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    Ollie14 @replies

    Hi all. I started watching Doctor Who during the first Tennant series and, something I’m not proud of admitting, stopped watching when he left. However since then I have caught up on all the Smith and Capaldi series and just this morning finished watching Ecclestone.

    I surprisingly loved Ecclestone’s series despite the 2005-like graphics. The ending to the last episode, “The Parting Of Ways”, I thought was a little weak. I get that Rose opened up the TARDIS to travel through time and scatter Bad Wolf across time and space but the fact she could remove and reinstate life willy-nilly seemed a bit loose. Therefore, surely if ever in a situation where the Doctor is backed into a corner he could just open up the TARDIS and eliminate the threat by looking into the heart of the it, at the cost of a regeneration??

    Have I read this wrong? If so let me know. Otherwise I loved the series.

    @tardigrade. Your point on the Doctor at the end of the episode is spot on too. Considering what a difficult decision it was to end the time war, he should been a lot more emotional when the he was questioning whether to do it again with Earth and the Daleks. That conversation between him and the Empror Dalek had the potential to be so much more than it was. They should of spent less time filming a massive truck trying to open the TARDIS and more time on that conversation.


    Ollie14 @replies

    @scaryb – thanks for the help. A thought also about the “preserving the dead”, surely now all the 12 doctors that have gone before can now roam the earth as enchanted glass people themselves as individually they are dead?

    Regarding the Captain, this is how I read the situation: The Captain was about to be shot by the other German soldier therefore the glass people “at the point of death” froze time, removed him from the place and scanned his memories. But due to the Doctors crossing each other’s time zones the mistake happened where just before the Captain could be returned to the place of his death, he ended up at the same place as the Doctors.

    Then when he was returned Capaldi returned him to the place where he was due to be shot but 2 hours later so it would be interrupted by the Christmas Truce, meaning he would survive.


    cheers, Ollie

    Ollie14 @replies

    Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good Christmas.

    Watched it on Boxing Day and thought it was a nice episode, one really just to fill the gap between the Moffat and Chibnall era, plus the regeneration. However it was also very fitting with some key Christmas messages, especially  highlighting the Christmas truce.

    Thought Jodie Whitaker’s small scene was pretty cool and her “Ahh Brilliant” reminded me of the bubbly Matt Smith. If she’s as good as him then awesome.

    Did have a couple of questions though that some of you may know the answer to.

    1.) In “The Doctor Falls” Bill was saved by  Heather, so how did she then go from that into an enchanted glass person? Either she must have died at some point and then got turned into one or when she died in “The Doctor Falls” she got transitioned into one.

    2.) And also, The Doctor said the enchanted glass people are just “memories”, if that’s true then they are hardly “free to walk earth again”, do the enchanted glass people only turn up when someone thinks of them? Who’s memories are they?

    3.) The Doctor changed the time when travelling back to the battlefield to 2 hours later to the Christmas truce so the “Captain” wouldn’t die. But if the “captain” was taken by the enchanted glass people and then brought back by the Doctor 2 hours later, then for 2 hours he would of just disappeared?

    apologies for being picky but just want to be clear.



    Ollie14 @replies

    Thanks for the replies @nick. Only had chance to look at them. I think you are right tbh

    Ollie14 @replies

    Ah ok thanks @nick.


    the episode was great but I was left bemused a bit at the end, because it was almost like I was expecting another 20 mins where we see the Doctor return to save Nardole or we see him die before the end scene with Heather, Bill and Doctor. You?

    Ollie14 @replies

    Thanks @missrori and @artubus for clearing that up.

    Assuming heather also was able to form Bill again due her atom reshaping abilities? But also I thought the TARDIS was too close to the black hole to correctly fly?

    Cheers guys 👍🏼

    Ollie14 @replies

    @whofangirl-73 Assuming heather has the ability to reshape atoms to remove Bill from Cyberman and into herself again?

    Ollie14 @replies

    @bluesqueakpip Beautifully put about Missy and how she knew she was going to die.

    Ollie14 @replies

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Apologise if I sound rather stupid, but surely that the exploding of the 506 floor killed The Doctor so how is he able to regenerate?
    And I also assume Nardole would of been eventually killed as it was a matter of time before the Cybermen broke through the floors again?</p>

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