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    Rob @rob

    @jimthefish I like that idea I think you alluded to this scenario earlier in this thread (or another one)

    @haveyoufedthefish Viennese ones????

    HaveYouFedTheFish @haveyoufedthefish

    @rob – of course! Daleks love all things Viennese, especially the biscuits.

    Not a lot of people know that.

    Whisht @whisht

    hey – some really nice monster ideas here (and thanks for not tearing mine to shreds!).

    I always thought Who’s monsters worked best when they reflected kid’s anxieties – eg Blink (being basically a children’s game), the one where the person repeated exactly what was being said, or the monster-in-the-cupboard/ under the bed.

    so, what other kid’s games or anxieties are there? Horribly now, it will probably be based around body image (too fat/ too thin). Or cheating (either for exams, sports drugs etc).

    So, how about a monster tempting kids to take a drug/or other ‘magic’ to transform their body, or get smarter… and if that monster is something that themselves once fell to temptation and now tempt others then all the sweeter…

    Anonymous @


    good point. How about the imaginary friend who is actually real — and an out-of-phase alien of some kind?

    Whisht @whisht

    nice @jimthefish – really like that real imaginary friend.

    kids not being believed is a constant for them. Yet they often make stuff up! So there’s a great story in there (a la Cry Wolf) about a kid making stuff up, but then coming across a ‘real’ imaginary friend – who isn’t a monster to the kid, but who somehow feeds off the situation.

    Or how about an alien who has a human imaginary friend! Told from the alien’s point of view as well as the kid’s.
    Both are seen as ‘monsters’ by the others’ worlds (the alien might have a habit of making human people who annoy it/the kid disappear; the human kid would be a monster for verbally teasing/bullying other kids to an alien for whom conflict and nastiness are horrific which is why they simply make others who threaten it disappear).

    Craig @craig

    @juniperfish Thought you might like this. An alternate history of Doctor Who, with a female Doctor.

    Some of the choices are fantastic. And funny. Julia Roberts “stunt casting” as The Mistress against Eight really made laugh out loud. 😀

    Anonymous @


    That’s a good read and the cast choices are inspired. I could quite happily see all of those actors playing the Doc. With exception of Miranda Hart, who I can’t watch for more than two minutes without wanting to gouge out my eyes. Letting her anywhere near the show is possibly the one thing that would make me stop watching.

    ‘Breaking News. Chris Chibnall to take over as showrunner with Miranda Hart as the first female Doctor…’ Nooooooooooooo!!!!

    Personally I’d love to see Tilda Swinton play the Doc. But Siobhan Redmond is my fave choice from that list.

    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Thanks @craig 🙂 Yes, that was fun. I vote for Fiona Shaw (who isn’t on the list).

    Check out this lovely piece of Fan-Video by MetalPandaAlex on YouTube. It’s sepia line-drawing credits for Jenny and Vastra’s adventures as Watson and Holmes:

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Fan of Lindalee? Missing her episode guides?

    Well she is truly a fan now, after having her first convention experience. She meets adults dressing up, a strange man who was the 7th Doctor and many more:

    Craig @craig

    Very, very silly, but obviously someone’s labour of love. The Big Lebowski redone with Doctor Who characters. I do like The Master as Jesus:

    Craig @craig

    Clara’s already the subject of much fan art. I thought some of these were quite fun.

    Whisht @whisht

    Hey thanks @craig – the one that headlines the article (by Kevin Wada) makes me hope (again!) for an Alan Moore/ Kev O’Neill League of Extraordinary Gentlemen take on the good Doctor.

    (he had Mycroft in an earlier comic, so this wouldn’t be completely impossible, and Kevin O’Neill is a god).

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Anyone posted this 50th Anniversary fan video yet?

    I thought it pretty good. 🙂

    HTPBDET @htpbdet
    ScaryB @scaryb

    @htpbdet Re the Ballad of Russell and Julie – yes, it’s brilliant. This one too. They both appeared at the same time. Both seem to get taken down fairly regularly (presumably by BBC) but usually reappear. 😉   (They were both pushing 1 million views from the original upload when they disappeared the first time!)

    Anonymous @

    I thought this was quite amusing. Mainly because it’s so accurate…

    Whisht @whisht

    erm, @rob – not sure if you’re still interested, but I have another “new foe of the Doctor”.

    I’m pretty sure that the Sontarans were originally meant to be a scary war-mongering big-bad.
    In Nu-Who that’s mellowed somewhat, to being a bit more funny/dangerous (though I am a huge fan of Strax).

    However, how about introducing something that represents the true horrors of war?
    As we know, the Sontarans are based on the ‘nobility’ of war. ‘Glorious’ battle and death.
    But war is not really like that.

    A Sontaran would never stoop to massacre innocents, rape, pillage, torture people simply to spread fear, and generally do what happens in all wars – attack the support networks of armies.

    What if the Sontarans had created a beast that did this ‘dirty work’ of war?

    ‘Dogs-of-war’. An amoral species, capable of anything they’re ordered to do.

    In itself, a ‘nasty’ (rather than a ‘big-bad’), that could even scare the Doctor.
    And, as its so ‘anti-glorious battle’, it would have been hidden/forgotten by the Sontarans as a bad idea (an embarrassment).

    However, if severed from Sontaran control for an extended period of time (eg left to fight a battle the Sontarans forgot), one of them could even start to wonder if all this terror made sense.

    It could even become a companion that learns humanity (Leela-style)…

    Rob @rob


    Great idea, I have been musing on new monsters in idle moments on site (not many as this site has lot and lots of little issues to solve and more irritatingly no 3G service!!! hence my general silence recently 🙁 …. )

    I remember the Sontarans from the Tom Baker and Harry(?) episode where the Doctor bluffed them into believing he was the warrior caste for Earth and that the humans were only serfs. Back then the Sontarans were not cuddly in any way at all.

    Anonymous @

    Thought this might be an appropriate juncture to give a shout-out to this fellow’s work on quite detailed TARDIS design. I think his blueprints are ace.

    TARDIS blueprint

    His other designs of various aspects of Time Lord-age are also worth a look.

    Mephistopheles @mephistopheles
    WhoHar @whohar


    I’d always presumed that’s what those old French toilets were for.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    fan clara

    Found on Tumblr

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    I like this one – spot the Disney D!


    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Another ToneCartoon.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Love the cartoons Wolfweed, esp “exterminatory”.

    Was looking at the Deviant Art link @jimthefish posted above – blueprints to the Tardis etc – amazing stuff, worth a look. He’s also recently posted a screen grab of the Tardis display (from JttCotT), flashing the warning. He claims you can see the hexagonal structure (see his blueprints) faintly in the background, can’t say I’m convinced tho. But hey! He’s Rassilon so who am I to argue.

    But there’s a curious thing that I didn’t spot when watching (probably others have 🙂 ). There are only a very few named areas – console room, library, with I think, the Observatory further on (bottom right), the EoH, engine overload message. And – Arch-Recon.  Anyone got any suggestions about that? (Apologies if it’s been discussed elsewhere, and I missed it). No swimming pool 🙁

    ScaryB @scaryb

    It’s very easy to get lost in Deviant Art if you start to follow the Who trail (see also several posts by @jimthefish @juniperfish etc on page 1 or 2 of this thread). But I particularly liked this one (@htpbdet I think you might too) –

    (can’t embed the pic, sorry, just the page)

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    Architectural reconfiguration?

    ScaryB @scaryb

    And this one for @phaseshift – lots of Masters, with a particularly good Delgado:

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @satsumajoe Damn! That sounds right. I was off on possible Chameleon Arch sidetracks there…  (And this is the Tardis in basic mode)

    Anonymous @

    @scaryb — I agree. Lots of great stuff on DeviantArt. I can spend hours on there.

    With regards to the schematic, I can only guess that in ‘basic mode’ there are some immutable modules like the Eye Of Harmony, the console room and Arch Recon and so on which have to always exist, and everything else can be removed and redesigned. Kind of like there being some files that are ‘read only’ I guess….

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    @scaryb Well, I suppose there is an overlap between them (for function) so maybe Arch Recon can make arches for Time Lord recon? That took a bit of work really.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @satsumajoe – no, no, no. Arch Recon is the name of the bloke who designed the Type 42 TARDIS.

    His full name is Archie Recon, but he thought it was a bit common for a Time Lord 🙂


    Whisht @whisht

    hey @rob – I’ve another monster/ villain if you’re interested!

    How’s about a dark Doctor; an evil side to him, but with a memory-loss twist.

    This evil Doctor, a regeneration after the 12th, is evil and the audience know this, but the character doesn’t – he can’t remember that he’s evil!

    We (the audience) keep flinching knowing he’ll remember, or another character will say something that will remind him who he is.

    Finally he looks at the label on a cord that has been hanging in full view around his neck and thinks

    “oh, hold on, that’s a name. Is that my name?? am I..? Am I..?

    [eyes open in wonder)…

    yes – he is


    The Lanyard!



    (coat? wearing it….)

    thommck @thommck

    So, at the end of NotD we will get “Meanwhile in a parallel universe…”
    “It’s time to go back Rose…”
    Ratgirl Studios Doctor Who BttF mashup
    Found via the Geeks are sexy site, Available to buy here

    MoebiusSoulsby @moebiussoulsby

    This thought occured to me following the revelation in the final scene of Season 7’s Finale……….



    ….The Doctor’s secret…..the “Secret Doctor” acts, but not in the Name of The Doctor.  That act happened during the Time War.  Some amazing and terrible act from TimeLord inspiration amid devistation, The Doctor is able to absorb the collective esscence of the TimeLords.  In effect, The Doctor has infinte regenerative abilities.  But the cost.  It took Rose to bring Him back from the edge.  Every subsequent regeneration has the potential to unlease all the mental imprints of the TimeLords to shatter The Doctor’s Mind.  Thus an insane, mutliple personality Doctor.  A Season from Hell.  How can the Doctor redeem Himself/Herself (Multiple personalities) and Who can help the Doctor?

    ….The Daleks need The Doctor back to Himself/Herself (sane, gender doesn’t matter to the Daleks).  An insane TimeLord with a TARDIS is the most Horrific Nightmare unleashed upon the Universe.  The Master was balanced and contained by the TimeLords when they all lived and then thwarted by The Doctor.  The Daleks are the only species advanced technologically and mentally to contain The Doctor and restore the balance.  The Daleks recognize that ultimately the Universe will cease to exist if The Doctor is unchecked.

    I leave the rest for Mr. Moffat.












    MoebiusSoulsby @moebiussoulsby

    P.S. I didn’t read any of the above threads before posting. Whisht, I didn’t intend to step upon your excellent idea.

    Whisht @whisht

    @moebiussoulsby – hey no worries! (which idea btw??!)

    This is the thread for creativeness of any sort – it was WhoHar that asked for new fictional villains, so I’m mainly riffing on that on this thread!

    Your idea has a great plot device and possibilities – to be honest it would be just as welcome on the tNotD thread IMO. (I guess it depends whether you think of it as a bonkers theory or a plot line, or closer to fan fiction)

    Anyway, thanks for being polite (and zero offence!)

    7thdoctor @7thdoctor

    OK big question do we have an rp of the doctor? and if we dont why not if allowed i could come up with some kind of story , or someone else could i do believe we could go somewhere with an rp

    SkyOtic @skyotic

    I have no idea where to post this, so I thought I’d ask this here:

    Can I put a self-made TARDIS replica at a convention? Or would the BBC not allow that, since they have the trademarks for it?

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    The last I heard on this was about 2003, so no idea if the position has changed since (the show is a bit bigger now).

    Back then, it basically depended on your intention. If you intended to display the item to add colour and make the convention a “vibrant space” etc, you would be fine. If you intended to use it for financial gain (i.e. Pictures with the TARDIS at £10 a pop or whatever) you could be in trouble.

    No idea which convention you are talking about, but it can be useful to speak to the organisers who may already have contacted the BBC about logo use, etc (they would have to conform as they are likely to be making a profit) to see if they have received any advice or if any “use of trademark” restrictions have been placed.

    Hope that is of some help.

    MTGradwell @mtgradwell

    Yesterday I posted a “bonkers theory” on the TNotD thread, about possible background and future developments. Shazzbot liked it and suggested I should contact the site creators and request a blog, as an episode thread did not seem to be the best location for such speculations. However, I note that there is this place already, and it might be the best place for general theorizing, at least for now. So, for now, I’ll just repost here what I posted yesterday. I hope that’s OK.

    I’ll combine the two posts from the other thread into one here, even though that does make it rather long:

    There has to be a first iteration, one in which Clara has not been fragmented into the timeline. Some events still pan out in a way broadly similar to what we have seen, but for instance the Doctor, instead of being aided by Clara at the Asylum, is aided by a random mad Dalek. Because he hasn’t been aided by Clara, the Doctor has no reason to seek her out, so he doesn’t. When he arrives at Trenzalore, he does so with Vastra etc but without Clara and without her psychic link to River. When the Great Intelligence demands his name, he holds back at first but ultimately surrenders, and speaks his own name. The tomb opens. But the Doctor has left it too late. His companions are dead. And the Great Intelligence enters the Doctor’s timeline, intending to make every other moment in it just as bitter as that one. Without any Clara to leap in and thwart him, the Doctor has no choice. He leaps in, not to rescue Clara this time but to tackle the Great Intelligence himself.

    Inside his own timeline, he dies and regenerates into the JH Doctor. JH Doctor is still trapped inside his own timeline. He thwarts the Great Intelligence at every turn, but at immense personal cost. At each defeat the GI grows more and more furious, until it is nothing more than a tight ball of hatred, all directed exclusively at the Doctor. Then it dies, or appears to. (Actually, although it is dead, because it has insinuated itself all over the Doctors timeline prior to dying, those echoes of itself remain. They are just echoes, not the true GI itself, and they have been thwarted every turn, and they don’t even have any memory of what made them oppose the Doctor in the first place, they just know that they hate him without knowing why, but they are still dangerous. Dangerous enough to lead the Doctor to Trenzalore yet again, in the next iteration.) The Doctor, exhausted by the fighting, dies yet again, and regenerates for the twelfth and last time, still trapped inside his own timeline.

    The Tardis (the mostly non-broken one, the one with only a slight crack in its window), sensing that the Doctor is irrevocably dead, or at least irrevocably trapped, places his timeline inside its control room. It then locks its doors, and automatically relocates itself randomly to a nearby spot, as it was programmed to do in any emergency. Not to the opposite pole of the planet in this case, but to a spot about a mile away and maybe a thousand years in the past. There it begins a process of slow decay.

    End of story, seemingly, but no. The Tardis is programmed to inform River, as next of kin, about her husband’s death. River is startled by this telepathic message, as she is with him when she receives it, enjoying one of her breaks from prison. After a brief discussion with him, in which he informs her about Timelord burial customs, she persuades him of the importance of divulging his name to her ….

    River can’t tell the Doctor why she wants to know his name, because spoilers. It therefore takes quite a while for her to learn it, but eventually she does. She then visits the Doctor’s final resting place, the ruined Tardis, and uses his name to gain access to the control room. She enters his timeline, and in order to avoid creating temporal paradoxes she visits only his 13th and final incarnation. Her purpose in doing so is to say one final goodbye to him. However, she is shocked to discover that he doesn’t know her at all. He’s never heard of anyone called River, and is mystified by her presence in his timeline.

    He has heard of the Silence, in fact he created them in an attempt to derail his own timeline by bringing about his own death before he can betray his friends and betray the whole universe by leading the GI into his tomb. He created them, but he doesn’t know anything about them kidnapping babies or whatever. They’re supposed to kill him, not kidnap babies. She realizes that this Doctor originated in a different timeline, but has crossed over into hers, perhaps when the dying Tardis made its very last jump.

    She asks alternate 13th about how he met his end, and learns it was at the hands of the Great Intelligence. So she asks if there is any way that the Great Intelligence might be thwarted. She learns from him that the GI was defeated once before, by a Victorian barmaid/nanny named Clara Oswin Oswald, but Clara died shortly thereafter. River resolves to seek out this Clara, and to see if she can do anything about her untimely death.

    Alt-13 meanwhile has had enough of this discussion with a perplexing stranger. He dismisses her out of the timestream, back into her physical body which lies just outside in the control room. He then leaves the timestream himself, in the only way he can. He follows it back to near its beginning, on Gallifrey. Back then, all of the timestreams of all Timelords had been kept together in one place, and the resulting thicket was known as the Matrix. There were portals to the Matrix, via which Timelords might enter and exit. Alt-13 exits the Matrix via one of these portals, becoming the Valeyard, and spends the rest of his days trying to get his younger self tried and executed for treason.

    Long story short – There then follows an iteration in which Victorian Clara is saved from Death, and it is Victorian Clara who becomes the Doctor’s traveling companion. She attempts to save him, and is scattered throughout the Timelines. In the next iteration it is modern Clara (who, along with Dalek Oswin, did not previously exist) who becomes the travelling companion, while Victorian Clara once again dies. This iteration is the one which we have all seen. This time around the Doctor and Clara succeed in escaping from the Doctor’s tomb, thus averting the Doctor’s previously-fated regenerations into Hurt-Doctor and the Valeyard. They then resume their adventures, carrying on from where we last left them. The End.

    jswatson @jswatson

    Calling all Dr Who fans who watched the Avengers and thought ‘The Doctor could have sorted this in no time’. This is the story for you, part 1 of 4 possibly 5. Enjoy x

    jswatson @jswatson
    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Whisper Mare by Jewelsfriend – found on Deviantart

    toby8915 @toby8915

    My Tardis inspired tshirt is on sale at :

    wolfweed @wolfweed

     r s f a
    ‘River Song Spoilers’ by EmpressFunk

    PeteTyler @petetyler


    I don’t really know if this is the right thread for that;

    I made a new facebook page about Doctor Who named The Alternate Pete Tyler ( ) and it would be great if this page would get more active. So if you’re a whovian (which, I think, is everyone in this forum), you have a facebook acc and you would like to get infos, facts, quotes and jokes around Doctor Who, please like!

    And: if this is not the right thread/topic, please put it in the right section.

    If “publicity” like this is forbidden here, please delete.

    MisterMaster @mistermaster

    I’m new around here so please be gentle.

    I’m posting this at the suggestion of another member who thought some of you may enjoy it.

    They should let me be show runner, I’d give them a much more gritty Dr Who.

    The new Dr should be played by Alex Norton, the bloke from Taggart would be bloody great in the role. Especially if he played the Dr as a hard-nosed Glaswegian Time Lord, with a drinking problem, as only he can.

    Week 1: The new Dr and Clara arrive in Glasgow, early 1980′s. Thatcher has just been elected and the Dr discovers she and her cabal of lizard people cabinet ministers are shutting the mines with a view to using background radiation from new generation nuclear power to alter the DNA of the good people of blighty, turning us into their new highly radioactive food source, ready to be shipped back to their trans-dimensional portal in the Falklands. General Galtieri has discovered their plan and is trying to stop her.

    Week 2: The Dr and Clara wake up in bed together in the TARDIS, whose interior has just regenerated into an 80′s style council flat in Easterhouse. The Dr sends Clara out for a carry-out, no more fish-fingers and custard, special brew and kit-kats are his new diet. Clara gets jumped by a couple of wee neds who hold her to ransom until the Dr concocts super strength ecstasy using his sonic screwdriver.

    Week 3: The TARDIS lands on Administratia IV, where the tardis is promptly impounded until the Dr pays River 670 years backdated child support money.   While selling off various niknaks the Dr has pilfered through the years to raise the cash, Clara is kidnapped by, bizarrely, a victorian era teapot hell-bent on tearing a hole in space-time. The teapot is placated by the Dr singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout” and running at it with his sonic screwdriver, stunning it and removing an overstewed tetley one-cup bag which explodes, sealing the hole in space-time. The stuffy civil servants of administratia IV are so thankful they let the Doctor and Clara leave, with the Dr agreeing a new payment plan for the child support money.

    Week 4:  The Dr awakens in a time lord hospital, the last surviving hospital of its kind. Suffering from acute liver failure he has only days to live unless a donor can be found. Clara, who by this point has degenerated into a prostitute of some repute, is servicing a client in the back of a time-ambulance, a special TARDIS that can keep time lords in stasis until they can be ferried from wherever they are in space-time to the hospital. Clara discovers the Hospitals Dr’s are actually on an NHS watch-list and this explains why the Dr has been stuck in a corridor – a time-corridor – where he’s phasing through the ages, waking up in a drunken stupor in Elizabethan England, then passing out and waking up in Edwardian England, before waking up in bed with Henry 8th. Clara snaps him back to their present with a sonic stethoscope and uses the liver of a healthy dalek to force a partial regeneration, saving the Dr’s life.

    Week 5: The TARDIS phases into existence outside a betting shop in present day Coatbridge. It’s Derby Day and Dr needs to put his line on. Of course, he’s a time lord and with a nod and a wink to Clara he goes in to Ladbrokes while Clara goes to get 20 B&H and a roll’n’fritter from the chippy next door.  Clara’s standing on the street trying to light her fag in the pissing rain when the Dr’s chunky frame is thrown through the glass window and he crashes head first into the side of the tardis. Clara drops the fritters and helps the doctor, who, dazed and confused, takes a draw on her ciggie. “F*&k, thought that was silk cut! – Bensons are bowfin hen” he exclaimed to Clara. At this point a shadowy figure dressed all in black climbs through the window frame – the Doctor explains to Clara who the man is, he’s The Master, this time played by Robert Carlyle. This was no ordinary Ladbrokes, it the the Masters TARDIS. We see the Doctor and The Master pointing sonic screwdrivers at each other when the Masters assistant, played by Freema Agyeman, lamps the Doctor over his knapper with an empty buckfast bottle. The Doctor wakes up, stinking headache next to the TARDIS, now resplendent with cock-and-balls graffiti and Clara gone.

    Week 6: We open with the TARDIS, still with cock-and-balls, spinning through the vortex chasing the Masters Ladbrokes. Together they land on Gallifrey, or rather, what’s left of it. The Dr emerges first and is soon joined by the Master, Martha and Clara. The Master wants to show clara what our hero has done to his own people, his own home now a desolate wasteland. From behind a rock, a dalek trundles out and is soon joined by a cyberman, a sontaran and a stone angel. the Master explains that Clara really does not know the Doctor as well as he does, as well as Martha does, and the rest of the congregation assembled. the Dr pleads with Clara not to listen to them, that he’s really a good guy, it’s just that he’s had a couple of really bad writers recently, and that their stories, together with incidental music that is just too f&*king loud, have driven him to do terrible things. Martha steps up, offering testimony that she was imprisoned by the Dr in one of the tardis many sex-dungeons after he got the idea from Joseph Fritzl, but escaped and that’s why she was binned in record breaking time. Clara knees the master in the bollocks and escapes with the Dr.

    ohyeagirl1111 @ohyeagirl1111

    My end of the year school science project. thought u guys might like it. 🙂

    JackBrimstone @jackbrimstone

    I have quite a few art pieces that are Who related that I drew up using a office whiteboard and cleaned up in photoshop.



    I got plenty more images in my Whiteboard album on my graphics FB page



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