• @Rewvian Yes I agree about the implied order of meetings. I think River meant it figuratively, and we took it literally. I think, if River and the Doc met in exact reverse order, there would be no point in comparing diaries.

    At the time, I thought Nixon was entirely bad. My opinion has softened since. In retrospect, I think he was…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian I was thoroughly misled by the suggestion that the Doctor and River met in literal reverse order – which implied that River was somehow moving backwards in time. This, obviously, is impossible, how would they interact? It took me ages to realise it made more sense if they met in random order.

    I wasn’t going to make comments as I…[Read more]

  • Devilishrobby replied to the topic Dr Who News (5)

    @rewvian it’s not a tv series it’s a 8 part multidoctor audio story series by Big Finish that’s been announced as part of this years DoctorWho day, as far as I can tell the 3-4 specials with 3 making up the 60th anniversary with Tennant and the Xmas/newyear introducing Ncuti in his first full episode is the official BBC tv offering

  • @dentarthurdent  and @rewvian  i love these 2 episodes and now I am going to watch them!

    Stay safe

  • @Rewvian   To answer your points – I think in the case of the sunflowers painting, the painting was there before, just the message is new (because they changed history just that little bit).   But of course the message had ‘always’ been there.   The same way the Krafayis quietly disappeared and had never been there.

    I think the monster was blind…[Read more]

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    @rewvian @dentarthurdent and @winston

    Like Winston this is an episode  that I frequently re-watch. It is one part whimsy and one part horror but the latter is subtle and it features a cat.

    I do like the reminder that the Doctor is not human. He/she appears human and at times it is easy to forget that the Doctor is alien. Seeing the Doctor not…[Read more]

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    @Rewvian Could we ever make ships that could come into contact with the sun?

    Trivial answer – sure we could, but they’d just melt fairly promptly. I’d guess a few space probes may have ended up there by now.

    But I think you mean, could we make a ship that could do something useful? I think probably not (outside of sci-fi). Temperature of…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian I was wondering what to watch this evening and came across your post – so I just watched The Lodger because, why not. Your review pretty much says it all, here’s a few random comments that struck me.

    The chemistry between Craig and Sophie is obvious right from the start, just they’re both too timid to admit it. And here comes the…[Read more]

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    hey everyone 🙂 how are you all 🙂

    I’m not sure if the Sun actually is holding them just think its gravity pulling them in but when they get rid of a lot of fuel just wonder how they get away, hope they just tipped out enough to clear the particles, but you still wonder can that ship really escape a Sun as close as it is mmm hopefully and hope…[Read more]

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    They released the fuel, back to the sun because they had stolen it. Only then would the sun release them from its grip.

    The fuel was cargo, they had their own fuel. Think that’s correct? 🙂



  • @Rewvian It wasn’t so much that it ‘made’ me lose interest. But about that time I was gradually stopping watching series on TV anyway, since the Internet (and DVDs) had arrived and I could never remember to catch the TV at the right time anyway. Since then I don’t follow anything on TV (except the news), I get the DVD’s. And some things I…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian You’re getting way ahead of me now and disappearing in the distance! However, what I remember from this episode (that, so far as I know, was never expanded on later) was a future ‘Amy and Rory’ waving from a hill in the distance.
    Other than that, I found the double episode a bit disappointing. Big build-up of apparently…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian (re the Doctor confronting Madame Calvieri) I’m not sure I chose quite the right word (‘powerful’) to express my view of the Doctor at that moment. Certainly in every previous episode he had been dynamic and active. Warning off the Atraxi, confronting the Daleks in their own ship (though much of that was a bluff), battling the…[Read more]

  • hey @Rewvian 🙂 how are you 🙂

    Ah yes I see your point about the sea ha 🙂 it got away from me hahaha 🙂

    Well whatever they truly are maybe they can drown in the sea if not in the stone form, you could still trap them in the cage which is hard to get out of cause the water pressure, Weeping Angles are very strong so let’s forget that for now oh…[Read more]

  • hey @Rewvian 🙂 how are you 🙂

    Its soo interesting working them out 🙂

    they can break through things and opened that door that shouldn’t open, I wonder though could they break through rock if it was a strong rock wall, it’s almost like they have the Doctor’s Sonic as a power you know, can open any door but better then his none wood compatible…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian As to why River was allowed to act alone, I presume she was out “on parole”. If she had skipped then she would become a fugitive, I assume the Galactic Authority (or whoever sentenced her to Stormcage) would then attempt to recapture her. As to why she neededd to act alone, it seems likely that she would not have been invited to the…[Read more]

  • @Rewvian To go into a bit more detail – the sequence of events (as I see it) was: At some time past (in River’s timeline, but in the Doctor’s future) she killed a ‘good man’ (I think it was the Doctor). She was imprisoned in Stormcage. She was released on parole (in Bishop’s custody) to investigate Alistair, who owned the ship. She conned…[Read more]

  • @oochillyo @Rewvian The way I see it (unless I’ve missed something) – River was in Stormcage jail (which we never see in this episode, it wasn’t on the crashing ship, we do see it in a subsequent ep) for killing someone – I think the Doctor in his future (her past). She was released from Stormcage on parole (under the custody of the Bishop)…[Read more]

  • hey @Rewvian how are you 🙂

    I wanna start with phew , when I noticed my well notification I was in a bit of panic, was considering screenshotting the response to my friend and he could tell me if it was good or not but I braved it 🙂

    Just used to rambling to much and annoying people so its a nice comfort to have support on that side and not feel…[Read more]

  • hey everyone 🙂 how are you all 🙂

    this cheered me up soo much 🙂 I was telling my friend about my comment and was checking back on this page and was like hey where is what I was refereeing to before the previous comment ?

    Turns out as I was writing my 2 or 3 confusions @Rewvian the review champion I believe now posted his ideas while I was…[Read more]

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