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    ScaryB @replies

    Taking refuge in this nice cosy blog – world’s gone mad out there. the plots of Dr Who make more sense than our current government –  

    Sorry, it’s not Who news but I’m just gobsmacked. MPs want 32% pay rise in same week they’ve slashed benefits, while the House of Commons was in uproarious laughter. You couldn’t make it up.

    Slitheen anyone?

    <snuggles into the big comfy couch in the corner with a couple of warm new theories 🙂 >


    ScaryB @replies

    Would also love to see orig console room again. I’ve never heard of the lime green thing before. (But only for the drama doc; the real thing should still appear white). Who was Prof Zaroff..?.


    <hangs head in shame and bows before the amazing encyclopedic trivia knowledge of @jimthefish >

    ScaryB @replies

    Nice spot re Delia Derbyshire. There’s been a massive amount of creative talent nurtured thro Who over the years.

    Herald Scotland has this report on John Barroman who fell off a horse while in panto in Glasgow recently…! Bet he was panicking about being injured for April. OTOH don’t they know he’s indestructable? (sorry, that was mean 🙂 )


    ScaryB @replies


    Interesting! It also adds to @phaseshift‘s other comment –

    RUN : You Clever boy



    (as in computer instruction)

    ScaryB @replies

    Agree re Big Finish. I really think multi-doctor story will work much better done just as audio, then the writers don’t have to worry about having to come up with a solution for the age differential.  Hopefully I won’t miss the sell-by date… as I managed to do completely with the anniversary calendar. 🙁

    That’s an interesting point @blenkinsopthebrave  Also the fact that all the previous anniversaries have had multi-doctors could also be an argument for not including one this time, just to keep being different.

    ScaryB @replies

    @juniperfish Thank you <oops, takes sensible hat off again>

    Go and check out what they’ve been up to on Spoilers thread – it’s very funny, and very silly

    ScaryB @replies

    Dammit! I told you – it’s the big red do-not-touch button problem.  Couldn’t resist a peek 😀

    Love it!

    ScaryB @replies

    Every time I come in there’s new spaces! Love the new threads 🙂

    I don’t think we should worry too much about promoting the site/attracting new people – we’ve built it – they will come!

    Up to 49 now and the site’s less than 2 weeks old.

    I think one of the main things is to preserve the very sociable/community nature of this site as far as possible – quality rather than quantity of members. eg DoctorWhoForum (not “THE” 🙂 ), formerly Outpost Gallifrey, has tens of 1000s of members and operates a strict no free email subscribers (ie no hotmail, yahoo etc) policy as they’ve had so many problems with trolls etc in the past. (Not suggesting we go that route tho, just pointing out there’s a MASSIVE (and diverse) bunch of Dr Who fans out there! Not all of them are pleasant)

    For me a safe haven/community of like minded bonkers theorising enthusiasts is to be treasured. Selective postings of the link to here on the G CiF threads, but it doesn’t have to be frenetic, so shouldn’t piss them off. There’s nearly a year and the rest of season 7 to catch the Dan Martin bloggers for example and they’d be my main target.

    Think we should let this grow organically, but not too fast.  eg I remember a particular poster (names not necessary) on Dan’s blog who used to bait people endlessly and at 1 point (in season 6 I think) it threatened to destabilise the whole blog.  That was the first time I noticed the special thing about that blog as several other posters rallied round to support the one who was being trolled. But it was noticeable that comments were less frequent when he was around. Thankfully he wasn’t around for 7a.

    My point is that it takes just 1 person to drench the rest of the blog in cold, lumpy soup.

    Now obv this is a less public forum and there are safeguards already in place (thanks @craig)  but (IMHO) it will work better if it goes slow and steady as the numbers build so that new members start to feel part of the community and comfortable enough to try to get a word in edgeways!

    ScaryB @replies

    @juniperfish Tennant/Davidon relationship is the thing that stops me dismissing the idea of Troughton and Pertwee juniors. There are such unique actual family involvements with Who – if I was the showrunner <be still my pulsating heart – nae chance!> I’d find it so tempting to find a way to bring them all into it.

    ScaryB @replies

    Tennant’s website is useful

    News of 11 months of screenings at the BFI, Southbank London – each month a different Doctor, followed by Q&As <squeals with excitement and I don’t even live anywhere near London!>

    Also clip of his recent Jonathon Ross interview

    And apparently congrats are due – he’s just announced he’s going ot be a daddy again. Aw 🙂



    ScaryB @replies

    Think this is more speculation than spoilerish but just warning (they say “expected to” ) –

    Herald Scotland have speculation about possible reappearances of a Scottish bent

    Casting and location news from the Irvine Herald of all places!

    (Am assuming people are OK with posting this in here rather than spoilers but let me know if not)

    Re Tennant – summed up by this report of his interview with Jonathon Ross this week (with links to the interview) (and apparently he’s going to be a dad again 🙂 )

    V short interview (last November) when he says “… anniversary celebrations? are there going to be any…?!”

    I mean there’s denials and then there’s shouting from the rooftops that you don’t know anything, LOL

    ScaryB @replies


    ScaryB @replies


    I’m sure it’ll be good…

    What do you mean good? Nothing less than great, amazing, mind-blowingly perfect is going to be enough!! (No pressure then Moff!)

    ScaryB @replies

    Re multiple Doctors – I’m for it so long as it isn’t gimmicky. ie if there’s a strong plot-driven reason for it. I think they should also be truthful/respectful re the real situation that some of them are no longer with us. ie I don’t think they should replace them with other actors, even sons (tho that’s not the worst idea). Better if they are recorded or transmitted or remembered voices.

    Ten’s been quoted all over the place as saying he has no comment at all on the 50th show – so  in the best Yes Minister tradition I take that as meaning he’s definitely in it! 🙂 (I suspect Eccleston would need to be convinced by the script)


    ScaryB @replies

    @janetteb re Spoilers

    Sometimes though information is deliberately shared, ie if we hadn’t known that Clara was to be the next assistant AOTD would not have had the impact it did. It is often difficult to decide what is and isn’t a spoiler.

    That’s a very good point. (The Who Team managed that brillantly)

    ScaryB @replies

    McCoy was brilliant in the Hobbit (Wizard Radagast)

    ScaryB @replies

    OOOH! Nice thinking @wolfweed and @bluesqueakpip

    Mind blown with that one. 🙂

    Been thinking about 50 years since that post earlier about the approx 50 year discrepancy in the newspaper articles. Didn’t the Ponds get thrown back 50 years? (Or have I made that up – I’m sure it came into the discussions after Angels take Manhattan).

    Of course they could just be riffing on a theme…

    ScaryB @replies

    @juniperfish re @craig – seconded, wholeheartedly – complete star. I’m amazed at what’s been set up so far. It’s been discussed as a possibility since at least last September. @craig jumped in at the eleventh hour (on the G blog) and saved the day by creating this lovely new nest/escape pod. (It’s even got it’s own “registration confirmation” security bots on the door 🙂 )

    And yes, we are very early days here, so absolutely no worries re any of it.  In time this could be as big and exciting as the TARDIS as we add new rooms and topics! We’re definitely bigger on the inside 🙂

    ScaryB @replies

    Spoilers – If we could agree basic terms of reference eg that discussion stemming from info on BBC site, episode titles etc is OK, we could include those terms in the site info.  Do we need to email everyone to ask, so that there’s a positive opt-in?

    Re 50th- was just thinking… y’know how they have reality shows to find eg Dorothy (was Katharine Jenkins not in one for opera singers?)…? They could set one up to find the next companion (open to all, non terrestrials welcome). Imagine if they auditioned for the Doctor this way. (Aaaagh! Don’t you hate it when a horrible idea comes into your head then won’t go away? 🙂  )

    ScaryB @replies

    @craig – is it possible to do a “like” button? Sometimes you don’t need to make a specific comment but just mark approval if there’s a post you particularly agree with.

    ScaryB @replies

    @craig (sorry for multiple taggings this morning!)

    You mentioned there were about 17 people like Juniperfish who had partly registered but weren’t fully signed up. Did you email them all?

    ScaryB @replies

    @juniperfish @craig

    re additional threads/topics. I think this is a good idea (I’m assuming just setting up the threads doesn’t take too long). It means that those who want to go and discuss other things can do so without clogging up discussions on other topics.  If people aren’t interested they won’t comment.  If only a few people want to comment on eg fanfic or related youTube links that’s also OK – providing space for minorities is good thing 🙂  Use will go up and down over time anyway depending on people’s work and sleep patterns.  At the moment we’re still in the first flush of excitement at our new home and housemates.

    J-fish – re Guardian articles – you’re right – I forgot that for most of them the most interesting thing was meeting you lot below the line LOL. And it’s mainly Dan’s blog that pulled in the big postings. But a little judicious posting of the link won’t go amiss.

    Re search engines – it sometimes takes a while for new sites to start showing up. @craig – what metatags have you used?

    ScaryB @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to DM people through the G site (unless anyone knows different).

    So we need to leave a link every so often on the CiFs we think will be the most likely to attract people who want to get involved in bonkers posting. And if we see anyone we know making a post, should reply with a link and an invite – now FINALLY I see a good use for nesting. Otherwise try to post the link where it will be seen – near the top or bottom of a page. But shouldn’t do it too often – otherwise we may pull in a few trolls as well, tho hopefully the registration process should put them off.


    (PS Am based in the northern half of the UK, but spend a fair bit of timeshifting and generally being naturally nocturnal 🙂 )

    ScaryB @replies

    Nipping on to the G site reinforces what a moany, grumpy bunch most internet posters are 🙂  And what a cosy, comfortable new home you’ve built for us @craig  (thank you x 1m).  I see you’ve even installed a big comfy sofa  (big enough for everyone since we technically occupy no space in this virtual environ) and space to hide behind!)

    ScaryB @replies

    Posting this here till we get a General thread


    Guardian article re the National TV Award nominations (Predictable comments at the end)

    If we’ve got time, I think we should keep commenting on these articles.  Just to keep the numbers up, so they keep reporting Who news. Then CiF hopefully won’t mind if we leave a link to this site from time to time. It’s interesting how many commenters they’ve lost on the Who threads. Us 24 didn’t really make the difference of 500+ pages did we????!

    ScaryB @replies

    Re Spoilers etc – I agree with @blenkinsopthebrave – err on side of caution 🙂

    I remember from previous discussions that there was general agreement re OK taking the risk that the speculation might lead to us solving it in advance – but the consensus was that the chance of catching more than 1 or 2 elements was miniscule! (Which seems to be pretty much borne out by our track record!). Unless we stumble across it on the infinite no of monkeys principle.

    I suggest – as @phaseshift mentioned, if it’s on the BBC website, or in the press releases, that is info that they want out there, and is OK for main discussions. Episode titles are inevitably teases – eg The Doctor’s Wife

    A separate thread I think would be useful for those who want to discuss rumours etc from other sources

    ScaryB @replies

    LOL @ 50 Shades of Who 🙂  (Esp given the frequency with which the early companions used to be captured and tied up (with a wide variety of techy handcuffs), skimpy costumes etc. The Master, Dominators…!!)

    Addition to @juniperfish‘s wishlist – the TARDIS in some form – having given her a voice once, she has to find it again for the 50th

    (And for the record, having seen John Simms in other roles, I’d be happy to see him back; he’s very versatile actor. The Master could be very different character coming back, having a new understanding of how he was manipulated from very young age)

    ScaryB @replies

    @bluesqueakpip There’s just no way that prop is anything other than deliberate. Why reference a Japanese Prime Minister in a story set in Victorian England anyway….? (50 years later, hmm?)

    It’s either a joke or a clue

    ScaryB @replies

    And please don’t shut down topic threads – that’s why we migrated from the G site.

    The “most recent posts” will alert people to when someone’s added something if it’s an older thread. Using the @…… format will let posters know if one of their posts has been directly replied to. And I like that you get notifications of when you’ve been referenced

    ScaryB @replies

    Re cross posting, site design

    I think, better to keep to topic threads, as much as possible. Inevitably they’ll cross-over a bit (haha – that’s why the Grauniad introduced nesting) but I think it will settle down as we use it. There will be an element of being fractured in time/different timelines, but I think it will be manageable.  It’s an evolving, organic beastie

    Separate topic thread for 7b (it may be quiet to start with but it will evolve its own life, LOL

    Can you also add “General” one? (at the moment the General header just has Website as topic thread

    Other threads (eg for off-topic, fanfic, youTube links etc) can be created as the demand arises.  (OMG I could end up living in here!! It’s feeling far too comfortable already, LOL)

    @craig – is it possible to increase the no of recent posts to 10? (I find it really helpful in seeing what’s been updated since I was last on)

    ScaryB @replies

    Ooo – lots of exciting posts!

    @edmund – just wow! impressive observation – I noticed the card was being given a prominent position (which is why I suspect GI might be back), but didn’t notice the newspaper. Now the address on the card I could easily be convinced was a simple error, but you can’t explain the newspaper that way. The prop-maker isn’t going to go to all the bother of mocking up a newspaper page from 1890s and then reference a completely different period for the other story. Unless it’s a prop-maker’s joke of course!)

    I like the theory about the fractured universe, tho my brain is tying itself in knots trying to work out all the implications. 😀

    ScaryB @replies

    LOL @bluesqueakpip‘s canon

    It’s handy having 11 Doctors – not just a football team, also 11 month countdown. (New Zealand TV are doing a Doctor/month)

    @juniperfish – timelock/Clara/key – really like it, but maybe a bit BtVS. Sure Moffat could put his own spin on it though

    ScaryB @replies

    @juniperfish – couldn’t find my other avatar so made a new one. Maybe I should friendly it up a bit, but it seemed appropriate 🙂

    Master (who?) and TimeLords, yes. And jelly babies AND jammy dodgers. Daleks? They could come in wheeling a big birthday cake (and/or a souffle) and everyone joins in a big chorus of happy birthday… (and say they were only kidding about the Pandorica)

    <I’ll get my coat 🙂 >

    ScaryB @replies

    And thanks @phaseshift for the Big Audio info – can hopefully catch it on iplayer or equivalent.

    Re spoilers – while @rob‘s idea of white type is inspired, I’d really appreciate if it was also on another thread. It’s too easy to forget in the (white) heat of a newsy post, and relies on people knowing how eg I don’t.

    I suspect it’s going to be very difficult/impossible to avoid all spoilers as we get closer – if Moff manages to do only a smidgeon of what he’s promising in terms of the amount of Who related stuff that’s going to be around (“Surprises!”) the press are going to be all over it by Oct/Nov.  Not to mention being desperate for clues as to who’s going to be in it – they’ll be haunting the locations in April.  OTOH the Who team managed to blindside everyone with Oswin’s first appearance so hopefully he can keep most of the press on side again. I’m sure there will be a few sniffing around for late night clandestine out-of-season filming sessions with mysterious hooded figures trying to look anonymous.

    ScaryB @replies

    <waves @juniperfish – Glad you finally made it from the other side (the fishy clan seem to be developing into a full  blown shoal!)>

    That sounds a good list to me! (I’m up for McGann as well – he’s canon as far as NuWho is concerned – otherwise the numbering doesn’t work. Haven’t even watched the movie yet – missed it when it was screened. just succumbed and ordered the DVD)

    And yes, Canton, please please please!

    (ROFL at Doctors chasing each other round the Tardis)


    ScaryB @replies

    Re rumours – that’s a good point  @bobbingbird

    Personally, I prefer to be able to choose to avoid them completely. It’s amazing how 1 word or a glimpsed image can set off a train of thought that you’d prefer not to think about till you find it in episode. Personally I like coming to episodes as cold as possible.

    @craig, @phaseshift – How  about a separate spoilers thread? Not out and out spoilers but rumours and press (slightly informed) speculations  Eg if it’s similar to the leaked pic of Liberty as an angel I’d prefer to be able to avoid it.

    What does everyone else think? I know some people don’t even want to know the episode titles beforehand.

    LOL – Spoilers/Rumours Thread – that will be like having a big red button saying Do Not Press :-p

    ScaryB @replies

    @bobbingbird – welcome back and hope the ironing went well I posted about the eshorts a couple of days ago, but I’ll let you off 🙂

    I found a link a wee while  back to New Zealand TV but can’t find it again. They were going to be running selection of  episodes for each of the Doctors over the next 11 months (1 Doctor/month). From the very 1st one (inc the reconstructed ones). Makes me wish I was in NZ, but at least it’s not quite as (almost) tantalisingly close for you. Presume NZ TV doesn’t travel as far as Oz?

    ScaryB @replies

    Not quite sure where to post this, so I’ll put it here.

    Note – MAYBE VERY SLIGHTLY, VAGUELY SPOILERISH? (lLocation for upcoming episode. Possibly)

    Affleck in episode of Dr Who    (and no, not that one)

    Ha Ha – Irvine Herald scoops the world  – well, OK that’s an exaggeration,  it doesn’t really give anything away. (Go local press!)

    @bluesqueakpip – interesting article tho most of it went waaaay over my head 🙂  Quantum Gas would be good name for a band tho 😎

    ScaryB @replies

    @phaseshift Thanks for posting the link. Beautiful. This is one of thse episodes I always seem to get something in my eye towards the end! And completely agree wit @craig – Tony Curran is a joy to watch.

    Came across this while I was on youTube – v funny – Outtakes and Funny bits for 10, 11 (watch out for the cyberman and the dancing angels!) . This also – a couple of overlaps but there’s more cybermen in the park. (Warning: you may never take them seriously again)

    ScaryB @replies

    And while my brain’s still working on thngs whovian – anyone checked out any of the merch for sale recently?

    What’s the best/tackiest things you’ve found?

    I’d like to nominate this under tacky – The Eggsterminator egg cup! (Actually they seem to be hedging their bets – Star Wars lettering, Alien ref and supposedly daleky appearance) (Now the Tardis bin OTOH… damn, it’s a long time till next Christmas!)

    (It may only go downhill from here, people)

    ScaryB @replies

    And the recent posts listing is VERY handy

    ScaryB @replies

    “Event drama” – heard rumours they want to do it live. Hmm, not so sure about that – there are some things about the 1960s that should stay there!  For 1 thing it would have to be not special effects driven. For another it’s gimicky – unless there’s a really good reason to do it that way… Or do something with the internet…?  (@blenkinsopthebrave‘s 4th wall theory pops its head up again, in slightly mutated form)

    Moff is excited about it “being all over the TV” – or has this changed since they announced the 90 min special?

    What would your wildest fanboy/girl dream be for the anniversary epi/celebraions?

    ScaryB @replies

    @craig Yay! Thank you. Love the groovy new banner (and avatars) as well

    ScaryB @replies

    Re suggestions for topic threads – How about one for the 50th?  Plot speculations, news posts etc… inc alerts/links for eg the audio stories. Pretty please?

    <tugs forelock ingratiatingly>


    Meanwhile this is circulating re 11 “top children’s authors” being commissioned to come up with 1 eshort each, released monthly till Nov. Probables inc JK Rowling, Philip Pullman…

    ScaryB @replies

    Funny looking back at the old blogs, bloggers and bonkers theories 🙂

    And a good idea to revisit – Cold Blood (BBC3 repeats) as good a place to start as any… unless there’s anyone in this forum who is geeky enough to provide access to any other downloads/DVD availability (libraries useful for those short of funds), for the colonial enthusiasts.  Same goes for discussion on past epis/serial. Happy to revisit just not sure how!

    ScaryB @replies

    <squeals in delight @blenkinsopthebrave‘s news>

    90min special – yippee! (I’m assuming the rest of this season will be about getting the series to the starting blocks for the final run-in to November’s epi. Expect a mega cliffhanger in May)

    Re separate thread to discuss dvds and other products – that would get my vote. I’m not even sure what’s out there, so would be helpful. (LOVED Reign of Terror – thought it was very scary (bit vague on the details though 🙂 )

    ScaryB @replies


    Other Clara identity theories from elsewhere include Spatial Genetic Multiplicity, Boemina, Faction Paradox, a TARDIS (but not necessarily the TARDIS), the Universe (incarnate), the result of psychic pollen, Captain Jack in drag, a Ganger, Susan’s daughter, Braithwaite, The Master, The Rani, The Tesselector, Schroedinger’s Cat, Donna, a Computer Logic and Reasoning Android, an anagram(Arcadia/Cardinal/Rassilon/Osiran), The Red Guardian, and many more…

    Glad to see you’ve managed to whittle down the theories 🙂

    Re avatars – @wolfweed, sorry I thought you looked like something @chickenelly would put in her pipe! @phaseshift – hmmm, you’re looking decidedly more sinister since becoming a mod!

    ScaryB @replies

    LMAO @phaseshift  😀

    ScaryB @replies

    @miapatrick – yes indeedy! (Creepy enough the first time round, then picked up the Pond ref on 2nd viewing) I suspect that one of being coincidence, but you never know.  Trust no-one

    @blenkinsopthebrave‘s post(s) about the TARDIS makeover. Good question.  It MAY just be part of the overall revamping and tarting up for the 50th – Matt’s new jacket etc, new image (not god-doctor any more). There’s a lot of things referencing 70s Who at the moment (Matt even had a scarf (albeit a grey one) in the Snowmen, the new jacket looks decidedly Pertwee-ish; and are those Troughtonish checked trousers?).  OTOH – he’s just retired. What do you do? Do up the house, all the little jobs you’ve been putting off for years (or centuries). Feeling a bit more austere maybe, decluttering.

    He’s obv not had time to work on to the outside yet  🙂

    ScaryB @replies

    Viewing figs just out 

    (haha, chuckled at the snarky comment (CiF) about expecting 15 pages of comments, LOL)

    Record 1.5m iPlayer views, and 9.87m altogether (6th place)

    And apparently making big gains in USA also.

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