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    ScaryB @scaryb

    @juniperfish Aww, loved that too, thank you. Soppy Sunday indeed, must be the sunshine. Good to see Joan’s still working, sadly I missed her most recent tour a few months ago, but in great form by all accounts.


    If you do one thing you do before you die, go see Bruce Springsteen work a crowd.

    Whisht @whisht

    So, if we’re entering the season of “is there anything I can turn my musically-minded brain to?” then perhaps we have two challenges(?)

    1) songs that encapsulate an episode (there will be many that can)
    2) red / blue songs

    so, a starter for ten two:

    The Crimson Horror – Mother (john lennon)
    Cold War – Two Tribes
    Rings of Akhaten – Akhnaten

    which just leaves (AG):
    Bells of St John –
    Nightmare in Silver –
    The Crimson Horror –
    Journey to the Centre of the Tardis –
    Cold War –
    Rings of Akhaten –
    Bells of St John –
    the Snowmen –
    Angels Take Manhattan
    The Power of Three
    A Town Called Mercy
    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
    Asylum of the Daleks

    Pandorica Opens
    50th Anniversary Special
    Vincent and the Doctor
    The Lodger
    Closing Time
    Wedding of River Song
    The Impossible Astronaut
    The Girl who Waited
    The God Complex
    Night Terrors
    Lets Kill Hitler
    The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People
    The Doctors Wife
    The Curse of the Black Spot
    Day of the Moon

    Whisht @whisht

    and for Red / Blue (not a starter for ten but rather a “hold on, how many random blues did you find?? and “that’s dumb, mine are better” for ten):

    Fiona Apple – Red Red Red (tang of Patti Smith in this one as well as Apple’s inimitable I’m clever enough to be able to throw it all at it approach)
    Red Snapper – Seeing Red
    Thelonious Monk – Blue Monk
    Durutti Column – Blue
    Elbow – Powder Blue
    Elvis Costello – Blue Chair
    The Harlem Hamfats – Oh! Red (wish you were dead)
    Oliver Nelson – Blues and the Abstract Truth

    stevethewhistle @steve-thorp

    As @miapatrick mentioned Border Morris on the “Talons of Weng-Chiang” thread, here is a link to a video of the Shropshire Bedlams (English-Welsh) Border Morris side.

    (Please can somebody remove the first posting with the error in the link to Mia…..)

    Whisht @whisht

    ok – another attempt to while away the time…..

    Suggestions for Dan Starkey to sing songs as Strax (thanks @phaseshift for reminding me about the article in the guardian)

    War – what is it good for? (“Absolutely everything – its the basis of our civilisation” is the bar you’ve been set).

    A drunk and maudlin Strax might sing this Wait’s classic or if Strax was extraordinarily drunk, he might sing this

    bu he’d be court martialled (or at least be put in the hole, but what is that to a man with a wetnurse’s nipples?)

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – gosh, there’s a lot of episodes to place the perfect music to.  🙂

    Only slightly snarky, how ’bout for The Doctor’s Wife we have Herb Alpert, This Guy’s In Love With You?

    (‘Who looks at you the way I do?’ … reminds me of Rose and Sarah Jane discussing how the Doctor touches the Tardis when he thinks no-one is looking 🙂  )

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – I’m enjoying trawling through music to fit the episodes!  I rather like this one for The Name of the Doctor:  The Traveling Wilburys, The End of the Line

    Well, for the lyrics, not the jaunty up-beat tune … but we know, it will ‘work out fine’ for the Doctor.  In whatever guise he returns in the 50th.

    (Disturbingly, Jeff Lynne in this video looks a bit like JNT in that clip that @phaseshift posted about the 6th Doctor.)

    Anonymous @

    Oh, and @whisht – just one more for now.  4 Non Blondes – What’s Up for The Girl Who Waited.

    I imagine the only way Amy could become such a hardened warrior, was to scream at the top of her lungs every now and again ‘What’s goin’ on?!’.

    Twenty-five years I’m alive here still
    Trying to get up that great big hill of hope
    for a destination

    Anonymous @

    OK, just one more @whisht.  🙂

    I thought the song title was perhaps too obvious, but after having re-watched, it’s really a good choice for The God Complex:  XTC, Dear God

    As Amy had to learn, heart-breakingly, in that episode –

    If there’s one thing I don’t believe in …
    It’s You.

    Anonymous @

    Oh, go on then, ‘just one more’ … 🙂

    There really isn’t anything else for the ‘Vincent’ episode than Don Mclean

    But I could have told you, Vincent
    This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you

    Like the strangers that you’ve met
    The ragged(y) men in ragged clothes

    PS – still the only song I can play on the piano two-handed.


    Whisht @whisht

    he he @Shazzbot – you’ve Colombo’d the Music thread!

    yep – Dear God will be on one of those pages that you can’t get on as there are so many embeds!

    well, I’ve got through Alpert/ Bacharach and now onto the others!


    Anonymous @

    @whisht – I have another classic clip, totally unrelated to Doctor Who, which I’m putting up on the Rose & Crown thread now.  Well, it is Friday night.  😀

    Let me know what you think of my choices here – they weren’t specious or random; I put some thought into trying to tease out themes from the episodes and match them to music and lyrics.

    Whisht @whisht

    hey @Shazzbot – “specious and random” would be me never you!


    May have to give them more thought once this darn man-flu has released me from its cloying grip.

    But I’ll be a brave soldier and bear up.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @Shazzbot – apologies for not replying properly sooner, but your selection threw me a nice problem!

    Your choices had loads to do with the lyrics (and why wouldn’t they??!!?) bu I’m more of a music person (in same way as with comics the artist is for me the most critical aspect and I can’t see through the crosshatching to see the words).

    So… I’ll try and reply with some lyrics (may be a short reply!) 😉

    This Guy’s in Love with You by Herb Alpert – well I haven’t listened to this all the way through for a long while but its a great choice lyrically. Don’t worry, I’ve listened to some Jon Spencer to rub the honey from my ears (I jest I jest….. kind’ve!).

    So, as a reply, whaddya think about Scott Walker: Best of Both Worlds for Amy’s Choice?

    …”And I won’t share you, I couldn’t fare to
    It’s time for you to choose
    Which one you’d rather lose
    Could you love me, And forget me
    Are you sorry, That you’ve met me?
    What we’ve been through, means nothing to you…”

    and all with Bond-esque strings!

    [warning – can create addictions to bonkers musicians]

    Whisht @whisht

    and another for @Shazzbot – agree with the lyrics for 4NonBlondes (who couldn’t… erm the Doctor Who couldn.. I kid, I kid), and I cannot think of a better lyric but weirdly enough, listening to it again for the first time in years, reminded me of this.

    Now, the lyric is kinda trite, and well… there’s no excuse… but at the time I really liked it.

    Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy (similar music for the verse? though obviously a lot less Guns n Roses than 4nonblondes!)

    Somehow, despite everything (and there’s a lot of me not liking many aspects of it) I still do have a fondness for it (like much of the music I listened to between 14 and mid twenties….)

    Whisht @whisht

    and finally for tonight @Shazzbot, its funny you mentioned Don Maclean.

    My brother used to hum/sing this a lot when I was a kid (he’s 3 years older).

    Its catchy and no reason why you wouldn’t hum it, but he used to inwardly smile sometimes and say “that’s my song” which made absolutely no sense to me.

    Why the hell would “Starry starry night….” be particularly him??

    Baffled me for years.

    Then I discovered it was called “Vincent” and the penny dropped

    (its my brother’s name)


    Anonymous @

    @whisht – wow, that Scott Walker one was something I’d never have contemplated, but you’re so right, the lyrics are truly excellent … but, in my mind, for The Girl Who Waited, and not Amy’s Choice.

    Also this:

    Keep your true love
    Or, take your new love
    You must choose between us
    You want the best of both worlds …

    You must choose between us
    You just can’t have the two of us

    I tip my (newly Rani-ised hat) to you:  that was a perfect choice, lyric-wise, for more than one episode.

    Anonymous @

    ha ha @whisht – that’s funny about your brother.

    Glad to see yer man flu has abated, and you’re back with us amongst the living!  (if it can be said to be living, when it’s so blinking blipping bl**dy HOT out!  🙂  )

    Anonymous @

    Greetings from a new member.

    I’m just ironing out the creases to a few ‘bonkers theories’ which I will post later. In the mean-time just a reminder (on the remote off-chance that you’d forgotten!) that the “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Proms” will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Sat 13th July @19:30.

    To get you in the mood sit back and enjoy Pandorica suite from the 2010 Proms

    Anonymous @

    Erm, there was supposed to be a link there to a clip on you tube. Not sure what’s happened to it! As I’m an internet ‘virgin’ I made need a little help.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I’ve just edited your post and inserted the text “Pandorica suite” in between the > and /a(surrounded by less than/more than symbols). A link needs target text to appear (it’s easier to highlight text you already types, select the link button, and then create the link around it.

    There is a small guide to using WordPress here:

    Anonymous @

    OK, @whisht – the gauntlet has been thrown, and I pick it up gladly.   Lyrics are nothing you say?  🙂  Well, let’s then go for some music …

    For ‘The Pandorica Opens’ there is nothing quite like The Crazy World of Arthur Brown


    Anonymous @

    @whisht – one more for you, on the Strictly Music Channel ( ! ) …

    For ‘Closing Time’, I suggest this as the accompaniment to an episode which is about the scared new father who was left [quite literally]  holding the baby.  It all starts so giddily, with both of them having their ‘wild, wild times’; but then it all goes a bit off-piste (not least because Daddy starts thinking about Mummy in ‘that way’ about half-way through … tee hee); but also because it frankly gets a bit too much for Daddy by the end of the night / song.

    Gawww, I love a bit of David Byrne.  I met him once, decades ago, in LA.  I’m sorry to say I wasn’t a paragon of equanimity (but then, I was a wee lass !) but he is truly massively, massively talented.

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – there can only be one selection for background music for ‘Curse of the Black Spot’ (which is all about a ‘siren song’):

    Come softly, to me by The Fleetwoods

    Whisht @whisht

    blimey. ok @Shazzbot, I’ll try and reply with something.

    before I do, did you see my posts on Byrne? Maybe not if page-loading was an issue but when @phaseshift created this thread, and @craig joined in he and I ping-ponged a couple of tunes including David Byrne.

    But a bit useless linking if you can’t open the link(!) so I’ll repost (without embed):

    @craig – I also loved Road to Nowhere. It was great and props to you for buying it!
    In shame I think the first single I bought was Money for Nothing!
    Unfortunately I listened to their other stuff around that time and though I liked some (Blind springs to mind) I should’ve headed straight to their older stuff. ah well, made it a few years later!

    As a response, I could be a bit obvious and put Sledgehammer (for the animated sequence in the videos) but seems a bit lazy and anyway, the Intruders at the Palace concert I mentioned above had David Byrne headlining with a brass band called Les Miserables.
    This song is 2/3 of the way through their performance and is kinda the highlight, so if you’re a completist then head to the first track [Edit: especially Shazzbot if you’re a fan of Byrne as the next link is the payoff from listening from the beginning – or was at least to me].
    However, life is short so here’s “In the Future” which begins with some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever heard.

    hope you enjoy it

    and I hope you enjoy it too!

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @whisht @Shazzbot

    Nice choices (Talking Heads especially good (of course!))

    For Curse of the Black Spot you could also chose this of course, talking of Sirens – Song to the Siren (This Mortal Coil) or you could go for the original Tim (father off Jeff) Buckley version…  (Long afloat on shipless oceans…)

    And yes, credit to @whisht @phaseshift for their David Byrne pinging earlier in the thread, much enjoyed

    Craig @craig

    Y’know @scaryb , growing up within the glow of the Grangemouth petrochemical plant I never thought Song to the Siren was a cover, I just thought This Mortal Coil had done good. So that’s the first time I’ve heard the original. Thanks. Although I could only listen to the first third because it always (and now I discover both versions do the same) tears me apart. 🙁

    ScaryB @scaryb

    …or you could go the pirate route –

    classic Brecht – Pirate Jenny (in honour of Amy as a swashbuckling female pirate), this version by Amanda Palmer  (aka Mrs Gaiman)

    or the retro route… I give you Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (from 1960 – great echoey sound and twangy geetar)

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @craig This Mortal Coil did a great job on it, really made it their own. Loved Liz Fraser’s vocal.  I’d a big thing for Buckley’s music, writing and vocals, first came across him when I was about 16 (friend gave me a 4th generation cassette recording 🙂 ).  And yes, should’ve put a hanky warning on it!

    Just for interest (not really any obvious Who connection) this is John Martyn’s version of Buckley’s Solid Air (from 1978 and a fabulous German music programme called Rockpalast). Skip to 1.13 if you want to miss his wee comedy routine changing a string.  Another amazing  vocalist (who, it has to be said lived life to the full as long as he was able!)

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @Shazzbot – before I get into the other stuff, one little memory that Pirates you made me think of was “I am the Pirate Kiiiinnnnngggg” from Pirates of Penzance.

    My brother who hummed “Starry starry night, hmm hmmm hm hmm hmmm hm hm hmmm, hmm hmm hm hm hmm hm hmmm, hm hmmm hm hm hm hmmm, starry starry night, hmm hmm hm hmm hmmm hm hm hmmm, hmm hmm hm hm hmm hm hmmm, hm hmmm hm hm hm hmmm [ad nauseum]” happened to be the Pirate King in a school production at the age of 9.

    He couldn’t hold a tune in a bucket so thank god this was before phone recording, but fair (school)play to him.

    me? I got to play Jesus for a few years. (“Mary, wiarrrryoooweeeeepinnnn?”)

    and a welsh bank manager (at the age of 9 or 10???!).

    again, thank god noone recorded those school musicals.

    unlike these gems about love, (wipe the tears away)on this one, and wonder what the hell this did to the kids creating this classic!

    [short 6min doc about Langley School’s Music Project, though leaves you wanting to know much more about the brilliant orchestration and how-the-hell-they-did-it!]

    EDIT – I’m now listeningf to this part 2 of langley much better!

    ScaryB @scaryb

    And since @craig‘s got me started – this is a wee goodnight hug for everyone on this site   The aforementioned John Martyn on absolutely top form blowing Clapton’s cover of May You Never completely out the park. Old Grey Whistle Test had some really special performances. Hadn’t a clue what to do with punk tho 😉

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @whisht – Aaaaawwwww  (Not sure if i can survive all the way through them though! 😉 (Love your brother stories btw) G&S rock!

    Anonymous @

    @whisht – you know I can’t get into this thread except for this last page!  So, thanks for the embed-less quoting.  As to ‘Road to Nowhere’ well, that’s a bit of Memory Lane for me.   A boyfriend I had in my 20’s made a cassette tape for me (how I am dating myself, I know) which included that song; but, bitterly, it was all about how he couldn’t understand why I would want to see the world outside American borders.  He thought my desire to experience everything beyond The States was on a par with mental illness (actually, knowing what I know now of American passport statistics, I guess I was indeed quite mentally ill back then! ).

    I was subsumed into the bottom-feeding end of show business when I was 16 years old (nothing untoward, I assure you!) but meeting David Byrne is still one of the highlights of my life.  He was exquisitely shy, utterly diffident, and almost melted into the background.  Compare that to my meeting Quentin Tarantino (when I was introduced to him as the person who didn’t chuck up during the ‘ear scene’ in Reservoir Dogs).   One more name-dropping moment is when I was introduced to Danny Elfman.  Danny is My Musical God equally with David Byrne; Danny more so because we went on a double-date together and he was a laugh riot.

    I listen to Talking Heads quite a lot these days, and wonder why their music isn’t more popular and their videos not more watched.  Kids today, eh?  No accounting for taste.  🙂

    Craig @craig

    And one that has nothing to do with nothing except I like the Biffy and I’m a Murray and it’s pretty well put together…

    Whisht @whisht

    ah @shazzbot, in terms of why Talking Heads isn’t more popular, I’d warrant a guess that its name-checked a lot by new brit bands (though I sadly don’t actually follow them or less-sadly read the music press).
    The 80’s revival is huge at the moment in the UK hipster scene, so Talking Heads etc will be copied and stolen from in un-equal measure.

    (I’m a big fan of Picasso’s quote on copying and stealing – my take on that quote is to copy is to know something is good but not know why (maybe others have told you or gut feel hasn’t hit critical understanding) – but to steal is to know why its good and therefore to be able to use it in another context or use it to influence another idea).

    (oh, I’d waffle on about that annoyingly so will stop as ‘drink has been taken’).

    but a lot of post-punk will be namechecked I’d guess (Talking Heads, XTC etc) but its hard to ‘copy’ this clever stuff without sounding derivative (if that bothers them).

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @scaryb – I’m a big John Martyn fan. Yes – he certainly led life to the full…..

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @whisht & @shazzbot

    Enjoyed your choices for episode tracks and apologise for not joining in. I’ve seen so many fan videos cut to music, I find myself automatically thinking about them!

    Here’s one though, for A Good Man Goes to War. This is War.

    Also, I watched the series finale for a programme called Warehouse 13 tonight (fun enough fluff) and it featured a track by a band I’ve never been particularly drawn to, but I really enjoyed it (and worked well in context). Florence and the Machine – No light, no light.

    Posted in link form, for you to enjoy.

    Anonymous @

    @whisht @scaryb @wolfweed @craig @phaseshift – wow, so many things to listen to!  I wish I could access the rest of the pages of this topic  🙁  because it sounds like there have been so many gems to discover.

    I admit I started with John Martyn because I’d not heard of him.  Wow, he’s great.  Then I got sidetracked and started watching more YTs of him.

    I also watched 1 & 9 of David Byrne’s Knee segments (Yes, Whisht, I skipped ahead as you suggested! but now I want to watch them all, will find time over the weekend.)  I was wondering what the Langley school was but your last slipped-in edit link explained that, thanks!

    Thanks all, again, for a few hours of what I know will be wonderful and eclectic music.  That lawn is probably not going to get mowed for a few days … 🙂

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Thanks for the Proms links @wolfweed Nice to see the visuals

    On subject of the Proms – this is from the Comedy Proms from 2011 – with Tim Minchin, orchestra, keytar and Prince Charles mask. Great stuff!

    PS Feel free to move this to music thread if you think it’s more appropriate there


    Anonymous @

    @scaryb – I love Tim Minchin!  But that Charles mask was creepy, ugghh.

    IamVarnishy @iamvarnishy

    I’ts a Doctor who song 🙂

    Anonymous @

    For some reason, this is my background music of the night – enjoy everyone.

    Bill Withers, Lean On Me

    ScaryB @scaryb

    For @MadScientist72 (and @fatmaninabox ) – you and me both 😉 Thanks for making this my personal background soundtrack for today. Little Feat featuring the irrepaceable Lowell George

    <waves @shazzbot > Thanks for Bill Withers, that was great.   I love this too (Bill again)  (Hanky warning on this one 🙂 )

    Anonymous @

    [waves back at @scaryb] – that Little Feat clip put me in the mood for a re-watch of The Last Waltz, imo still the greatest concert movie ever made (with the greatest live performers ever – and, who ever thought Neil Diamond could look so effortlessly cool!).  Also, the song title makes a nice riposte to your ‘hanky warning’ on Ain’t No Sunshine  😀

    Anonymous @

    @whisht“you’ve Colombo’d the Music thread!”   🙂   Better than that … my shiny-new laptop can actually get into all previous pages (including @craig and your David Byrne / Talking Heads selections which you’ve mentioned on this page) without my browser crawling out into the garden to die.  Wha-hey!

    I’ll post one more for you (and everyone else) – this is Geraldine Fibbers.  I was in Tower Records on Sunset (LA) in the 90s and this CD started playing – after 3 songs, I went up to one of the employees and demanded, ‘Who is that?!  I must own it, now!’

    The YT clip for this song, ‘Outside of Town’, shows just the boring static CD cover, but the live version is 10 minutes long and you have to be a real fan to put up wit dat.  🙂  However, the live version shows much better how the Fibbers are so not ‘alt-country’ as Wiki describes them.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    In the Ghost Light Ep 1 thread we mentioned the music of the time, and that reminded me of something. I see the Tim Minchin version of the Who theme from the Comedy Prom has made it here, but I though I would post this from the one off BBC Scotland series “Is it Bill Bailey?”

    His take on Doctor Who music.

    Timeloop @timeloop

    This is really funny =D There are also versions of 10&11 around

    Anonymous @

    @timeloop – that was wonderful, thanks for sharing it here.  Moffat and Gatiss both have their claws in both of Sherlock and DW, and someone really went to a lot of trouble to find clips from both shows that fit the lyrics.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    C.A.M.R.A. MAN – Half Man Half Biscuit

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