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    ichabod @ichabod

    @spud  You’re fine, don’t sweat it.  Maybe a Big Finish audio series for Clara and Ashyldr — that would be neat, and much easier to schedule around these actors’ screen work.  Here’s hoping!

    Cleopatra @cleopatra

    Hello! It’s my first post here and I figured that this is the topic I would rather take my first “sit” in.
    I’m quite a newbie when it comes to Whovian Fandom in general. Lately, I have started feeling that kind of itchy need to get a little crazier about Doctor Who stuff (I found myself trying to learn Gallifreyan alphabet) and I thought it was time to share the excitement and learn more about the world of The Doctor.

    That is how I’ve found this Community here.

    Please, correct me if I get nasty with my language, for I am a foreigner indeed. I love English, though. And I want to learn every tiny bit of it. 😉

    Ok, time to take off. See you all!

    Missy @missy

    Hello everyone.
    I haven’t been posting lately because – as I explained – the last six episodes I’ve resisited until I get Part 2

    from Amazon.

    My question is, what did all of you think of series 9?

    No spoilers please! *grins*



    winston @winston

    @missy  I almost envy you. To watch it all again but for the first time would be great. I loved series 9. Lots of two parters and new adventures to go on . Clara and the Doctor’s relationship was explored as well as the concepts of death and immortality. The whole series was very satisfying for me.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did ,it was a fantastic series.


    On the subject of amends (see the Hell Bent thread), I am starting my sort-of-annual, not-very-well-planned run-up-to-Xmas ritual rewatch of various Xmas episodes.

    Started with West Wind, S1E10 – In Excelsis Deo

    Next up: Buffy, S3 S10 – Amends (hence the post)

    In the box: Veronica Mars S1E10 – An Echolls Family Christmas.

    Any particular recommendations (DW obvious get dropped in as an when)?



    Anonymous @

    @missy like @winston I kind of envy you too.

    Without spoilers I will say (and on behalf of Son of Puro -can’t call him ‘young son of Puro’ anymore as he’s quite annoyed about that:  and at 5′ 10″ I’m not surprised) that it was:





    *with multiple call backs

    * questions answered -but you have to be careful…you might say “how do they work out Orson then?” But if you’re thoughtful and work it out, your questions are (mostly) answered although I don’t think Young Son would necessarily agree with that. But I believe most questions are answered except perhaps the ‘thing on the bed’ in Listen? How do others think about this particular dangling thread people?

    *emotive and majestic

    *the score is incredibly impressive for such a small TV show with 12 episodes. Gold and Foster deserve kudos with the help of Beethoven, Liszt and others.

    *the scope is epic

    *Clara comes into her own completely

    *there’s a new character who also gets better with each episode and is learning how to be an excellent actress with many years of successful work ahead of her

    *I’m won over by this iteration even though I think Smith or Eleven is my favourite, the acting chops of Capaldi are incredible: he’s funny, poignant, distanced, emotional, a show off, magnificent in bathos, knows exactly when to step back and let the lines do the talking which I didn’t think Smith could do as well -too whirly and too fast talking. Capaldi has a virtuosic elegant voice which is utterly compelling. I could listen to that voice all day -and have sometimes. 🙂

    In every way, since Season 5, it is the best season I’ve ever seen. Maybe it equals Season 5  -not to the Son, but for me.

    You’re gonna love it. It’s so layered and so intricate it’s like the finest embroidery on  a princess’s chemise! Artful, complex, generous spirited with many call outs to fans and theories and bonkers ideas -I felt, at times, SM was talking directly to various fora which love to ‘over theorise’ and jumble themselves up in confusion with ideas and speculation. Eventually, when you’ve finished the series and Hell Bent, read @blenkinsopthebrave ‘s posts -the last few particularly. These will convince you of how the Doctor ended up. Also @ichabod ‘s on Hell Bent  -her last piece dated 9/12 -if you can find it by date . Heck, read ’em all.. We had no trolls either (as yet).

    @cleopatra welcome from the friendly Hybrid Puro and Son -hope you have many a joyous time here speculating and reading theories. We have the Christmas special coming but till then join us on the Hell Bent thread where theorising continues unabated despite the series end. And so it should. We have great theorisers in @jphamlore according to Son of Puro and also the Son enjoys the learning he receives from our very own teacher and specialist of timey whimey-ness @bluesqueakpip.  We’ve always enjoyed ourselves -that is the principal aim of this site -fun, kindness, compassion. Much like the Doctor’s own mantra and mission statement.



    Puro (solo)

    Anonymous @


    West Wind (mm, I know some people thought Bartlet was an old fart, but that’s going too far no?)

    I agree. D’you know? This time last year, we were all sharing our Christmas viewing episodes/movies.

    I had been watching Buffy for about a month then with Son.

    Funnily enough, Son has become aware of what good television is since Buffy and I almost regret this in that he sits down to watching ANYTHING  and you can hear him sighing. We’re watching Fringe at the moment and about 8 episodes, maybe, into the first series, and I had the temerity to mention Buffy and he became outraged: “do not, EVER mention Buffy whilst watching anything that is perversely less than it -which Mother, is just about anything else on TV. I’ve never been the same since. I can’t watch anything now without checking out the ‘oners’ and the ‘one shot, two shot, over shoulder shot and edit.”

    Okaaay I say, “but there are other telly shows which come close: West Wing??


    He grants that. He is getting The Walking Dead for Chrimble and of course I worry this will disappoint us. But if Peter Jackson likes it….then maybe….Having said that, there were all those bloody movies from the book that was 200 pages long -there were, what, four films of that damn thing? Bloomin feckin’ ‘eck.

    I don’t know Veronica Mars at all! Is it English? Canadian? I must “goggle” as Son says.

    I agree -Amends from Buffy. Perfect and spot on. I will also watch anything remotely Christmasy from Angel.

    Angel reminds me of @scaryb who has been noticeably absent for a long time! She did mention to me Angel before anyone else had I think? And anyway, would love to hear Scary Yeti what you’ve thought of this season to date?

    I think some of Season 5, Who is in order as well for me and Son. I always watch It’s A Wonderful Life and Sim’s Scrooge which not everyone likes. Oliver is a family favourite as is some Tom Hanks thing which is beautifully filmed -a cartoon but not a cartoon? Where a young lad doesn’t think there’ll be anything under the tree and boards a train with other young children bearing a special ticket…..they get to meet Father Christmas after some hairy journeys across thin ice where the young boy ends up meeting a strange man (a ghost) on top of the train. I never did work out what the metaphor for that was? Probably because when Son of Puro was watching that movie for the 20th time, I was cooking or ironing then. I do hope I don’t sit through it again though it was wonderful at the time.

    I believe we’ll watch anything with Sutherland Senior as well as, strangely, The Great Escape.

    The other day we chucked out the old and beloved VCR which played DVDs in favour of a new Blu Ray player/recorder downstairs. This means I can record for Mr Ilion all the old movies and westerns he likes which will be his Christmas fare. This means the third TV has been moved to one place I swore it would NEVER go. And that is Son of Puro’s bedroom! Here, there is no antenna and so he can play his PStation in the evening on line.

    Hmm. I’ll see if I regret this decision…

    I will watch The Girl in the Café as well as Vincent from Who due largely to a crush on Bill Nighy. I also liked that silly movie he was in where Hugh Grant starred as the British PM as well a Colin Firth learning Portuguese?

    Wonderful -but I know many people dislike it.


    Anonymous @

    @pedant I recall someone last year mentioned that they watched some of the X-Files at Christmas. Not sure who or why?

    Do you have favourite season of X-Files? Or did you believe the whole thing was a flop?

    I was busy with life ‘n’ stuff at the time and with no recorder only managed to watch a handful of seasons. But if I went overseas for a year, moved house, got stuck in hospital, I’d come back, turn on the telly, and the next season would be in progress!

    It was never ending, which, considering, the procedural nature of the show, was interesting….

    I don’t, as a matter of fact, really like Duchovny particularly in his latest stuff. One student had the arrogance to mention something ‘sexy’ he was in and said “oh you wouldn’t like, sir” (he called all women ‘sir’ too -blamed his father, the policeman. Both were morons).

    I then tried to prevail and desperately pretended I enjoyed it when I felt yuck watching it! Ah, I remember, it was Californication or something like it?

    Not my thing. But I appreciate its cleverness.

    Obviously that’s not on our Christmas list but I need to check out Veronica Mars as you’re about the 10th person who has referred to it.

    @mudlark do you have any Christmas -viewing shows that you routinely pull out?

    I like watching the carols from the UK actually (beautifully produced actually).


    Puro Solo

    Anonymous @

    @ichabod and ‘t’ others : oh golly gosh, I have Son of Puro’s school report card – but I will simply not open it, will I? Should I?

    Even though he does very well at English and adores the subject one has to receive 95% to get an ‘a’. In my day, it was something like 82.5% !

    I realise now that I’m dumber now than I was then!

    Thank god I don’t have to do school now. I’d fail purely because of the technology subjects. Kids have to do these multimodal presentations which require a voice over. As well as music added to give it ‘ambeince’ -seriously, that is how the task sheet worded it. Ambeince. Honestly, I wanna throttle these ‘teachers’.

    Also, you’re required to have your power point slides moving in -getting bigger, using multicolours and general strobing effects which would kill the better half of your audience and require some serious wording: “if you suffer from epilepsy, please be careful” Seriously, it’s a thing here. And so there should be warnings!

    I. Hate. It.

    It is death by Powerpoint. Microsot, you buggers! 🙂

    Science had no experiments.

    Maths had a teacher who never smiled once and never showed students to actually complete a formula. He said “goggle it” Seriously, he didn’t teach.

    Design was exactly 6 lessons where they fire- burnt something onto plaster board and Drama was some “pretend to be trees” ‘task’ which caused Son to get into his first (and only) bit of trouble. He didn’t prepare for this “tree” thing and when asked why, he responded “coz it’s shit”.

    The teacher rang me and with the delight of morphine backing me up, I said “what did he say?”


    I then said “he’s right, it is shite!”

    I’ve never felt so happy in all my life. 🙂 I felt uninhibited and released from the terrors of school and nazi teachers demanding children play at trees. Her response was “he won’t be doing drama at this school in Year 9″ and I said “thank God for that. If that’s all you offer, and it was the last subject on earth, I’d home -school him.”

    Silence on the other end of phone.  Son of Puro looked on in distress and embarrassment which turned to “yessss!!” and a run around the house celebrating like a buffoon.

    Fairly sure I’m the subject of endless sneers in their drama staffroom  and I’m ever so happy to provide something about which they can gossip forever. Those small people with their little “trees”    🙂


    Puro: released from the terrors of school at last.

    ichabod @ichabod

    @puroandson  Dear Puro Solo, thanks for that, funny as hell — it is to laugh, or else to cry.  I guess we’ve all gotta eat, or at least cope with, the darker and more rotten fruit of the bright and empathic education reforms that grew out of the sixties (I’m thinking of the ideas of people like Jonathan Kozol (I think) here in the US, actually hardly had any effect except to make it easier for the Dolts of Rigidity to push out the harder necessities of real teaching).

    I think Son of Puro will do just fine; after all, look at Mom of Puro!

    You sound as if you’re feeling somewhat better; I hope so, and wish you both happy and relaxing holidays.



    Do you have favourite season of X-Files? Or did you believe the whole thing was a flop?

    First 5 seasons were OK (and occasionally very good indeed), then it went badly off the rails and they were too slow putting it out of our misery.

    Sounds like Spawn has hit the same problem as me with Fringe. It is worth persevering but, IMHO, it is not half as clever as it thinks it is. I’m not a fan of comedy psychopaths.

    Veronica Mars (that may have been me 10 times). American: Think Nancy Drew as imagined by Raymond Chandler. Years after it ended, a movie got made funded entirely by Kickstarter (well, WB matched funds).

    Didn’t really like Love Actually (still in therapy, in fact 😉 ) but check out About Time. I think it is his best work (other than Vincent).

    But I believe most questions are answered except perhaps the ‘thing on the bed’ in Listen?

    Some questions are not meant to be answered, they are meant to be thought about.


    Everything Puro and Spawn said.

    I think, because it spoke to me at a very personal level relating to some family history and (then) current personal  situations, Season 5 remains my Season Of Choice but, my goodness, Season 9 runs it close.

    janetteB @janetteb

    Hi all. I have been “distracted” of late and not had time to post at all. I have not even read through the first page of comments on Hell Bent.

    @puroandson the kids Christmas film with Tom Hanks that you mentioned is Polar Express. I could not have told you that two hours ago. The boys were only just talking about it and I Imdb’d it then saw your post.

    I hope “son” gets a find report. I am sure he will. I just saw R.3s English exam result and it was not good which is disappointing as he generally does really well in English. (Got a distinction in ICAS) but he was ill that week and ran out of time. Anyway the upshot is that I am not expecting a good report.

    @missy, R.2, (17 yr old) who has been rather lukewarm about Dr Who in recent years has been bemoaning the lack of Who this Sunday. He really became very engaged with this latest series. The rest of the family enjoyed it to but, as R.2 often says, when it comes to Dr Who I am easily pleased.



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    “pretend to be trees” ‘task

    Puro – or Son
    Please, please, tell me your drama teacher didn’t really ask you to pretend to be a tree. That was an example, right? Of some exercise that you found stupid?


    Mudlark @mudlark


    Do I have any Christmas-viewing shows which I routinely pull out?

    The short answer to that is, no.  In the run-up to Christmas I usually have to much to do to have time for more than an hour or so TV watching in the evening, if that; and if there isn’t anything on that evening which appeals, then I catch up on programmes which I recorded earlier.

    Over Christmas itself, it depends whether or not I am spending it away from home.  If away, then the choice of viewing, if any, will rarely be mine; if at home, I follow a tradition begun in early childhood and listen to the Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, broadcast on radio on Christmas Eve afternoon, usually while I am in the kitchen making the stuffing* for the chicken (always a capon or large chicken of 4 or 5 kilos rather than a turkey), making stock from the chicken giblets, or peeling spuds and preparing veggies; or else while I am finishing decorating the living room, which I never do more than a day or two in advance.  You might expect that the Carols from Kings shown on TV would be the same, filmed, but it isn’t.

    Over the Christmas holiday I generally plan to watch some of the as yet unwatched films and TV shows which I have on DVD, but it rarely works out that way, and I probably spend more time reading than viewing.  My problem with DVDs is that, having bought them, I reason that I can watch them any time and never get round to it – rather like having a first rate museum or other cultural attraction on ones doorstep, but never getting round to it until, or unless you are showing visitors around.  The DVDs of Edge of Darkness (the 1980s TV show, not the film), for example, remain unwatched since I bought them, but who knows, maybe this year ….

    *note, home-made to an old family recipe, *not* that horrid stuff from a packet.


    blenkinsopthebrave @blenkinsopthebrave


    Christmas viewing. The Blenkinsop house always gets out “The Man Who Came To Dinner” (1943) with Monty Woolley, Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan and Jimmy Duarante. A fabulously funny antidote to Christmas treacle, which manages to be savagely satirical and strangely sentimental simultaneously. Monty Woolly plays a radio raconteur whose weekly show “is brought to you by ‘Cream of Mush'”

    Probably the only way to get it in Australia is via Amazon. (They did a recent remake, but accept no substitutes.)


    Mersey @mersey

    @bluesqueakpip @puroandson

    I have played a tree in a school play. I wanted to take a part in it but I was to shy to ask for a more ambitious role so I was happy being an evergreen tree. And I was on a stage! But of course I was much younger than Son of Puro 🙂

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @mersey and @puroandson

    Yeah, I was a fir tree elf in a school play – but like you, that was when I was much younger than Son of Puro. 🙂

    lisa @lisa



    Hard to believe my  all time favorite TV show is almost done for the season !

    SADNESS     🙁

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip @mersey

    Well, he was nearly 14 and yes, they had to wave their arms about and be trees. Not kidding.

    For assessment. Not kidding. There were many ‘still’ moments. I couldn’t believe my ears nor my eyes. Though some kids made ‘wind’ noises and were yelled at by said teacher. Boy actually stopped half way thru and stomped off saying “fuck this”

    No wonder he said “this is shit” talking to her later.

    My boy 🙂

    @janetteb Polar Express: yes! thankyou. Reports: well, in the end, it is the experience not the grade, at the local school they now write how many students received a ‘D’ or ‘Bs’ which is pre-ROSBA and ridiculous. Your boys will have done fine. They have you after all.

    But I get the stress and I get that ICAS thing. I used to mark that a few years ago -it’s getting quite difficult. Could I have done that at say, 14 or 15? I don’t know. I don’t think so personally and I aint ‘unhandy’ with a word.

    @pedant yes, I agree, Fringe is very ‘clever clever’ and Anna Torv (I get that she’s pretty)  keeps pouffing out her lips in an effort to look sexy and that is supremely annoying. She eats cereal for breakfast and her main boss is a pain in the ass. I thought it was funny. Then I realised it wasn’t supposed to be. Bummer.


    Haven’t seen the Man who came to Dinner in a long long time. I must check it out via Amazon -thanks for the tip! I like Durante -always did. He was my mother’s all time favourite.

    Kindest, Puro (son was a doing a marathon play station thingy through the night and will sleep in till 10 at least. Too hot after that. I shall have fun chucking a cup of ice water over the sleeping child in a humid room. Probably the window is closed. Silly Son).


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    You have a drama teacher without a shred of irony in them. 😕

    Or possibly they are a very devout Stanislavskian Method drama teacher (and don’t have a shred of irony in them), which may explain why they got so offended when you told them the exercise was shite. Stanislavsky includes it in The Actor Prepares, the Imagination chapter.

    Anyway, the reason for my disbelief when you said Son had to be a tree is that ‘be a tree’ is now acting slang for a totally ridiculous rehearsal/improvisation exercise or incomprehensible directors note. Most actors who play trees (professionally) always find it incredibly funny that they are, in fact, being paid to ‘be a tree’. 🙂

    It is traditional that at some point during acting training the students will be asked to be trees (at some point during acting training you’ll probably get asked to be a yellow watering can), but it’s normally expected that everyone (students and teacher alike) will be desperately trying not to laugh while rustling their leaves and imagining the squirrels running about in their branches. 😉

    Anonymous @


    A yellow watering can? 🙂

    Well, I can see that this is all part of acting. But to me, these improv things are best left to mild, warm- up activities and not assessment -if you’re 5 or 6 years of age, on the other hand, then it could be quite welcome and fun. I’ll never forget, at my Anglican girls school in Adelaide, circa 1973, being dressed up in tights, yellow crepe paper and newspaper and being ‘the sun’.

    There were about 9 of us ‘suns’ whirling about but apparently I was so bad at it that I was asked to stand very still. I recall, during the dress rehearsal (with visiting VIPs) I was so awful and bumped into so many other ‘suns’, that the diplomatic and kind teacher gently said “dear, how about you be the  centre of all our suns, standing perfectly still without even your arms moving about?”

    To the relief of teacher, I nodded “yes” very excitedly (I was barely 6) thinking I’d scored the major ‘suns’ part when in fact the troublesome uncoordinated Puro was finally dispensed with!

    I still remember the bright lights, the music, the whirling crepe suns and the applause. I think some ‘mean girlz’ said I was “a useless twit” but I laughed: “no way, I was the star” and they sniggered and sauntered off.

    Still, I recall being very content.

    Kindest, Puro solo

    Missy @missy


    Hello winston, I envy myself. *grins*


    Hello puro. After that build up I can hardly wait.
    I have to be honest with you all.
    Not watching is one of the most difficult things I’ve done, and my nails are almost chewed to the quick waiting for the DVD.


    Hello janetteB,

    Your son has excellent taste. *grins.*


    Hello pedant. Who is spawn?

    I repeat all the above and thank you all for replying. Roll on series 10.

    See you all when I’ve seen all the episodes – 6 -12.



    Anonymous @


    Hello pedant. Who is spawn?

    He is referring to ‘Son’ of Puro -Spawn of Puro?


    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip


    these improv things are best left to mild, warm- up activities and not assessment

    Well, ‘be a tree’ would certainly give an assessor some difficulty. You could judge how well the kids have collaborated in creating the performance, and if the unit had been on, say, mime, you could judge how well they understood that style of performance and those conventions.

    But it’s tricky awarding any higher level grades for kids when they’re being a statue-still tree. You’re supposed to be checking how they’re using their body language, facial expression, movement, voice. Whether they can interact with other performers, whether they improvise where needed. How they use their voice, whether they can remember lines, whether they can vary the voice to fit the lines.

    But if what you’re supposed to do is stand still and/or wave your arms about, then you are basically stuck with the lower level skills – can they sustain the ‘tree’ through the entire performance (Son has failed there, I’m afraid) and can they use their body and incorporate movement.

    ‘Be a tree’ is an imagination exercise. It’s one of the many, many things that get thrown at a trainee actor to help them learn to play characters who are either in situations they themselves have never been in, or might not even be human.

    As John Rhys Davies and Vin Diesel can testify, sometimes the professional actor really does have to play a damn tree.


    This is implausibly amusing : Morphtastic

    Mersey @mersey

    Oh gosh, I feel sick when I see two words: ‘hell’ and ‘bent’ 😉 Better tell me what the Doctor has in this lovely yellow box. Any ideas?

    Missy @missy


    Thank you puro – now it all makes sense – I think? *grins*


    Craig @craig

    Interview with Patrick Ness, creator of upcoming Doctor Who spin-off “Class”, whose fundraiser for the refugees I promoted on the Home page. Thank you if you donated.


    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    Hello all.  Long long silence from me, which is emphatically is not because I’ve lost interest in Who or the Forum, or because this series in particular has failed to pique my interest.  Almost the opposite – I’ve found it in some ways the deepest, darkest and most fascinating series for a while, too much to take in, let alone process and articulate any halfway intelligent/intelligible thoughts.  I have been reading and enjoying everyone’s wonderful contributions, of course (and a warm welcome to our very own Hybrid, @puroandson).  The lead-up to my retirement has been partly to blame (and the fact that it’s coincided with the lead-up to Christmas) – my head has been full to bursting and my thoughts have been careening around all over the place incoherently, interrupting my sleep with sudden random anxiety attacks….   However, I am now on holiday, as a precursor to being an actual retired person as of 1 January, and so I see some prospect of being able to follow a train of thought for long enough for it to get somewhere.  If so, then some time between Christmas and New Year there might – might, I say, not wishing to jinx it or commit myself too rashly – be a Who blog.   In the meantime, carry on chaps, you’re doing a splendid job.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    For those of us in the UK who fancy some post-Christmas Tom Baker, The Face of Evil is on BBC4, two episodes at a time on, December 28th and 29th at 7 pm.



    Pah! Slacker! 😉

    Cath Annabel @cathannabel

    @pedant Ha!   Guilty as charged.  Will gird up my loins (if I can locate them) and woman up and all that.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @mudlark and @craig

    Yes, I noticed The Face of Evil as well. I suspect it’s an evil plot by the BBC to advertise their new BBC Store, where people can download the programmes rather than buy the DVDs.

    Craig, should we have a forum for Face of Evil?

    Anonymous @


    Oh that’s wonderful -the retirement part, I mean.

    We, the hybrid, both wish you a very merry Christmas (and clearly a relaxing one)  with a well deserved rest as it certainly sounds like you’ve been manically busy! We hope you have some time to indulge in some mince pies and warm eggnog (here in Brisbane, eggnog is served chilled which takes out half the fun!) and we look forward to your précis and reviews of the last two episodes, in particular.

    Enjoy. Warmest,

    Puro and the Son. x

    janetteB @janetteb

    @cathannabel Indeed best wishes for retirement and Christmas.

    @bluesqueakpip A forum for “Face of Evil” sounds like an excellent suggestion. I re watched it recently. Always fun. I will resist the temptation to talk more about it now.

    @puroandson We tried making eggnog one year and deemed it not worth the effort to make again. It appears that we will be making Sangria this year, as I made some last night for eldest son’s birthday and have rather a lot of wine and brandy soaked fruit left over.





    lisa @lisa

    For all the ‘Capaldiacs’    😉     here is a Christmas movie he was in.


    I’m not gonna say its got any award potential.

    It’s  syrupy  sweet family themed viewing  but that’s  very Christmas  isn’t it?   🙂

    Anonymous @


    Can the hybrid admit that we enjoyed the whole thing? And there were even tears!

    Lovely little story -with some funny lines: “and it’ll be curtains!”

    The young Capaldi reminds Son of Richelieu in the Three Muskateers

    Son: he doesn’t seem to have aged a bit do you think? have you seen that show/series Lisa? Mum and I love it a  lot -it’s preditable but the score mum says is written by Murray God.  I don’t know who that is? Anyway I really loved it-the girl in the van was so cute. Years ago mum bought for me a series about a cute pub owner in Ireland. She fell in love with the young priest? Then she had to go and die during an electrical shock. it was so sad but I really loved the whole series. I haven’t watchd it in years  but Dervla Kerwen was the pub owner and the lead in this story you loaded up.

    thank you

    Son and Puro

    Anonymous @


    Sangria! My, that is going upwards and onwards!

    Whoo -hoo

    Purosolo (hans solo)

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @cathannabel   Congratulations on your imminent retirement! I’m sure you have lots of exhilarating plans for spending your time. I look forward to reading the blog.  🙂

    nerys @nerys


    Do you have favourite season of X-Files? Or did you believe the whole thing was a flop?


    First 5 seasons were OK (and occasionally very good indeed), then it went badly off the rails and they were too slow putting it out of our misery.

    I agree completely. I was never a fan of the convoluted mythology episodes, and really enjoyed the standalones far more.  It’s interesting that the first five seasons were the best, all shot in Vancouver. Coincidence? After they moved to L.A., things started to unravel, like they ran out of stories to tell. As if to compensate, we got conspiracy on top of conspiracy on top of conspiracy on top of … till there were too many layers of conspiracy to count (and I was too tired to try). The fifth season has one of my favorite episodes: “Mind’s Eye” guest-starring Lili Taylor.

    Arbutus @arbutus

    @craig      Hand raised in support of a Face of Evil discussion.

    @puroandson  @janetteb

    We do chilled eggnog too, spiked with rum for grownups and with freshly grated nutmeg for everyone. Arbutus Jr. has been allowed a little rum in his this year, to his great delight. We also do a mulled apple cider that is non alky and very tasty. But last night was carol night, and there was a table loaded with gorgeous French cheeses and wine, and more wine, and then pastries and sweet wine, and it was oh so fabulous. We ate and drank and sang for almost five hours. It doesn’t get better.  🙂

    janetteB @janetteb


    Dervla Kerwen also turned into a Cyberking one Christmas. (The Next Doctor). I know her from the first three series of a quirky time travel comedy series, Goodnight Sweetheart. She was the publican’s daughter, later the publican, in wartime East end.

    Your Carol night sounds wonderful. I have such a fondness for the traditional carols, with a few new additions thrown in. I have a Christmas selection which plays from the beginning of December until well into January when the family finally throw up their hands and say, “up with this we will not put”. The local carol night was cancelled due to the heatwave.

    We went to the Central Market last Friday and stocked up on good cheese for Christmas. Gradually filling the fridge with seasonal treats. I have a Christmas cake in the second fridge and fruit mince awaiting a wrapping of pastry. Busy days ahead.



    janetteB @janetteb

    @arbutus the second paragraph was a response to your post. Sorry forgot to acknowledge.



    Rob @rob

    @puroandson and @bluesqueakpip

    Perhaps the dwama teacher was hoping for the role to grow, branch out from the main trunk of the exercise,  as the pupils twigged what was expected they could ( or should that be wood) prevent any performance from copse-ing

    Just like to apologise but couldn’t leaf that opportunity pass



    OK you lot. Ask a question. If you had the choice of which to be Chrstmas No 1 would you rather it be

    1. Justin Beiber;

    2. Whatever faceless entity is the latest output of Simon Cowell’s PR machine


    3. The Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir’s mashing of Bridge Over Trouble Waters  and I Will Fix You?

    But it on iTunes and Googleplay and stream in on Spotify – that last be is crucial ‘cos you are up agains the weight of whatever Beib’s fans are called. 10 streams (or at least 30 secs) = one sale.

    • ITunes – http://tinyurl.com/z4v98cj
    • Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/jup2bb3
    • Google Play – http://tinyurl.com/h2yu3xg
    • 7 Digital – http://tinyurl.com/hg5swkf

    This is the official video, but buy the song and STREAM, and get everybody you have ever met to do so too! (@Craig – any chance of something on the front page?)

    Craig @craig

    @pedant Done, thanks for bringing it to my attention.



    You, Sir, are a star.

    Rob @rob

    Agreed and downloaded

    Craig @craig

    Thanks @rob As always, you’re a star too.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Nice arrangement, well sung. Downloaded.

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