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    Anonymous @

    @dickiebow what a refreshing introduction! Thank you for that and absolutely welcome to you. @rob is a coffee fan -as am I and I rode a bike once this year after about 15 years of not riding and didn’t fall. Actually, no, I did, when I was chased by a large dog in Sydney’s Centennial Park, veered about and flew off.

    No damage, except I yelled at the dog and its poor owner who bribed me with $15. I immediately took this to Max Brenner’s who, in that part of Sydney, make a jolly good coffee brew and so it all worked out!

    I too, cried over Smith’s departure: “I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me” and even noticed my boy sobbing when Tennant left. Capaldi is great, though?

    Interesting you should mention Aknaton (sorry, I always spell that one wrongly) as I think some ppl didn’t like it. I did, though, primarily due to Smith’s poignant speech and the absolutely beautifully orchestrated The Long Song -which I listen to at every opportunity.

    Are you from The States? Just checking time zones – and you mentioned Netflix which my Utah and Californian mates refer to.

    @jjhubb  I think your plot idea might be more suited to a much darker, more terrifying show. It’s still a family programme and the Doctor blowing up shuttles doesn’t really make for good TV IMHO, do you think? Also, the Doctor once loved the original Gallifrey. But they’d used every conceivable horrible weapon for an endless Time War and so he wanted to ‘end it’.

    We see, with the War Doctor, that he chose not to press the Big Red Button in The Moment, anyway, so to use innocent humans who weren’t (or aren’t -yet-) at the stage of developing Time War mechanisms & technology to introduce “humans to the Silents” is probably too cold and cruel. I think you said it well in your last paragraph. It’s a 7.30 time slot. People, I think, tend to mix up ‘darker’ with ‘unnecessary’ and ‘destructive’. That’s just my opinion. 🙂

    Kindest, puro.

    JJhubb @jjhubb

    I totally forgot about the Doctor not pushing the button in the moment so that kinda renders my idea null and void doesn’t it.


    Thats why I try to leave the writing to the writers.


    The only other idea I have ever had story wise with Doctor Who was, what if the weeping angels had the Silents ability to make people forget them when they look away, so when you blink you forget your supposed to keep looking at them.

    Thanks for responding.

    Dickiebow @dickiebow

    @purofilion Thank you very much for the kind welcome! What is your favorite kind of coffee? Mine is called Dark Magic, it comes in kcup form which is really great for me because I don’t ever have time in the morning to buy coffee or even brew whole pots for that matter. In the afternoon I usually get a vanilla latte from the shop across from my office. Congratulations on your bike riding adventure! I’m sorry to hear that it turned painful but I’m delighted that you got some nice coffee out of it. I guess that goes to show that sometimes things work out for the best. Dogs and bikes really don’t go well together. I adore animals (especially dogs), but when I’m riding my bike and I have to pass someone walking a large dog, I generally fear for my life for a moment. I was once chased by a german shepherd while riding. It was terrifying. Oh well, hazards of the commute, I suppose.

    I’ve watched Smith’s last episode twice (since my 50th anniversary blu-ray set arrived from overseas), just to see if it has the same affect on me. Well, it does. I cry like a baby when Handles dies, I cry when I see the Doctor dancing at the puppet show, I cry when I see how much everyone loves him, I cry when I see him as an old man and when Clara reads the poem from the cracker and I really cried during his last few moments as the doctor. His goodbye with Amy Pond and his goodbye to the character while the instrumental version of The Long Song played softly was just too much for me. Then while I’m feeling emotionally raw and weeping, Peter Capaldi emerges looking like some kind of angry bird of prey and I have a moment like the tenth doctor’s first moment with Donna my mind just goes, What? WHAT?!

    I think Capaldi is great so far. I think he does a really great job with the more serious episodes like Listen. He also makes me laugh, and I enjoy that about him so far. I just about died when he did the Tom Baker gravity test with the yoyo. That was brilliant! I feel like Capaldi is really putting his own spin on the doctor in a very sincere way and I am having fun watching the progression, you know?

    Akhaten is one of my favorite episodes. The Long Song and that speech he gives were beautiful. I was brought to tears once more with that. My one concern with that episode is that even after taking the Doctor’s memories, the one thing that destroyed it was Clara’s leaf. It made me feel like they were saying that her darn leaf was in some way more important or powerful than his 1,200 or so years. Maybe I read into it wrong, I don’t know.

    Yes, I am in the states! Not the same time zones as your friends, though, i live on the east coast. I moved here from California about two years ago. Thank you for taking the time to talk with a new member, it is greatly appreciated.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    Hi, @dickiebow! What a great name, I loved that line.   🙂   Like you, I watched most of the revived series in one big blast, and suddenly in Series 7, found myself having to wait for things to happen, avoid spoilers, and so on. Big difference in how you absorb things. I am on the west coast (in Canada) and watch the show on iTunes, so don’t get to see it until Sunday morning and as a result, am usually one of the last ones to the party.

    By the we saw Matt Smith’s departure I was pretty happily anticipating Capaldi, as I am an old school fan and really enjoyed the older, more acerbic incarnations. But I thought Eleven was really lovely, enjoyed him immensely, and also found Time of the Doctor pretty emotional. I agree, the cracker poem made me cry as well. And I think it says worlds for Matt Smith’s abilities that he could make the “death” of Handles so touching! Also, contrived it may have been, but when the bow tie fell to the ground I absolutely lost it.

    This is a brilliant image:  Peter Capaldi emerges looking like some kind of angry bird of prey.   He did, didn’t he?

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave

    I know we all disappear from the site for a while for our own various reasons (having recently been away myself), but…where is @wolfweed?

    I miss the Crazy Captions, I miss the Dr Who News items, I miss the video clips, I miss being tempted by the Spoilers.

    I miss @wolfweed.

    Jordan @mrjordann

    First of all, I just want to say that I recently joined the website and I’m excited to have found a website with nice people I can share my interest with. 🙂

    I started watching doctor who 3 years ago, in season 5 when I was 10. I wasn’t too into it, but I kind of followed the episodes and enjoyed the show. In the last few months, I started over from season 1 and I watched all the way through season 4 and now I’m re-watching season 5. So I’ve got a question. One thing I don’t understand is the cybermen. How are some cybermen from cybus industries, and some just from other planets? What are the odds that John Lumic happened to create a robot that looked exactly like an alien robot, yet had nothing to do with it? Did John Lumic actually get the ideas from the alien cyberman? I’m just really confused and I hope somebody could clear thing up for me. Thanks! – Jordan 🙂



    One thing I don’t understand is the cybermen. How are some cybermen from cybus industries, and some just from other planets? What are the odds that John Lumic happened to create a robot that looked exactly like an alien robot,

    I may be misremembering, but I think there was some parallel universe action going on. If you want to get really confused, dip into Classic Who (or BG Who as it is know here). Your head will explode. In a good way.

    doctorwhocraze465 @doctorwhocraze465

    Hi i am new to this site, i have been a doctor who fan (whovian) for 10 years now. However i have never been on any good forums, from what i have seen it is great.

    the first doctor that i ever saw was Christopher Eccleston, he glued me and made me want to watch so much more and since then i have been watching.

    doctorwhocraze465 @doctorwhocraze465

    Hi guys on Sunday i am going to the original place that “Sparehead” from space was filmed i will step into the bath john pertwee stepped into!!!

    i will try and get some images, if you haven’t seen it. It is an amazing adventure involving the autos!! just thought i would say over and out

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    Hello @everyone.

    I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself. My name is Idiotsavon (of the Savon clan North of the Humber.)

    I’m a disillusioned teacher (is there any other kind?)

    I’m scraping a living doing private tuition, in person and via Skype. It means I often keep strange hours. But I’m no longer a schoolteacher, which is kind of nice, if I’m honest.

    I like old (blues/jazz/apalachian/folk) music, and 60’s revival stuff. I think Bob Dylan is a proper poet.

    I studied French and German language and literature, but that was some time ago.

    I like it when people on this forum like something I said. But equally I like to be challenged when I say something stupid. (It happens a lot.)

    I’m planning on earning my fortune with a Dr Who spinoff, stealing @brewski‘s ideas. (But shhh. Brewski doesn’t know.)

    If that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably join a commune. Or maybe a nunnery.

    I love reading all of your posts. And I think we owe @craig a huge beer and a big thank you. This is a really brilliant corner of the internet.

    Oh, and I quite like Dr Who 🙂


    janetteB @janetteb

    @idiotsavon So we finally get to know what the name means. Not a Blake’s 7 reference after all. 😉 A very warm, though belated, welcome to the forum. I do enjoy your posts.



    Whisht @whisht

    Hi @doctorwhocraze465 – looking forward to the pics!

    Hi @idiotsavon – like janetteb really enjoy your posts!
    I’ve not done one of these sofa intros to myself and it’s probably a bit pointless now, but really liked yours as it was so straightforward.

    I think we gave a number of teachers and lecturers here (though I’m not one!)

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    Hi @janetteb and @whisht.

    Thank you for the kind words. I love your posts too!

    Ha ha, my surname isn’t really Savon 🙂 The name is “idiot-savant” said with a bad French accent, and harks back to a conversation I had where I thought I was being very clever, speaking fluent French and that, get me. But my accent was shocking and no-one could take me seriously 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t know whether anyone has seen/posted this already?


    janetteB @janetteb

    @idiotsavon thanks for the link. I just wish it had audio. Love Brain Blessed’s voice. I am going to have to watch Tom Jones now. I have had it for ages but I loved the book so much I have always feared that the tv adaptation would not live up to expectations.



    idiotsavon @idiotsavon


    “So whenever someone mentions Peter Capaldi I’m bloody glad he’s still alive! I thought I’d killed the poor bastard.”

    That is currently my favourite line I ever read, anywhere, ever. 🙂


    idiotsavon @idiotsavon


    Perhaps you’ve seen this – but if not, here’s a Brian Blessed fix for you.


    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    Oops, wrong link.

    lisa @lisa

    Morning everyone from California- its another very pretty day here and I just got to watch some new vids that popped up about the next Doctor episode on BBC America/Youtube during my coffee time – this new one looking like so much great fun !!!!

    idiotsavon @idiotsavon

    Hi @lisa. It’s absolutely freezing here in Cleethorpes, so I have to say I’m rather jealous. I don’t know about anyone else in the UK, but for me, there’s something very final about putting the central heating back on for the first time after the end of summer. I’ve held out until now, but perhaps tonight is the night…

    Next episode looks like it could be described as a “romp”, which I’m not usually keen on, but I think after all the drama* of last week, a romp would be quite welcome.

    What’s the weather like in California? Is it warm? I have some vague and rapidly fading memories of what “warm” feels like. 🙂


    *I use the word “drama” in it loosest sense 😉

    lisa @lisa

    @ idiotsavon I have heard that its already Jumper weather in England — oh dear ! We are having what
    the weather people call a ‘high pressure system’ – meaning very warm plus mixed with the fall colors
    makes it a favorite time of the year — I bet this Saturday morning the whole town will turn out to the farmers markets – even though its feels warm I’d like to make a big pot of soup so looking forward to finding some ingredients there
    I think that SM was looking at his giant story board and he had a hunch that everyone would be ready to ‘romp’ too ! 🙂

    janetteB @janetteb

    @idiotsavon Brain Blessed and huskies!!! What an excellent combination. And for my random Dr Who reference just to keep vaguely on topic, it is more than time that B.B. had another Dr Who cameo. (Huskies are very welcome too.)

    Summer here. We don’t get such niceties as spring and autumn. One week one is freezing in boots and layers of cloths and next week it’s out with the block out and bathers.



    tristanlorius @tristanlorius

    Hey guys and girls, i have had an idea for a while that clara oswald is not a good companion, and i have written down my thoughts and ideas here. if any part of the document is flawed, please point these out using the comment function. I’ll be back to read the replies and whatnot at 5pm GMT.

    bye people

    (insert username here)

    Sweethappylife @sweethappylife

    Hello! I’m a brand new to Doctor Who! I just discovered the show a few weeks ago. I feel like I just got my need card. Like my eyes are open for the first time. Seriously! I wish I could find a way to connect with other fans of the Doctor but I’m in a smallish town in Alaska. That seems unlikely. There’s a lot of posts in the threads so navigating them seems daunting. I’ll probably just lurk. I would love to find a game or something I could play on my iPhone. Any suggestions? I can’t tell you how glad I am to be here. I know this is excessively nerdy but I suspect that’s okay in this arena. Thank you to those who built and maintain this place.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    I would love to find a game or something I could play on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

    Doctor Who Legacy. But be warned – it’s horribly addictive.

    Just like Doctor Who itself, really. 😉

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    The Greatest Sylvester McCoy Episode Vote in the Galaxy – Result!

    OK – Collating and reflecting on the votes received, I think we have a clear winner for our choice of Story containing The First Scottish Doctor.

    It’s actually pretty apt to reveal it after we’ve seen Mummy on the Orient Express as well. The first victim terrorised by the Mummy on the train was played by Janet Henfrey, one of that exclusive little club of older character actors who managed to appear both before and after the Gap.

    Yes – before facing the Mummy she played the formidably dour Miss Hardaker, facing down Vampires in THE CURSE OF FENRIC.

    Curse got the most votes of our choices, but thanks to everyone who made a preference. Final tallies were:

    Story (Episodes) First Votes
    Second Votes
    Remembrance of the Daleks (4 x 25 minute ) @phaseshift
    The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (4 x 25 minute)  @arbutus @mudlark  @purofilion @bluesqueakpip
    Battlefield (4 x 25 minute)  @wolfweed @jimthefish
    The Curse of Fenric (4 x 25minute)  @janetteb @purofilion @bluesqueakpip @whisht @scaryb @jimthefish @phaseshift  @arbutus
    Survival (3 x 25 minute)  @janetteb @mudlark @scaryb

    We’ll show between the end of this series and the Christmas special. Usual routine, with available review material, but I’d strongly urge you to have a look at the DVD for this one.

    The BBC has it for £5.25 and Amazon for £6.10. It actually contains two versions over two discs. The episodic “as broadcast” feature we’ll be covering, but also a special edition in film form, which includes 10 minutes of additional McCoy, some lovely touches to the film quality and visual fx, and best of all, a special update of the soundtrack to full 5.1 sound by composer Mark Ayres. Extracts of which were used for the McCoy sequence in last years Proms. Loads of special features as well, which is nice.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Earlier this year one suggestion we made was that, having looked at the two “Big Beasts” of AG Who with Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat retrospectives, could we fill in the gaps with themed episodes that took in, very loosely, the themes the BG selection played with. So Curse, with its play on Vampire myths and faith, what would your selection be?

    Just to start the ball rolling, I’d throw out:

    The Unquiet Dead – Victorian unearthly phantasms and Charles Dickens having aspects of what he believes challenged. Quite nice as it’s an unofficial Chistmas setting.

    The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit – The big beast of the bad, with something claiming to be Satan challenging the Doctor’s beliefs.

    The God Complex – Almost inevitable for Curse of Fenric. Mythical Minotaur in an episode all about how faith can change.

    Can you think of any other goodies? We don’t specifically need a story per Doctor, just good ties, I think.

    thommck @thommck

    @tristanlorius I’m sure you have just gone and posted this on every forum you can find but your “idea” seems to be more of an “opinion” and not a very well informed one at that.

    I couldn’t resist multiple comments on the doc you attached but I fear you won’t pay any attention to other people’s opinions any way.

    We have a nice thread on here, Companions Past and Present, where you may like to talk about what you like about certain companions. You may find that to be a more enjoyable use of your time

    thommck @thommck

    @phaseshift I’m excited about watching along with Curse of Fenric. That’s a title that seems to be mentioned quite often but I don’t have any recollection of it from my youth.

    That “film” version sounds really interesting. Do the DVDs have a habit of combining all of the older episodes in that way?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    So Curse, with its play on Vampire myths and faith, what would your selection be?

    By the time we get to Fenric, possibly the whole of Series 8? 😀

    JimTheFish @jimthefish
    Time Lord

    @phaseshift — I can’t believe we’re talking about the end of Series 8 already. But let the chains of Fenric shatter. It’ll certainly be an interesting one to watch in the light of Capaldi’s first season too, I reckon.

    With regards to myth and faith, I’d say there’s whole swathes of Series 6 you could put in there too, with the whole myth of the Doctor, the man who could raise entire armies with his name and so on….

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Happy Birthday to Katy Manning (14th Oct)

    (Who says all this kissy/huggy stuff is only in AG Who? 😉 )

    ScaryB @scaryb


    Yay!! Vengeance 😀

    Faith and myth are going to be difficult themes to sift out.  What about Vampires of Venice (continuing the vampire theme)? Not a massive fave, but it’s on-topic. And interesting to see the different ways of representing vampires.


    to pass the time till Saturday… ever wanted to build your own Dalek? A real, proper, psychopathic, exterminatey one? None of yer crap model stuff here. This is the real deal.  Might take a year or 2 but it should be done by the 100th anniversary (the mutations take a while!). Which will give you time to save up the required £16 bn. 😈


    (As recommended by Peter Capaldi)


    The BBC has made its entire schedule available online, from 1923 onwards, including of course, this seminal date (just the schedule, obv – not the actual programmes).



    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    That line-up of television on 23 November 1983 is astonishing.

    Not simply “Doctor Who”, but:

    “The Telegoons” (Sellars, Secombe, and Milligan)
    “Dixon of Dock Green (Jack Warner)
    “Comedy Playhouse” (with a script by Jack Rosenthal)
    “That was the Week that was” (David Frost, et al)

    The cultural impact of all of that is amazing. And all of that on one night.

    And then you look at the average night of television today… Or am I being too harsh on the average night of television today? Personally, I think not.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord


    I hope you enjoy it. I remember you were a child of Seven and Ace, and you may find things you remember from other serials being referenced in it. It has a big reveal concerning Ace.

    It’s really unusual to find a version that’s spliced together on the DVDs (some of the earliest VHS releases you won’t remember – but they tried to make them feature length).

    They’ve done special editions, and Mark Ayres has revisited the soundtracks on more than a few of the Seven adventures to good effect. I think in this case they had the added bonus of a Director who wanted to revisit it as well, and it’s quite nice to have a “Director’s Cut” placing the deleted and extended scenes into context. Having the original as well, it’s just a very nice bonus in the package, but you really need that 5.1 system to get the best out of it.

    @jimthefish – yeah it has rushed by. I wanted to get the episodes sorted with a few weeks to spare because I can see the back end of the series being speculation bonanza, with an associated post-mortem period for Series 8.

    I just wanted to float the possibility of additional AG episodes to see if some good suggestions came up. I take @bluesqueakpip s point actually that something from Series 8 may well make a good reappraisal if certain themes are still being discussed, and thanks @scaryb for the Vampires in Venice suggestion. More Toby Whitehouse.

    ScaryB @scaryb


    What a great link, thanks for posting. And completely agree with @blenkinsopthebrave – there’s some great TV in there (and don’t you dare knock Dixon of Dock Green!! (though I jumped ship when I discovered Z Cars)).  Sadly I was mostly packed off to bed before TW3.  Though I remember seeing some of them so I must have sneaked back up again!


    thanks @scaryb for the Vampires in Venice suggestion. More Toby Whitehouse.

    Haha – you said that through gritted teeth, didn’t you?!!

    Anonymous @

    Welcome Back @Purofilion

    I missed your posts all last week.  So glad you are back. 

    It’s not the same without you.


    Anonymous @

    @barnable thank you. Aw shucks. Yes, hobspital was a bit gross but room to myself, tele, food:  aint bad. So, I’m all clean, kind, polite (‘opefully) , thoughtful (we’ll see) and confused!! Mainly because of all the time streams which are hard for me to cope with. I liked the Mummy a lot too. And flatline -what a great title. Must re-watch but at the proper hour on the tele at 7.35 tonight with de family -instead of at 5 am on the tiny laptop where I missed a lot of the dialogue in an effort to keep the noise down. I had my head to the tiny speaker with one eye open and squinting to see the action!

    Tonight it can blast on -though my poor neighbour is an incredibly early riser (4.30 am can you believe?) and is in bed, shades drawn at 7 pm!! Grief! Even now, it’s just dark at that time. Mind you, in Summer it’s light at 3.40 -can you believe that? So  maybe she’s got it right.

    But I can’t do it. I just lay with my thumbs a-twiddling looking at the clock, fiddling with the only Walkman in the known universe.

    Probably couldn’t buy them anywhere?!  How’s you be?? Any good tele where you are? I notice you like  Gotham is it?? I just found out what it was! Saw it was on at 2 am on a little channel in Oz. I taped it but I haven’t watched it? Is it good, then?

    Well I better vacuum. Oh, I hate that… need a wand from diagon alley

    Kindest and cheers to you, puro.

    technohippy @technohippy

    Hi Guys

    I’m a newbie (first post) but not to Dr Who (which I have been watching from the time I was a kid since the early 70’s).

    First off, I’m so glad the show was resurrected, and even though it was slightly different to the original series, I loved the way they re-vamped Daleks, Autons etc.  So far Matt Smith has been my favorite new-era Doc.  Over-all I would rate him the 2nd best Doc behind Tom Baker (and from me being a die-hard old series fan, that wasn’t an off the cuff comment).

    Now, on to Peter Capaldi & Series 8…

    I Read that this series was to have ‘The Darkest Doctor yet’ and to expect him not to be all jovial like the others.  This was something I was really looking forward to, as the Doctor is bound to be fairly Battle-weary and cynical after all those years…  However, now comes my ‘Negative’ whine…

    The series thus far has been the Absolute worst for me.  Cannot get into it/like it one bit.  It’s a shame because Peter Capaldi really looks like he could own the part, and he is quite good, but the script is utter tripe in my opinion.  It’s way too childish.  Yes there are some dark concepts, but it’s all very ‘Kiddies Nightmare’ type stuff. Please , Please, PLEASE bring back the dark mystical type stories of Robert Holmes and Terry Nation (Neil Gaiman would certainly do them justice), instead of this perpetual childish, American style ‘comic relief if it gets too scary’ stuff…

    Would love to know what the younger gen think?

    Greetings from Grumpy-old Gen-x,


    RobertDaller @robertdaller

    Hello! i’m a new member here, some of you may have seen my reply on Flatline.

    I was introduced to the show on Netflix *I watched Season’s 1 through 6 on there*

    And then after watched Season 7 *Nightmare in silver was the first I watched normally*

    As I watched through on Netflix I concocted on what would happen.

    (usually they weren’t true, though I knew the Big Bad of season 3 would be an evil timelord, hah classic Superman there…. I actually thought it might be his brother.) I also knew that the ‘hand’ would grow into another Doctor, though I didm’t predict it’d be human…

    I am currently watching through Classic Who on Hulu. (It’s how I keep from getting Who deprived inbetween episodes now.)

    And I now make sure to hear every bit of news Moffet and other writer’s/actor’s gives out

    Since Season 8 started it’s been more difficult keeping my theories to myself.

    Few people I know watch Doctor Who and so i’m glad I found this forum, I will be posting on here actively I have a lot i’d like to say but I figured i’d post it in a seperate message, since it’s gonna be a long list. XD

    Anonymous @


    Whilst your most recent post consists mainly of your theories because it contains a few spoilers as well, I’ve moved it to the Spoilers thread. Can you please make sure that any future posts you make that contain anything spoilery go on the correct thread.

    By spoilers we mean any information that hasn’t been officially released by the BBC. Even then, please exercise caution as some of our members consider even the ‘next time’ clips and trailers as spoilers.



    janetteB @janetteb

    Welcome new members, @technohippy and @robertdaller

    @Purofilion. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Hope you are now on the mend. I was wondering where you were last week and about to send out the search parties…:-)



    lisa @lisa

    @purofilion – my niece has Crohns and I have 2 friends with Ibs- which is a bit similar- It seems to me that
    in recent times there has been a surge in these conditions -all the immune system sensitive conditions- including I think autism and all of that stuff too! I find all this extremely troubling !! I worry that we are messing ourselves up with the way we treat the environment and the food we are eating etc. I was a special education teacher for 8 years and all the parents attributed a lot of the problems that the kids were suffering from not from just pure genetics but also the foods we eat the air we breath all filled with toxins! I know you are being careful with your diet cause I know how painful Crohns can get ! hope you are feeling better now !

    Anonymous @

    @janetteb thank you for the kinds words too. yes, all is well. @lisa I’m sorry to hear about your niece. I hope she fends well with few medications. Certainly diet plays a large part-including coffee! Thank you for your wishes

    janetteB @janetteb

    @purofilion glad to hear you are feeling better. There was an article in the Guardian about Crohns today. It sounds very unpleasant. I suspect it is what a work mate was suffering from many years ago. She was a med student but had massive difficulty finding out anything about her condition.

    @lisa it does certainly seem that a lot of “conditions” are on the rise. Most of our neighbours are teachers, some of which have been in the profession for at least thirty years and they have seen a marked increase in kids with behavioural or learning issues. So often it is attributed to “diagnosis” but a teacher sees a problem not a piece of paper. I think food additives are to blame for a lot, and not just those loaded into junk food but so many of the products we buy have some form of additive. I mostly buy organic now as I have an intolerence to a particular food additive that seems to be in almost everything from dried fruit and juices to dips, cottage cheese, jams, etc; fortunately mostly foods I can do without like flavoured crisps. Plain are fine so when I need a salty carb fix to go  with a glass of shiraz I don’t have to gaze forlornly at others eating when I can’t.



    FlirtingDinosaur @flirtingdinosaur

    I’m not sure if this is where this post belongs, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy this forum. I stumbled upon it at the beginning of this season (series?) and it is great fun. finally a place where I can obsess over the Doctor in peace and quiet without having people trying to tie me down and shove me into a straitjacket. although one day I’ll quite possibly have to explain to my boss why I’m constantly laughing out load and spitting tea at my monitor. <shakes fist> @barnable


    BadWulf @badwulf

    I’ve just been playing with some spreadsheets, and I’ve put together some personal ratings for all of the Doctor Who stories that I’ve seen in their entirety. I also decided to see, based on those scores, how each series compared with the others. So, if anyone is interested:
    As you can see, I’ve by no means seen all the episodes of Doctor Who, but these numbers still surprised me a little. That the lowest rated one is Trial of a Time Lord is not that eye-opening, but I wasn’t expecting a 4th Doctor season to come out on top!

    As for the AG comparisons – that the Tennant Specials were on average worse than all the other AG seasons seems right to me. One caveat – the season 34 value only includes episodes up to Flatline, which at the time of writing was the most recent episode.

    Edited, with a disappointed shrug, to remove the table with the data, as the forum software doesn’t display it properly. 🙁

    I guess everyone can just ignore this post.

    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    I am sure I am not the only one who would love to see it, so why not send it to our wonderful emperor, @craig, who I am sure can work his IT magic on it to make it appear.

    DrBen @drben

    Yes, don’t leave us in suspense!  Which 4th Doctor season came out on top?

    It’s interesting how personal preference can differ even among people who generally love Doctor Who.  Of the AG seasons, 6 is my favorite (Impossible Astronaut through Wedding of River Song) for exactly the same reasons why many people dislike it — brain-popping plot twists, lots of Moffat Loops, timey-wimey nonsense, everything turned up to 11 (so to speak).

    Although, when all is said and done, season 8 (34) may give it a run for its money.

    BadWulf @badwulf

    @blenkinsopthebrave @drben

    The spreadsheet was fun to do – I was able to cut the data in many ways – for example I was able to do averages of categories, such as the Christmas Specials, the Paternoster Gang episodes, River Song Episodes or Dalek Episodes.

    I was rating stories (BG) and episodes (AG). This means that The War Games gets a single rating (5, naturally!), but The End of Time parts 1 and 2 get separate ratings.

    The scale was 1 to 5, where:

    5 – I loved the story and performances

    4 – A good story, but with a few elements that I didn’t find satisfying.

    3 – A watchable story, but with many elements that I found negative, hence the mediocre rating.

    2 – A poor story, but with some redeeming qualities.

    1 – A story I found very weak and disappointing.

    I’ll put the data in a separate post. for ease of reading!

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