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    Warmley Tea Rooms on the Bath to Bristol Railway Path

    I did a 240 mile charity walk a few years back and whilst stopping for a cup of tea and a slice of cake completed the timeywimey loop and found they had a Tardis hence the avatar

    You may have an excellent brew and your own Tadis pic 😀

    (Actually I had coffee but you know the line…[Read more]

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    I thought it was the same gadget that was the homing beacon, so logically (yes wrong sci-fi show) it was to call the blue vase thingy to earth


    Interesting counter points and I’ll accept it wasn’t fridging.

    There were however several payments paid to victory, possibly accidentally the train driver, the loving brother, the…[Read more]

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    Yes CC made Gran/Grace was shown to be lynch pin for both Ryan and Graham,  possibly hinted at having more than a passing knowledge of Yasmin too, so the Doctor (who remembered their names, wasn’t rude, showed real empathy and sympathy instant gran replacement maybe?) now has two granchildren and a grandfather (who is too old for…[Read more]

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    Welcome @missrori

    Guessing or theories or bonkerising is usually (was willing to be put right by our mods) allowed, insider trading (you know something will happen because you 3rd cousin is the in thd production team or is JW or you’ve seen a something from the next episode even if an official trailer) is somewhat frowned upon

    I can already see…[Read more]

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    Evening All

    <bends knees>

    Well I’ve now watched for the second time in my little white box on my little black rectangle

    Yup Jodie definitely makes the grade as The Doctor

    However I still think Gran’s death was veering close to woman in a fridge, for example, a broken arm in a sling making her unable to hold a gubbins and she sees them…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish

    Well written and thoughtful piece, thank you

    Who has always had stories that hit and those that missed and even if we differ on those hit and misses (each to their own and tbh we probably don’t […]

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    C O F F E E

    Yes @thane16 or more precisely Puro and Thane (or ‘tother way round)

    One can never ever have enough coffee, my little steel box in yhe middle of my site in Somerset has two filter machines and a another two cafeterieres for a constant supply of caffeine

    Nearly got enough in the bloodstream to start bonkerising…..

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    Wow, you and the new episode joined together in a timeywimey way there, did you use some Sheffield steel in your repairs too 😁

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    Unfortunately for you lovely lot I’m  back for a bit of bonkerising

    Missed you all

    Hello to those who are thinking who is and hugs to those thinking ut ohh

    Think I found enough blue lego under the sofa to make a new Tardis for Jodie

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    Waves excitedly

    Well, watchd with SWMBO ( who was not really in favour of the change) and we both were pleased with the new Doctor but after such a long wait a little underwhelmed at the story and thought it was a mistake to kill off Gran. It seemed to be the only reason to get Graham on the Tardis when they find it, no reason for Yasmin?

    I…[Read more]

  • Very interesting Blog @cathannabel thank you, followed by an interesting discussion

    Now for my two pence worth after having read all the above. If anyone is in any doubt I am in favour of the Doctor becoming a […]

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    I think @juniperfish speculated that 1 and 12 will combat the Valeyard ( in the Christmas special)

    Now The Master stated that the Valeyard was a distillation of darker bits of the Doctor……

    Hence his knowledge of the Doctor

    The Master very very occasionally fibs

    Who else knows the Doctor so intimately and is somewhat dark?

    Answers via a…[Read more]

  • Eyes down…….


    I  am looking forward to seeing our second female Doctor Who (or the first since 1999)

    It is only to be expected that most of the negative comments will be shining examples of misogyny.

    Mother Time marches on ( not nearly fast enough for my next Who fix though)

    Ps sorry I’ve not around much but life has been busy…[Read more]

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    Peeps around corner…..

    Hello everyone,  managed to log back on sneaking through the bot attacks  (miniature internet Daleks???)

    Hopefully  will have more time to peruse and make comments somewhat regularly

    Hugs to all of you

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    Hi All

    Didn’t watch Broadchurch, but have enjoyed his Who and Torchwood work, 336 days to wait 🙁

    Maybe the Beeb will re-run PC’s seasons to keep us all happy?!?!?!?!

    May have to join @Blenkinsopthebrave in the cellar 😉

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    River literally married ‘a diamond geezer’


    More thoughts later

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    Agreed and downloaded

  • Rob replied to the topic On The Sofa (7)

    @puroandson and @bluesqueakpip

    Perhaps the dwama teacher was hoping for the role to grow, branch out from the main trunk of the exercise,  as the pupils twigged what was expected they could ( or should that be wood) prevent any performance from copse-ing

    Just like to apologise but couldn’t leaf that opportunity pass


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    With Clara now a hole in the Doctor’s memory it becomes even less bonkers to hypothesise that the now invisible Clara wrote on the chalkboard in Listen, maybe, possibly, oh ok still bonkers

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    Also during Rasillon’s visit to the barn he stated…..

    How many regenerations did we give you, I’ve got all day

    Strongly suggesting a more than just another full set

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