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    Craig @craig

    the name of the doctor

    The Finale. The Doctor meets old friends… and an old enemy. He will take his secret to his grave. And it is revealed…

    HolyMackerel @holymackerel

    Wow!!! Even better than I had hoped. That ending!

    chickenelly @chickenelly

    That was great!  ‘Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor!’

    Just quickly off to the Grauniad…


    Timeloop @timeloop

    what an untypical ending???

    Timeloop @timeloop

    I was more like an advertisment really

    Timeloop @timeloop

    and I was right about the grave of the Doctor (yay!)
    You guys were kind of right with the dream.

    I love every second of River! How come she made him??

    And a “suprise” new Doctor

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    I’ve lost track of what a modern man should be in these strange times. Is it really embarrassing to suggest you’ve just left tears on the floor for a Saturday night drama?

    What the hell. Call me a wuss. Brilliantly played. What a bloody treat!

    Whisht @whisht

    handclappingly good.

    I actually whooped. grown man, whooping.


    (what, you expected analysis?!?!!!???!!?)

    ardaraith @ardaraith


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Well, that was fun (though a couple of cherished bonkers theories hit the dust). It feels like it needs a rewatch.

    So John Hurt’s the Doctor? Well, that’s great, awesome, every superlative ever – but I wouldn’t rate it as a ‘game-changer’. Unless Eleven is only the Eleventh ‘Doctor’? Which ‘life’ is he on really? Twelve? Or Thirteen?

    And why was the Great Intelligence saying that his future is still dark and horrible. And we got the Valeyard!


    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Forrest Gump arrived early…

    Timeloop @timeloop

    Did I miss the promissed Clip??



    Apart from the 3 mins or so in the middle I missed because MY FUCKING BT BOX CRASHED, that was ace.

    ScaryB @scaryb

    <crunch!> (sound of jaw hitting floor in a BIG way!!!)

    Lots of bits of grit in the eyes too, dammit!

    John Hurt!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

    New Doctor or new DARK Doctor?  🙂


    JLC – think we can safely say Clara’s come into her own this episode.

    Hope everyone enjoyed that as much as I did! Off to the Graun (too much magic! not proper sci fi! how dare they play with the canon? Too noisy, love saves the day again (yawn), don’t understand it/too simple)  then back later.

    dtrex @dtrex

    ahh what the heck why lie about reviling his name when didn’t get told it at least see his proper 1st body before the doctor

    Timeloop @timeloop

    @phaseshift I was on the verge of tears at the sofa scene.

    HolyMackerel @holymackerel

    The idea of Matt – who is so at the top of his game now – and John Hurt acting together just makes me tingle. Cannot wait for November.

    Rob @rob

    Awesome brillian fantastic wow wow wow umm that’s it for now

    ScaryB @scaryb

    So.. elements of correct theorising going on here (taken a while to work this out!) – it’s clearly pointing to all of Matt’s run could have been us seeing what happened when his stories were under the influence of the GI – eg the voice in 11th hour, in the Tardis when River was trapped, how the Doctor’s reputation was being changed (blood soaked monster etc).

    WoooHooo! Go us 😀

    Right, must get over to the blog to watch the fanboys explode about the kiss (mwuhuhuhuh :mrgreen: )

    And Gallifrey…! Think I need a lie down, am too old for all this 😉

    ScaryB @scaryb

    Heeeey! @rob Long time no see – glad you made it

    HolyMackerel @holymackerel

    On to iplayer for a straightaway rewatch. Those miseries at the grauniad will keep.


    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Not running as of yet…

    HolyMackerel @holymackerel

    @wolfweed It is now!

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    why lie about reviling his name when didn’t get told it

    @dtrex – his name is ‘The Doctor’. That’s the name he chose. That’s his true name. The story isn’t about revealing the birth name of  ‘The Doctor’  – it’s about the importance of being able to live up to The Name of The Doctor.

    So, is the John Hurt Doctor @juniperfish‘s  ‘Dark Doctor’? 😀

    Craig @craig

    I thought it was great, and like @phaseshift I also shed a tear or two. Doctor Who does that to me. 😀

    It did feel like part 1 of a two-parter though. Is kinda annoying, but Moffat knows his audience. There will be bonkers theories galore now over the next 6 months.

    But the big tease for the 50th seems to be what happened during the Time War, although I may have to watch again. Am just about to..

    Arkleseizure @arkleseizure

    I’m trying to come up with way of saying how brilliant that was without swearing.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    Can I just say Vastra, Strax, Jenny? Come on people! Add in River, the eleventh and Clara and that was the tastiest piece of TV, even without finely grated Richard E Grant and a twist of John Hurt as Garnish.

    I expected nothing like that at all.

    Jaw meet Floor.

    Floor …. say hello to jaw.

    Never been so glad to see the sixth Doctors coat before (mind – it was disappearing off-screen whenever we saw it!)

    dislikesswimmingalone @dislikesswimmingalone

    Wowzers!! Fantastic! Yup it looks like John Hurt is the ‘dark’ original before he chose to live as ‘The Doctor’. Had a few tears myself through that one. Why is November so far away!


    John Hurt as Garnish.

    The Name of the Doctor!

    Morbius @morbius

    I’m afraid that I found this episode to be very confusing (and disappointing as well). Has there only been 11 different incarnations of The Doctor? I know that only 11 have been shown on TV, but isn’t the doctor around 900 years old so wouldn’t there have been several incarnations before he stole the Tardis? Also do they mean to say that the next incarnation will be the last? Clara said she saw 11 versions of The Doctor (plus the one she didn’t recognise) so what about future Doctors because she was spread through out his entire time line. Is Doctor 12 it then?

    At least it didn’t end with a big reset button like so many of the previous series.

    Anonymous @

    speechless with a side garnish of lightly teased squeeeeeeee….

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

     Has there only been 11 different incarnations of The Doctor?

    @morbius: Well, we just discovered that the answer to that is a big, fat ‘No’.

    Ah, that was the game-changer. Okay, Mr Moffat, you didn’t quite lie. Eleven isn’t Eleven. Has never been Eleven. (And Nine and Ten weren’t Nine and Ten, either).  Which means the game has changed – he’s Twelve. And in The Eleventh Hour, when the clock finally gets to 12, right at the end of the episode – it resets to 1.


    Morbius @morbius

    So John Hurt Doctor is William Hartnall Doctor?

    Galactus @galactus

    Well, my brain is fried after that one. Bloody brilliant episode.

    I’m guessing John Hurt might be the Time War incarnation since the Doctor’s reaction seems to be about crimes past. Which has me tremendously excited. What was so terrible about his acts during that conflict (above and beyond what we already know?) that mean he is not even allowed to be considered The Doctor? Mind you, the Eleventh seemed to know all about Trenzalore. And perhaps even more than he was letting on about the Battle of Trenzalore. So maybe it is a future incarnation after all (there’s no reason a time traveller like the Doctor wouldn’t have knowledge of his own future). Perhaps the one prior to the Valeyard. A Dark Doctor whose existence was then distilled into that of the Valeyard (who I seem to recall is meant to exist around or just after the twelth incarnation).


    HolyMackerel @holymackerel

    @bluesqueakpip  in The Eleventh Hour, when the clock finally gets to 12, right at the end of the episode – it resets to 1

    Oh you are very good!

    dislikesswimmingalone @dislikesswimmingalone
    Craig @craig

    @bluesqueakpip @morbius I was thinking this week about Eleven’s first episode – “Prisoner Zero has escaped”.

    Moffat’s huge arc plan? Hurt as Zero? Perhaps?

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    Perhaps that focus on 10 going to 11 was significant after all.

    @arkleseizure Yowza?


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – even if Hurt is technically The Ninth Doctor – whatever he did led to later Doctors considering him ‘Not The Doctor’.

    So, yeah, he’s the Zero Doctor. Not-Ninth or Before The First? Six months to wait before we find out.  😉 

    Anonymous @

    @craig — oo, I like that Prisoner Zero idea…

    In all the excitement I have clogged my probic vent…


    Apologies if it’s been posted before….

    Anonymous @

    So just to be clear. Do we think that Hurt is the post McGann Doc? Ie. the real Ninth. Which makes Ecclestone the real Tenth, Tennant the real 11th and Smith the real 12th? Which means that there’s only one regeneration left?

    And have Ecclestone, Tennant or Smith never once described themselves as their respective previous incarnation number. Now I think of it, didn’t Smith, well, the Cyberplanner, say just last week he’s had 10 rejigs done?

    Blimey, Moffatt, way to muddy the waters…

    TheOriginal9321 @theoriginal9321

    Wait a minute, the doctors tomb was in the TARDIS, and the TARDIS was the CURRENT TARDIS. Does this imply that the TARDIS we are seeing now (interior) will be the last ? Or was it just one of those things they didnt realise while creating the episode..

    feralcat @feralcat


    The leaf wasn’t the actual leaf – the doctor must have substituted another leaf which Clara then offers up in the “Rings” – the planet/star/sun doesn’t feast on her mother’s potential but on Clara’s impossibility throughout time and space – and steals away some of her memories in the process, which is why she finds it hard to recall memories in the sub, or even when asked early on where she wants to go.

    The Doctor gives her back the real leaf in this episode, her real past back again now she has saved him.


    Juniperfish @juniperfish

    Hi gang!

    Are we open for new members again now @craig ? And did @danmartin eventually manage to complete his registration? He’s suggesting a 50th meet up at ExCel in London in November. Sound tempting!

    I’ve just posted an initial review over on The Graun. Score one to moi for the coming of dark Doctor. Whoo hoo – The Valeyard is on the way and he’s John Hurt (probably).

    Score a resounding nul points for three exploding TARDISes, dalekisation of the Doctor, red and blue time-streams flickering together at infinite speeds. Dammit! For now, at any rate… I swear we’re not done with returning to past unsolved mysteries yet.

    Loved seeing Gallifrey again. I always do. And Kingston oh my Kingston. Yes, as Dan says, the door is, happily, open for her to return as a projection from the Library once more. Surely she’ll be in the 50th, won’t she?

    feralcat @feralcat

    And loved Clara in era-specific clothing when warning the various incarnations of the Doctor – especially the 80’s one!

    SatsumaJoe @satsumajoe

    Oh, and does that mean John Hurt was stuck in a twisted 8os hotel?

    dislikesswimmingalone @dislikesswimmingalone

    The clip promised by SM for the not spoiling of this episode because of the early release boo-boo is now online here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006q2x0

    Mephistopheles @mephistopheles

    I can’t get enough of Strax.

    Miapatrick @miapatrick

    @bluequeakpip- zero doctor makes sense, if you consider regenerations in terms of years- your first year starts at Zero, when you’ve lived a year, you’re one, in the same way, the 1800 is the 19th century.

    The way Eleven (assuming he is still eleven, and this is why I think he is) said to the John Hurt character ‘but not in the name of the doctor’ could go two ways. It sounds a bit as though he’s angry at a kind of betrayal of the name ‘doctor’. But it could be that that was him then, before he became ‘The Doctor’, before he adopted his ‘real name’, why he adopted this name, why it was so devastating when River pointed out other meanings of ‘doctor’ caused by his actions. (Because he changes personalities with regenerations, but there is a core to him that is constant.

    And maybe the dangerous doctor we’ve been seeing- using his name and reputation as a weapon, causing the badies to gang up against him as a big bad- is part of this?

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    “I’m linked to Clara…..Spoilers.”

    And Clara said in the time stream that she had seen all his faces, all eleven of them.  So had River!  I totally think Clara is River.

    And John Hurt *has* to be the ‘doctor’ that fought the time war.  He said he did what had to be done for peace and sanity.  !!

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