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    @countscarlioni and others

    Here’s the guy who does the archao-acoustic research ‘This project explores the role of sound in the experience of Neolithic sites and landscapes’

    @ichabod It happens! Its just hard to predict when it will happen… September is usually the best most wonderful month.  With…[Read more]

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    @wolfweed I always view these inaccuracies as though they were elements in a story told down through the ages, various bits get mangled or re-imagined or joined with other bits – but they’re still there, forming the story.  As ever, if we can accept light-eating monsters from another dimension, then lets not worry overly about the local…[Read more]

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    Well, that was fun.  The pacing felt really good – it seemed like a longer than normal episode, but in a good way, not rushing to solve everything in the final minutes.

    As a Scottish person, I loved the jokes ‘Death by Scotland’ especially.  Actually, we’ve just had two whole days of lovely warm sun :) it only rained for a short while each…[Read more]

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    No, I really like the way Gomez delivers lines – she seems to find words delicious if that makes sense.

    … and that is the sense of delicious which I meant – her entire delivery, I certainly didn’t mean to imply anything else ( I could have stopped to think before posting, of course) :)

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    The Doctor himself has come to a  point, a point where he has been re-visiting the last 4 years:

    what is my doctor?

    All of the words we hear, the scenes we see mixed in with our  personal likes of either Pertwee, Tom Baker, Tennant or Mat Smith, the Doctor himself is asking that same question.

    In other words “Who (haha) am I?” The same…[Read more]

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    @ichabod @thane15 @nick and many others

    Thank you all so much for the discussion above, with such insight and far better ways of expressing it than I could ever hope to achieve – one reason why I’m so quiet on the forum!

    Regarding the 4.5 billion years in The Castle (and yes, I tend to agree the time period was overplayed), looking at it purely…[Read more]

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    There was a Time-Lady so delicious,
    Wild and fey, and totally capricious.
    Missy! I’m in love with you…
    Even tho’ you’re you-know-Who…
    And your motives are totally suspicious!

    Is that bad enough to get me banned for life? 😉

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    Instead of going bad for the sake of a good person, he does the right things for the sake of a bad one

    Very good.


    Indeed, very well put.  Which layer is ‘truth’ and who (Who?) is willing to make the effort to dig away the lies and distortions to find it, and themselves.

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    Top memorable line for me: ‘Thats my problem – I always think like a soldier…’

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    Missy? Nice? You noticed in my construction here that the two words don’t belong together in a sentence!  Hell freezing over is more likely (and, come to think of it – quite possible in Who – hmmm).

    I really liked the ideas up-thread that Missy might be a regen of the Doctor, although I don’t think that is likely.  The Doctor has…[Read more]

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    Well, I’m a little late to the party, having only now managed to watch all these three episodes, and to read the threads on each (over two nights).

    Everybody has come up with such great, insightful (and bonkers) ideas that I don’t have much to add, although it just occurred to me that the Munks (© @thane15) have done the world a great service -…[Read more]

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    @mudlark very good! Republicissimo di banana…

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    @thane15 Imagine a  society where education is seen as a good thing, in itself, rather than purely as a process to produce the minimum standard for necessary workers.  Where we are encouraged to debate and contribute to the big questions – what is society for? How do we want to organise society? How do we pay for it? Where progress is measured not…[Read more]

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    @pedant Excellent!
    @nick Thanks for your interesting view.  I agree re PR and some sort of federal structure, I don’t see it as being likely to happen, other than through chaos.  I agree re losing Alec and Angus, we need these different voices to be heard.  I bumped into Alec (Salmond) on a street corner in Glasgow a few years back (when he was…[Read more]

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    @thane15 @nick @whisht

    Yes, he lost his seat. (Hurrah). I agree with whisht, the Conservative campaign was relentlessly empty, and I do hope this results in a softer more collaborative approach, but then we now have the DUP propping up the Cons in government, which is not encouraging to my mind.  I agree with @nick that the general lack of…[Read more]

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    So the question becomes – what is it that the doctor might need to develop  a new perspective on? (Its in the vault!)

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    Hello everyone, i’m glad to be back. (Waves at you especially thane and puro)

    I’ve been lurking the previous threads of this series, playing endless catch-up (I seem to be experiencing some issues with <ahem> time just now).

    That was fabulous. I have to admit that in the first few minutes I was thinking ‘Zombies? Really? ‘ As it turns out, the…[Read more]

  • @ichabod @thane15

    Kind of Blue is most definitely Miles Davis. But Cohen has plenty to offer this discussion (‘<i>Everybody knows that the dice are loaded</i>’).  Goodness, the internet has so changed music! In my mid 20s I started listening to a weekly jazz programme here, the presenter played lots of world music and world-jazz too which I just…[Read more]

  • @thane15

    during heightened emotion and pain, everything is jangly and colourful; one’s eyes hurt either from crying or trying not to. Events either speed up or slow down; they catapult into one another until you either hide or face what’s in front of you.

    Spot on, and thats the place I’ve been in and am finally moving out of, having spent several…[Read more]

  • <span class=”useratname”>@thane15</span>  (and@mum – waves)

    I totally agree, Heaven Sent was just phenomenal, and I’ve watched it several times as – well, its just so good. Just excellent drama and a terrific concept.

    Its not a problem to prefer the darker moments – thats where humanity and the Dr shine the best!  Having been through some very…[Read more]

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