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    ScaryB @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave – for Clara to be River/Doctor’s daughter just seems v incestuous. But hey! I said that last year when people were suggesting River as Amy’s daughter :-p

    ScaryB @replies

    Speculation – “Clara is the most important person the Dr will meet” (paraphrased) – Maybe that’s Moff-speak for she’s the person who gets him out of his depression!

    Is Susan well enough known for the viewers of NuWho to be introduced as a plot element?

    Any speculation on Clara’s home time?  ie is she from past or future?  Is Oswin the “original” ie the reason she got “fractured” or is Oswin one of the “copies”?

    ScaryB @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave – I tend to agree with you re why she’s not the TARDIS, both good reasons. I also don’t think her speech is quite wacky enough for the TARDIS.

    Re her being Timelord, as I posted above (it was a looong post, sorry) – does the Dr not have a sixth sense when other TLs are about?  Which knocks out Susan, Jenny or any other relative. (Unless it’s one with a fob watch).

    Lots of lovely theories but none I can make fit comfortably in the context of family teatime TV!

    PS @craig @phaseshift would get my vote for moderator,  if it’s OK with him

    ScaryB @replies

    There’s an edit function!!! (at least for most recent posts)


    <blows kisses @craig >

    ScaryB @replies

    Just came across this video clip on the Who website – – Moffat explaining that he thinks Day of the Daleks is one of who’s finest stories. It introduces Blinovitch and the Doctor’s status as a time traveller -Moff says – “a handy get out. the Doctor can interfere because he’s outside the history”

    Also this one – talking about The Evil of the Daleks –

    Moffat talking about how he loves juxtaposition of the unexpected in Who, and about it being a mistake to make the daleks bigger “they’re scarier when they’re wee”. (Pity he didn’t think that before he let the design dept come up with the new paradigm daleks)

    Daleks are featured heavily on the Who site at the moment – does this suggest they’ll make a return later? Is it all in the first episode? ie Oswin, realising she’s been dalekised at the end, doesn’t blow herself up but transfers herself into the dalek mainframe? (I know this isn’t a new idea, just throwing it back in the ring).  Since then she’s either throwing out “avatars” to give herself an alternative existence (eternity gets boring presumably), or she’s trying to make contact with the Doctor, as the person who can give her a physical form again. Somehow. Or because she likes him. Or maybe too like River in the library.

    ScaryB @replies

    @miapatrick Re rebooted universe – I think we’re meant to believe it’s pretty much the same as the old universe – but obv – much like your rebooted computer hard drive – it leaves them scope to tweak it a bit (some things won’t have survived the crash, unexpected new things may appear).

    @blenkinsopthebrave (sympathies on work – still enjoying holiday here – occasionally Scotland is almost civilised!) One reason for reinventing River could be a practical one. It’s been 5 years since SitL (which we know is the oldest she’ll get) and AK will be 50 this year, don’t know if her schedule will fit with more Dr Who. (I hope not, but it’s a thought that keeps occurring). Or a River protege as @whisht suggested.

    Re Avatars/god things – see ref above to semi-sentient universe (but not in the way we’d know it!) – I quite like this idea but can’t help thinking it will be something more “concrete”

    @bobbingbird – Papal mainframe – sorry, don’t buy this one tho it’s good to explore every possibility.  I think that was just a neat throwaway line.

    @chickenelly – nice call on mirrors; may just be “texture” but one to look out for

    @whisht BTW was it the Great Intelligence that took over the TARDIS and exploded it/crashed it into Amy Ponds garden? I’ve probbly missed something there(!)  Maybe not the actual crash, but there are a few scenes with an unseen sinister voice which is still unaccounted for. I have a suspicion the GI will make a return appearance this season, because of the fact the doctor didn’t remember it. But I’m probably wrong. Again!

    More thoughts on running – it’s what the Doctor always does. “Run” has been his catch phrase for a while.  So while “run” may be significant re Clara, it’s also what the Doctor does when he’s excited. “New” also suggests he’s excited and curious.

    Last thoughts for now – I loved the way the Doctor was so excited when he was showing Clara round the TARDIS.



    ScaryB @replies

    Greetings and a happy new year to you all. Is everyone in 2013 now?A brand new blog for the anniversary year – feels good (Kudos to the Keymaster). And long may it stay a troll free zone 🙂 (Had a little makeover to celebrate (ie couldn’t find my other pic!))

    re Clara – some slightly fuzzy alcohol-induced thoughts

    Great work on all the computer refs @BluesqueakpipIt would seem likely she’s some sort of computer generation – but is there an original Clara controlling it,  or is she unaware of what she is and someone/thing else is controlling her appearances? Or maybe it’s just random.  Why was she shown completely uninjured after the fall?  I know it’s Xmas Day teatime, but not even a token little scratch?  (Or the computer refs are Moff having a tease)

    Is she a timelady with a fob watch somewhere – the fob watch sending out the equivalent of SOS signal (maybe it looks for passing time lords) – otherwise you’d think the Doctor would sense “timelord” from her. That also applies if she’s “family”   Evidence? No idea – it just bubbled up as a possibility!

    Something to do with the TARDIS? (evidence – the way she turns up at crucial times, “run”; But she doesn’t have that multi-faceted way of not quite making sense when she talks, the way Idris did, so although I like the idea, am not convinced yet)

    Is she River working on an escape from the virtual reality (which must be driving her bonkers by now)? Evidence – the way she talks, she’s clever, flirty and mysterious

    Something that connects with his past on Galifrey (I like the idea of an origin story… so long as he leaves some questions (given it’s Moff I think more questions than answers are extemely likely)) (If she’s Susan’s mum that’s a problem as something must have happened to her if the Dr runs off with her as a baby (or when she’s older – no saying she couldn’t have joined as a teenager)) <hmmm – new(ish) theory developing…?!!>

    “Run you clever boy” – To or from…?

    Will Clara somewhere/when need rescued for real?

    Do we think they’re going to tease her mystery out throughout the season, or resolve it more quickly and get on to adventures?

    @bluesqueakpip ‘s noticing re the voiceovers. I wondered them too (hadn’t noticed it wasn’t credited) but it didn’t sound like JLC

    I also liked the recent theory someone came up with about a semi-sentient universe (but not in a way that we’d recognise as even semi-sentient!) that actually does care

    Finally –

    Moffat’s methods – I think as a writer he starts with a dramatic visual or two (11 hanging on by his fingernails as out of control tardis flies over London, Dr being locked in Pandorica, Amy glooped, the staircase etc) and a mind-bending idea that knocks something you’ve taken for granted upside down (see above). He likes to drop clues early on but also red herrings. He likes to play with names, which may or may not be significant to the plot

    Conclusions – no idea!!







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