’t get away with that. But I love it. It um, balances the chakras, y’know?


    Anonymous @

    @whisht I didn’t see you up there! Awesome with the Mishy-mu and the Charlie Brown. All hail the Charlie.

    Yes, I went thru a Steven Reich vs Glass thing too. I saw the Philip Glass ensemble when I was about 16 -w/o Glass which pretty much pissed me off (I was naïve then and thought the ensemble meant Glass would kinda tagalong) as the tickets were about $50 back in the ’80s.


    Arbutus @arbutus

    @puroandson     We sing this every year at least once. (Carol night tomorrow, yay! Wine, food, and song!)

    @whisht    That album is great accompaniment to a late evening glass of wine. It’s part of my “Christmas mellow” mix!  🙂

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Thanks to @pedant‘s timely reminder, here is my favourite “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”.  Ho, ho, ho.


    lisa @lisa





    Arbutus @arbutus

    @lisa   Fabulous! I haven’t heard anything of Brian Setzer in a long time, that’s a great video.

    @puroandson       My new favourite Christmas song!  🙂  (Brought to my attention via the Twitter account of the massively gifted and really lovely pianist Marc-André Hamelin.)


    Whisht @whisht

    hi all – apologies for being missing in inaction.

    Firstly – nice one @pedant for the NHS tune and cause. How do I download a thousand?
    And Bieber – benefit of the doubt in terms of his avocation of a public healthcare system that doesn’t discriminate against you if you are poor, yet suffer the same ailment as someone richer?


    But his PR team should have told him to do this as a win-win. If they didn’t, they’re either slow or negligent.

    Now, I’m still not feeling the Christmas vibes this year, so tomorrow and xmas day I plan to eat a lot of mince pies, drink a lot of white port (god what a wonderful drink that was to discover), and hope the internal fermenting works.

    Musically, I love what @arbutus posted! Most of the musical gags are way over my head, until the last one which was like a pie to the face!

    So, here’s a cheery ditty from – oh hold on you scrolled forward and see its from that forum-favourite Tom Waits.
    Well, it was a bit obvious I might link to this song, so I chose a version I’d not heard before.

    If you don’t know it, the album version is more even.

    If that is my sole link tonight then there may be people worrying that Chez Whisht is a tad mournful, almost humbug-y. So to allay those fears, here is one of the most awesome “Recommended for you” I’ve ever had from youtube that popped up tonight:

    I haven’t heard it in full yet – I may have started going mad at 4 minutes, but I turned it down to background music like a piece of Eno and the animation is captivating!

    In fact I might just make that animation my ‘fireplace’ image, flickering in the background, for emotional warmth….


    Whisht @whisht

    hi again.

    A phrase @soundworld used in a post has stayed with me (cheers sounfworld!!) 🙂

    The phrase was “collapsing into coherence” and when this popped up on my headphones whilst out and about, the phrase also popped back into my mind!
    It also has (for me) some sort of Central European feel to it, though as i know nothing of that music I’ll avoid saying “klezmer” as I’m probably so far wrong it’d be embarrassing.

    (though i’ve said it now anyway! 🙂 )

    Its still not christmassy but hopefully you’ll forgive me!

    Whisht @whisht

    … and on looking for some klezmer music (to figure out how far off I was!!) I came across this and I thought:

    “We haven’t had enough displaced Albanian music on this thread”.

    So, here’s something sweet!

    soundworld @soundworld

    Hi @whisht

    If you’re into that kind of vibe, I absolutely love this CD from Nigel Kennedy & his Polish Kroke  band – (how do you embed?)

    Best Wishes to you for a happy Christmas.   I’m looking forwards to collapsing into incoherence – it doesn’t take much these days.

    I went to a fab gig as part of Glasgow’s Celtic Connections a couple of years ago, 5 fiddlers from all around the world (Scottish, Irish, Indian classical, and 2 Russian Gypsy-ish players) – I’ve never heard anything so stunning.


    Anonymous @

    Wishing you all a Punky Christmas and a Folky New Year


    lisa @lisa

    While held up in the kitchen cooking  (and may I say that the best part is using so much

    butter 🙂  )    I’ve been taking some  small surfing YT breaks and found a few items I’m

    sharing around thru FB and Skype  and Who-sters

    This first 1 is borderline offensive      😉   and so with expectations of getting back lash     🙂


    and 1 more

    Anonymous @


    um ah ! are there really people like that out there? Shit!!

    Of course I know there are, but hell, I’d go dressed as a bloke (easy as I haven’t waxed ma legs in 4 months), wearing interestin’ clothes and scream about protecting the forests, praising the demoncrats (no, that’s their line!) whilst driving an hybrid (an actual car with a sign banning monster truck races) and anyone anyone from Texas!

    I like Texans, I do. It would be an act.

    Happy all!

    Anonymous @

    @arbutus  goodness that was fun! Where did you discover that?

    There was no mention of a devil’s 4th? Or was there? We had a b natural plenty of times so maybe, maybe I’ll shut up and enjoy mince pies. 🙂 Meanwhile The King’s Singers was always an infant Puro favourite: Now I fear it is something punky

    Thank you to you all. We had Christmas last night and watched our Christmas fav with the hot Cleese and Kline in ….A Fish Called Wanda (I know, nothing to do with Christmas, really)

    @pedant Boston? Incredible.

    @whisht absolutely brilliant both

    @fatmaninabox  B. Power always  a fav.

    It’s raining a storm here which after a drought is great but all those families planning BBQs with 20 people will be washed out. Dear me, still, together is all!!

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