• @Lula Also loved this episode.  I think it was a very poignant and moving episode and in my top ten.

    Critics are often annoying; they are often too caught up in looking intellectual or cool, plus they forget their opinion is just that – an opinion, not truth.

    I once read a critic slaming ‘Day of the Doctor’ while praising ’42’ and ‘Mummy on the…[Read more]

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    @gctv To be fair they spend a whole season on the mystery of River Song. We got to see her before and after season 6 and will see her again if someone comes up with a very good idea for her character. I heard Moffat say that he thinks her story is told, but that there is always a way in for a good story.

    Lots of New-Who dislikes River because of…[Read more]

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    @Shazzbot Thanks for finding the correct attribution for the phoenix necklace spot to @Lula !

    @Timeloop Yes I saw that interview with Moffat and I also saw your earlier post re “The End of Time” when you’d re-checked that Gallifrey is indeed burning on-screen.

    The thing is, Moffat’s perspective doesn’t settle the question for me. Once you have…[Read more]

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    The Telegraph is one of the broadsheets here in the UK – that is not a tabloid like The Sun. A bit like The Times, although ironically that paper is owned by Rupert Murdoch who also owns The Sun.  It has […]

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    @Shazzbot Who is Ian Levine? Ian Levine is a ****. And I don’t follow him on Twitter. I just heard about the rumours, then it was actually a post by @Lula on the Spoilers topic that pointed me in the right […]

  • Timeloop replied to the topic General Music thread

    Just because I LOVE River @Lula maybe you enjoy them as well…

    (I dont […]

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    @Lula I sure hope so – although I don’t have any supporting evidence or theories as to why or how she could/would.  I was not a fan of River Song until a season or so ago…I think it was after the Lets Kill […]

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    @lula    Revelation of the Daleks, last adventure of the 1st season of Colin Baker.

  • @lula – On the subject of Susan and the TARDIS, the Doctor never divulges where he and Susan are from to Ian and Barbara, and the reason he kidnaps them is he doesn’t trust them. You could easily say Susan told […]

  • but Susan coining the acronym is canon

    @Lula and @Shazzbot – ever since we found out that the Time Lords also call them tardis’s, I’ve presumed that Susan made up the acronym in English. She invented the English […]

  • @Lula @brotherjohn @shazzbot

    Myself and @MTGradwell (hello, btw) had a detailed discussion on this over on the G blog.

    His point was that the stories (as transmitted on tv) remain as they are (ie no change […]

  • @Lula

    Continuity error?  Timey-wimey?   I’m not nit-picking, but Susan coining the acronym is canon, so…

    Well, if we start looking for continuity errors like that, we’d probably find thousands.  Admittedly, […]

  • @Shazzbot @Lula @JimtheFish

    River – this could be the end for River post SitL (and what a beautiful end!) but there’s plenty of scope to bring her back (a pre SitL version) if the writers think there’s a good […]

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    @Lula I know that hotspotshield works. But it is sometimes a gamble where you end up..

    I am looking very much forward to your thoughts on the episode =))

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    @Lula – You can use expat shield to watch on iPlayer ??

  • @Shazzbot @WhoHar @ScaryB @lula etc.

    I have been sent a link to the 4 versions of Tennant’s “I don’t want to go” by another Craig who is, of course, unable to sign up at the moment. I hope he will join us after […]

  • @ardaraith @miapatrick @lula

    It’s also very easy to accommodate it thro @Bluesqueakpip‘s theory that the regenerations get more complicated when you get into double figs, or maybe the Dr just being older and […]

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    @chickenelly @ScaryB We are exactly doing what the article says. Bond togeter and protect ourselves from spoilers. There is even a lock-down on new members os we wont get spoilt. @Lula (though without success) […]

  • @Lula @bluesqueakpip Think he is, yeah; they (old interviews by RTD and Moff) certainly used the idea of focussing on other characters than Buffy to The Doctor in ‘Doctor-lite’ episodes as in The Zeppo to Love and […]

  • @Lula – I’m trying not to do too many ‘Who’ related searches right now (Spoilers, sweetie!), so I can’t be exact, but yes, both RTD and Steven Moffat have discussed Buffy in interviews. They’re clearly familiar with it.

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