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    wolfweed @wolfweed

    There was nearly a punch up last night between Moffat & Capaldi over the Mondasian Cybermen, after Zoe Ball asked if Capaldi had any influence over the show. Blimey! You can smell the testosterone!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @wolfweed – yes, that bit was funny. 🙂 You could tell the argument had been running throughout the making of Series 8, especially when Moffat said ‘Don’t fall asleep, Jenna’.

    Rottenwriter83 @rottenwriter83

    I want to talk about Rose and the Doctor.2 (that’s what i’m calling the doctor “clone” created by the Doctor/Donna). I love Doctor Who! I have been a fan for more than 10 years.  I love the companions and the differeent faces of The Doctor and meeting new alien life.  I love traveling to far off galaxies and experiencing new places.  That being said… when i fell in love with The Doctor a decade ago i really fell for the Doctor/Rose dynamic.  Rose reminded me of the perfectly imperfect version of myself.  If i was as brave and and as adventurous and as free as i would really love to be, than I’d be exactly like Rose.  And the Doctor (no matter what face you give him) would be my ideal man.  It broke my heart when Rose and the Doctor were separated on parallel worlds.  I stopped watching the show for months! When they were reunited and the clone Doctor was sent to be with Rose and grow old with her i was still sad, but i was satisfied.  My heart mended and I grew to appreciate and find friendships with Martha and Donna and Amy and Rory. But i find myself wondering, What are Rose and the Doctore doing on that Parallel world? What mischief have they found to get into without the help of the Tardis?  Any one have any ideas?

    Anonymous @

    it think rose and fake ten would (ten) would be happy all the time because he’s with ”’his” girl rose (rose) rose would act happy around ten because she saw how happy he was and didn’t want to mess it up but at night she would cry herself to sleep because she know this man next to her is not her doctor and she has  no idea where /what is her ten  for all she knows he could be dead also she knows fake ten will die  then after a while she starts looking for him  then we know the rest


    VashtaNerada @vashtanerada

    way to make me sad tennantlove 😛 just kidding, but still brings a tear to my eye. My thoery is when she sayd “and the baby” and quickly replies “It’s Mums” she’s actually lying, she’s the one who is pregnant but she knows if the real doctor knew this then he would rip apart the time vortex to be with her and would ultimately destroy the universe.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    The Cricklewood Greats
    Peter Capaldi embarks upon a personal journey to discover the shocking history of the stars of north London’s famous film studios. Including clips from rarely seen films and interviews with Marcia Warren and Terry Gilliam
    Tonight @ 23.10 BBC4

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Recommendation from Edinburgh Fringe for any vintage Who/Jo Grant fans in London. I saw this production recently and really liked it. It’s not groundbreaking theatre but it’s a tight, funny script, with great performances from Susan Penhaligan and Katy Manning and has a lot of heart. This week, Tues till Sat only (Greenwich Theatre, London)



    Revrabon @revrabon

    I am a long time fan of Doctor Who but I am American so my contact with him has been very limited for most of my fandom.  I have spent the better part of the last 2 years gaining access to books, magazine, episodes, comics and all sorts of Doctor Who stories.  My question to those much more knowledgable than I about the Whoniverse is this.  Is there a database, timeline, or some sort of comprehensive guideline that would give me an idea for what order to digest all of these stories in?  I have watched many of the episodes already but would really like to do a comprehensive information dump including the other stories from the magazines, comics, Big Finish audio stories and novels as I go back through the episodes.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Anonymous @

    sorry vashta nerada

    Anonymous @

    you mad me cry but good theroy

    Anonymous @

    made sorry

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    I’ve never seen this programme before. Loving all the references. Womansaurus Rex!

    ‘The Cricklewood Greats’



    Anonymous @

    Pick me pick me I have a question(bored)every one on the page type your favorite doctor now you have20 minutes go


    Anonymous @

    @tennantlove9090  well, no need to guess your favourite! 🙂  Mine changes from Pertwee to Smith…. Also, T. Baker.

    Kindest, purofilion

    Anonymous @

    WHAT SMITH not to be mean to anyone but Matt kinda botherr me a lot since mind favorite is tennant  I like loving caring doctors sorry but thanks for the reply purofilion

    Anonymous @

    Please type back I’m lonely:)

    Anonymous @


    VashtaNerada @vashtanerada


    One of the best places is the TARDIS core, a wiki specially for Doctor Who. And with the question of what order to read/listen to/watch things, I would suggest to look out for tell-tale signs like Companions and Doctors that show where the story is parallel to the TV series. Not very helpful but it’s what I do 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @vashtanerada  what did you think overall of Deep Breath? Some of the posts are amazing in their detail, aren’t they? I didn’t realise that some sets were familiar…anyway, I’m on the wrong page and I should know better. You might also be on the Deep Breath page – I like your avatar: the subtle blue light that’s in the helmet. Scary creatures, the VN 🙂 I must watch what I say to you!

    Anonymous @

    @janetteb I just got back from the cinema. Thank you for the tips about your trip to the screening, it sounds silly but it did help. I had a lot fun, and wanted to tell a bit about it. I thought that DW would look small and out of place on the big screen, compared to big budget movies. But just the opposite, it put some movies I’ve seen to shame. In attendance, I counted 3 Tom Bakers, 2 Fez’s, 50% DW t-shirts, and 1 very attractive lady wearing a TARDIS dress. I went as a cross between Tom Baker (hat) and raggedy doctor (pre-bowtie). I was a little nervous, but I won’t hesitate to go again, if I have the chance now. Everyone was polite, and it was like visiting the DWF in person. @craig was right about the loudest laugh was for the Clara/Strax newspaper scene, but every joke received appreciation from someone in the crowd. Strax’s summery of doctors 1-11, it is hilarious.

    Happy Who Day

    VashtaNerada @vashtanerada



    I haven’t actually seen deep breath yet, and will have to record it since I’m busy when it screens on TV. Thanks about the image! *smiles darkly* yes, yes, be afraid!

    Whisht @whisht

    Over on the Deep Breath thread, there was a bit of pondering again about when there’ll be a female Doctor, as well as when will the execs green-light a Paternoster Gang spin-off.

    So – execs take note – I have the answer!


    Basically, if there’s any worry about a female Doctor alienating the audience, then the temptation is to do a ‘dry run’.

    So how about doing a Paternoster Gang spinoff (lets say a season of 12) and in the last couple have the Doctor called upon (once again) by Vastra. The Tardis lands as it always does, the doors open and… a female Doctor emerges.

    “Ah Madame Vastra – what seems to be the problem?”
    Puzzled looks from Vastra and Jenny as it dawns on them what’s happened, but not Strax.

    “Ah Doctor – a new uniform. Not sure how more hair helps.”

    So, this regeneration needn’t say when she regenerated as a woman, so not necessarily the next regen. If it tanks then… ah well, we’ll wait for the world to turn a few more times.
    If its accepted, then she’s set up as possibly the next regen.

    Commissioned now-ish, 12 episodes… probably get the Paternoster Gang running from about mid next year, and if Peter can’t do another season voila. If he can (and gawd knows I hope we have him for at least 3-4 seasons) then no harm and a backup for the future.

    [now everyone shush, and don’t let on to the execs that I’ve just forced their hand to commission the Paternoster Gang spinoff we all want, nor force at least a short season of the female Doctor to tie up some kind of continuity!]


    ScaryB @scaryb


    I never realised you were quite so devious 😈

    @Purofilion Good to see you back too. And I chuckled at your “I don’t like it” comment. (Don’t worry I will no doubt be upright again soon, avatar-wise)

    vivifyphotography @vivifyphotography


    I’m just a visitor here but I wanted to share a photo session that was meaningful to my friend, Katie, who is a huge Doctor Who fan. I thought maybe other fans of the show may also appreciate it.

    You can find the session here: http://vivifyphotography.com/the-female-doctor-who/

    Thank you all for your time!

    Rottenwriter83 @rottenwriter83

    vivifyphotography  that is amazin! you could go into business doing shoots for Whovians! i mean it.  there are people who would pay alot of money for pics of themselves like that! I would! (if i had the money, which i dont)  but i would if i could.

    vivifyphotography @vivifyphotography

    Thank you, Rottenwriter83!

    Please feel free to share it! If it make other Whovians happy to see, then I’m happy 🙂

    Anonymous @

    I’m with rottenwriter83 that was awesome and I would LOVE to have pics like that taken of this amazing person:):):):)but any ways thanks for doing that vivfyphotography

    bivium6 @bivium6


    I counted at my theater too, two tardis dresses, one very good Eleventh Doctor, plenty of general tshirts, and 8 hats/scarfs Fourth.  Plus me, the only one to dress like a companion, Clara (Bells of St John).

    By the way, hi everyone.  I’m a pretty new Who fan, about six months.  Ten was my first Doctor, but I also love Seven and Two (yeah, I know, weird combo lol).

    While I’ve seen at least one serial from everyone except Six, I know I’ve only scratched the surface 🙂  I love my Who and Philosophy book.


    Anonymous @

    Welcome bivinm6 tennant is my favorite too

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    ‘I’m hoping for some good, clean, wholesome entertainment… No nudity and no weirdos…’

    Anonymous @

    Hahaha hahaha wolfweed

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    wolfweed @wolfweed

    I’ve just replaced a Matt Smith poster with my new maxi-poster from HMV…

    Also, the Deep Breath cinema poster is exclusively available from the BBC shop tomorrow…

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    How bohemian…

    Vastrax @vastrax


    That is an absolutely incredible video!!! I wish that I could’ve gone to FanExpo.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Anonymous @

    “I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me ” :):):):):)

    The Krynoid Man @thekrynoidman

    I just found this. I had no idea where else to put it so I put it here.
    (It’s fan made by the way)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @thekrynoidman     Well, thanks for that. I haven’t laughed so hard since last night’s David Hasselhoff highlight. I must now quote the youtube commenter who says, “As the Dalek would say, Ho Ho Ho!”

    JimboMcMaster @jimbomcmaster


    I’m new here (and to forums in general), and I gather this is the place to introduce myself, so here I am.

    Been a fan since 2005 (I was born during the Wilderness years). However, I’ve gradually explored the Classic Era, and now consider both Old and New equally brilliant. Branched out into audio and novels a little too.

    Have glanced at Doctor Who forums before, but this is the first time I’ve actually joined one, for some reason. Start of a new series seemed like a good time!

    Some general thoughts to get me started:

    I think Capaldi’s very good so far.

    Also, I’m glad Clara’s getting a bit more development this series too.

    Enjoyed Deep Breath very much. Into the Dalek was actually rather average to me, enjoyment-wise, although I’m glad this Doctor appears to be a more-pragmatic, less-compassionate version.

    Looking forward to taking part in all the bonkers theorising!

    Jimbo McMaster.


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Welcome, @jimbomcmaster

    Looking forward to hearing your bonkers theories!

    Whisht @whisht

    @thekrynoidman – wonderful! I’d like to entwine that post of yours with this one of mine from many moons ago in some kinda webwinding japanese/music/ninja/brilliance!

    If nothing else it reminded me that “Good must always win over evil”

    Now I’m too awake and need to sleeeeeeeeeep!!



    and welcome JimboMcMaster – looking forward to the theories!

    Anonymous @


    Arbutus @arbutus
    thommck @thommck

    Looks like the Doctor messing around with dinosaurs is having some unintended consequences!

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] flickr.com/photos/aledlewis/14888056299/[/caption]

    VashtaNerada @vashtanerada

    Just a quick question- where would I go if I wanted to blab my heart out about the Doctor Who movie, which I have just recently watched? I’ve probably skim-read the link about 50 times, but I just can’t find it!

    midnyt @midnyt

    Hmm . . . It appears our fearless leader may have been remiss in including an Eighth Doctor area.
    Well technically it wasn’t an episode so . . . maybe that’s why?
    You could pop in over at the Eighth Doctor Audio area, I suppose.
    Or maybe PM the Good Emperor and ask him to create an area for the lovely Mr. Paul McGann and his poor, poor movie? 🙂

    janetteB @janetteb


    the lovely Mr. Paul McGann and his poor, poor movie?

    Well said. I hope that the BBC will provide Paul McGann to reprise the role again. He certainly deserves it and after TNofD there is plenty of demand for it. There could actually be Dr Who spinoff episodes featuring the Doctor trying, and perhaps failing, to avoid the time war.



    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @vashtanerada @midnyt

    Hi – we had a bit of a discussion last year about how to discuss the Eighth Doctor movie. As it wasn’t episodic, we decided to confine the discussion to the Faces of the Doctor thread where we were trying to do “a Doctor a month”.

    You can find the discussion starting here, with some observations on the Movie. I’d say add your thoughts to the end of the thread and see if it starts the debate up again. When I have some available time, I’ll see if it’s possible to split the thread/replicate the posts in a Movie thread if there is a lot of feedback.


    midnyt @midnyt


    As much as I would love for that to happen, it just won’t. The BBC won’t allow anything to take focus off their current doctor. And it wouldn’t really be fair to Capaldi. I think the best we can hope for is to get some webisodes.

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