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    @rewvian Like Blenkinsop I must apologise for the tardy welcome. The last few weeks have been very demanding and so I have been lurking not posting.

    It would be nice to have threads for all the older episodes, maybe as a series rather than the individual episodes. I think we all like to comment on an episode after watching it (or enjoy others…[Read more]

  • @rewvian

    I haven’t extended my welcome to the site yet. Welcome. The Three Doctors was the first anniversary special (10 years) so it was natural that they would want all three Doctors in the story. Unfortunately, Hartnell was very frail by that stage, hence the decision to do what they did. I am prepared to forgive its limitations for that…[Read more]

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    @rewvian    Absolutely no ‘commitment’ required.   I’ve felt impelled to post my impressions of some episodes when I watched them, other episodes I haven’t bothered.   It’s totally informal.   Sometimes others here have responded with their views on my comments, or their own views on that particular episode, sometimes nobody has.

    There aren’t r…[Read more]

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    @rewvian     Enjoy your re-watch and don’t be intimidated by the size of it.   It’s not like a giant cake you have to eat all at once.   Just take a bite-size nibble from time to time as you feel like it, there’s no set schedule.

    When you do watch an ep, if you feel like it, post your impressions here – I think I can speak for everyone else (m…[Read more]

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    @rewvian     I think it might have been Sonic Screwdriver time   🙂

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    @rewvian  Hello from Canada!  I envy you being able to watch some series for the very first time. You have so many people and aliens to meet and exciting adventures to go on.

    I always say that my favourite Doctor and series is the one I am watching at the time. My faves always change which seems appropriate given the nature of the show. B…[Read more]

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    @rewvian Not to detract from Eccleston, because he certainly made a perfectly-judged performance as the Doctor, but I think we have to credit Billie Piper equally with the revival. And Russell Davies of course. I think, in New Who, the companion has almost always been just as important as the Doctor himself in the story (and probably in old Who…[Read more]

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    Hi @rewvian

    Well, that first series, I thought ‘Listen’ was a fantastically good one, also ‘Flatline’. Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Mummy on the Orient Express, Dark Water / Death in Heaven – all good I thought. Robot of Sherwood and Time Heist were okay ‘adventure yarns’, the only trouble I had with Sherwood was the golden arrow at the end -…[Read more]

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    @rewvian  Hello!  Welcome to this terrific site.  It always takes me awhile to get used to a new Doctor and it must be the same for the writers, directors and show runners. As they get comfortable with each other the writing starts to play to the new Doctors strengths and the show gets better. As I get used to the newbie the show seems to get be…[Read more]