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    Juniperfish @replies

    No sooner do I mention Steed and Mrs. Peel over on the Guardian than, by the laws of synchronicity, I discover that Dame Diana Rigg is to star in Dr. Who this year!

    This news is on the BBC website so it’s hardly a “secret spoiler” (or a particularly new one) but still…

    Oh, and @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan I now demand that Baker play the Master!

    Juniperfish @replies

    Oooh – fellow-Fish art! (not fellow art – I can’t draw for toffee).

    I like it! Back to the start – and just look at those cheek-bones 🙂

    Yay for @craig – this thread now has its own picture-graphic spot on the front page.

    Please keep recommending your fave fan-works people, including posting reviews of the same.

    That was not my fic recommended above btw – and did I mention it’s funny (made me laugh anyway)…

    Juniperfish @replies


    Nice back-up over on the Graun 🙂

    And precisely – Dickens was the television of his time – popular serialised narrative…

    I had an argument with someone on Tumblr recently – really intelligent-seeming young scientist (no offence to scientists in general!) who was convinced that television fiction was an evil brain-rotting drug which should be outlawed, and his case was based on the fact that it evoked emotional attachment to fictional characters (which he saw as a distraction from “real life”). Plato wanting to kick the poets out of the Republic all over again…

    Imagine a world without fictional worlds within it <shudders>


    Juniperfish @replies


    Thanks for link!

    Click/ fan-bait

    Accurate is accurate 🙂 “Have your say, as ever, below the line…” And in need of an edit too!

    But I guess we shouldn’t be unduly mean about our parent-home…

    Suddenly Buffy is back on the agenda? Are they reading our blog? 🙂


    Juniperfish @replies

    For anyone who enjoys a spot of fan-fiction (as I do) the places on the interwebs are numerous, from LiveJournal to An Archive of Our Own to the commercially run (a website which sells ad-space).

    The most comprehensive spot for Dr. Who fanfiction, run entirely by fan volunteers, is A Teaspoon and An Open Mind .

    If you are new to fan-fiction, be aware that not all “fics” will be suitable for work, as there are genres of sexually explicit fan literature out there, just as is the case with commercially available literature. It is, however, common practice (although not universally followed) to tag fictions with “ratings”, to give the potential reader some idea of the material involved in advance.

    Writing quality varies significantly in fan-fiction of course, but one of the things I like about it is that it is a creative labour of love, undertaken for pleasure and shared for free in communities of mutual fervour.

    A great community of “beta readers” (fan editors and constructive critics), some of whom write themselves and some of whom do not, also exists in fan-fiction communities to assist fic writers in improving their work before “publication”.

    Well, after that spiel, here is a little fan-fiction recommenation, involving the Eleventh Doctor and the Brigadier (entirely suitable for work) called The Wedding of Lethbridge-Stewart by Jane Turenne on An Archive of Our Own .

    I like it because I think it captures the Brigadier’s voice charmingly, because it paints a tender portrait of their friendship, and because it depicts the Eleventh Doctor as wonderfully alien, which of course, he is.

    Juniperfish @replies

    @janetteb Yes there is a thread for the discussion of books too – just adjacent to this TV one. If you wanted to post a book review just talk to our overlord @craig !

    Yes Susan Cooper, and Rosemary Sutcliff, remain fave authors from my childhood. Sutcliff’s retelling of Tristan and Iseult is just beautiful.

    @chickenelly Good gods, between your dentistry and the country dancing experiences, you have survived much brave bird 🙂


    Juniperfish @replies

    @phaseshift a few shared faves here although my taste veers further into melodrama than yours 🙂

    Never managed to systematically watch every episode of the X-Files. I’m fond of the original Battlestar Galactica as well as the remake.

    Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Supernatural and Xena are all major favorites.

    I’m also watching the Vampire Diaries. You have to enjoy melodrama with a twist for this one (and an interest in the ethnography of youth fandom helps). I am tempted by Teen Wolf!

    I was also truly gutted when The Fades was cancelled – haven’t seen such innovative TV in years and it really reminded me of Susan Cooper’s book series The Dark is Rising etc, likewise about a young boy on a voyage of terrifying magical discovery, which I read avidly as a child.

    I have the Walking Dead box-set to catch up on and Season 8 of Supernatural continues next week.

    Oh, and if the BBC decided to bring out a mega box set of all the Dr. Whos they have on DVD for the 50th I would be so very tempted to mortgage an eye (or something).




    Juniperfish @replies

    Also, these two by Alicexz are pretty incredible as well:

    “The Roar of Our Stars” (Eleventh Doctor)

    “The Song of Your Sadness” (Amy and Sunflowers)


    Juniperfish @replies

    Fantastic this thread is here – fan-creativity is the best (or can be!)

    This is a link to the most amazing piece of Dr. Who fan art I have ever seen (no hyperbole).

    It is called “Jenny and Vastra” by Mudron inspired by “Utagawa Toyokuni’s Tale of the Genji and Kuniyoshi’s “47 Ronin” print series”.

    If I could have a giant copy of that framed in my house, I would 🙂


    Juniperfish @replies

    @craig – really? How psychic of me.

    Yes, sometimes I do regard descriptions of up-coming episodes as spoilers (not that I’m complaining in this case) . I know they are available, sometimes four or five episodes ahead for many shows. In general I try to avoid them. But, hey, I’ve been on the “Spoilers” thread here already 🙂

    Re the subject of the thread. Should Oswin-Clara continue past the Doctor’s next regeneration? Unless of course, as we’ve speculated, she is the next regeneration… I don’t feel I’ve seen enough of her perfomance to decided yet but I did enjoy the inner struggle and adjustment when Rose had to deal with the transition from Nine to Ten.

    Sarah-Jane also experienced such a transition, from Three to Four, although I can’t clearly remember how much of a deal was made of this – emotional resonance being less of a writer’s priority on the show in the “old days”.


    Juniperfish @replies

    The website is looking good!

    Can we have  a thread/ space to discuss fan creativity (fan fiction, videos, art, costumes, conventions)? We could ask that any links posted be SFW (suitable for work)?


    Juniperfish @replies

    Urgh – me too – I took the red pill!

    Is this for realz or a feint?

    Wow I hope it’s for real – he’ll be menacing in so delightfully fruity and melancholic and fanatical a fashion.

    Juniperfish @replies

    @scaryb – well you get the award for the “very sensible post” above 🙂 This is me “like” rating it!



    Juniperfish @replies

    At some point I need a Vastra vs Mme Kovarian samurai sword fight scene.

    I’d also like more TARDIS interior – but actual rooms, not just corridors. An episode from the TARDIS POV taking place entirely in-TARDIS would fit this perfectly, not with her personified as Idris or anyone else, but rather, we watch the Doctor through her monitors, as he gallivants from room to room on whatever the quest of the episode is (perhaps looking at mementoes from past companions, lingering with a keepsake or two from Gallifrey, pausing for a fish fingers and custard snack, along the way).


    Juniperfish @replies

    If Tennant is in then Davidson will be in – that’s his Father in Law – mythological in itself.


    Juniperfish @replies

    We have it from Dorium Maldovar that Trenzalor is the “Fall of the Eleventh”. Is Trenzalor when Smith is going to regenerate and leave us? Seems devastating, but highly probable?

    That leads me to speculate that we can’t be arriving at Trenzalor at the 50th Anniversary episode special, because surely, that’s too soon to say goodbye?

    On another note – I want to meet the Corsair so badly in the Gaiman episode… How magnificent would his/ her Byronic TARDIS look?


    Juniperfish @replies

    @craig and @rob

    Yes I’d be up for an older Jamie (legs and all) and an older Leela (always loved Leela and her Janus thorns)

    Leela presumably got Tme Locked on Gallifrey, so if the lock breaks it would be a timely potential opportunity to revisit Louise Jameson

    Romana, being a Time Lord, could of course have regenerated and appear in the body of anyone…

    Juniperfish @replies

    Oops same post appeared twice – edit function allows me to add this instead:

    What about the return of more past companions – we’ve re-met Sarah Jane and Jo Grant. Anyone want to see the older versions of others?

    Juniperfish @replies

    Yay – thanks for setting this one up @craig.

    As we are in the 50th Anniversary year I thought it might be fun to talk about companions past and present. This could be favourites, wishes for the future, pet hates even…

    There is a fun “extra” on the DVDs in Moffat’s first season where the TARDIS shows Amy images of past companions and she ribs the Doctor about how many of them happen to be young attractive Earth females. One of the reasons I like the Dreamlord episode so much it that it addresses this proclivity of the Doctor’s (that he “likes them young” – legally young, I should hasten to add, whatever that might mean to a TimeLord, of course) because he is looking to re-experience a sense of wonderment at the many mysteries of the universe through their innocent eyes.

    The Doctor, funnily enough, has become progressively younger (in terms of appearance and the age of the actors playing him) as he has aged on our screens. Although Matt Smith has been, and is, absolutely wonderful, I think his ability to play “old” in his twenties is a rather rare actor’s gift and I must say that if some sort of  misguided “audience demographic” calculation insists that the next regeneration also be in his/ her twenties when they commence, I will be disappointed.

    Companion-wise, I have favourites past and present, as we all do I’m sure. I’m a River fan, as those of you who know me from the Guardian blog will appreciate. However, I’m particularly delighted by Jenny and Vastra as occasional travelling companions. Not only do the two actresses have great chemistry, but it is a pleasure to see a non-homo-sapiens companion in the person of Madame V.

    Nu Who received a fair amount of idle online flak initially (although surprisingly not as much as I thought it might) for being quotes “PC” in its inclusion of LGBT characters, but now it has become something of a tradition. The fact that Jenny and Vastra are in a female-female inter-species overt relationship warms the cockles of my heart. Obviously (as the Beeb is not HBO) their private life is going to remain private (or rather, exhaustively confined to fan-fiction) but the gentle expansion of world-view this affords to children makes me happy.

    Wishes for future companions? I’m getting a teensy bit tired of “the Doctor has to snog all of his companions at least once” trope. I might quite enjoy seeing a future Doctor briefly travelling with some haughty and gorgeous alien (any gender) on whom he has a hopeless and unrequited crush!

    Juniperfish @replies

    @bluesqueakpip and @scaryb‘s suggestions to fish/ entice other Guardian regulars by posting the link in relevant comment threads occasionally is a good one – hope the Guardian are not mean-spirited enough to delete!

    @craig – might we also have a thread for discussion of “Companions – Past and Present” – I want to talk about how in love with Jenny and Vastra I am 🙂


    Juniperfish @replies

    Don’t apologise @craig you’re a star!

    In terms of a thread for Part 2 of the current series and speculations thereof that might be useful (although we’ll have to deal with the spoilers issue). The difficulty is that we don’t know whether the 50th Anniversary special is going to be the place where Trenzalor or Clara’s identity for instance are dealt with or not – so it might be useful to have a separate “future narrative speculations separate from the 50th special” thread.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    Juniperfish @replies

    Suggestions for the lovely website (I hope it’s not taking too much of your time to run Craig)

    I’d quite like a sci-fi/ fantasy book and film review section – but that may be deemed off-topic as I was envisaging something broader than just Who novels?

    I’d also like a Who fan-fiction and fan-art and fan-video recommendations thread – I am a fan of fan creatives!

    Finally, what about having a space for us to post relevant short articles – I’d like to see, for example, an article on the theory of black holes (not one I could write) or on the evolving sexuality of the Doctor over time (that’s one I’d have a go at)?

    Perhaps this is all getting too complicated – but it would increase the richness of the site and it would be fun 🙂

    Finally, when you Google TheDoctorWhoForum, Gallifrey Base and all sorts of other Dr. Who forums come up  but not us – we’re rather hidden. Given that this is a new operation with a very small team of our enterprising founder Craig and our glorious moderator @phaseshift perhaps that’s a good thing, but I’m just wondering – would a name-change to the site make for more searchability. What do others think?

    @scaryb – The Guardian loss of Who comments is interesting, but truth be told, they need to have more interesting things above the line. The piece on the National Television Awards is just fluff. We congregated under such articles because we wanted to talk to each other and now we can do it here! I’m sure we will faithfully return for Dan’s episode blog…




    Juniperfish @replies

    @blenkinsopthebrave Hello night-shift 🙂

    I’m not sure about cross-posting  – could get messy!

    But nice idea about the rebooted universe being corrupted in some way. This would tie in with @phaseshift‘s theory that Oswin/ Clara is a “little bit alive” virus created by the Doctor  – because in that case she could maybe be a patch fix (if that’s the right tekkie term) for the corrupted “universe programme”.

    Juniperfish @replies

    @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan What do you mean you’re not a fish?

    You will be assimilated….

    Juniperfish @replies

    Nice observations @edmund and @bluesqueakpip and I wonder if we are going to revisit the moment when the TARDIS exploded in the Pandorica Opens/ Big Bang, which may have had effects such as the jumbling of time periods as yet unknown. Or, perhaps that explosion of the TARDIS destabilised the Time Lock on Gallifrey and the possible time disruptions @edmund points out are evidence that the Time Lords are slowly returning.

    That “exploding TARDIS” moment ties in with the strange hissing voice(“Silence will fall”) which ties in with the fields of Trenzalor when, presumably, silence will fall because no-one (including the Doctor himself) remembers Who he is or is able to answer “the question”, Dr Who? (as reiterated from previous speculations by many) – except possibly Clara?

    All the Doctor’s attempted solutions to arc problems this series seem to have led inexorably back to the problem – the Doctor became “too big”, which led to the creation of the Alliance, of Kovarian and conspirators unknown and of River as a weapon, but now he is attempting to become “too small”in reaction and when no-one in the universe remembers him you can bet that won’t be a “good thing” either.

    Huh – first the Doctor expanded too much (became “too big” in terms of fearsome reputation) and then he contracted too much (is becoming “too small” in terms of total erasure from memory). Is this rather like the contraction of the universe at the end of its life and then its expansion as a new one at the Big Bang?

    Of course, the Doctor literally is the creator of this “rebooted” universe…


    Juniperfish @replies

    @bluesqueakpip LOL

    Oopsy, the TARDIS has hit a slight light-years-wide cloud of space pollen again… 🙂

    Huh, that would make for a very dark fic. The Doctor keeps The Dreamlord inside him most of the time, a submerged Mr. Hyde, but every now and again he can’t stand it any longer and he has to let him out to “play” for a bit. The mechanism he’s found for doing that is to take a pinch of space-pollen…

    I like it.

    Juniperfish @replies


    Well, alas, I would like Simm to simulate regenerating, but for real 🙂

    Into Cumberbatch? No too Moff incestuous.

    I’d like Eva Green, as long as the writing didn’t ham it up too much.

    Juniperfish @replies

    @scaryb No – I like the scary.

    I’m quite taken with cuddly Daleks and a birthday cake 🙂

    Maybe the new Master can burst out of said cake.

    I’d also like to see the Dreamlord again at some point.  And now I think about it, it was really very naughty of the writers to include space-pollen and a pregnant Amy.

    Alien sex pollen is a well-known fan-fiction trope. Apparently it originated with a Star Trek Original Series episode This Side of Paradise where Spock ingested some alien pollen and got romantic with a local damsel…

    I suppose we’d need a corresponding 50th Anniversary Torchwood special to cover this properly.

    I’ll get my coat 🙂

    Juniperfish @replies

    @bluesqueakpip Well, that’s them told on the canonicity issue 🙂

    I’d be very happy with a return of the Master  for the 50th and it would make sense if the Time Lock on Gallifrey (as I’ve long suspected and hoped for) gets unlocked for the 50th – who knows, perhaps by Clara-the-key scattered in time!

    But, I do hope they recast him. Apologies to Sims but I didn’t enjoy his Master and in any case feel he went with Ten. Now, who would make a good Master to go head-to-head with Eleven?




    Juniperfish @replies

    Hi @scaryb 🙂 That is a scary avatar!

    Yes I see there are some new fish about.

    I’m wondering if others from the Guardian will migrate over.

    I must think about what other threads on here would be great to have.

    I’d quite like a sci-fi book and film review thread, but that might be considered off-topic as I was thinking more broadly than Who novels.

    I’d also quite like a fan video and fan art and perhaps even a fan-fic rec thread too.

    Right – contemplative cup of tea and a jammy dodger.

    Oh – I want jelly babies in the 50th! (hastily returns to the thread topic)

    Juniperfish @replies

    @bobbingbird Ha! True on the Rose/ Ten heart-rending goodbyes, but a large section of the Nu Who fanbase is probably jonesing for it. They could walk off-screen hand-in-hand this time of course, causing outbursts of joy across many parts of the interwebs.

    Re Ecclestone duffing up Smith’s Doctor. Yes, although I suspect Ten might get on his nerves more than Eleven. But three-way bickering, with a little bit of fisticuffs – great. I really enjoyed the First, Second and Third Doctors insulting one another en route to defeating Omega.

    Agreed re the Daleks.

    Hmmn – there should be some Omega too – as his singularity thingamabob created time travel for the Time Lords in the first place, no?

    How are they going to fit it all in without sticking us in a time-loop?!


    Juniperfish @replies

    Some great mind-bending speculation on here.

    It would be just like the Moff to institute a time-loop whereby Clara was somehow Susan, the Doctor’s grand-daughter. He does love a time-paradox!

    I know @miapatrick over on the Graun was convinced that River was showing the name of a child born to her and the Doctor written in Old High Gallifreyan on his ancient cot at Demon’s Run.

    By the way – here is a link to some lovely fan-art inspired by the episode.


    Juniperfish @replies

    @phaseshift The more the merrier!

    Although, there might be howls of protest from purists as some don’t consider his Doctor a “properly canon” regeneration, or so I hear…

    I might listen to the 12 midnight repeat – I’ve not really delved into the world of Big Finish Audio although I’ve heard good things about it.

    I missed some great speculation on the Christmas special on the other thread I see – my lateness note being that I was locked out of the blog (staring in folornly through a plate-glass window). A timey-wimey malfunction meant I hadn’t received a “sign-up” e-mail.

    I’ll peruse.



    Juniperfish @replies

    @chickenelly – loving the top hat!

    The Guardian might be wondering where everyone is, a Who comments section is usually like catnip

    Ah well, then they should communicate when they’re going to close comment threads to their users, as it is being cut off mid-speculation which has led us astray here 🙂 I’m sure we’ll switch back and forth when episodes are airing (although the nesting remains a pet hate). I’ll be interested to see whether the Graun are cool with us promoting the blog URL in forthcoming comments sections.

    @Blenkinsop  Yes what were the details of your Kennedy assassination theory? Wasn’t it about breaking the fourth wall by tying in the dates of the actual assassination with a 5oth anniversary Who episode?


    My wishes for the 50th Anniversary Special?

    I’ll take :

    1. Tom Baker’s voice

    2. Ecclestone, Tennant and Smith bickering in the TARDIS

    3. River and Jack in a flirtathon

    4. A reference to Sarah Jane

    5. Jenny, Vastra and Strax

    6. Rose meets Amy and Rory and they compare notes

    6. Some montage from times past

    7. The return of the Time Lords

    Oh and I agree with comrades @Phasehift and @Blenkinsop – the return  of Canton!

    Wonder how many of these I’ll actually get to put a satisfied smile next to…



    Juniperfish @replies

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks very much for giving me the keys to the kingdom Craig.

    Just a quickie as I have work to do this evening.

    The blog is looking good!

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