• Ah, Nikola Tesla… one of the greatest, most inventive and most crazy minds ever. Let’s hope they do him justice in this episode. My favourite piece about Tesla (and Edison) comes from The Oatmeal:


    This takes place in 1903 and something is wrong at Tesla’s generator plant on the edge of Niagara Falls.…[Read more]

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    I would never dare walk out in public with hair like the Trumpster. I mean, would anybody, even Trump? 🙂

    I haven’t had hair since I was 30, which is almost 20 years ago.

    On Halloween I choose hair appropriate costumes. Hence Ming The Merciless. I also do a great Clint Eastwood (cos I can grow a beard in a day), but I need a cowboy…[Read more]

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    Cool. Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, online conversations can get confusing, or misinterpreted, if we don’t make ourselves clear.

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    Eh? I’m kinda the chief. Do you mean me? If so, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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    Well, it was an interesting year, but I think this is my tune of the year, partly because its message is “Deal Wiv It”.

    It’s like The Streets over a distorted, but pretty obvious, remix of New Order’s Blue Monday – with a bit of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer thrown in. Those are two of my favourite tunes so of course I’m gonna like it.

    Is pretty…[Read more]

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    I was doing some tidying up this week and came across this, which is a script I wrote when I was young and dumb and first trying to break into the film biz (which kinda worked out, but only for 7 years or so). It was part of my MA in Film and Video Production (instead of a thesis we got to write a story! That’s a good course.).

    So I scanned it…[Read more]

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    @peacefrog @whisht

    If you like Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this is worth a quick watch – how “Maps” changed pop music.

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    As I started a little Tim Minchin love in, here’s a full concert for those who haven’t yet appreciated his brilliance / madness.

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    My pet theory about Yaz is that she’s being set up to become disenchanted with the Doctor and switch sides to become the Master’s companion.

    While that is an interesting idea, I don’t think it will happen. Mostly because, while we may be colour blind, it would be very bad optics for some.

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    @arbutus @peter3110

    Sorry, this is off topic, but I’m the Emperor. 🙂

    Tim Minchin is a world treasure! I’ve never gone to one of his gigs but I’m now going to make peter3110 jealous (sorry about that). I once went to a small comedy club in Crouch End, London and half-way through the night Tim Minchin turned up (unannounced) – he was a friend of…[Read more]

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    I have to admit I didn’t like this one. Such a disappointment after the first two episodes (which I thought were a vast improvement). It may have been my after-dinner G&T (which usually improves an episode) but the pacing seemed terrible.

    There was no build up, we were straight into the action and then there was so much wasted time in the…[Read more]

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    Orphan 55

    The Doctor and friends take a well-earned break at a luxury resort spa but, as usual, things don’t go to plan. They soon discover that the resort is hiding a number of deadly secrets.

    This is written by Ed Hime who wrote “It Takes You Away” last series. As I said on that post, he has mostly worked in theatre and radio drama for the last 20…[Read more]

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    @juniperfish I’ve released all your posts and kept the first one (I think the others were more or less duplicates). Hopefully you won’t have any more problems. I think if you post too many links the system thinks you’re possibly a spammer so it puts them in “pending”.

    Thanks for letting me know. And hopefully won’t happen again.

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    Well, it might be the couple of gin & tonics I had since dinner but, I thought that was a vast improvement over possibly all the episodes from the last series. Loved all the time jump stuff and the fun stuff (such as Graham’s laser shoes – it’s a family show so it should be silly and fun at times – I can live with that). And there’s an ongoing…[Read more]

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    Spyfall part 2

    After last episode’s big reveal the BBC seem to be keeping any details about this well under wraps. I couldn’t find any information on it. They don’t even have an image gallery up on the BBC site (which is rare). I had to grab the image above from the “Next Time” trailer.

    Anyway, all the BBC are saying is that a terrifying plan to destroy…[Read more]

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    Hi all. Like The Doctor, I have returned on New Year’s Day. Apologies for abandoning you all for a while, and many thanks to those of you who were concerned – it is nice to know you care. I’m fine, just … y’know … stuff happens sometimes. Anyway, a new series is a good reason to get motivated again. I hope it will be great, and that the new…[Read more]

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    A Happy New Year to all, and Happy new series!

    This New Year’s Day episode kicks off the long-awaited second series with Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor.

    I don’t know much about this opener apart from the fact that it’s the first of a two-parter – which is an interesting choice.

    In a very obvious nod to James Bond, intelligence agents…[Read more]

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    This ‘On The Sofa’ is now closed as it has exceeded the 1000 post limit by quite a bit – my bad! But there is a new, very comfortable sofa, for all sorts of Doctor Who chat here.

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    This is a place to congregate, somewhere to “hang out”. It’s a topic for general chat about anything you want, and a place for new members to pop in and say “hello” without worrying about making any real contribution (we know that your first post can sometimes feel daunting). We’d love to hear from you all. We’re very friendly.…[Read more]

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    @pedant I got a message from Kayla too – so she’s been dealt with. Sorry but I’ve been busy with real world stuff but will try to get back to the site properly soon, including removal firms (although I have to wonder what they have to gain)

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