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    Interesting idea. But perhaps instead of diseased time lords they could actually BE the timelords after being contained in another universe. Afterall we know they escaped back to reality at some point in the future. I personally don’t think they are but it’s an interesting theory.

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    Well, this was fun. 🙂  I think Dhawan is doing a great job with the Master so far. I guessed nothing (although I did wonder why O seemed to smile so much!). I’d prefer the Master to be post-Missy, because I like forward motion and anything else would be a little too much like overwriting a lot of great character development. But we shall see. I…[Read more]

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    Definitely not just you.

    @badwolfalice   @twelveismydoctor

    I thought they had a “neurones firing” vibe. Makes me think this might be a psychological representation of being squished into a matchbox.