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    wolfweed @wolfweed

    How to make the new TARDIS console room (Out of card & paper).

    GreyPhoenix @greyphoenix

    Tenth Doctor Regenerates (Classic Style) by jedijones


    Hello and please to meet you! I made a video recently that I thought I’d share. It’s sort of a re-imagining of the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration, in the style of the Fifth’s from the Caves of Androzani. It’s a little rough around the edges but I hope you like it.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @greyphoenix Not bad at all. If you’ve got the facilities to do a floaty head version too, so much the better!

    DoctorHu @doctorhu

    Well they know who will be the 12th doctor:

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Did you create that ‘Pottery’ pic, @doctorhu?

    DoctorHu @doctorhu

    Yeah, I heard some crazy rumor a while ago (you know what it’s like) that JK Rowling was involved in writing the 50th anniversary episode, so I decided to have some fun with that.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @doctorhu Nice work. It’s good too know there’s a fellow photomanipulator out there…

    Keep them coming!


    Meanwhile, I found this next one here:


    Craig @craig

    Very silly. Even the daleks like a bit of cosplay.

    Dalek cosplay

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    Tennantmarsters2013 @tennantmarsters2013

    Is anybody a fan of Buffy the vampire slayer?

    I’m planning a crossover fanfiction. It involves 11 and Clara, possibly river. And also involves spike

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    wolfweed @wolfweed

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    wolfweed @wolfweed

    dit clara

    ‘Someone’s been rooting through my personal timestream…’

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    ‘But it’s impossible! That’s my brushwork!’

    Chelsinator @chelsinator

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – re no’s 12786 and 12787 – com’on, those are Caption Competition entries, surely!

    (and yes, I’ll stop calling you Shirley.  😀  )

    Didja see my comment no. 12877  ( ) in the On the Sofa thread?  There’s another caption competition possibility for your area.  Although no-one might beat Graham Linehan’s choice.  🙂

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    I’ve just taken up crochet and was looking for some free patterns and came across this:odd crochet

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    Here’s another one:

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    Another corker…

    Doilies of Rassilon

    BoxJockey @boxjockey

    I know it was not created as such, but to me this sounds like it is about the Doctor.



    wolfweed @wolfweed

    By Telahmarie

    Loving the crochet stuff, @chickenelly!

    Tennantmarsters2013 @tennantmarsters2013

    Have a look at this amazing fan made trailer for the 50th. It looks like an official one

    aboyandhiscupboard @aboyandhiscupboard

    New(ish) TRock band from Chicago, IL!!!  They are called, .  Apparently, they recently finished a kickstarter to fund their first full-length album, are about to compete in the semi-finals in the battle of the bands somewhere in Chicago, AND…


    A few of their songs were released a while back, like “Little Amelia” and “Last Human”. Check them out!

    dalekfan2013 @dalekfan2013

    does anybody have a midi file of the 1963 theme of doctor who

    curvedspace @curvedspace

    Some fans want to respond to Matt Smith’s thank you video by inviting everyone to join them in making one of their own.

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    ScaryB @scaryb


    Can’t help but thnk that a Tardis Transformer is kinda the polar opposite of what Dr who stands for! 🙂

    Re your link in another place (see, I do read, just no time to comment recently) re head transplants – yikes! I can’t help but feel there’s always going to be a party to that agreement who isn’t in the postition to legally consent!  And the comment about the glue to hold it on not being quite fully developed yet – Heavy metal fans need not apply 😈

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Don’t know who did this one…

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – oddly enough, if I had to choose, only the Rory one looks anything like the real actor.  And I mean no disrespect to Sir Arthur by saying so 🙂  .

    This is exactly why I don’t want those dastardly Americans* getting their hands on our Doctor Who!

    * yes, yes, I do know where I was born.  And equally, I know where – and why – I left.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @Shazzbot – I know – Who is that playing no.11? Rupert Everett? Rory IS very Roryish though.

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – Quite right, Rupert Everett would be an interesting choice for the Doctor (and you’re right, that Pixar animation could equally be him, or Matt Smith!).

    Anonymous @

    I don’t normally have that much truck with fanfic, but certain threads on this site have got me thinking of late of what a complete ‘reboot’ of the show might be like, so I’ve made my attempt at it. It was turning into something of an epic so I’ve only done the first half for the meanwhile but I’d be interested to know anybody’s thoughts on it. (Apologies for the dodgy doodles as well btw).

    They’re probably too small to be read but didn’t want to knacker the site by posting huge images.

    Didn’t get my act together quickly enough this morning to get tickets for the convention btw, so I’m afraid I’ll also be missing it. Congrats to all those who got tickets and have an excellent time when the time comes…

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Don’t know who created this one either…

    HTPBDET @htpbdet


    Well…come on, where is the rest of the “reboot”?

    I am enjoying it.


    EagleinTheTARDIS @eagleinthetardis

    this is a 20 chapter FanFiction i finished about a month ago. and just for information purposes: i started writing it BEFORE Matt Smith announced he was leaving Doctor Who.

    let me know what you think! please leave a review on because i look there very often. written portraying me as the 12th *and first american* Doctor 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @htpbdet — Thanks for reading. I wasn’t sure if the text would be too small to be legible. Second part at the weekend probably — although I’ll probably have to come up with another format as the illustrations just make me cringe when I see them…

    But thanks again for your kind words…

    stevethewhistle @steve-thorp


    The film poster has reminded me of the old proverb:

    Time flies.
    You cannot.
    They fly too fast.



    ScaryB @scaryb


    I’m with @htpbdet on this – we want the next bit 🙂

    I like your ginger Dr and punky Susan

    (For info, for us short sighted people, right click, save as jpg or pdf, then open and enlarge and it’s fine for size)

    overunder @jamesunderscore

    @jimthefish – enjoying the fanfic very much! Is that Derren Brown you’ve cast as the Doctor? hehe

    Anonymous @

    @jamesunderscore — LOL. Actually, I think Derren Brown would be an awesome Doctor. My thinking for the ‘reboot’ Doc initially started when Sam West said he’d like to have a go at the part and I thought ‘yes, he would be excellent. I’d like to see him do it’. And as I wrote it I thought that a Doc in the style of the Lermontov from The Red Shoes was how I was seeing the character (who also looks a bit Sam West-ish. Although Anton Walbrook is to my mind probably the greatest Doctor we’ll never have, along with Roger Livesey, Alec Guinness and John Thaw.)

    However, I’ve totally failed to capture what I was aiming for in that scrawl so might have to try, erm, ‘doctored’ photos next time around…

    And thanks again to everyone for taking the time to read. It’s appreciated.

    Craig @craig

    @jimthefish I confess I haven’t had time to read it yet, but looking forward to it. You could also blog it if you want – create a new category for Fan Fiction. Why not?

    And if you’re linking to an image elsewhere the site can cope with any size image (it will be shrunk to fit the page, but right-clicking can reveal the full size image), although some people with restricted download speeds may find the page loads slowly.

    You should also be able to upload images to this site if you want e.g. if you don’t want to put one on deviant art. Just click the Add Media button on any blog post and upload (2MB limit). Once uploaded you can get the link to the image in the right-hand column.

    Anonymous @

    @jimthefish – I can’t read it, the font is too small on my screen.  🙁

    @craig has a good idea, why not make it into a blog series?  This particular thread probably isn’t the best place for a multi-part series of posts.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    @Shazzbot Assuming you’re not using a mac (in which case I’m stumped), right click with the mouse, on the image, select “save image as” then save as a jpg (or pdf). If you haven’t got jpg opening programme, insert it into a word doc. You can increase size using “view”

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – I love the Gallifreyan scrawls for their names on that poster.  🙂  nice touch, whoever did it.

    @scaryb – just saw your note(s) about increasing the size of @jimthefish ‘s post, will do that now.  Thanks for the tip.

    Anonymous @

    @craig — cheers for that. Will repost it as a blogpost for the truly masochistic out there… (though you could be on a slippery slope there. Don’t blame me of you end up having to moderate shedloads of slashfic)… 😉

    Craig @craig

    @jimthefish Blogging is still restricted, but I guess it won’t stop people posting in the comments! But I think the blogs should be used for telling stories. @htpbdet is basically writing an autobiography via his blog posts and everyone really appreciates it. Nothing wrong with a bit of fiction there too.

    Anonymous @

    @craig has very kindly allowed me to post the first part of my Alt.Who story as a blog, so if you’re interested then you’ll no longer have to wreck your eyesight on those jpegs (or be assailed by my dodgy doodles)…

    And now that I don’t have to worry about typesetting the thing, I’ll try and get the second part up at the weekend sometime…

    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @wolfweed – I’m guessing credit where its due – this guy did the mashup poster (and a few other Doctor related stuff):

    thommck @thommck

    I haven’t watched this yet but will do as soon as I get 13 mins downtime!

    Anime Doctor Who

    This is what the author has to say about it

    All 13 minutes of the completed fake Doctor Who 80s-style anime. Drawn, animated and partially voiced by myself. Some bits are good, some bits are poor, but on the whole it turned out okay, I think. Enjoy! This is old school Who, so fans of the new reboot show may be confused by the fact that the Doctor is doing martial arts and Cybermen say “excellent.” Watch the classics and you’ll understand. You’ll also become almost instantly more handsome by watching classic Who.

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