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    Rob @replies

    Evening One and All

    (There may be exceptions, caveats and small print, please see below)

    Enjoyed this one more


    On the whole the Skithra were intriguing monsters, the only negative was the queen’s resemblance to the queen of the Racnos though to be fair this could be as both are arachnids

    Recycling weapons, upcycling technology or just plain theft who knows

    Theoretical inventions and application of these to real world

    As others have said the Timeless Child could be a Timelord theft of some sort or could be Jenny, Me and/or Clara



    Rob @replies


    I think The Green Death probably did the environmental argument more subtly and maybe more powerfully. That is because the message was spread over several episodes.

    I found this episode a curates egg.


    That the dregs were originally the poor and dispossessed after the rich and powerful left the mess behind and buggered off to a new world,  then I presume after they died off the new dominate life form on an Orphan Planet become The Dregs

    The green message

    The Doctor, JW is nailing it

    The Companions are a fascinating combination and hitting their stride

    The unresolved did they survive, did they deserve to survive

    On the not so positive side

    The story was rushed, the Dregs were a stupid then intelligent then stupid then intelligent monster/victim, plot not having an internal logic


    Rob @replies

    Hi all

    My bonkerising has led me through a convoluted path to the caffeine inspired fact that the Sascha Dhawan Master will become Professor Yana

    Hidden (by Jodie Whittaker Doctor as she knows he’ll spend years trying to save the last of humanity) to atone for the crimes against the children of Gallifrey all 2.47 billion

    Ohh well it sounded better before I wrote it


    Rob @replies

    Wanders in as if I’ve never been absent

    Looks for personalised Dr Who coffee mug behind sofa

    Wanders out muttering

    Waves at all 😃

    Rob @replies

    Happy New Year Peeps

    Was away up in Cambridgeshireshire for a wobbly drinks start to 2019 and have therefore only just watched this years only offering.

    On the scientifically proven self built Whometer it scored a inspirational 56.78432r  (not sure what that is in Rells though)

    I shall post later when I’ve had time to think more about the episode

    Rob @replies

    Merry Christmas One and All

    Had a great day and hope you’ve all enjoyed the same

    Rob @replies

    We’ve had the Pting and now a Ptroll

    Ho hum

    Next item

    So inbetween slurping coffee running or maybe ruining multiple teams on two sites getting ever so slightly frazzled over seperate site diaries for each contract,  some teams doing upto three separate operations on the same site on the same day (this is not a woe is me or look how important I am thing) ….. I  might think if I were to concentrate that a possible reason for less posting is…….

    Gets back on a 19 hand white stallion baby

    The lack of a series arc, reduces bonkerising and the feedback that generates.

    This may or may not could possibly be probably a criticism

    Who needs to connect with all of its audience as well as connect to new. This season series cereal? has done the new bit fantastically well. Jodie Whitaker has absolutely nailed the role, the Team Tardis has been PDG (pretty darn good which is a UK’ism for awesome) . Where it has lacked is in the monster department where the most believable monsters where the good old humans in Rosa and Demons of the Punjab.

    The little rocky balls in lanterns still really didn’t impact enough to make Tim Shaw seem more than a Ptroll


    Happy Christmas to One and All

    Nadelik Lowen


    Rob @replies

    Morning All

    Overall I enjoyed the episode.

    I missed the lights on the planet so ended the programme thinking Tim Shaw had destroyed 5 planets and every living thing on them. No evidence of light coming from the stasis planets either, just bits of rock in a capsule, no water, no ice no atmosphere all at odds with the stasis chambers used for individuals. This easily could have been resolved if the with a bit of timey-wimey doo-dah (Insert resolution of your choice)

    My better half felt The Doctor “talks too much” I get where she is coming from but all the previous Doctors have also had a proclivity to talk too  much too. This could also be centuries of Male dominated culture subliminally raising it’s dark maw to murmer “shhhh woman”. I was in the awkward position of potentially criticising my wife for her opinion on the basis of sexism so in a moment of clarity stopped before opening my gob and just said maybe analysis of scripts for Doctors word count would be useful as they’ve always been pretty talkative.  Spousal armageddon temporarily put into a stasis chamber.

    This is one of the good things that has come out of the regeneration it makes you think about equality,  hopefully it will make me a better person just by making me think about it.

    Now do I actually do a word count, or is winning an argument about sexism with your wife misogynistic?

    Wow rambley-wimey or what/Who

    More coffee is the answer ………

    Rob @replies

    My take on the frog is

    Has large slurp of double strength cappuccino

    Granny 5 told a fairy tale to The Doctor

    In fairy tales when you kiss a frog it turns into a prince and “happily ever after”

    The Solitract wanted a kiss to seal the deal, but was doomed to ever be the amphibian of unrequited love.

    Hmmm more coffee needed on this theory I think

    Rob @replies

    An excellent tale of four monsters

    One who was make believe

    One who paid the price

    Two who were redeemed


    Rob @replies

    Just completed a long and rambling  intellectual post on the latest blog……

    And the damn thing disappeared

    So popped in for a pint or two of calm down


    Rob @replies



    Happy Birthday

    Hope you’ve had a great day


    Ps it’s still your birthday here

    Rob @replies

    Evening All

    I almost thought that the Tardis was inside of medical ship with all the Time Lord style circles in the white control room.

    The characters we met this week were all pretty interesting with only the exploitation of the android being unresolved or more precisely not even really addressed, bar the comment from the brother apologising for being a git

    Rob @replies


    Excellent link


    Apart from the fantastic Rosa I’ve felt the stories are average fare but felt that Whittaker pretty much nailed the role of The Doctor

    Each to their own though and I completely agree with the concept that some are and some just occupy the role

    Rob @replies


    Rose got a happily ever after though. … eventually……… I think

    Rob @replies

    Evening All

    My better half observed the warning that the Doctor gave all her companions of not being able to promise safety as being a feminine trait that was new to Who, I can’t think of any previous regenerations warning new companions so bluntly either.

    Pretty good episode,  especially felt for Graham’s dealing with Grace’s ghost.

    Rob @replies

    Had to Google that comment made by a complete arse, ‘nough said.

    Superb episode

    I thought that Graham was going to end up having to drive the bus. His reaction to the realisation that he was one of the white passengers (if not the passenger) that meant Rosa would have to give her seat up for was brilliant.

    Ryan’s vanquishing/vanishing of Krasco ( who was pretty crass) to the earliest setting was just deserts and arguably non violent

    Yasmin’s talk with Rosa surely assisted her with her world changing action


    Rob @replies

    I think this sums it up…..

    Beware strong language

    The Daily Mash

    Rob @replies

    Well, I think it was better than last week, the lethal bandages were a little mumbly or gabbled

    Graham’s character progressed significantly especially when compared to Yasmin and Ryan

    The Timeless Child could be Jenny

    Rob @replies


    Warmley Tea Rooms on the Bath to Bristol Railway Path

    I did a 240 mile charity walk a few years back and whilst stopping for a cup of tea and a slice of cake completed the timeywimey loop and found they had a Tardis hence the avatar

    You may have an excellent brew and your own Tadis pic 😀

    (Actually I had coffee but you know the line above was better)

    Rob @replies


    I thought it was the same gadget that was the homing beacon, so logically (yes wrong sci-fi show) it was to call the blue vase thingy to earth


    Interesting counter points and I’ll accept it wasn’t fridging.

    There were however several payments paid to victory, possibly accidentally the train driver, the loving brother, the doting grandad and the drunk kebab scoffer, who may have been a lovely chap when sober plus all the previous trophies, which is why I felt uneasy about Grace.

    Thanks for the responses 😀

    Rob @replies


    Yes CC made Gran/Grace was shown to be lynch pin for both Ryan and Graham,  possibly hinted at having more than a passing knowledge of Yasmin too, so the Doctor (who remembered their names, wasn’t rude, showed real empathy and sympathy instant gran replacement maybe?) now has two granchildren and a grandfather (who is too old for a romantic entanglement handily) I’d bet my next cup of coffee (ohh yes serious stakes) that Ryan’s dad will not appear as a character more than once in this series

    This Doctor will not be getting cosy with anyone this series the way that her predecessors recently did

    Be interesting to see how Ryan anc Graham grow as characters. Yasmin seems pretty much a splendid individual already so bar getting experience not sure how her character grows.

    It’ll be an interesting journey fof sure 😀

    Rob @replies

    Welcome @missrori

    Guessing or theories or bonkerising is usually (was willing to be put right by our mods) allowed, insider trading (you know something will happen because you 3rd cousin is the in thd production team or is JW or you’ve seen a something from the next episode even if an official trailer) is somewhat frowned upon

    I can already see you’ll make some great contributions 😀

    Rob @replies

    Evening All

    <bends knees>

    Well I’ve now watched for the second time in my little white box on my little black rectangle

    Yup Jodie definitely makes the grade as The Doctor

    However I still think Gran’s death was veering close to woman in a fridge, for example, a broken arm in a sling making her unable to hold a gubbins and she sees them disappear would have worked just as well and given emotional push/pull , still doesn’t solve the lack of Yasmin’s family back story

    I’ve read that there wil not be a story arc this season,  do the forum think this is true and if so is it a good thing,  personally I think that a thread running through a series is usually a good thing.

    The closing credits reminded me quite strongly of the 70’s ( the coloured swirls on the border of the screen) and the theme tune with the drum beat heightened was Hartnellesque (I await the musical scholars here to politely tell me I’m a tone deaf idiot 😀)

    A solid start story wise with potentially one of the great Doctor’s being created for us to enjoy by Jodie


    Rob @replies

    C O F F E E

    Yes @thane16 or more precisely Puro and Thane (or ‘tother way round)

    One can never ever have enough coffee, my little steel box in yhe middle of my site in Somerset has two filter machines and a another two cafeterieres for a constant supply of caffeine

    Nearly got enough in the bloodstream to start bonkerising…..

    Rob @replies


    Wow, you and the new episode joined together in a timeywimey way there, did you use some Sheffield steel in your repairs too 😁

    Rob @replies

    Unfortunately for you lovely lot I’m  back for a bit of bonkerising

    Missed you all

    Hello to those who are thinking who is and hugs to those thinking ut ohh

    Think I found enough blue lego under the sofa to make a new Tardis for Jodie

    Rob @replies

    Waves excitedly

    Well, watchd with SWMBO ( who was not really in favour of the change) and we both were pleased with the new Doctor but after such a long wait a little underwhelmed at the story and thought it was a mistake to kill off Gran. It seemed to be the only reason to get Graham on the Tardis when they find it, no reason for Yasmin?

    I honestly wanted something that zapped in akin to Matt Smith’s debut, however I’m honest enough to also add it could be because Who has been part of my life for 50 years that I want the new Doctor to succeed that I’m being slighlty hard on the story

    Looking forward to more mad bonkers and I’ve missed this and you all

    Rob @replies

    I think @juniperfish speculated that 1 and 12 will combat the Valeyard ( in the Christmas special)

    Now The Master stated that the Valeyard was a distillation of darker bits of the Doctor……

    Hence his knowledge of the Doctor

    The Master very very occasionally fibs

    Who else knows the Doctor so intimately and is somewhat dark?

    Answers via a Tardis with a working chameleon circuit


    Rob @replies

    Eyes down…….


    I  am looking forward to seeing our second female Doctor Who (or the first since 1999)

    It is only to be expected that most of the negative comments will be shining examples of misogyny.

    Mother Time marches on ( not nearly fast enough for my next Who fix though)

    Ps sorry I’ve not around much but life has been busy and I’ve watched most of this season a few weeks late and in batches. Promise to be fully re-caffeinated for the Xmas special

    Rob @replies


    Welcome back Doctor Who 😀

    Haven’t seen episode 2 yet, as per usual working away from home, my wife is beginning to forget what I look like.

    Episode 1 we both enjoyed greatly and she watches because I’m a Who Fan

    More red herrings in that episode than you can shake a stick at or maybe his office was simply a memory box stuffed full of good things. The raven was Clara, channelled through Ashilda ….. there you go a triple espresso inspired mad theory

    Will be playing catch up this weekend.

    Thank you all for the comments I’ve read through all of them and as per usual feel very very stooopid

    Must dash the percolator is bubbling 😀

    Rob @replies

    Evening All

    Especially the special ones,  you know who you are 😉

    I’m going to a real pub tonight to meet an old friend who was my first Whovian friend, we genuinely used to hide behind the sofa at each others houses whilst watching D2 and D3!!!!


    Big hugs all around and so looking forward to the new season

    Rob @replies

    Ohhh my, its been too long!!!!

    Waves at everyone 😀

    Well listening to good old Radio 4 this morning and nearly crashed when I heard the name of the MI5/MI6 operation to eavesdrop on people through their TV’S……. yes Operation Weeping Angel!!!!!


    Rob @replies

    Peeps around corner…..

    Hello everyone,  managed to log back on sneaking through the bot attacks  (miniature internet Daleks???)

    Hopefully  will have more time to peruse and make comments somewhat regularly

    Hugs to all of you

    Rob @replies

    Hi All

    Didn’t watch Broadchurch, but have enjoyed his Who and Torchwood work, 336 days to wait 🙁

    Maybe the Beeb will re-run PC’s seasons to keep us all happy?!?!?!?!

    May have to join @blenkinsopthebrave in the cellar 😉

    Rob @replies


    River literally married ‘a diamond geezer’


    More thoughts later

    Rob @replies

    Agreed and downloaded

    Rob @replies

    @puroandson and @bluesqueakpip

    Perhaps the dwama teacher was hoping for the role to grow, branch out from the main trunk of the exercise,  as the pupils twigged what was expected they could ( or should that be wood) prevent any performance from copse-ing

    Just like to apologise but couldn’t leaf that opportunity pass


    Rob @replies

    With Clara now a hole in the Doctor’s memory it becomes even less bonkers to hypothesise that the now invisible Clara wrote on the chalkboard in Listen, maybe, possibly, oh ok still bonkers

    Rob @replies

    Also during Rasillon’s visit to the barn he stated…..

    How many regenerations did we give you, I’ve got all day

    Strongly suggesting a more than just another full set

    Rob @replies

    Rassilon Resurected sort of fulfills the prophesy too….

    The Resurected bit implying he’s a hybrid

    He definitely stood in the ruins of Gallifrey (the Timelords having been reduced to living in a pocket universe, hated as much as the Daleks and now hiding or is that teetering on the outer rim of the universe)

    How many hearts did the Time War destroy ( a billion billion is 10 to power of 18, interesting set of numbers that wiki it peeps and even if the Doctor took 4.5 billion years he would have to punch that diamond wall 111,111,111.8 times a second to destroy that many hearts)

    And then he nearly destroys the universe by ensuring the Master’s and Missy’s sanity is corrupted totally by the sound of drums.

    Anyway @puroandson many people struggle with Who as our lives are so linear time wise we are always like Me living the long way round that to play with time is to redefine our whole existance, thus, totally understandably  , don’t get it.

    Also we now have the absolute perfection of dropping into conversation

    Clara and Me are off to vist the Ice Warriors of Mars soon


    The Doctor and Me are popping off to the Library to extract River from her death

    It will annoy grammar teachers and those poor souls who are not Who geeks





    Rob @replies

    Morning All (plus Afternoon/Evening depending upon relevant time-zone)

    The wraiths were guardians of the Matrix and the odd monster was transformed into a guard-dog (a guard-dog looks scary and intimidates but is under the control of the handler ie The Matrix). The monsters were in the under cloister to try and steal the Matrix. All stated in the episode as I hadn’t watched a trailer.

    If you want the ultimate hybridisation then get Clara and Ashildr to welcome Jenny, the Doctors daughter, to their Tardis gang (be wonderful is Ashildr’s name morphed to Alice…… as…. You Can Get Any Thing You Want At Alice’s Restaurant)

    I found the concept of the duo-hybrid perfectly acceptable. Absolutely foreshadowed by our own prophet(s) as @puroandson o:-)

    The Doctor does need to forget Clara for future plot continuity. She jumped into his time-stream, past and future to frustrate the GI, who just as obviously will have been pushing the Doctor towards failure at each point too another never ending Time War in a Tardis…. So War Doctor on Gallifrey, exiles Rassilon causes chaos, uses a gun all equals GI upper hand in making naughtyness. Then Clara appears, the War/12 hybrid Doctor knows he needs her to become ‘The Doctor’ once more and combat the ever present but usually controlled Oncoming Storm/Predator. Clara once again saves the Doctor but both know that (and so do we if we actually think about it) Clara and the Claracles have to remain hints and nudges and stories to carry on working throughout the rest of time. This is orthodox theory (most unusual for me but……. Clara form The Name of the Doctor

    “I don’t know where I am. It’s like I’m breaking into a million pieces and there’s only one thing I remember. I have to save the Doctor. He always looks different.
    But I always know it’s him. Sometimes I think I’m everywhere at once, running every second just to find him.
    Just to save him.
    But he never hears me.
    Almost never. I blew into this world on a leaf.
    I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land. I’m Clara Oswald. I’m the Impossible Girl. I was born to save the Doctor.”

    No that was a prophesy fulfilled

    and forgot…. two things (some things)

    One we are all hybrids internally each always struggling with our own inner good and bad sides

    War Doctor/Oncoming-Storm/Predator v Doctor

    GI v Clara(s)

    The struggle to do the right thing in life is never ending


    Rob @replies

    Ok got it so so so wrong…..

    There is always the next series, laws of averages,  may help.

    Perhaps we’re all hybrids bar those who believe in their own purity? And they’re hybrids too just refuse to acknowledge it.

    Rob @replies

    Today has been a long way around, started to write a post then….. a trip to take my beloved to the emergency dentist (abscess) then we made 286 mince pies and now shortly before the end of the series, after numerous cups of coffee a bit of bonkerising….. (interspersed with randomness which I hope will one day in a galaxy far far awa…… nope wrong universe)

    Listen, Chalkboard, Long way round, Ouroboros or in Ashildr’s time Jormungandr and Thor, Mire battlefield kit, Last will and testament, Master/Missy acolytes and Lucy Saxon, Asylum of the Daleks:- Amy, Clara and Doctor 11, Tasha Lem. Fear

    See??? No well Listen

    Clara tells the Doctor to Listen four time in quick succession in “Face the Raven”

    “Listen” had the chalkboard which wrote mysteriously (not if that episode was partly in his mind palace though) then Clara used through the Doctor in “Heaven Sent” Clara is in his mind palace literally “In 12” Room Twelve the Tardis console for the Twelfth Docotor ?

    “Don’t run           Stay with me” To stay with the Doctor is to run.

    Ashildr still has the Mire battlefield medical kit, perhaps given to Clara?

    The never ending circle in Norse mythology fights an almighty battle with Thor, poisoning the oceans and the skies and dies,  Thor walks away but dies after taking nine steps (9 our first New Doctor)

    Ashildr/Me has taken the long way round and was older/smarter than 12 but now the Doctor has taken an even longer way round and hopefully learnt from that journey (by learnt I mean remembered or grown)

    The last will and testament has been in Missy’s control but as the Doctors document he would want the truth out there (maybe) and thus he devised the Sea Fortress to make himself face the truth of his life ( yeah I know earlier I posited it was Missy but this way I’ve covered my bets!!!)

    Missy is totally a hybrid too the bringing back in “The End of Time” making the Master a hybrid of the Acolytes and Lucy Saxon

    In Äsylum of the Daleks” Clara is a hybrid, so too Amy and the Doctor (no wristbands to protect them)

    In “The Name of the Doctor” Clara becomes a hybrid with both the Timelords and the Tardis

    In “The Time of the Doctor”Tasha Lem reverts from being a Dalek Puppet to herself so also becoming a hybrid

    And… we have Jenny the Doctors daughter too.

    Also in Dan Martin piece about links between Clara and Orson …. Dan remember we don’t see Clara’s and the Doctors relationship played out fully (Amy getting older and needing reading glasses) plus also a Claricle could have been the great great grandmother of Orson too

    You know what… You’re all fantastic 😀



    Rob @replies

    Each cycle was a repeat of the last, so where did the spare clothes come from ( different jackets remember [me])

    Trap Street to trapped. The Timelords or maybe a specific Timelord called Missy who was trapped on Gallifrey and definitely a hybrid. Missy also had her sticky little  mits on the Doctors Last Confession earlier in the series, so could easily have set up the inquisition.

    Perhaps Missy got her extra regenerations for services to Galifrey by getting the Doctor to return?


    Rob @replies

    Well I pop out for a wander in the mud, get stuck there for 3 weeks with no tinternet and no telly-o-vision and what happens????

    Genius happens, wipes sleep form eyes, counts steps and checks flies still moving

    Firstly I see we have our own hybrid @puroandson (I expect someone has already done that … apologies but I’ve only read the last 3 pages here)

    Well the Veil chased the Doctor into the yard several billion times, running from becoming the Valeyard?

    Clara (Claricle/Hybrid Clara) still with him (I’m in 12 ???)

    Harry Potter resonated through the episode Diagon Alley where (Mini-)Me was holed up and Azkaban as the fortress

    Clara (they always run from the Raven) not running, being exceptionally brave and willingly taking on the tatoo, she took on the sins of trap street, her final plae/order to the Doctor not to become once more the War-Doctor or the Valeyard. She died, publicly, for them all. (She may not of course be dead but that would be a great ending too as  long as she keeps a very low profile after resurrection).

    Keep up the fantastic bonkerising off for more coffee

    Rob @replies

    Just popping onto the sofa to say haven’t seen this week’s episode due to my Mum’s 81st birthday party and working away all next week before going to Wyntercon in Eastbourne next Saturday…… So lack of me making contact/comments is just due to trying to avoid learning what’s happened I’m not sulking 🙂

    Keep up the great bonkerising all 😀

    Rob @replies

    As an aside, this article about the the other guy in the Tommie Smith/John Carlos picture is fascinating and more than a little heartbreaking (of particular interest to the Aussie contingent).


    I refused an invite to tour SA in the 80’s and amusingly (term used lightly) a SA player subsequently ended my sporting career (always love to see the Boks loose lol). After not going I was never asked to train in the upper echelons again either.

    Nothing but admiration for Tommie Smith

    Rob @replies

    Morning All

    Especially @bluesqueakpip for post #45268 and @missy for #45289 and (as I’m feeling ultra inclusive today @EveryoneElseWhoPostsHere )

    Well I’d quote the relevent bits but tablet and mud and not enough coffee plus a few other random poor excuses but the gist of this is…….

    Clara is the hybrid daughter of the Tardis post Trenzalore and because it’s the Tardis before it too (now I’m positive someone will point out that they posted this 4 years ago but these two posts mentioned above made my brain go just like Clunks in Catch The Pidgeon)

    ps saw Silurians, Cybermice and an Ice Warrior down at the bottom of Wookey Hole last night on my way back to digs from the pub 😉

    Rob @replies


    Now the Ood are very cool unless they have that red eye malarkey going on 😀

    I will report back to let you all know which civilisations I meet down my cave tomorrow hehehe

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